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Wednesday, October 16, 2013
NewsBusters Heathers Nicolle Wallace For Not Immediately Denouncing Obamacare
Topic: NewsBusters

Apparently, to be a true Republican one must oppose Obamacare unequivocally, and Nicolle Wallace has failed that test. So, it's Heathering time, courtesy of an Oct. 15 NewsBusters post by Mark Finkelstein:

Nicolle Wallace is the perfect MSNBC kind of Republican: the kind who isn't sure if she opposes Obamacare.

On today's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough was seeking to make the point that while Republicans are divided over tactics, they are ideologically united in opposition to Obamacare.  To demonstrate his thesis, Scarborough asked Wallace whether she supports Obamacare, taking it for granted that she would express her opposition.  Amazingly, Wallace responded that she "wasn't sure anymore," then quoted her [former Bush aide] husband who had wondered "what do we hate about it?" She did then catch heself and admitted to not supporting Obamacare on the grounds that the government is not a competent deliverer of healthcare.  Too late: Wallace had already betrayed her RINO roots.

If someone, asked whether they support Obamacare, does not instinctively respond in the negative, given that the law represents everything that opponents of big government disdain, then that someone is no Republican, let alone a conservative.

Good job, comrade Finkelstein! Your fellow MRC apparatchiks will surely reward you for your commitment to ideology above all else, including reason. Wallace will soon be under your tutelage at the NewsBusters re-education camp.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:28 PM EDT
WND's Massie Still Pushing Bogus Attendance Figure For Biker Rally
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Last month, we caught WorldNetDaily's Mychal Massie promoting a wildly inflated attendance figure for a motorcycle rally in Washington. He's still at it in his Oct. 14 column, delaring that "Over a million bikers demonstrated in D.C."

Not even close. As we documented, news reports cited only "thousands" of bikers taking part in the rally last month. A count anywhere close to Massie's claim would have doubled the population of Washington and seriously snarled traffic -- none of which happened.

Massie's column rants against "those who have a proven record of dishonesty and subterfuge," though he's clearly a member of that crowd.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:39 PM EDT
CNS Finally Asks A Republican A Gotcha Question

CNS' effort to hurl gotcha questions at Democratic members of Congress has continued apace:

It's taken a few weeks, but finally Penny Starr has worked up the courage to ask that same question of a Republican:

When asked Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) if he had read all of the 10,535 pages of final regulations published by the administration to implement Obamacare in the Federal Register, he said he had not and described them as “incomprehensible.”

“Well, of course, I voted against [Obamacare], and I have not read all the rules and regulations,” Fleming told earlier this month at the Capitol. “They’re extremely complex.

“An average person even with a law degree or a medical degree like me can’t understand them,” Fleming said. “They’re incomprehensible.”

When asked if he was surprised by the large number of pages of regulations, Fleming said he thought the number would get bigger.

Starr has not explained why it took so long to offer up this token bit of fair and balanced journalism.

Lest anyone thinks this sudden outbreak of fairness is more than a temporary trend,  Starr dampens those expectations with an exceptionally lazy article that's summarized in the headline: "11,588,500 Words: Obamacare Regs 30x as Long as Law."

So copying-and-pasting something in Microsoft Word and running the word-count command is "news"? That's the standard of journalism CNS uses now?

Posted by Terry K. at 11:12 AM EDT
WND's Kupelian Goes Transgender-Bashing
Topic: WorldNetDaily

David Kupelian's Oct. 13 WorldNetDaily column is a lengthy anti-transgender screed. He's quite unhappy that the new DSM-V treats transgenderism as a "dysphoria" and not a "disorder," he demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of transgenders, declaring that they're nothing more than people "who want to cut off healthy breasts and genitalia in pursuit of "gender transition," and he likens efforts to de-stigmatize transgenderism to a hypothetical “anorexia rights lobby” that "pushed relentlessly to de-pathologize anexoria, proclaiming it perfectly normal for some girls, though in danger of dying from starvation, to go on starving themselves so as to satisfy their inner feeling that they were fat."

Then, apparently because he hadn't gone far enough in degrading transgenders, Kupelian likens them to suicide bombers:

Consider for a moment how children in the Arab-Muslim Middle East develop the “mental illness” of wannabe jihad martyrdom. How exactly do innocent little kids come to be possessed by such overwhelmingly powerful emotions and beliefs that they’re willing to blow themselves up while murdering innocent strangers – and thinking such a despicable crime is the will of God?

