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Sunday, July 1, 2018
WND Columnist Frets Abortion Killing Too Many 'Western' (Read: White, Christian) People
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Racially motiviated right-wing writers like to work up outrage of the idea of "demographic winter," in which white Christian Westerners allegedly decimated by low birth rates and abortion are replaced by swarthy Third World Muslim immigrants -- all while speaking in code words and euphemisms in order to hide the explicit racial aspect. Hanne Nabintu Herland is the latest to tackle this -- still speaking in code words, of course -- in her June 20 WorldNetDaily column:

Since legalizing the woman’s right to remove her own offspring, the fertility rate has dropped dramatically in the West, with perplexing consequences. This is the irony: Many countries in Europe now import approximately the same number of immigrant workers as the number of abortions. The generation that was supposed to do the job simply is not there. They are replaced by large-scale import of Muslim and other immigrant groups who love children and regard these as a gift from God. Since atheist feminists have worked so hard to implement disdain for their own offspring, other and stronger groups naturally take over and form new dynasties in the West. Why complain about immigration? It is the direct consequence of the desired childlessness.

The West has, with the help of the suicidal progressive movement, caused its own decline. Italy has the lowest birth rates in 150 years, with a 1.4 percent fertility rate, Denmark 1.7 percent, Switzerland 1.5 percent, Portugal 1.2 percent and Germany 1.4 perent, according to 2016 numbers from World Bank. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other surveys, abortion rates in Scandinavia, U.K. and France rate as high as 20-30 percent, Germany, Finland and Benelux 11-14 percent. Since abortion was first legalized in the 1970s, Germany has removed 120,000 annually, France around 200,000, Netherlands 30,000, Norway 15,000 yearly and Sweden 35,000. Tally the numbers; they are massive.

In the U.S., over 50 million have been lost to abortion since 1960, according to former Newsweek editor Jon Meacham in what he calls “The end of Christian America.” If you add the pictures of the screaming women, fuming with anger and rage in pro-abortion parades, you know you are watching the end of a culture. No childless society can survive.


When looking at demographics, it is only a question of time before the traditional European becomes a minority in Europe. We may guess that this is what the progressive feminists wanted: The end of their bloodline.

Nicely code-worded, don't you think?

Posted by Terry K. at 11:11 AM EDT
Saturday, June 30, 2018
CNS Lets Documented Liar Aryeh Spero Pretend He Cares About The Truth

For some reason, really, really loves loopy right-wing, Obama conspiracy-obsessed rabbi Aryeh Spero. Now, it's given Spero another platform in the form a June 21 article by intern Jonathan Mizrahi, in which he is allowed to complain that the likening of immigrant detention enters to Nazi concentration camps is "abhorrent" -- but is really acting as a (as far as we know) unpaid shill defending President Trump's zero-tolerance border policy:

“The Nazis separated families as part of a first phase of forced labor and murder of Jews, an entire race,” said Rabbi Spero.  “We, in contrast, are taking care of these children ---perhaps better than they're normally taken care of --- during the limited days of necessary investigation.”

“No animus is intended on our part or on the part of President Trump, Attorney General Sessions, or the Department of Homeland Security,” said Spero.  “Mr. Hayden's offense was not simply against Holocaust survivors and those murdered but America itself.”

“It is unethical to make accusations that are lies and purposely degrading,” said the rabbi.  “One wonders how a man with such lack of judgment, clarity and common sense was head of the NSA and CIA? Just another Deep Stater (a ‘Deeper’) who places politics above truth.”

Funny how Spero is suddently concerned about ethics and the truth when he himself is an unethical liar. We've caught him lying about President Obama and his relationship with Israel, as well as spreading the malicious falsehood that George Soros was in "collaboration with the Nazis in Hungary during WW II."

Needless to say, Mizrahi didn't mention Spero's history of politically motivated fabrication amid his hypocritical attacks on those who place "politics above truth."

