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Saturday, June 11, 2016
Transgender Derangement Syndrome, Supersize WND Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

A friend recently described a situation in a Columbus-area Macy’s store, where a woman encountered an obvious male clad in women’s clothing in a dressing room. She complained to the manager, but was told that if she was uncomfortable, she could use another fitting area.

So we know who now reigns in America: drag “queens.”

Then why not review all the indecent exposure cases in the U.S. where males exposed themselves to females in bathrooms, so some can be overturned? It might be a matter of social justice, and even a form of reparations! Aren’t gender-confused people born this way?

-- Linda Harvey, May 24 WorldNetDaily column

Target has already lost nearly $6 billion in stock values since the company’s announcement. But, if they won’t protect the safety of their customers, they need to lose even more.

It’s time to tell Target to stop “Targeting our Daughters.” And what better time than just four days before their shareholders’ meeting? Let’s “target Target” by protesting their stores on June 4. Sign up at and get a dozen of your friends to join you on the public sidewalk outside your local Target from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 4. Warn shoppers pulling in of Target’s dangerous agenda that puts them and their children at risk. Here’s a one-minute video to circulate on social media about it. Call your local TV, radio and newspapers; take pictures and video and post it everywhere prior to the shareholders’ meeting.

By the way, if you have just one share of Target stock, you can attend their shareholders’ meeting to bring up this issue when they meet on June 8, 2016, at 9 a.m. at Segerstrom Center for the Arts–Samueli Theater, 615 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, California. There will likely be the opportunity for questions. Why not ask company officials to reverse their dangerous policy that targets our daughters?

-- Janet Porter, May 24 WND column

Do Americans really want those born as men – and probably still possessing men’s genitalia – trolling women’s restrooms? The day most Americans want that is the day I start looking for another country. The alternative is living in a nation where the majority has lost its ability to reason, to discern right from wrong, to be able to tell the difference between men and women.
It’s a joke, folks – and Republican politicians should take advantage of this issue in 2016. Obama has laid down the gauntlet and it will be Hillary’s cross to bear in this election.

If we can no longer tell the difference between males and females, I had a thought as I walked through the woods over the weekend and saw dozens of deer.

What happens when a hunter plugs a buck this deer season and only has a tag for a doe? Can the hunter claim the buck actually “identified” as a doe? Suppose the hunter just gives the buck a post-mortem sex-change operation?

What’s the game warden to do? Would the hunter be eligible for a pardon from Obama? Would this matter make it to the Supreme Court? And if people have the right to determine their own sexual identity, why not animals?

Strange days are truly upon us.

-- Joseph Farah, May 29 WND column

Did it upset you when the president of the United States ordered every public school in America to open all its bathroom facilities including those that are in use by a member of the opposite sex? The president’s order made me furious, and then sick to my stomach. How dare this man do something so audacious and unthinkable! His letter from the White House carried an implied threat to withhold federal money from local schools, which rocked the halls of public education. Who is this politician that is spending your hard-earned tax dollars to manipulate school officials, anyway? Who is it that is warping our children? It is Barack Obama, one of the worst presidents in American history, and it is time we stood up and said so!

Obama, acting like a king, is wielding dictatorial powers never envisioned in the law. He is determined to change the way males and females relate to one another, and worse, how children perceive themselves. If you are a married man with any gumption, surely you will defend your wife’s privacy and security in restroom facilities. Would you remain passive after knowing that a strange-looking man, dressed like a woman, has been peering over toilet cubicles to watch your wife in a private moment? What should be done to the pervert who was using mirrors to watch women and girls in their stalls? If you are a dad, I pray you will protect your little girls from men who walk in unannounced, unzip their pants and urinate in front of them. If this had happened 100 years ago, someone might have been shot. Where is today’s manhood? God help us!

-- James Dobson, May 30 WND column

Presidential Proclamation – “Pride” Month 2016 (a parody)


The fight for dignity and equality has been a little rough for people who engage in sodomy, as well as the gender defiant who want to have healthy body parts amputated while taxpayers pay for these elective, unnecessary surgeries. Nevertheless, tireless dedication by these advocates and allies strives to forge a more allegedly inclusive society, which is actually becoming tyrannical, bigoted, depraved and anti-Christian.

These advocates have spurred sweeping progress by changing hearts, minds and bathroom behavior, and by insisting that boys shower with girls, and demanding equal treatment through distortion and harassment while twisting our laws, corrupting our courts and practicing back-room politics. You would not believe the skeletons and dirt we get on so many people, and, like Hillary and Bill, my homosexual-activist buddies are not afraid to use them!
And there’s ample help from our major funders, like George Soros, who themselves love chaos, destruction and anarchy.