If I suggested genetics or biochemical imbalances were responsible, you would laugh. Little jihadists are created when, from an early age, they are continually indoctrinated, intimidated, degraded, rewarded, tempted, lied to, punished, threatened and praised (for reinforcement) – until their little developing minds and emotions are not their own anymore. They have a new implanted identity, very different from the one they were born with.

So, if the forces in one child’s home can transform him so totally that, when he looks in a mirror, he sees someone who feels like killing infidels and himself in a glorious “martyrdom operation,” couldn’t the forces in another child’s home (perhaps much more subtle, but nevertheless powerful) transform him or her into a person with feelings and attractions he likewise was not born with – including homosexual or transgender feelings? Many lesbians, as a matter of fact, confess they hated their cruel or abusive father and therefore couldn’t bond to a man later in life. Why is this so hard to understand?

From there, it's on to ... Voldemort:

Most ironic and unfortunate of all, this particular issue – this revolutionary sexual anarchy movement, which more than any other ideology, including Marxism, Islam or atheism, has the potential of permanently corrupting our nation’s core “operating system” called the family – is the one issue that almost everybody is afraid to confront.

Like Voldemort, the arch-villain so feared by everyone in the “Harry Potter” stories that they “dare not speak his name,” almost no one – not Democrats, not Republicans, not churches, not the media (including Fox News), not talk radio (unless explicitly Christian conservative), not even the big alternative news websites, with the exception of WND – dares speak of it.

But be warned, intimidation is the No. 1 tool of would-be tyrants. Not only can it make us shut up from fear, it can – without our realizing it – cause us to change our own beliefs and side with the adversary, and we will never know what hit us. Until it’s too late.

On top of that, he touts a sketchy bit of research:

Close to half of all homosexual men have been molested by an older man, according to the peer-reviewed “Archives of Sexual Behavior,” which reports, “46 percent of homosexual men and 22 percent of homosexual women reported having been molested by a person of the same gender.”

But as the  Center for Inquiry points out, the study Kupelian cites was non-clinical; the data concerning homosexuals was gathered by setting up an interview booth at a gay-pride parade, while the data for heterosexuals was gathered at a college. Further, psychology professor Warren Throckmorton found significant contradictions in the study between the data and the discussion sections.

Interestingly, Kupelian didn't link to the study itself but, rather, a WND column by professional gay-basher Matt Barber as evidence of its findings.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:37 AM EDT
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Newsmax Downplays Republican NJ Senate Candidate's Poll Deficit, Bad News
Topic: Newsmax

John Gizzi writes in an Oct. 15 Newsmax article:

Even though Republican Steve Lonegan is trailing Democrat Cory Booker in the polls for New Jersey's special U.S. Senate election Wednesday, the former Bogota mayor and conservative firebrand insisted to Newsmax that "I will win" because of voter outrage over the implementation of Obamacare.

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax, the 59-year-old Lonegan pointed out that "since Oct. 1, more than 1 million New Jerseyans have received notices that they must apply for new healthcare plans or that their Medicare has been adjusted. And believe me, they are mad."

The most recent Monmouth Poll showed Lonegan trailing Booker by a margin of 52 percent to 42 percent among likely voters.

Gizzi doesn't mention other recent polling showing a much wider gap berween Lonegan and Booker. For example, Quinnipiac shows Booker ahead by 14 points, and a Rutgers poll shows Booker ahead by a whopping 22 points.

Even though the Monmouth poll examined likely voters, Gizzi goes on to let a Lonegan staffer spin it away by promoting a new "likeliest voter" metric:

"When you get down to the voters likeliest to turn out," Lonegan strategist and pollster Rick Shaftan told Newsmax last week, "my polling shows the race a dead heat."

Gizzi didn't mention that Lonegan fired Shaftan over the weekend for sexually suggestive comments he made regarding Booker.

Posted by Terry K. at 5:49 PM EDT
WND's Kinsolving Repeats Dubious Anti-Gay Attack
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Les Kinsolving dug deep into his homophobia again, using his Oct. 7 WorldNetDaily column to repeat a story about a "Christian airman," Phillip Monk, who was allegedly punished by his "lesbian commander" for expressing opposition to same-sex marriage. Kinsolving ranted:

What is the name and rank of Master Sgt. Monk’s company commander, who Breitbart identified only as “a lesbian” who issued the “order to say he supports gay marriage”?

