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Wednesday, July 4, 2018
WND's Secret-Society Obsession Continues
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily hasn't given up its history of pushing secret-society conspiracy theories -- despite the fact that editor Joseph Farah belongs to his own secret society, the right-wing Council for National Policy.

It recently published a pair of columns to promote a book -- which, strangely, WND is not selling in its own online store; it links to Amazon instead -- by Rodney Howard-Browne and Paul L. Williams, "The Killing of Uncle Sam: The Demise of the United States of America. The first cheered America's lack of diversity and warned of the "cabal of British aristocrats" who changed that:

America was a nation because of its lack of diversity. Its organic nature stemmed from its very tribalism, the fact that the people who inhabited the country shared a common heritage, a common history and a common faith. As a nation, it was personified by Uncle Sam, a character derived from Samuel Wilson, a meatpacker from Troy, New York, who supplied rations for American soldiers during the War of 1812. Gradually, however, this figure came to resemble Andrew Jackson, the rough and tumble president who won the Battle of New Orleans, abolished the nation’s central bank and nearly clubbed to death a would-be assassin with his cane. But even fictitious characters, no less than nations, can be killed.

The demise of the United States emerged from a cabal of British aristocrats who sought to establish a global government. Their motive was not idealistic. It did not stem from a dream of universal brotherhood, but rather from their desire to lay hold of the world’s riches. Riches do not come from paper currency but natural resources: gold, oil, natural gas, silver, copper, iron ore, uranium, coal, cobalt and bauxite. The scramble for these resources causes the breakdown of borders, the uprooting of native populations and the onset of war. Since no one possessed greater wealth than Uncle Sam, he had to be killed.

Uncle Sam is gone – visible only on Turner Movie Classics and reruns of “Ozzie and Harriet.” In his wake, the country has transformed into a place unrecognizable – a place plagued by drugs, poverty, pornography and violence. Schools have become warzones and racial conflict commonplace. Forty percent of the present-day inhabitants of the United States do not have a Northern European heritage. There is no blood that binds them. Fifty percent of Americans never darken the doorway of a church; one in five has no religious affiliation; and the country is now inhabited by more Muslims than Jews. There is no faith that unites them. Modern Americans remain almost completely oblivious of their history, with the vast majority (84 percent) unable to identify the author of the Constitution. There is no history that grounds them. Seventy percent believe that the strength of America lies in its “diversity,” and 90 percent remain unaware that a quota system ever existed. The country is not unified by language, let alone morality and religion.

In the second column, headlined "The secret socieites that led to the killing of Uncle Sam," Browne and Williams first attack Cecil Rhodes, then name-checks right-wing bete noires such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, as they face blame for the ultimate creation of the Federal reserve:

When the Federal Reserve was established in 1913, the small group of rich and powerful pilgrims gained control of the U.S. economy. They could increase the money supply to produce prosperity or curtail the supply to create a recession.

The name of the new centralized bank was a misnomer. The bank was not federal, since it was privately owned by many of the American and British pilgrims. It was not a reserve of real wealth since the money eventually was produced out of nothing. And it was not a system but rather a syndicate that operated beyond the control of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government.

With the Fed in place, the power elite of American pilgrims began to consolidate their holdings to establish new banks and businesses. The relationship between the pilgrims became so close that, as financial expert John Moody observed, it was impossible to separate the interests of Rockefeller, Carnegie and Morgan.

At the close of World War I, the pilgrims set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London (aka the “Chatham House”) and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York. In time, the CFR would gain a stranglehold on the U.S. State Department. Indeed, every U.S. secretary of state from the tenure of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Barack Obama would be a prominent member of the inner circle of the CFR.

From the belly of the CFR and the Federal Reserve came the Bank of International Settlements, the central bank of central banks, in Basel, Switzerland. During the 1930s, the gold of all American citizens by executive order of FDR was confiscated and transported not to the vaults of the Federal Reserve in New York or Fort Knox but rather to the new bank in Basel. The American people were being led like lambs to the slaughterhouse.

In time, the CFR would give rise to other organizations, including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and the Central Intelligence Agency – all of which would advance the interest of a money cartel, who remained bound and determined to strip the United States of its sovereignty.

WND is well-versed enough on this conspiracy to provide a link to its own online store to a conspiracy book called "The Creature from Jekyll Island" -- a reference the place where the "power elite of American pilgrims" allegedly met to formulate the Federal Reserve, which the book calls "the most blatant scam of all history."

WND clearly hasn't rethought the editorial policies that nearly killed it earlier this year, even though that should have been a wake-up call.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:32 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, July 4, 2018 3:42 PM EDT
MRC Plays Down How It Championed Anti-Abortion Activists Opposing Trump Border Policy
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center's Nicholas Fondacaro huffs in a June 20 post:

With the stroke of a pen, President Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday that would officially end the policy of separating parents and children who come across the southern border illegally. It’s what many on the right and left wanted to see happen, but for the liberal media it wasn’t enough, as CBS anchor Jeff Glor demonstrated by opining about how Trump was trying to “ put out a big political fire with a few drops of ink.