No one should live in fear of losing their job simply because they love sodomy more than their position, or come to work on Monday dressed as the opposite sex. Let’s get our priorities in line here! And our commitment does not stop at our borders. Forced acceptance of this agenda has long been a cornerstone of my twisted version of American diplomacy, and we have made defending and promoting immoral homosexual and gender-defiant behavior a cornerstone of our engagement across the globe, whether other nations like it or not.

In line with America’s commitment to the notion that all people should be treated fairly, champions of this cause at home and abroad are continuing to parrot the laughable notion that homosexual behavior is a human right, which falls apart when compared to real human rights abuses. But that’s our story, and we are sticking to it!

-- Linda Harvey, June 7 WND column

I made a bet today that I hope I’ll lose. I bet a buddy 10 bucks that Target will turn its back on its (former) customers rather than change its dangerous bathroom policy that allows cross-dressing men, predators, pedophiles and registered sex offenders into the ladies fitting rooms and rest rooms. My friend argued, “That would be insane.” He is right.

But, as I mentioned in my May 24 column, transgenderism is a certified mental disorder with the American Psychiatric Association (at least until activists bully their way to have it removed, as the homosexual lobby did). The APA also acknowledged that 4 out of 10 who choose this confused path of pretend end up attempting suicide. Seems like Obama, Target and the LGBT agenda are working very hard to push a lot of confused people off the cliff. Not very compassionate, if you ask me.

And not very wise, since registered sex offenders and pedophiles are already taking Target up on their open invitation, following women and filming little girls changing their clothes.


Target is evil. And now Target has become dangerous. If they don’t change their policy that puts women and children at risk, they deserve to be more than boycotted – they deserve to be bankrupt.

-- Janet Porter, June 7 WND column

Think about what the left is advancing today: It doesn’t matter anymore what you really are, it’s what you feel like that matters.

Presumably, kids who feel like they are 21 years of age should also be accepted as such. No? Why not? If a boy feels like a girl, we’re told, that’s all that matters – not the reality of biology and anatomy.

Presumably, a 70-year-old who feels like he or she is 18 should be permitted to enlist in the military. No? Why not?

Presumably, if someone seeking government employment feels like he or she actually graduated from an Ivy League university, he or she should be able to say so on the application. No? Why not?

Why is it, I wonder, that how we feel only matters when it comes to “gender identification” issues?

Is it just a matter of time when reality and hard truth don’t matter with regard to anything?

What’s the next bridge to cross in the left’s fantasy world?

-- Joseph Farah, June 8 WND column

“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.”

This was the slogan of George Orwell’s fictional English Socialist Party (INGSOC) of Oceania, from his timeless dystopian novel “1984.”

Orwell depicted a mind-control technique employed by INGSOC called “doublethink,” which “describes the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts.”

If the malleable masses could be made to believe self-contradictory, patently absurd and empirically impossible concepts as true, went Orwell’s thesis, they could then be made to believe, or do, anything.

We have entered an age that George Orwell might never have imagined. Today’s “American Socialist Party” (the secular left) has applied the doublethink mind-control technique on a grand scale.

Its slogan?

“Male is Female; Female is Male; Evil is good.”

-- Matt Barber, June 10 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 10:48 AM EDT
Friday, June 10, 2016
The MRC's Jeffrey Lord Problem
Topic: Media Research Center

Since April 2014, the American Spectator's Jeffrey Lord has been a contributing writer to the Media Research Center's NewsBusters blog, which has resulted in a lot of nonsense and misinformation being contributed to NewsBusters.

Now Lord's nonsense has gotten dangerous, in the form of defending the indefensible -- Donald Trump's race-baiting attacks on a judge presiding over a class-action lawsuit against the shady Trump University. A few days ago, Lord actually spent 20 minutes on CNN defending it -- laughably insisting that Trump was calling out racism, not engaging in it, by attacking Judge Gonzalo Curiel's ethnicity -- as both liberal and conservative co-panelists and even host Anderson Cooper repeatedly beat down his Trump-defending arguments. Commentators from across the political spectrum mocked and denounced Lord's absurdist defense of Trump.

Lord actually previewed this defense of Trump in his June 4 NewsBusters column, in which he asserted without evidence that Curiel was "injecting ethnicity into the legal profession" because he belongs to a group for Latino lawyers. "Is it any wonder that Donald Trump suspects that his political opinions on illegal immigration are influencing Judge Curiel - a judge who quite voluntarily belongs to a group devoted not to promoting San Diego lawyers but San Diego lawyers based on their heritage?" he deciared. (By the way, that legal group Lord is attacking is merely "a pretty typical professional group that promotes diversity and Latino empowerment in the legal community" and "a conventional professional organization.")