Posted by Terry K. at 10:03 AM EDT
WND Revives Never-Proven Conspiracy About Bill Clinton's Purported Illegitimate Son
Topic: WorldNetDaily

During the 2016 election, WorldNetDaily got a bit of mileage by partnering with discredited charalatan filmmaker Joel Gilbert to resurrect the tale of Danney Williams, the purported illegitimate son of Bill Clinton. Williams was so obviously being exploited by Gilbert as part of his politically motivated vendetta against the Clintons that nobody took the claim seriously, just as they did when the claim first surfaced in the 1990s among anti-Clinton activists.

Well, you can't keep a ridiculous, never-proven conspiracy down, so WND is continuing to prove it learned nothing from its recent near-death experience and giving the Williams story another go. An anonymous WND writer claimed in a June 19 article:

On the occasion of Father’s Day, Danney Williams, 32, is still hoping Bill Clinton will take a paternity test that will prove he is the Dad who never acknowledged him.

On Sunday he retweeted several Father’s Day suggestions to Clinton to resolve the paternity issue that has been Williams’ lifelong quest.

Williams made an emotional plea to Clinton intern Monica Lewinsky to turn over her famous blue dress that reportedly contained a sample of the former president’s genetic material. He also pleaded with then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to intercede on his behalf.

Needless to say, WND couldn't be bothered to find out if Williams is still mouthing the words Gilbert put in front of him. The article also ignored one inconvenient fact: A DNA test has already been conducted, by a tabloid in 1999 and promoted by the Drudge Report, which found no genetic link.

Instead of feeding its 20-year obsession with destroying the Clintons, WND would be better served -- and prove it's a news operation that deserves to live -- by exposing the expoitation of Williams by right-wing charlatans.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:05 AM EDT
Friday, June 29, 2018
MRC Complains Media Credits Krauthammer For Something Conservatives Used To Be Proud Of
Topic: Media Research Center

The death of conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer set off all the feels at his ideological buddies at the Media Research Center. So, needless to say, they took things in a weird direction by bashing the media for highlighting something that conservatives used to be proud of.

Nicholas Fondacaro complained in a June 21 post about Washington Post's obituary on Krauthammer:

[T]he paper’s obituary editor, Adam Bernstein found that Krauthammer’s life could be boiled down to his position on the Iraq War. “Charles Krauthammer, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist and intellectual provocateur who championed the muscular foreign policy of neoconservatism that helped lay the ideological groundwork for the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq,b died June 21 at 68,” he BEGAN the paper’s remembrance, setting the tone.

"He was festooned with honors by right-leaning groups and sought after by Republican policymakers,” Bernstein continued. “ To the left, Dr. Krauthammer was a bogeyman, most notably on the matter of President George W. Bush’s ‘war on terror’ and the ultimately catastrophic efforts to democratize the Middle East.”

Bernstein tried to place the war dead at Krauthammer’s feet, saying:

The U.S.-led invasion, which Dr. Krauthammer billed at the outset as a “Three Week War,” has dragged on ever since, caused more than 4,000 U.S. deaths and more than 100,000 Iraqi casualties amid a grinding insurgency, and left the United States mired in a failed state with hostile neighbors.

Fondacaro never explained why linking Krauthammer to the Iraq War was a bad thing, let alone inaccurate. Instead, he huffed: "Dr. Charles Krauthammer was a prolific intellectual and he will be missed by many."

The next day, Richard Howell similarly complained that an MSNBC's Brian Williams "was unable to resist laying blame for the Iraq War at the feet of the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer." He further complained:

More accurately, Krauthammer postulated that history might remember the invasion as the “Three Week War” and wrote those words the day after troops had occupied Baghdad after three weeks of invasion. Strangely, Williams felt necessary to point this out, and seemed to lay blame for the conflict on Krauthammer. It's particularly ironic since Williams was removed as NBC Nightly News anchor for falsely reporting on his own experiences in Iraq. 

In an otherwise praising obituary, it was jarring to hear Williams shade Krauthammer's views on Iraq. Perhaps the MSNBC host was simply following The Washington Post's lead, which made sure to include Krauthammer's support for the war in the opening sentence of its obituary of him on Thursday.