In his rush to fulfill his job description of blaming the "liberal media" for everything, Fondacaro seems to  have forgotten that his employer actually touted criticism from the right of Trump's family-separation policy. Not to cast aspersions on Trump, of course -- the MRC is sitll very much loyal pro-Trump state media -- but to defend anti-abortion activists.

The MRC published a pair of posts attacking celebrities claiming that anti-abortion activists don't care much about children after they're born, including those separated from their families at the border. Katie Yoder started her June 19 post by declaring, "Separating children from their parents is wrong – including when they’re in the womb. But don’t expect actress and producer Lena Dunham to understand that." Not that forcible separation by a government agency and abortion are in any way analogous.

Yoder insisted that "Pro-life politicians and others actually have denounced the separation of parents and children as it’s currently happening (think: Sen. Ben Sasse)," adding:

The argument goes both ways. Imagine, for a moment, Dunham responding to her argument in reverse: “My mind simply can’t comprehend that the same people who claim to care so much about immigrants’ children care so little about American children in the womb.”

But she won't.

Yoder followed up the next day by attacking more celebrites making the claim in addition to a repitition of her attack on Dunham. This time, though, she found more people on her side criticizing the policy, including "pro-life leaders like Live Action President Lila Rose, pro-life media like National Review editor-at-large Kathryn Jean Lopez, and pro-life religious leaders like Pope Francis. The list goes on." Yoder concluded by declaring: "But no, too often the media and Hollywood see only one way. And instead of investigating solutions, they’re pointing fingers."

Of course, pointing finger instead of investigating solutions is pretty much the mission statement of Yoder's employer. Indeed, Yoder's archive shows that she hasn't broached the subject since Trump issued his executive order -- which tells us that the issue is moot as long as the "liberal media" can be blamed for things and conservative opposition to family separation can be shoved back down the memory hole.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:01 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, July 4, 2018 11:03 AM EDT
Tuesday, July 3, 2018
WND Still Whining People Are Doing to Trump What It Did to Obama
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Art Moore complains in a June 26 WorldnetDaily article:

Amid the recent controversy over separation of families at the border, interview guests and analysts on CNN and MSNBC have frequently branded supporters of President Trump as racists and Nazis.


Grabien News reported filmmaker and frequent MSNBC guest Michael Moore likened Trump voters to accomplices to rape.

“If you hold down the woman while the rapist is raping her, and you didn’t rape her — are you a rapist?”

We would remind Mr. Moore -- who has been with WND since "shortly after 9/11," according to his bio -- that these are things WND has said about Barack Obama.

Who can forget the countless times WND writers have likened Obama to a Nazi? Or when WND columnist Erik Rush likened Obama to a "cellblock rapist"? Or hyped Michael Savage's rant that Obama is "the most racist president you can imagine" and devoted an entire issue of its sparsely read Whistleblower magazine on "Obama and the new racism," in which WND managing editor David Kupelian accused Obama of having "adopted an utterly racist modus operandi for running the affairs of the nation"?

Once again, WND is complaining that others are doing what WND has done. That's the epitome of hypocrisy.

Maybe Moore should familiarize himself further with WND's past content -- thoughhe's been there when much of it was posted -- before he makes even more hypocritical claims.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:56 PM EDT
CNS Buries Rosenstein's Defense Of Himself Against GOP Attacks

If you had read most of the media regarding last week's appearance by deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein before the House Judiciary Committee, you would have read that Rosenstein acquitted himself nicely against relentless Republican attacks on his work and reputation, in particular accusastions by GOP Rep. Jim Jordan.

If you had read, you read something else entirely -- a highly cherry-picked selection of testimony designed to make Rosenstein look bad and his GOP inquisitors look important:

  • Susan Jones makes Rosenstein look like a weaselin an article featuring Rosenstein noting that, under questioning from GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis, that he is "not permitted to discuss any classified information."
  • Jones went the weasel route again in an article highlighting his comment, under questioning from GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, that "since he wasn't working for the Justice Department on July 31, 2016 when the FBI launched its Trump-Russia investigation, he only knows what he's been told by the FBI."
  • An article by Melanie Arter touted how "Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) gave a five-minute speech, but didn’t ask a single question when it was his turn to question Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein."

None of these articles feature any questioning from Democratic members of the committee, nor do the mention the back-and-forth between Rosenstein and Jordan.

CNS waited until the next day to note the Rosenstein-Jordan back-and-forth. And while most other outlets noted how out of control Jordan got -- he referenced conspiracy theories he had seen on Fox News and accused Rosenstein of trying to subpoena phone calls, with Rosenstein retorting that Jordan was trying to "attack me personally" -- Arter chose to present the exchange as drily as possible in transcript form without highlighting any of the above or anything else that made Jordan look bad.

Arter also refused to include any questioning from Democrats in her article, though she made sure to complain that the Rosenstein-Jordan exchange "was repeatedly interrupted by Democrats on the committee."