Despite the fact that Lord's CNN debacle and the aggressive Trump sycophancy that drives it should cause a re-evaluation of his status as a NewsBusters contributor, the MRC has been silent aboutit, to the point that the existence of the CNN segment has never been ackowledged on its websites.

Lord's column usually appears on weekends, so we'll keep an eye out for whether he gets to contribute another one.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:36 PM EDT
WND's Jesse Lee Peterson: Think Of The Poor, Persecuted White People!
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Despite being a black man, WorldNetDailiy columnist Jesse Lee Peterson is pro-white to the point of occasionally sounding like a white supremacist. He continues to be concerned about the plight of the white man in his June 5 WND column:

Since the ’60s, whites have been blamed for all the ills afflicting black Americans. White blame and guilt has been taught in universities, promoted by the media and is reinforced by the government. Whites are still blamed for slavery and are constantly accused of benefiting from “white privilege” at the expense of minorities.

Unlike Jim Crow Democrats, white Republicans stood with blacks for equality and justice long before Lyndon B. Johnson and the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Republicans weren’t guilty of discrimination, so they didn’t coddle or handicap blacks.

Over the last 50 years, feminists, LGBT groups, pro-illegal immigrant groups and Muslims have abused civil rights laws and are exploiting white liberals’ guilt for their selfish agenda. Unqualified radical minorities and liberal women have gotten into positions of power, and white males and traditional American values are under assault.

Peterson seems to have missed the past 50 years or so, when the (mostly Southern) Democrats who didn't support to the civil rights laws of the 1960s eventually became Republicans. He also seems to have missed the fact that whites controlled all major levers of power in the United States prior to the mid-1960s.

It wouldn't be a Peterson rant without a strange attack on President Obama, so here it is:

Barack Obama’s mother hated her own race; he hates whites and America. That’s why he’s allowing illegal immigrants and refugees to come into this country in droves.

If white Americans don’t take a stand, we’ll lose the country. Soon there won’t be enough whites to stop the chaos.

Peterson's column is called "Anti-Trump violence is anti-white hate." No, we're pretty sure it's limited to hating Trump. Not that it excuses the violence, but it's fascinating the extent to which Peterson will go to echo the Trump agenda.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:46 AM EDT
Thursday, June 9, 2016
Against History: MRC Objects To Another Historic Event Being Called Historic
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center has long had a weird obsession with complaining that the media labels historic events as "historic" if said events don't benefit the MRC's right-wing agenda.

Which brings us to Hillary Clinton clinching the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, the first time a woman has done so for a major political party.

Cue the MRC whining:

Scott Whitlock grumbled: "With Hillary Clinton on the verge of officially becoming the Democratic nominee for president, outlets such as the Washington Post and U.S. News are not holding back. “It’s Hillary; it’s History” and “For a generation of women pushing against the limits, a singular triumph” are two examples." He further whined that these media outlets "never once mentioned scandals such as her e-mail server or Benghazi."

Kyle Drennen followed with more complaining about how the media "basked in the 'history'" of Clinton's accomplishment, making sure to put "history" in scare quotes, as if he was trying to deny it didn't actually happen.

Curtis Houck went into full rant mode, screeching that MSNBC "brought on none other than NBC News special correspondent and former California First Lady Maria Shriver to demand the American people ' think about how this is historic and unprecedented' for Hillary Clinton to become the first female presumptive presidential nominee" and made "this gushing decree for the American people to follow when Clinton declares victory" and "reiterated how imperative it is that we bow down to Clinton."

Houck was too busy frothing to notice that Shriver did not actually "demand" anything; she used the word "hope," not "demand."

Houck followed up by continuing to mistake reporting facts for being a cheerleader, asserting that "While the sun still had to fully set, CNN wasn’t shy in being completely over the moon for Hillary Clinton as they dubbed her the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and first woman to hold the title as 'a watershed moment of the 2016 presidential race and in the history of American politics.'"

Nicholas Fondacaro joined the party, complaining that ABC's "Nightline" noting that she was "making history" meant it was "an absolute Hillary Clinton lovefest."

MRC's Latino division joined the sneering with a post claiming that Univision and Telemundo "focused on the fact that Clinton is the first major party woman nominee for President, but missed another historical first: the first time a major party nominee is also under an FBI criminal investigation as she tries to win the White House."

The whining culminated with a post by Tim Graham finally conceding that Hillary getting the nomination was, in fact, historic -- then complaining that the media largely ignored in 2012 that Mitt Romney was the first Mormon to get a major party presidential nomination:

The TV networks are heavily promoting the word “historic” in Hillary Clinton’s presumptive-nominee status – and “historic” is correct. This surely is a first. But in all of that hype, Clinton critics pick up a heavy whiff of suggestion – “but to make it truly historic, you have to elect her.”’