Most unfortunately, this incredible and commissioned alternatively sexually oriented female is unidentified in this news story.

She, in my opinion, ought not only be identified, but court-martialed for assaulting a noncommissioned officer’s First Amendment rights.

In fact, as Kinsolving mentions in passing, Monk faces punishment for making false statements about the incident -- namely, that he claimed he was reassigned from his job because of it. Kinsolving makes no mention at all of the fact that Air Force officials claim Monk was due for a new assignment and was not punished.

Kinsolving is living up to our prediction that he would spend his retirement as WND's White House correspondent hating gays even more than he does.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:00 PM EDT
AIM's 'Citizens’ Commission' Member Conspiracy-Mongers About Terrorist's Capture
Topic: Accuracy in Media

Clare Lopez is one of the members of Accuracy in Media's "Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi." She doesn't appear to be a birther like several other commission members, but she's a supporter of the the MEK, an Iranian exile group that  until recently was considered a terrorist group by the U.S. government.

Lopez is also prone to conspiracy-mongering, as an Oct. 7 AIM column demonstrates. In it, Lopez claims there's something suspicious about the timing of the U.S. capture of Al Qaeda operative Abu Anas al-Libi:

In any case, according to CNN, before the end of 2010, al-Libi somehow made his way back to Libya, just in time for the February 17, 2011 outbreak of the revolution. In December 2010, Libyan authorities even provided the UN Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee a street address for him in downtown Tripoli.

The August 2012 Library of Congress study, “Al-Qaeda in Libya: A Profile,” suggests that al-Libi’s role in Libya was coordination between Ayman al-Zawahiri and AQ Central and the Libyan militias.

By the time that U.S. career diplomat Christopher Stevens was named official U.S. Liaison to the Libyan rebels in mid-March 2011, AQ-LIFG fighters like al-Libi, Ben Qumu and Belhadj were leading the revolution against Qaddafi. Stevens’ job was to coordinate U.S. diplomatic, intelligence, logistical, military and weapons support to al-Qaeda jihadis such as these. The pending NYC Federal District Court indictment against al-Libi for the 1998 Nairobi Embassy bombing would just have to wait.

And wait it did … until a random day in early October 2013, when the U.S. government suddenly decided that it needed, urgently, to snatch an unsuspecting al-Libi off the street in Tripoli, where he had been living since the end of the Libyan revolution with his wife and four children.

Soon, Secretary of State Kerry was crowing about how terrorists “can run but they can’t hide” – but the thing was, al-Libi hadn’t been running or hiding for a long time. The U.S. knew perfectly well where he was for at least the prior two years — and didn’t seem to care.


Al-Libi’s seizure now makes as little sense as did the apparent U.S. and UK indifference to his outstanding Nairobi indictment and his jihadist credentials for all the years that preceded it.

The fact that Lopez is so quick to conspiracy-monger about al-Libi's capture is yet another sign that AIM's "Citizens' Commission" is nothing but a kangaroo court.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:23 PM EDT
NEW ARTICLE: Colin Flaherty's Rainbow-Colored 'Black Mobs'
Topic: WorldNetDaily
You don't have to be black -- or even human -- to be fearmongered about in the WorldNetDaily writer's race-baiting. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 1:04 AM EDT
Monday, October 14, 2013
NewsBusters Invents A Right For Pro-Lifers
Topic: NewsBusters

Complaining about an MSNBC segment in which panelists agreed that "Pro-life sidewalk counseling outside of abortion clinics is 'bullying' and should not not accorded First Amendment's 'free speech' guarantees," Ken Shepherd uses an Oct. 10 NewsBusters post to declare a new right: "But completely left by the wayside is the right of women seeking an abortion to consider their options and listen to what pro-lifers have to say."

We weren't aware that there was some special right involved to "counsel" women -- if shouting at them on the sidewalk outside a clinic constitutes such a thing -- outside abortion clinics.  It seems like the assumption being made here by Shepherd and other anti-abortion activists is that women get abortions on the spur of the moment and put absolutely no thought whatsoever into the decision and no consideration whatsoever into all sides of the issue.

