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Jesse Lee Peterson's Obama Derangement

As with many WND columnists, Peterson has acquired the disease of spouting bizarre and hateful things about the president.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 4/2/2015

Jesse Lee Peterson

If there's one thing Jesse Lee Peterson has more issues with than women, it's President Obama.

Peterson seems to spew hatred at the president every chance he gets -- convenient since he has a weekly WorldNetDaily column. And he appears to be learning from his fellow WND columnists.

From Erik Rush, he seems to have learned to not put his prime Obama derangement in his WND column. Peterson ranted to for a March 10 article, bizarrely declaring that Obama's speech marking the 50th anniversary of the civil rights march in Selma, Alabama, was nothing more than a Klan rally (no, we are not making this up):

“There was no hope in that rally,” Peterson said. “Just think about this: 50 years later we have a black president in the United States of America. This country has done more than any other country to make amends for slavery in this country and yet there was no appreciation of that. There was no praise of America, thanking America for what it had done. It was as though it was still 1955.”

“It was disgusting, it was evil, it was wrong,” said Peterson.

“That rally was a klan’s rally, was no different than the KKK, it was a hate rally, a hateful rally,” said Peterson.

From Mychal Massie, he has learned to say things that would be considered racist if a white person spoke them. For his March 16 column, Peterson retooled his Klan remarks to tar all blacks with the insult:

It’s evil for Obama to inflame anger among blacks and exploit it for political gain. But, if blacks weren’t so hateful, they couldn’t be manipulated.

Just as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s anti-police rhetoric fueled anti-cop sentiments, leading to the shooting deaths of two NYPD cops, Obama and Holder are to blame for creating the anti-police climate in Ferguson, which led directly to the cop shootings. NYPD officers rightly turned their backs to de Blasio at the dead officer’s funeral. Now perhaps law enforcement will turn their backs to Obama and Holder.

Blacks today are acting like the Ku Klux Klan. They have become what they hate. The spirit that drives angry blacks to attack whites is no different than the hatred that drove the Klan. Now whites aren’t attacking blacks, but racist blacks are committing unspeakable violence against whites.


Despite claims that blacks are a “forgiving race,” most blacks today do not have a forgiving spirit. Until they forgive, turn back to God, and repent of the hatred that they have in their hearts toward whites, they’ll continue to be used by their puppet masters.

Chief among those not having a forgiving spirit is Peterson himself. Check this anti-Obama screed in his Oct. 12 column:

You can say what you want about Barack Obama. But one thing you can’t take away from him: The guy knows how to spread evil!


Nice work, Obama. Allowing Ebola to infect America – this is a way to allow evil to spread massively.

During his six years in office, Obama has allowed darkness to work through him and others. He’s totally committed to spreading evil and could care less what anyone says or thinks about him.


Barack Obama is a cold, calculating individual who is totally committed to spreading evil.

We need to be like Obama – only the opposite. Just as he’s committed to evil, we must be committed to good. If the people of good didn’t have anger and fear, they wouldn’t care what the people of the lie say about them. They would allow the truth to work through them, and we would overcome evil with good.

Obama’s ultimate goal appears to be taking down the greatest force for good the world has ever known – America. We must allow the good in us to stop him.
Indeed, Peterson has been filled with nothing but burning hatred for Obama, as befits someone who runs an organization, BOND (Brotherhood Organization Of A New Destiny), that counts among its advisers prominent right-wingers such as Sean Hannity and Dennis Prager (also a WND columnist). Here are some of the most spiteful and vicious comments from Peterson's WND column over the past several months:
The silence from the U.S. government regarding the above atrocities is shameful. Barack Hussein Obama has long ago chosen his side. His quick condemnation of any alleged persecution of Muslims, and utter silence as Christians are slaughtered like animals, tells us all what we need to know. And his outrageous sellout of Israel both before and after its recent elections should have awakened every Jewish person.

We as Christians need to adjust to a new reality – our “leaders” will not save us. A new era of self-reliance must begin, and it must start now!

-- March 30

Barack Obama and others like him have a direct connection to evil; whereas too often people serving God are not directly connected to truth. This is why Obama can lie and push his destructive agenda and mercilessly attack our freedoms and sacred institutions.

-- Feb. 15

If Obama is not stopped, ISIS, al-Qaida, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood will have their way, and America will be forced to bow to Islam (as Obama bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia). Then, the only choice left for us will be to submit or die.

That is a choice unacceptable to any real self-respecting American.

-- Feb. 8

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than half of American households now receive benefits from the government.

Obama is purposely weakening people by addicting them to programs, hoping their only choice will be to “come to mamma” (the government) for their sustenance.

And he’s purposely weakening America’s defenses, putting us at the mercy of ISIS and al-Qaida.

-- Jan. 25

Black leaders say “black lives matter,” yet they’re teaching black youth to hate, showing that black lives don’t really matter. Misguided hate drives blacks to hurt and kill; and it destroys the hater, too.

When Barack Obama supports the lie that cops routinely mistreat “communities of color,” that encourages blacks to hate – thereby damaging their souls.

-- Dec. 7

Barack Obama continues to draw moral equivalency between police and rioters. His dad was a raging alcoholic who neglected him. His mother was a radical who pushed young Obama on bad role models who shaped his anti-American and racist worldview.

-- Nov. 30

Leftists have long been using “the children” to manipulate the emotions of the public, extort American taxpayers, gather power and degrade our way of life. Barack Obama has taken this process to an insane extreme with his self-created border mess.

-- July 13

The con: The Democratic Party, the civil rights establishment and the mainstream media convinced blacks not to look at Obama’s far-left associations, ideology or record, but rather to be enamored by the prospect of electing the “first African-American president.”

Purpose of the con: To use black voters to elect a far-left socialist Democrat who would carry out an agenda that was actually detrimental to blacks and this nation.

How it works: Promise blacks jobs, opportunities and health care while doing nothing meaningful to uplift them.

The evidence:Blacks are worse off today than under any other administration in recent history. Black unemployment is almost 12 percent. (Black youth unemployment is almost 50 percent.) Under Obama, there have been more babies aborted than jobs created.

-- June 29

Newsflash to black Americans: Barack Obama has never loved you, and by now it should be clear to you!

Suddenly Obama is creating a series of crises that overwhelm the American system – crises that only he can “solve” by imposing solutions that: 1) help destroy the country he detests, 2) help the Democratic Party maintain its stranglehold over its constituencies and 3) feed his strange need for absolute power.

Obama’s latest crisis is the invasion occurring at our Southern border. We now have a national emergency on our hands. It’s one that will devastate Obama’s original constituency – black Americans – more than any other group.

-- June 15

Obama is committed to his socialist redistribution of wealth agenda, and he is fulfilling his promise to fundamentally transform America!

Obama has been successfully dividing Americans like no other president in history.

Through his outrageous deeds and lies, Obama has revealed our lack of character and courage.

-- June 8

* * *

Peterson used to present himself -- and was presented by WND -- as a conservative version of Jesse Jackson. But did Jackson ever publicly express as much hatred toward a president as Peterson has for Obama? Not that we recall.

But the Obama-hate fits in nicely with WND's overall Obama derangement editorial agenda, so Peterson will continue to be give free rein, no matter how much he destroys his reputation doing it.

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