“Historic” can be a factual adjective, but in the hands of the networks, it often carries a highly positive ring, often attached to liberal victories. By contrast, consider the historic nature of Mitt Romney’s nomination in 2012.


So how did the TV network news programs cover this “historic milestone”? Most didn’t. In a Nexis search for “Romney” and “historic”  from Sunday, May 27 through Sunday, June 3, there was no mention of this fact on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS or the (searchable) transcripts of MSNBC and Fox News.

CNN was the TV exception, noting the distinction at least five times on May 29 and 30. 

Graham avoids mentioning the obvious: Only 2 percent of the U.S. population is Mormon, while roughly 50 percent are women.

Also, Graham might want to send out a memo to his MRC underlings to stop whining about historic events being accurately described as such if they want to be taken seriously as "media analysts."

Posted by Terry K. at 3:07 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, June 9, 2016 3:16 PM EDT
WND Insults Hillary With 'Fat Lady Sings' Headline
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Yet another reason WorldNetdaily is in financial trouble is its insistence on putting its right-wing politics before sound journalism.

Check out the nasty, sexist way WND handled Hillary Clinton clinching the Democratic presidential nomination on its front page, by effectively calling Hillary fat for no apparent reason:



The story itself, by Chelsea Schilling, effectively repeated that insult:

But hey, that's how WND rolls -- though maybe not for much longer if it keeps pulling such crude stunts.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:44 AM EDT
Wednesday, June 8, 2016
NEW ARTICLE -- Out There, Exhibit 64: 'Black-ish' And White At The MRC
Topic: Media Research Center
The Media Research Center assigns white writers to pass (almost entirely negative) judgment on a TV show about black culture. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 6:11 PM EDT
WND's Corsi Tries To Justify Trump's Racist Attack on Judge
Topic: WorldNetDaily

One reason WorldNetDaily is in financial trouble is the highly biased and typically false "reporting" of Jerome Corsi. He's in the tank for Donald Trump these days, trying to justify Trump's racially charged attack on the judge who's presiding over a class-action lawsuit against Trump University -- which las largely been a fail, what with him catching the law firm representing the plaintiffs doing something his employer has done (having a co-founder who's a convicted felon).

Corsi's fail continues in a June 6 WND article, which begins thusly:

The federal judge presiding over the Trump University class action lawsuit is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, a group that while not a branch of the National Council of La Raza, has ties to the controversial organization, which translates literally “The Race.”

Actually, no, "La raza" does not "translate literally" to "the race." As the an Diego La Raza Lawyers Association explains:

While it is true that one meaning of “raza” in Spanish is indeed “race,” in Spanish, as in English and any other language, words can and do have multiple meanings. As noted in several online dictionaries, “La Raza” means “the people” or “the community.”

Translating our name as “the race” is not only inaccurate, it is factually incorrect. “Hispanic” is an ethnicity, not a race. As anyone who has ever met a Dominican American, Mexican American, or Spanish American can attest, Hispanics can be and are members of any and all races.


Mistranslating “La Raza” to mean “the race” implies that it is a term meant to exclude others. In fact, the full term coined by Vasconcelos, “La Raza Cósmica,” meaning the “cosmic people,” was developed to reflect not purity but the mixture inherent in the Hispanic people. This is an inclusive concept, meaning that Hispanics share with all other peoples of the world a common heritage and destiny.

But telling the truth is not what Corsi is interested in here; playing guilt by association is. Even though Corsi admits that the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association is not associated with the National Council of La Raza, Corsi is going to pretend it is anyway.

While critics of Trump have argued that the San Diego La Raza Lawyers’ association is not affiliated with the National Council of La Raza, consider the following:

  • The San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association is a member of the La Raza Lawyers of California, affiliated with the Chicano/Latino Bar Association of California.
  • On the website of the La Raza Lawyers Association of California, at the bottom of the “Links & Affiliates Page,” the National Council of La Raza is listed.
  • The website of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association is joint-listed as San Diego’s Latino/Latina Bar Association.
  • On the “endorsements” page, the combined website lists the National Council of La Raza as part of the “community,” along with the Hispanic National Bar Association,, a group that emerged with a changed name from the originally formed La Raza National Lawyers Association and the La Raza National Bar Association tracing its origin back to 1971.
Further, while the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association and the National Council of La Raza are legally separate incorporated entities, the two groups appear to have an affiliation that traces back to the emergence of MEChA, the Moviemento Estudiantil Chicanos de Atzlán.

MEChA is a 1960s radical separatist student movement in California that espoused the mythical Aztec idea of a “nation of Aztlán,” comprising much of the southwestern United States, including California.

Much of thet rest of Corsi's article is dedicated to attacking the National council of La Raza -- whcih Corsi has already admitted has no direct links to the lawyers group, no matter how much he tries to play guilt buy association.