Shepherd even approvingly quotes an amicus brief by a Democratic group noting that "All studies show that the decision to have an abortion is not one that is taken lightly or made without thoughtful consideration." Still, Shepherd seems to think differently, that shouting at women outside abortion clinics does anything beyond making a difficult decision that much more so.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:26 PM EDT
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Unlike many of my friends, I don’t believe Obama is stupid. Nor do I believe he is incompetent. I believe he has another motive to disarm Americans – one that has nothing to do with safety. It’s about control of the population from the top-down. This is going to sound brutishly harsh and judgmental, but, I believe, he is consciously using the escalation of violence his anti-gun policies knowingly and predictably cause to render the population helpless before a government with a monopoly on force.

Again, let’s look at who the shooter was in the Navy Yard attack.

He has repeatedly broken gun laws. He was never prosecuted.

He was stark, raving bonkers, and the Navy Yard was even warned about him by Rhode Island police. Nobody paid attention.

He used a shotgun, the kind of self-defense weapons recommended by none other than Vice President Joe Biden. He still managed to kill 12 people and injure many more.

Isn’t it obvious all of the prescriptions of the Obama administration and the gun-grabbing crowd are doing exactly what they are intended to do?

-- Joseph Farah, Sept. 23 WorldNetDaily column

Administrations usually have shining stars, outstanding personalities, like rich folks’ Christmas trees have expensive ornaments. Where are the intellectual stars like John Kenneth Galbraith, Henry Kissinger, James Baker? In fact, where is David Axelrod? Can you name one figure in this administration whose presence in our national line-up gives you comfort? Every time the TV moderator introduces the “administration spokesman” in a debate on Obamacare or Syria or the economy or Benghazi I see unknowns who seem to have memorized their talking points from three-by-five cards. Shining stars? This administration doesn’t even have glowing embers.

-- Barry Farber, Sept. 24 WorldNetDaily column

The American people have been betrayed in two areas that may be seemingly unrelated, but play to the same sentiments I’ve described. They concern our president, Barack Obama, and the creed known as Islam. The character of both have been distorted to compromise Americans’ better judgment, goodwill and compassion. This is not to say that I believe the president is a Muslim; in truth, I believe that Obama is either an atheist or an individual of agnostic leanings.

What I am saying – and why I have chosen to discuss these together – is that the confluence of threats posed by Barack Obama and Islam are the most serious existing threats to the survival of this nation. In very short order, either could exact an extremely grave toll on America, chiefly because Americans’ better judgment, goodwill and compassion have been compromised. Our human proclivity for denial in this area – in admitting to having been taken – presents at least as great a danger as those posed by Obama and Islam themselves.

-- Erik Rush, Sept. 25 WND column

It wouldn’t amaze me one bit if Mr. Obama is using the Syria international debacle as an artful hand-eye trick to keep Americans from not focusing on the domestic train wreck he and his backwards “progressives” have engineered.

-- Ted Nugent, Sept. 25 WND column

I hear you, Mr. President, and I know exactly what it is that I am hearing. I hear the deceit and lies of the Chicago ACORN community disorganizing scam artist from hell, feeding the low-information voters more pap and anti-American propaganda in your feeble and disingenuous attempt to bribe more votes for the declaration of dependency society. Fundamental transformation indeed.

You are so cocksure of the ignorance of your constituency that you dare to brag that the federal government is America’s largest employer. That is nothing to be proud of and in fact contrary to the Founding Fathers’ vision of this experiment in self-government where we the people were supposed to be the ones in charge, not a runaway power-abusing, bloated, fraudulent monster like the slobbering, gluttonous Fedzilla beast of the New Deal and not so Great Society scams.

-- Ted Nugent, Oct. 2 WND column

Just as Hitler posted troops at Normandy to keep the allied forces out, President Obama is now turning away those who wish to pay their respects at the Normandy American Cemetery. More than 9,000 patriots who gave their lives were laid to rest at the D-Day Memorial, and respecting their service and sacrifice is not allowed during the shutdown, thanks to the Barack Obama and Harry Reid.

-- Gina Loudon, Oct. 6 WND column

You heard it here first. The United States is going default on its obligations. The consequent worldwide financial collapse will make 2008 – and even 1929 – look like picnics. And, gentle readers, it is your fault. You, the people of the United States, chose as your “president” a man who openly has a bogus birth certificate on the White House website, who openly detests your Constitution, who had no previous experience before going into politics except as a communist agitator (coyly rebranded “community organizer”) and who – on any view – was and is entirely inadequate to serve in your nation’s highest office.