Like Fondadcaro, Howell didn't explain why it's such a horrible thing to mention Krauthammer's intellectual foundation for the Iraq War. When did the MRC cease being proud of it?

Posted by Terry K. at 2:06 PM EDT
Speaking Of A Dehumanizing Rhetorical Cesspool...
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Erik Rush writes in his June 20 WorldNetDaily column:

One need not look too far to find an instance of some prominent liberal unleashing a mouthful of profane derision upon someone who has given them offense for one reason or another. These days, this sort of thing has been chiefly reserved for President Donald Trump and members of his family, although practically anyone who runs afoul of leftist orthodoxy is very much considered fair game.

Personally, I don’t have much of a problem with scathing criticism of one’s political opponents, particularly if they are decidedly odious or perennially mouthy individuals. I also find it gratifying that President Trump is the only chief executive in modern times who has the ability and the inclination to dish out in kind what he so often receives from his detractors.

That said, it doesn’t take a dedicated news junkie to make the determination that there has been a rapid deterioration of decorum within our political discourse in recent years. 

Rush, however, doesn't specifically cop to his role in that "rapid deterioration of decorum within our political discourse."

You might recall that Rush infamously likened Barack Obama to a prison rapist, to name nadir of his still-untreated Obama Derangement Syndrome. We mostly stopped paying attention to Rush a long time ago, as his fact-free ranting dragged on -- something pretty much everyone has done, given his media outlets have effectrively dwindled to WND.

Of course, Rush's vile lack of decorum (and factual accuracy) is the reason nobody else but WND will publish him these days.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:03 AM EDT
Thursday, June 28, 2018
CNS Still Publishing False Trump Admin Claims Without Fact-Checking
Topic: loves to uncritically present false or misleading statements from the Trump White House as undisputed fact, refusing to subject them to even the most basic level of fact-checking. This happened again in a June 18 CNS article by Susan Jones.

Jones starts off by highlighting the "flurry of tweets" from President Trump in response to the "Monday-morning media hysteria about children being 'ripped' from their mothers or fathers when that parent crosses the border illegally," one of those claims being that it's the Democrats' fault that the Trump administration is separating families at the border due to some unspecified law, not Trump's.

In fact, as an actual news outlet that did an actual fact-check pointed out: "Immigrant families are being separated at the border not because of Democrats and not because some law forces this result, as Trump insists. They’re being separated because the Trump administration, under its zero-tolerance policy, is choosing to prosecute border-crossing adults for any offenses.

Jones also uncritically repeated Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's assertion that, in Jones' words, "there is no policy of separating families at the border, as long as they are seeking asylum at ports of entry." In fact, as the above fact-check also noted, it is, in fact, a Trump policy because Trump is blaming the Democrats for it and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is defending it. Further, immigrants seeking asylum at ports of entry are routinely turned away because of the volume of people doing so.

Oddly, the same day as Jones' article appeared, an article by Melanie Arter reporting on other Nielsen statements referenced Trump's "zero-tolerance policy" as, you know, an actual policy. Even then, Arter gave Nielsen a pass on misleading rhetoric, uncritically repeating her claim that "the Obama administration, the Bush administration all separated families" at the border.

In fact, while some families were separated, the Bush and Obama administrations had no blanket policy mandating family separation, as the current Trump zero-tolerance policy does.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:21 PM EDT
NEW ARTICLE: WND's Book Bargain
Topic: WorldNetDaily
WorldNetDaily remains alive for the time being, but now it wants you to give it even more money to publish editor Joseph Farah's new book (though you can already buy it in digital form). Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 1:26 PM EDT
MRC's Graham Whines About Liberal Advocacy News Operations, Forgets MRC Runs CNS
Topic: Media Research Center

Smell Tim Graham's hypocrisy in this June 19 Media Research Center post:

Matthew Ingram at the left-wing Columbia Journalism Review is touting the hot new trend in “changing the landscape” of the liberal media: liberal advocacy groups developing their own reporting teams, often by recruiting people who wrote stories for the “mainstream” press.

Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and Greenpeace have created their own “news rooms” because “they’re looking for impact. That agenda may coincide with the news, and they may use traditional journalistic techniques to advance it, but in most cases the larger goal of this work is in service of some kind of policy change or other action, and not information or the public record per se.”

First: Graham offers no evidence whatsoever that the Columbia Journalism Review is "left-wing." Second: Graham seems to have missed that the trend of advocacy groups beginning their own "news" operations began on his side (i.e. the Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal).

In fact, all he has to do is look dodwn the hall at MRC headquarters to see a prime example of it: his organization's own It certainly has promotion of an agenda hs a much higher priority than reporting news. Graham cannot seriously claim otherwise.

Instead, Graham sneered that "Conservatives would say most major newspapers and TV networks are more interested in advancing an genda [sic] than putting 'information on the public record per se.'" Of course, Graham is paid to say such silly things -- and he would never say that (in public, anywawy) about right-wing advocacy "news" operations like CNS.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:45 AM EDT
Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Another WND Columnist Tries His Hand At Promoting Manliness
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily columnists' quest for manliness continues with Larry Tomazak's June 13 column, in which he declares that "God is calling for men to rise up to fulfill our destinies as authentic men aligned with His master plan for true manliness" and goes on to assert:

Today families are in crisis. Fatherlessness is epidemic. Along with it is a parallel problem: a crisis of American manhood.

On college campuses we even have classes called “Rethink Masculinity” pushed by leftists and feminists to eradicate what they call “toxic masculinity.” Proponents don’t present a positive alternative of manly virtue focused on faith, family and female love and protection, but rather neuter men until real masculinity is air-brushed away! Gullible guys become men without chests, resembling the weird “Pat” character of by-gone “Saturday Night Live” comedy skits.

Tomczak the denounces the "Macho Man," the "Marshmallow Man" ("a passive wimp ...  a renegade having reneged on his duty to be a man’s man reflecting the image of Christ") and the "Mixed-up Man" ("a sad specimen ... embodying feminine and masculine traits. He may be a homosexual or projects a 'metrosexual' image") before declaring Jesus to be the embodiment of perfect manhood, complete with bullet points:

  • Imagine what 20 years of carpentry work did for His muscular development.
  • He walked miles in the grueling sun and then ministered to crowds of thousands, addressing them without amplification.
  • Visualize Jesus grabbing a whip, overturned tables and driving out money changers from the Temple.
  • Picture those “boys on the dock,” burly fishermen dropping their nets to follow Him.
  • Use your sanctified imagination to ponder His horrific flogging and enduring the infamous crucifixion depicted vividly in Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ.”
  • You might recall that Tomczak had a massive freakout over a Taylor Swift video -- effectively arguing that women should wear burqas -- and despised the film "Love, Simon" for committing the offense of treating gays like regular people.

    Posted by Terry K. at 10:02 PM EDT
    CNS' Jones In Full Suck-Up Mode for Trump
    Topic: reporter Susan Jones has long been a pro-Trump sycophant. She took that sycophancy to a new level in a June 12 article, in which she marveled at Trump's civility in a press conference. Under the headline "No 'Fake News': Trump Holds Calm, Courteous News Conference in Singapore," Jones gushed:

    "I haven't slept in 25 hours," President Trump told a 4 a.m. EDT news conference in Singapore following his historic summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

    Nevertheless, the president spoke to reporters for more than an hour, never using the term "fake news," although he did admit he was apprehensive about taking their questions.

    "So it is an honor to be with everybody today, the media -- it's a big gathering of media, I will say -- makes me feel very uncomfortable, but it is what it is. People understand that this is something very important to all of us, including yourselves and your families, so thank you very much for being here."

    Amazingly, at the end of the news conference, the president was applauded as he walked off the stage.


    Several reporters prefaced their questions by congratulating the president on his historic summit with Kim. Trump thanked them.

    Jones emphasized the applause for Trump at the end of her article, in which she transcribed Trump's final statement, following by the line "(Applause.)"