Corsi pushes his dishonesty even further with a June 7 article:

The federal judge in the Trump University case, Gonzalo P. Curiel, is a lifetime member of the Hispanic National Bar Association, a La Raza-affiliated group that declared economic war on Donald Trump in a national campaign launched on the group’s website one year ago.

A headline posted July 2, 2015, on the HNBA website announced “The Hispanic National Bar Association Rejects Trump’s Racist Association.”

Corsi doesn't concede that maybe the group has a pretty well accepted point that Trump is being racist in attacking the judge as "Mexican" or in his earlier smearing of Mexican immigrants as drug dealers and criminals. But then, he doesn't acknowledge in either article that Trump has ever said such a thing.

In the earlier article, Corsi wrote only that the judge, Gonzalo Curiel, "has been criticized by Donald Trump as a 'hater' appointed by President Obama who should be recused from the case" and doesn't mention Trump's racial attacks. Corsi didn't mention any of the Trump insults -- the entire reason this has drawn media attention -- in the second article.

Perhaps if WND would just fire Corsi and hire a reporter who doesn't resort to lazy bias and even lazier reporting -- or spend an unusual amount of time and editorial space looking for ways to justify a racist attack by a presidential candidate -- it might be a more financially solvent "news" organization.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:44 AM EDT
Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Hold the Anti-Media Righteous Indignation, Mr. Bozell
Topic: Media Research Center

Who would have thought that even Media Research Center head Brent Bozell -- who endorsed Ted Cruz during the Republican presidential primaries and dismissed Donald Trump because he doesn't "walk with" dogmatic movement conseratives like himself -- would come around to defend Trump? Well he has, as demonstrated in a smug little anti-media rant he issued on June 2:

Donald Trump held a press conference on Tuesday to address (and insult) news reporters trying to locate the proceeds for a January fundraising event for veterans Trump held -- during a Republican debate on Fox News he refused to attend. The press called the insults a "tirade."

The media were right to ask questions about Trump's distribution of funds to veterans groups. But hold the righteous indignation, folks. This is a press corps that has absolutely refused to hold Obama accountable for anything (think: IRS, VA , Solyndra, Fast and Furious and so many other scandals) while also refusing to investigate any clouds swirling around Hillary Clinton (think: Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, email scandals, etc.).

Indeed, it's a courtesy reserved for both Clintons, going back to the very beginning of their national careers (think: Whitewater, Filegate, Troopergate, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and the rape of Juanita Broaddrick, to name but a few unsolved mysteries because no one in the press wanted to investigate them).

Every single one of these scandals is more important than the disposition of funds from a fundraiser, and it must be noted that Trump did account for the millions he raised and contributed. When the media begin to ask serious questions of Hillary Clinton, then and only then will they have the right to pass judgment on Donald Trump.

Apparently, Bozell wants to silence the "righteous indignation" of others so he can dispense his own.

If "the media were right to ask questions about Trump's distribution of funds to veterans groups," why didn't any right-wing media outlet -- like, say, Bozell's own -- do it? And why did his MRC completely ignore the controversy? The only reference to it we could find on NewsBusters was Melissa Mullins whining that during his media-bashing tirade, someone asked Trump about the gorilla killed at a zoo to save a boy who had gotten into the enclosure.

Bozell finds a way to defend Trump by claiming that "Trump did account for the millions he raised and contributed," which completely ignroes the fact that he did not make good on most of his promised donations until the media started asking him questions about it.

As far as calling the so-called Clinton scandals "unsolved mysteries" goes, where has Bozell been for the past 20 years? All of them are quite solved -- just read the Starr Report on Clinton's alleged affairs, and independent prosecutor Robert Ray's reports on Whitewater and Filegate. Bozell has also apparently forgotten that the titular Arkansas state troopers in "Troopergate" wouldn't repeat their lurid accusations against Clinton under oath.

As for the laundry list Bozell recites of purported scandals involving Hillary Clinton and Obama, we again bring up the fact that Bozell operates something he calls a "news" outlet -- meaning that he is in the media business. If Bozell thinks these stories are somehow underreported, why doesn't he march down the hall at MRC headquarters and tell and CNS editor in chief Terry Jeffrey and managing Editor Michael W. Chapman to report on them? Why doesn't he use some of that multimillion-dollar budget the MRC has to hire a stable of actual reporters -- instead of the stenographers currently employed as "reporters" at CNS -- and unleash them on Obama and Hillary?

We don't know. Perhaps Bozell has decided that it's easier and more profitable to complain about "the media" than to do something about it, and that CNS functions better as disseminator of right-wing propaganda packaged as "journalism" than as a generator of actual reporting.