-- Christopher Monckton, Oct. 8 WND column

When the people are ignored and coerced into submission, and our military heroes are held out to dry and sacrificed to a Muslim enemy by a “Muslim president” and his Republican enablers, it is only a matter of time before the people and the military rise up to remove the shackles that have been placed on them by the government. That time is now. We the people have had enough!

Please join us in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 19. Stay tuned for more details about this nonviolent revolution designed to peacefully remove this political establishment cancer, before it kills our beloved country.

-- Larry Klayman, Oct. 11 WND column

A magician has “patter” – his running commentary while he is doing his tricks.

That’s Obama, running around the country with his teleprompter, talking to partisan groups, telling them what they want to hear, all the while avoiding any meeting with the opposition to try to resolve the political differences.

He threatens, accuses and insults and then declines to talk, but the government closure shows his deviousness.

“Shut down the government,” yes, but do it selectively so that the greatest number of people will be hurt, all the while, leaving the magician in chief to ignore it all, pretending he’s not responsible – it’s those vindictive, selfish Republicans.

To call Barack Obama a “Svengali” is not too far fetched: a person who wants to dominate, manipulate and control in order to get people to do what he wants.

-- Barbara Simpson, Oct. 14 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 9:54 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, October 14, 2013 10:16 PM EDT
James Walsh's Latest Anti-Immigration Rant
Topic: Newsmax

Immigrant-hater James Walsh really piles up the hate and lies in his Oct. 7 Newsmax column. He starts this way:

The White House is readying for an immigration blitz, according to a Politico item on September 28. A White House Hispanic adviser opined that October will see a “Day of Dignity and Respect” to reinforce the message that U.S. citizens owe those residing in the country illegally not only “subservience but abject penance.”

We found no evidence that any White House official said this. It appears that Walsh simply made up this quote.

Walsh then makes an odd racial attack on President Obama:

Barack Obama was re-elected president when a majority of liberal whites, blacks, Hispanics, entitlement recipients, and unionists voted for him — and when some 7 million to 9 million white voters failed to vote.

That seems to speak for itself. That's followed by:

Surveys reflect that 70 percent of Americans are against “easy” or “unearned” citizenship. The Obama administration, however, has no intention of allowing this silent majority to derail his immigration legislation, especially in the midst of an unpopular government shutdown.

Walsh offers no evidence that the "path to citizenship" envisioned under immigration reform is "easy" or "unearned." He then says:

With the Senate’s Democrat majority in his pocket, Obama is “El Supremo,” according to his Latino supporters. In line with his imperial stand on the federal budget’s fiscal crisis, the president may refuse to negotiate any portion of his forthcoming immigration “reform.”

Way to invoke Hispanic stereotypes there, Mr. Walsh. He concludes with a final flurry of unsubstantiated Obama-bashing and race-baiting:

For political reasons, law enforcement agencies give a pass to Mexican Drug Cartel (MDC) gangs running wild through U.S. cities. Chicago is the murder capital of the nation; Washington, D.C., is second; and gang members injured in shoot-outs receive free medical care.
The result is immigration chaos; yet Obama and many Democrats see unrestricted immigration as essential for global social justice. When was U.S. policy reshaped as “Come One, Come All”? When citizens didn’t make it to the polls.

Walsh needs to learn to give up his hatred of those who don't share his skin color, starting with the President of the United States.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:46 PM EDT
WND Airbrushes Klayman's Offensive Remarks From Protest Story
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Joe Kovacs ramps up the drama in an Oct. 13 WorldNetDaily article on a Washington protest:

Thousands of Americans have taken the government shutdown into their own hands, literally, as they stormed into the nation’s capital, tearing down barricades blocking off the World War II Memorial on the National Mall Sunday morning.

“Barrycades are down,” tweeted Sherry Lucas, a reference to President Barack Obama’s childhood nickname of Barry.

Many of the barricades were then hand-carried by the protesters and dumped in front of the White House.

This weekend has seen the convergence of U.S. veterans and truckers on the nation’s capital, as many protest the closure of public memorials as well as the president’s policies.

Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, addressed the crowd at 9:30 a.m. and were later joined by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Omitted from Kovacs' article: the fact that WND columnist Larry Klayman also addressed the crowd. CNN, meanwhile, reported on Klayman's words:

One speaker went as far as saying the president was a Muslim and separately urged the crowd of hundreds to initiate a peaceful uprising.