    That sycophancy is embarassing, even for a right-wing journalists. Then again, CNS paid her to write it and published it as is.

    Posted by Terry K. at 3:00 PM EDT
    Speaking of Repentance...
    Topic: WorldNetDaily

    Joseph Farah devoted his June 17 WorldNetDaily column to a lengthy refutation of the idea that the Caananites were wiped out by the Israelites, as the Bible claims (Farah asserts that the Bible states otherwise). We're not going to get into that, since our Bible history is a little shaky.

    We will, however, highlight the final two paragraphs of Farah's column, in which he writes:

    I guess the lesson is if you want lots of publicity for your fake, phony, fraudulent pseudo-scientific study, don’t say it confirms the Bible, say it refutes it. And that’s just how this hoax got started.

    And the fake news machine was only too eager to play along – mostly without correction and certainly not with repentance.

    Of course, WND has long been a fake news machine -- even as it was sliding towards a near-death experience -- and it is not big on publishing corrections, doing it seemingly only when threatened with legal action.

    As far as repentence goes, Farah has steadfastly refused to do so for the fake news WND has published over the years, even when he tried to start a politically motivated "day of prayer and fasting" on Sept. 11.

    Repent? You first, Joe.

    Posted by Terry K. at 12:35 AM EDT
    Tuesday, June 26, 2018
    CNS' Double Standard on Forgotten Meetings In The Trump-Russia Probe
    Topic: editor in chief Terry Jeffrey wrote disdainfully and at length in a June 18 article about how "then-FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe said he did “not recall” whether he was at an August 2016 meeting allegedly held in his own office--that included his then-counsel Lisa Page and then-FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok--in which Page, according to a text message by Strzok, argued “there’s no way he [Trump] gets elected.”

    Jeffrey followed that up two days later with a column with even more lengthy disdain: "The report on the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton's email scandal that the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice released last week makes one thing clear: Top FBI officials involved in both that investigation and the Russian collusion investigation have bad memories."

    By contrast, when the memory lapse was on the side of those whose ideology Jeffrey and CNS shares, they're much more sympathetic. Note the substantial change in town in this article by Susan Jones, which appeared on the same day as Jeffrey's article about McCabe:

    The Washington Post on Sunday published a story about longtime Trump associate Roger Stone recalling a May 2016 meeting with a man calling himself Henry Greenberg -- a man with a heavy Russian accent who offered Stone money in exchange for political dirt on Hillary Clinton.

    Stone, appearing on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" on Sunday, said he didn't remember the 20-minute exchange "because it was so ridiculous," but he now believes it was an FBI sting operation:


    Stone said he didn't remember the meeting until the Office of Special Counsel raised the issue with [Trump campaign official Michael] Caputo, and Caputo then reminded him.

    Stone said Greenberg showed up "wearing a MAGA hat and a Trump t-shirt. He makes this offer, I decline, nothing inappropriate happened here, and I have now refreshed my memory and informed the committee."

    Meanwhile, an actual news outlet reported that Stone and Caputo had repeatedly denied any such meeting in the past, making their sudden refreshed memory -- which Jones uncritically portrays as undisputed fact -- rather suspect. (Jones didn't mention Stone's previous denials nor his sleaziness.) Jeffrey, meanwhile, put the worst possible spin on unrecalled meetings based on pure speculation.

    Funny how a sleaze like Stone gets the benefit of the doubt from CNS, while a top FBI official is presumed guilty in order to fit the pro-Trump editorial agenda.

    Posted by Terry K. at 10:35 PM EDT
    Updated: Tuesday, June 26, 2018 10:35 PM EDT
    WND Returns To The Birther Cesspool, Declines Taking Credit For Creating It
    Topic: WorldNetDaily

    WorldNetDaily remains a group of diehard birthers, to the detriment of trying to portray itself as a legitimate news organization after its near-death experience. WND touches on this again in a June 18 article by Bob Unruh.