Until you can offer something other than playing to the chori of right-wing funders and put your money (well, your donors' money) where your mouth is, Mr. Bozell, please spare us your righteous indignation.

Posted by Terry K. at 5:51 PM EDT
Newsmax TV Squabbles With Dish Network Over Carriage
Topic: Newsmax

The recurring battle between TV channels and the cable and satellite companies that carry them has now hit Newsmax.

A June 6 Newsmax article says that Dish Network has dropped Newsmax TV, and Newsmax is responding by askingviewers to "to call DISH and let them know you want Newsmax TV back!"

The article adds its own version of backstory:

We are disappointed by DISH Network's decision to stop carrying Newsmax TV.

By doing so, DISH has closed down an important and independent news voice.

It is unfortunate DISH would make such a move during this critical election period.

Newsmax is one of the most respected online news sources in the nation, reaching approximately 50 million online viewers monthly, according to comScore.

We have been an important source of news about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and much more.

In less than two years, Newsmax TV has become a popular cable news channel – drawing close to 5 million monthly viewers, up from fewer than 500,000 when we launched.

In the past DISH has been forced to remove channels that charge excessive fees that must be passed on to their customers.

We applaud DISH for standing up for their customers – but it is important to remember that Newsmax TV does not charge DISH!

In fact, we financially benefit them and their customers so there are NO pass-along costs!

Actually, that's not quite the full truth. As reports, DirecTV continues to carry Newsmax TV, as well as "several small cable and telco TV providers." Plus, it's available streaming online, so the channel hasn't been "closed down" at all.

Further, TV Predictions notes, the real issue seems to be about money. Newsmax pays both Dish and DirecTV to carry Newsmax TV, and "Newsmax has yet to issue a comment on the dispute, but it would appear that Dish is either asking the channel for more money, or Newsmax is seeking carriage now without having to pay any fee."

There may also be the issue of channel placement, given Newsmax's digression into the subject in its article:

When DISH launched Newsmax TV, we were placed among a suite of shopping channels, unrelated to our news content.

Due to this unfair and inappropriate placement, DISH has made it difficult for their subscribers to find Newsmax TV.

Newsmax TV continues to be available on DirecTV 349, Verizon FiOS115, and more than 40 cable systems around the nation — all of which put Newsmax TV in their news channel lineups.

It might help if Newsmax publicly explained exactly why Dish dropped Newsmax and under what terms it would return.

Also of note, Newsmax illustrated its article with this picture:

The fellow on the left is Dick Morris, who just signed on as a political correspondent with the National Enquirer. (Apparently, all the post-2012 image rehab Newsmax did for Morris, following a slew of aggressively wrong predictions about the 2012 election, has gone for naught ... or has it?) The Washingtonian hilariously noted how Morris claimed he was impressed with the Enquirer's "willingness to tell the truth" ... "But when asked what that 'truth' is, Morris said he wanted out of the interview and ended the call."

You'd think having a top Newsmax analyst also be associated with a dubious tabloid would not exactly make Dish Network terribly eager to keep the channel. Perhaps Newsmax should explain that one too.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:31 PM EDT
WND's Farah Claims 'Astounding' Response to Plea For Money, Doesn't Provide Evidence
Topic: WorldNetDaily

It took him five days, but WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah finally published his email letter pleading for money amid an "existential threat" at WND proper, making it his June 6 column. It's a duplicate of the email version, but with the following note at the top: "Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to 400,000 WND email subscribers last week. An astounding number of them answered the call for help."

Which brings up another reason WND is failing: its lack of transparency.

This is a meaningless statement. How many is "an astounding number"? What is the financial amount of the "help" they provided? We can probably assume that the "help" offered was actuyally not that "astounding" because Farah published the letter on the WND website.

WND is privately owned, so it doesn't have to disclose its financials. But the fact that it begs for money as much as it does -- heck, it has an option at its online store to just give it money directly -- would seem to confer some sort of obligation on WND to tell people where that money goes.

As we've noted, WND has been seeking donations to fund this year's anti-Hillary jihad -- er, the "Hillary Clinton Investigative Justice Project" -- which it claims will be used to "hire legal talent, private investigators and pay expenses for continued investigative reporting efforts." At no point does it promise a public accounting of how that money is used, just "regular insider updates on the progress of the campaign."

WND has long hid its inner workings from public scrutiny. Farah famously  shut down a press conference rather than answer our question about whether an affidavit filed in its birther crusade was proffered by WND-affiliated lawyers, and its birther-related petitions contained no apparent verification that the signatories were who they said they were, leaving it open to fraud in the form of fake names and multiple signings.

And the terms of WND's settlement with a Tennessee car dealer over charges of defamation -- in which WND admitted that he was not a drug dealer and criminal as it claimed in a series of articles in 2000 attacking Al Gore -- remains confidential, no doubt because WND wants to keep the presumably large amount of money it had to pay out a secret.

