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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
WND Columnists Still Pushing Bogus Claims of Election Fraud
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily's columnists, it seems, are not going to easily give up the idea that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election -- it generates too many column ideas, apparently. Andy Schlafly wrote in his March 2 column of Republicans who were allegedly insufficiently loyal to Donald Trump:

No boat is big enough to salvage the careers of Republicans who tried to impeach Trump, or who stand in the way of reforms to fix what went wrong in 2020. Those Republicans have not only defied Trump; they never lifted a finger to protect the integrity of our elections.

Instead, they echo false Democratic talking points by pretending there was no evidence of election fraud in 2020. These anti-Trump Republicans likewise fail to see how strongly opposed they are now by Americans who once voted for them.

Michael Master wrote in his March 5 column:

Why did Democrats cheat in the 2020 elections? For control. Saul Alinsky: the end justifies the means. This was their only chance to stop the America First movement of Trump, to take control of the Senate, to "cancel" those who oppose them, to rewrite history – just as all totalitarian governments do. So Democrats cheated.

The 2020 election was their only chance to stack the deck against average working Americans. Statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico to gain four more Democrat senators; pack the Supreme Court by expanding its size; pass election laws that guarantee more and more Democrats get elected; use stimulus money to bail out cities mismanaged by Democrats for the last 40 years; citizenship for illegal immigrants; more immigrants pouring over the border; increase government workers and families who then join SEIU and NEA and are dependent on government paychecks (now one-quarter of all American workers).

How could the GOP be so stupid to allow the cheating to happen unchallenged? The cheating brought about the defeat of Trump, two GOP senators from Georgia and Republican John James in Michigan. Why did total voting across the USA increase 20% in 2020? Election fraud, ballot harvesting, electronic ballot box stuffing, voting machine manipulations. What will ever reverse what Democrats do now?

European countries banned mail-in voting while the U.S. allows it. Even during COVID. Because it affords fraud.

A couple of things here. First, "the end justifies the means"is not an Alinsky invention; he actually has a serires of rules about ends vs. means, one of which is that "Any effective means is automatically judged by the opposition as being unethical." If Master had offered any actual evidence that Democrats cheated -- let alone "electronic ballot box stuffing" or "voting machine manipulations,"  he might have a point. But he doesn't.

Second, Master is lying when he claims "European countries banned mail-in voting." Several European countries permit it.

Laura Wellington wrote in a March 8 column:

It is dumbfounding to me that any politician on the right would spend more than a second entertaining the notion of recapturing the House in 2022 and telling us so, given the means by which we lost the presidency continue to be the means we use to decide elections. Did we not learn from that monumental loss followed by the two subsequent Republican Senate seats turned over in Georgia that the liberal left are holding our nation hostage through the voting mechanisms they presently have in place?

It stuns me and 73 million-plus Americans that any further conversation regarding the success of future elections is happening when the culprit damning the outcome of the most recent one has yet to be eliminated. Frankly, it doesn't matter how incredible any future Republican candidates are if the process of voting and, in that, the calculation of votes is corrupt. It could be Jesus himself who runs. He still wouldn't win.

Our voices have been stolen, and the only way to get them back is to embark upon an entirely new process that ensures almost no mistakes can be made. We should demand it from those who serve the people! We should also demand a do-over of the Trump-Biden election in conjunction with the new process laid out, putting the questions to bed, finally, as to who really won. It is the only way any type of national unity will be struck between the Trump voters and the Biden voters.

Wellington then advocated no early voting, no absentee ballots and hand counting only.

James Zumwalt --  who may still get sued for falsely defaming an official with election-tech company Dominion -- was still pushing never-proven claims of election fraud in his March 17 column:

The 2020 election triggered numerous lawsuits and claims of voting fraud. Since all the cases to date have been dismissed, Democrats see no evil, despite the fact no case has yet been heard on the fraud evidence but were decided on procedural grounds.

The 2020 presidential election, due to the numerous substantive discrepancies Democratic leaders ignore, has shaken voter confidence to the core (39%) – not only among Republicans but Democrats as well. This should cause responsible legislators to investigate what happened in order to fix and re-instill voter confidence in the system.

Of course, one reason voter confidence might be "shaken" is that right-wingers like Zumwalt and his fellow WND columnists can't stop spreading lies about the election.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:19 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 6:26 PM EDT

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