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What's ConWebWatch?

The Internet has spawned a plethora of "alternative" news sources. Some of them -- with substantial financial backing from political conservatives -- claim to offer some version of the “real truth,” the stories you suppposedly don’t get from “mainstream” media.

In reality, these sites are no less slanted or arrogant than they accuse the "mainstream" media of being. They demonstrate time and again that, despite promoting themselves with words like "fairness," "responsibility," "accuracy" and "balance," their real goal is to attack and discredit anyone who doesn’t agree with them, as well as to promote their own political views -- the same exact thing they accuse the "liberal" media of doing.

That is why I created ConWebWatch in April 2000 as the first Web site dedicated to analysis and critique of conservative "new media" -- and it is the only one with these organizations as its main focus.

What's the ConWeb?

The focus of ConWebWatch is what I collectively call the ConWeb -- large, well-funded, Internet-based conservative "news" organizations NewsMax, WorldNetDaily and I also look at conservative media "watchdogs" Media Research Center and Accuracy in Media, as well as the MRC's NewsBusters blog.

Millions of dollars have been poured into the creation and promotion of these conservative web sites, with money coming from such sources as Richard Mellon Scaife and the usual armada of conservative foundations.

Additionally, conservative talk radio hosts often use these conservative news sites as sources of topics to discuss on their shows, giving the slanted, distorted and, on occasion, just plain inaccurate stories that appear on these sites an even greater audience.

The goal of ConWebWatch is to document the distortions, excesses and hypocrisy of these conservative media sites. Using their own words, ConWebWatch hoists the conservative media on the petard of hypocrisy, accuracy and objectivity.

What qualifies me to be a media critic?

As a veteran of 17 years in professional journalism as a newspaper writer, designer and editor, I know the ins and outs of the business and how it can be used and misused -- and I see how the conservative Internet media is misusing journalism. Additionally, I worked for Media Matters for America for 10 years as an editor and researcher, where I contributed to its mission of uncovering and correcting misinformation. ConWebWatch is my personal venture financially and editorially separate from Media Matters and any employer I might have. Though the focus of ConWebWatch and the criticism contained herein will have some people screaming “liberal,” the criticism comes from a journalistic perspective, and ConWebWatch advocates nothing except the truth and proper journalistic behavior. And critics always have the option of proving me wrong. Baseless innuendo and name-calling will be returned in kind or just ignored completely.

ConWebWatch is totally independent -- it is not affiliated with any political party or organization (including Media Matters), and I am not a member of any political party (though an active voter). Funding for the site’s operation comes exclusively from my own meager pockets, ad sales and sales from the ConWebWatch online store. ConWebWatch has not gone the “tip jar” route at this point mainly because I’m one of those stoic Midwestern types who is uncomfortable begging for money, but that could change if site expenses demand it.

Look for new content at ConwebWatch every week or so -- and daily updates at ConWebBlog.

Now, with this introduction out of the way, read and learn.

Terry Krepel, editor

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