WND operates as something of a black box. Farah is asking us to take on faith that WND's in bad shape in order to get people to give him money, but he provides no numbers to back him up, nor will he say exactly how much money he needs to stay solvent.

Farah's complete lack of disclosure should be a red flag for anyone considering sending him money. 

Posted by Terry K. at 1:01 AM EDT
Monday, June 6, 2016
CNS Unemployment Numbers Distortion Watch
Topic: has a legitimately disappointing unemployment report to write about -- only 38,000 jobs created in May -- but the story on it by Susan Jones continued CNS' established pattern of obsessing over the labor force unemployment rate.

Jones waits until the 10th paragraph to actually mention something she usually ignores because it doesn't fit her agenda -- that the labor force participation rate is heavily affected by "retirements among the aging baby boom generation." But then she tries to spin it by sdaying that "the weak job market has caused other Americans to give up job-hunting in favor of staying home or going back to school." However, she provides nothing to back up that interpretation.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:29 PM EDT
WND's Corsi Tries To Discredit Trump U. Lawsuit By Claming Link to Convicted Felon (Like WND Has)
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily's Jerome Corsi is spinning extra hard to divert attention from the Trump University fraud lawsuit by bringing up irrelevant issues (which, of course, means we could make the assumption that this means the lawsuit has merit). He has brought up that the law firm representing the plaintiffs in the case have paid for speeches from the Clintons (which occurred before Trump announced his presidential campaign) and that Bill Clinton took money from a for-profit university company (but provides no evidence that Clinton's image was used to entice students to enroll or had the school named after him, as is the case with Trump University).

And then there's this attempt from Corsi, in a June 2 article:

The law firm suing Trump University was founded by a wealthy San Diego lawyer with close ties to the Clintons who served a two-year sentence in federal prison for his role in a kickback scheme to mobilize plaintiffs for class-action lawsuits.

William Lerach, best known for winning more than $7 billion in legal settlements of a class action suit he brought against Enron, was found guilty in 2007 of a kickback scheme in which he his firm used intermediaries to pay clients with large stock portfolios a percentage of the law firm’s $11.3 million profits for agreeing to be plaintiffs in 225 class action and shareholder lawsuits, spanning the period 1979 to 2005.

Hey, Jerome, you know who else has a company co-founder who's a convicted felon?

That would be WND.

Robert Beale was an early investor in WND, as well as one likely reason his son (Theodore Beale, aka Vox Day) got a longtime columnist gig there. He's currently a convicted felon currently in prison for tax evasion. He failed to show up for his trial, going on the lam for more than a year. He then was charged with conspiring to stop his trial by arresting the judge on bogus sovereign citizen-style charges (which kinda looked like kidnapping). He was sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax evasion, plus another four years for conspiring against the judge.

If a class-action lawsuit against Trump should be disregarded because someone once involved in the company is a  convicted felon, why can't we say the same thing about the least credible "news" organization in America?

Posted by Terry K. at 12:44 AM EDT
Sunday, June 5, 2016
MRC Gives Another Pass to Pro-Trump Propaganda At Fox News
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center has always had the marching order to never criticize Fox News (unless Mark Levin is, then just quote Levin). With Donald Trump's ascent to Republican presidential nominee, he's off limits now as well. So Fox News' pro-Trump bias will continue to go unremarked upon at the MRC, no matter how ridiculous.

Megyn Kelly's May 17 hour-long interview with Trump turned out to be a bust, filled with softball questions and promotions for Kelly's upcoming book. The reaction from the MRC? Silence, though the day of the interview, it touted Kelly declaring that the New York Times should be "shamed" into covering "Bill Clinton’s problems with women."

Greta Van Sustseren's May 26 Fox News special on Trump and his familiy was so fawning and obsequious that many conservatives mocked its ridiculous tone. The Michelle Malkin-founded Twitchy said of it: "It essentially is 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,' but with just a tiny dash of political hardball thrown into the mix for spice."

At the MRC? Zero, zip, nada. No mention at all.

Yet, in between all that, the MRC did find space for anonymous coward "Bruce Bookter" to be outraged that an ESPN-affiliated website used a picture of Obama in the header of its Twitter page. No, really.

That's "media research" at the MRC, folks.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:03 PM EDT
CNS Columnist Takes A Dig At 'Hitlery," For Some Reason

The Media Research Center is picking up yet another WorldNetDaily trait: columnists who save their really crazy, hateful stuff for other outlets.

Eric Metaxas is a regular columnist for the MRC's "news" outlet and author of a book on anti-Nazi spy Dietrich Bonhoeffer whose main gig is hosting the radio show "BreakPoint," succeeding the late Watergate felon-turned-Christian Charles Colson. He usually serves up conservative Christian homilies in line with the bias of CNS management.