    Unruh writes about a new Pew Research poll finding that "the ability to distinguish fact from opinion is influenced by political knowledge and comfort with the digital world," stating:

    Take, for example, the long-argued issue of whether Obama was a natural-born citizen. The dozens of court cases died down toward the end of his first term only after he produced a printed copy of a computer image of what he said was his Hawaiian birth certificate.

    Pew used the statement “President Barack Obama was born in the United States” as part of its effort to assess individuals’ ability to decide whether or not the statement was “factual.”  That is, could it be tested and determined to be true or not.

    Pew determined it was a factual statement, but only six in 10 Republicans agreed. The rest decided it was a matter of opinion.

    Even 10 percent of Democrats said the same thing.

    Unruh somehow managed to restrain himself from arguing that in WND's world, the statement "President Barack Obama was born in the United States" is a lie.As we've documented, WND has repeatedly hyped dubious -- if not fraudulent -- claims that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery, while studiously refusing to publish evidence showing the opposite.

    Unruh also managed to avoid taking credit for the fact that it's beause of right-wing fake-news websites like WND that birther conspiracy theories have as much currency as they do. C'mon, Bob, at least own being a birther!

    Posted by Terry K. at 4:25 PM EDT
    MRC Whitewashes Roseanne Barr's Nazi Lie About Soros As Merely An 'Anti-Soros Tweet'
    Topic: Media Research Center

    Like WorldNetDaily, the Media Research Center had a chance to correct a lie regularly spread in right-wing media circles. Like WND, it chose not to.

    The MRC's Julia Seymour used a June 12 post to follow in WND's footsteps by summarizing a Washington Post interview with George Soros. Because the Post let Soros speak for himself rather than follow the reflexive Soros-bashing agenda the MRC does, Seymour huffed that "the article was flattering to Soros," adding:

    The only Soros critics Kranish included were either promoting conspiracy theories about Soros, already controversial or downright reviled — for example, he mentioned a recent anti-Soros tweet by Roseanne Barr, as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s complaint that Soros is a “threat to the fundamentals of the constitutional system.”

    But Barr's tweet was not merely "anti-Soros" -- it repeated the malicious lie that Soros collaborated with the Nazis during World War II when, in fact, he was a teenage Jew trying to avoid detection by the Nazis. The Post article specifically stated that about the Barr tweet, yet Seymour felt the need to whitewash it as merely "anti-Soros."

    While we could find no instance of the MRC spreading this lie, it would have been the responsible thing for Seymour to point out that Barr's tweet was, in fact, a lie instead of whitewashing it. But then, that might have interfered with the demonization campaign the MRC has waged against Soros for years, which at one point denigrated Soros as "the godfather of the left" and used the vaguely anti-Semitic "puppet master" graphic shown above.

    Posted by Terry K. at 12:45 AM EDT
    Updated: Sunday, June 13, 2021 1:46 PM EDT
    Monday, June 25, 2018
    Newsmax Image Rehab Project Bolling Gets A New Job
    Topic: Newsmax

    The heavy lifting for Newsmax for the Eric Bolling image rehab project is apparently over, as the credibly accused sexual harasser scored a new show at right-wing CRTV, with his regular appearances on Newsmax TV drying up around the time his new job started. But that doesn't mean Newsmax won't have him around on occasion -- after all, its image rehab for Bolling is arguably a success.

    A June 8 article by Todd Beamon touted Bolling's recent Newsmax TV appearance, in which he dubiously advocated that President Trump "should break all existing multi-lateral trade agreements and negotiate new accords with individual nations." Beamon weirdly described Bolling only as an "author" -- not "a credibly accused sexual harasser who left Fox News in disgrace" or even a host on a competing right-wing media outlet.

    Then, a June 19 article promoting Newsmax's "Troopathon" fundraiser listed Bolling among the "amazing array of guests" taking part. The list also included Bill O'Reilly -- another Newsmax image rehab project -- and a host of other right-wingers ... and fake-news purveyor Jack Posobiec.

    It's difficult for Newsmax to present itself as credible when it's trying to whitewash credibly accused sexual harassers and associating with right-wing nutjobs.

    Posted by Terry K. at 8:50 PM EDT

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