"I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president leave town, to get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up," said Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, a conservative political advocacy group.

We don't know why WND would have a problem with what Klayman said -- he calls Obama a Muslim pretty much every week in his WND column, and it was just a few weeks ago that Klayman used his column to test-drive his "put the Quran down" remarks. 

In other words, Klayman is saying nothing new, it's obviously comfortable with his inflammatory rhetoric, so there was no reason whatsoever to ignore Klayman's presence at the protest. What, exactly, are Kovacs and WND afraid of?

Posted by Terry K. at 1:09 AM EDT
Sunday, October 13, 2013
No, MRC, Cruz Hecklers Didn't Call For 'Amnesty'
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center's Dan Joseph chatted with people who were kicked out of the Value Voters Summit after heckling a speech by Sen. Ted Cruz. In discussing their views on immigration reform in the video posted at and NewsBusters, neither Joseph nor the hecklers used the word "amnesty."

Yet in the CNS article Joseph wrote to accompany the video, Joseph declared that the hecklers were "advocating amnesty for illegal immigrants." And in the NewsBusters post accompanying Joseph's video there, Tim Graham wrote that the protesters were "heckling for amnesty."

Um, no. As we've documented, "amnesty" means something, and the "path to citizenship" advocated by the protesters includes numerous condidtions and thus is not, by definition, "amnesty."

Posted by Terry K. at 10:53 PM EDT
WND's Farah Pretends To Care About Miriam Carey
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Joseph Farah continues to concern-troll over a shooting outside the Capitol min his Oct. 10 WorldNetDaily column:

A young, unarmed black mother with a baby in the car was shot down more than a week ago by a virtual firing squad of Capitol Hill police.

Why do I appear to be the only person in America with a platform troubled by this senseless execution in cold blood?

I’m trying to imagine if this would be the case if George W. Bush had been residing in the White House at the time.

We imagine that if Bush had been residing in the White House at the time, Farah would be passing this story on to Colin Flaherty, who would portray it as yet another example of purported "black mob violence" in America.

But because there is a black Democrat in the White House -- one that Farah and his website have spent years trying to destroy -- Farah has decided that Miriam Carey's death can be exploited for political purposes:

Where is the black community on this atrocity? Where is Al Sharpton?

Is it all right to act like this when the president and the attorney general are black?

Experience more of Joseph Farah’s no-nonsense truth-telling in his books, audio and video products, featured in the WND Superstore

I guess it is as long as they continue to search for ways to subject George Zimmerman to double jeopardy.

Where is the American Civil Liberties Union? Where are all the so-called “civil rights activists”?

Where is the police review board in Washington?

I tossed and turned most of the night after this shooting. Did anyone else in America have that reaction?

But most people tossing and tuyrning over the shooting were likely doing so for different reasons than Farah, who was likely trying to figure out how to use Carey's death against Obama. And by golly, that's what he does:

Most of all, I wonder, where is Barack Obama?

Why hasn’t he been asked about this unseemly spectacle?

Why hasn’t he offered his take on the shooting?

After all, Miriam Carey had delusions that Obama was stalking her – at least we assume they were delusions.

It’s been a sad week for America for many reasons. I mourn for Miriam Carey. I mourn for America. Does anyone else?

Joseph Farah does not give a damn about Miriam Carey. He cares only about using any and all means necessary -- including Carey's death -- as a cudgel against President Obama. He's driven by hate, not by compassion.

Posted by Terry K. at 4:06 PM EDT
Saturday, October 12, 2013
AIM's Kincaid Freaks Out About De Blasio's Name Change
Topic: Accuracy in Media

What is it about New York mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio's name change that so unnerves right-wingers?

In an Oct. 10 Accuracy in Media column that mostly rants about de Blasio's supposed pro-communist past, Cliff Kincaid drops this in: "Curiously, it also turns out that de Blasio has had three different names, but he refuses to talk about that in any depth, either."

As we pointed out when the Catholic League's Bill Donohue freaked out about it at Newsmax, de Blasio has discussed his name changes -- he was abandoned by his father and taking the name of his mother's family is his way of honoring the side of the family that raised him.

There is an explanation, but Kincaid has no interest in finding out about it, preferring to construct a conspiracy theory about it instead.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:12 PM EDT

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