But last month (h/t Warren Throckmorton), Metaxas tweeted out a little poll:

Yep, in true WND-emulating style, he referred to Hillary Clinton as "Hitlery" and suggests that Trump is somehow not the ideological demagogue making Nazi-esque appeals to nationalism and against foreigners.

Metaxas later claimed the poll was a joke, and also "complex teasing sarcasm humor." He seems not to be aware that there are a surprisingly amount of people -- check the comments section of any right-wing political site -- who use "Hitlery" unironically, not to mention folks like Don Feder, who CNS uncritically promoted last year.

Posted by Terry K. at 4:56 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, June 5, 2016 8:29 PM EDT
Saturday, June 4, 2016
WND Falsely Claims Amnesty International 'Defends Pimps And Traffickers'
Topic: WorldNetDaily

One major reason WorldNetDaily is having financial difficulties is because its editorial content is so biased, occasionally (and libelously) to the point of being outright false.

The headline  of a June 3 WND article by Leo Hohmann reads, "Amnesty International defends pimps and traffickers." He writes:

The human rights organization Amnesty International is drawing fire from other human rights activists for a new document it released favoring the “full decriminalization” of prostitution.

Amnesty, in the document, “calls for the decriminalization of sex work based on evidence that criminalization makes sex workers less safe, by preventing them from securing police protection and by providing impunity to abusers.”

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, or NCOSE, immediately denounced the policy as one that “ignores the brutal experiences of prostituted persons and empowers pimps, sex buyers, and sex traffickers.”

While Hohmann's article does include a link to the statement, which states "Read Amnesty’s entire document calling for full decriminalization of prostitution," it's clear that neither Hohmann nor anyone else at WND actually read it, because the document explicitly condemns exploitation and trafficking.

The document states that "Exploitation within commercial sex takes different forms and can encompass a wide range of actions extending from labour violations (for example relating to health and safety regulation), up to and including very serious forms of exploitation involving servitude-like practices and forced labour. States have a range of obligations to protect individuals, including those involved in sex work, from exploitation and abuse. Amnesty International considers that there is greater scope for sex workers to benefit from labour-based protections from exploitation where sex work is not treated as a criminal activity."

In other words, according to Amnesty International, if sex work is decriminalized, pimps would not be able to thrive. The document goes on to ask that "States must ensure that sex workers can access adequate legal protection from the range of other forms of exploitation that do not constitute human trafficking."

The document also specifically condemns human trafficking and insists that it be prosecuted:

Human trafficking amounts to a grave human rights abuse and states have an obligation under international human rights and international criminal law to ensure that it is recognized as a criminal offence. Amnesty International supports the criminalization of human trafficking and calls on states to guarantee effective legal protections against it. States must investigate, prosecute and bring traffickers to justice and guarantee victims access to justice and reparation, including with all necessary levels of support. Trafficking victims should not be criminalized.


Sex work (which must be between adults and consensual in order to be considered sex work) is distinct from human trafficking. The conflation of human trafficking with sex work can result in broad and over-reaching initiatives that seek to eradicate all commercial sex as a means to end trafficking. Such approaches work in practice to violate sex workers’ human rights, and in general can make sex workers and people who have been trafficked more vulnerable to violence and harm. Additionally, there is a lack of evidence to suggest that such approaches are successful in addressing trafficking (in terms of preventing, identifying and protecting victims and supporting prosecution of perpetrators).

So WND is blatantly lying by claiming that "Amnesty International defends pimps and traffickers."

While Hohmann claims to quote "human rights activists" criticizing Amnesty International's statement, they are nothing of the sort. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is an anti-pornography group formerly known as Morality in Media that's much better known for protesting things like Sports Illustrated swimsult issue covers and seemingly blaming mass shootings on gay rights.

The other "human rights activist" Hohmann quotes is Judith Reismann, the anti-Kinsey obsessive with her own history of playing fast and loose with the facts. So, no, these are not "human rights activists" by any normal definition of the term -- they are right-wing activists with a specific agenda.

Oh, and those first two paragraphs contain the only direct quotes from the Amnesty International statement in Hohmann's article. The rest of the article presents Reisman and NCOSE's Dawn Hawkins providing their interpretations of the statement as accurate. Needless to say, Hohmann couldn't be moved to contact Amnesty International to get its reaction to these right-wing attacks.

Hohmann and WND build on a blatant falsehood with dishonest agenda-driven reporting that blatantly misrepresents what Amnesty International actually stated and makes no effort to address the issue fairly. That's why nobody believes WND -- and why fewer people even bother to read it anymore.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:28 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, June 4, 2016 11:44 PM EDT

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