CNS appears to have once again forgotten its mission statement to "fairly present all legitimate sides of a story," since Jones and Arter made no attempt whatsoever to fairly present Rosenstein's side of the story -- strange, since both are longtime CNS employees. It's as if that mission statement is window dressing designed to falsely portray CNS as a legitimate news operation instead of the highly biased pro-Trump PR shop it has become.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:41 AM EDT
Monday, July 2, 2018
AIM Devolves Into Just Another Pro-Trump Website
Topic: Accuracy in Media

Accuracy in Media has been doing a major reboot of itself over the past year. Conspiracy-happy right-wing ranter Cliff Kincaid disappeared for reasons neither he nor AIM have have yet to explain publicly, and after months of relying on freelancers and anonymous writers of dubious accuracy and Kincaid-esque conspiracy-mongering, it has settled on a new staff led by Carrie Sheffield, who has the title of "national editor." Sheffield's AIM bio leads with her TV and media hits, which probably tells us something about the direction Don Irvine is looking to take AIM -- more media-savvy, less nutball.

In practice, though, AIM is showing itself to be just another pro-Trump website. For instance, a June 22 piece by Sheffield, which takes the Trump White House line that it's the media's fault for noticing Melania Trump's jacket:

Even as mainstream media reporters portray the Trump administration as lacking substance and a substantive policy focus, the New York Times chose to give Page A1 placement of a speculative story by Vanessa Friedman, its fashion director and chief fashion critic, criticizing the jacket that first lady Melania Trump wore before and after a tour of a children’s shelter in Texas.


Mrs. Trump’s spokeswoman said that “There was no hidden message,” yet Friedman wrote that the First Lady’s fashion choice “may have backfired,” an analysis displaying the most common response among the mainstream media: to project sinister motives despite no evidence.

It's telling that Sheffield never outright states the message that was emblazoned across the back of Melania's jacket -- "I don't really care, do U?" -- that is, in fact, the hard-to-miss "evidence" upon which things were projected; she only offers a partial quote in the final paragraph buried in a quote from the article she's attacking.

Sheffield also makes the partisan mistake of treating whatever Melania's office says as the final word on the subject, as if we should ascribe only pure motives to, and accurate statements from, an office whose function is to protect the first lady. We suspect AIM never took anything that came out of the Obama White House as the final word on anything.

Sheffield's approach is little different from what AIM's better-funded (and even more pro-Trump) rival, the Media Research Center, did.

In trading Kincaid's craziness for a somewhat more professional, highly Trump-protective approach from Sheffield and Brian McNicoll, AIM turns down the heat but doesn't add light. It has gone from lacking credibility to being merely boring, which may not be an impovement.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:27 PM EDT
The MRC's Nasty War on Jim Acosta
Topic: Media Research Center

If there's one journalist whom the Media Research Center sees as a threat to President Trump, it's CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta. It seems that every time Acosta appears on TV, the MRC has a post designed to denigrate and belittle him for failing to be a Trump sycophant.

For instance, a July 1 post by Nicholas Fondacaro rants about Acosta's alleged "out of control shouting, grandstanding, and childish antics," insisting at he was "acting all self-righteous" and "indignantly proclaimed" his need to ask questions of the president. That kind of biased, negative language to describe Acosta is a key part of what the MRC does to delegitimize Acosta for doing his job.

The MRC also cheers every time Acosta is attacked in other forums: For instance, Scott Whitlock gleefully transcribed White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' insult to Acosta that "I know it's hard for you to understand even short sentences," and Curtis Houck happily reported how a crowd at a pro-Trump rally heckled "carnival barker" Acosta.

We've gone through the MRC archives to see what other belittling language the MRC has hurled at Acosta in the first half of 2018 alone:

  • "With so many possible selections, it's hard to come up with a worst-of list to rank the most pathetic attempts by CNN's Jim Acosta to pose as an oh-so-tough reporter." -- Tom Blumer, June 29
  • "carnival barker ... he fancied himself the most honest, righteous man in America." -- Curtis Houck, June 25
  • "There’s no news in any of Acosta’s comments. These days, he appears on CNN to attack Republicans and opine on issues." -- Scott Whitlock, May 30
  • "Acosta’s fragile ego has been wounded before, with the aggrieved correspondent taking to social media to whine about not being called on." -- Kyle Drennen, May 17
  • "Sanders called out Acosta’s arrogance. ...  He then continued to play the victim." -- Curtis Houck, April 25
  • "When one thinks of liberal reporters who relish showing off at White House press briefings, three individuals who come to mind are CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta and CNN political analysts Brian Karem and April Ryan. ... the petulant Acosta." -- Curtis Houck, April 23
  • "CNN’s infamously incomparable White House correspondent Jim Acosta." -- Curtis Houck, April 11
  • "CNN's perpetually aggrieved Jim Acosta. ... As usual, Acosta is wrong."-- Tom Blumer, April 3
  • "Acosta is 'abused,' he's not the abuser. He's 'reporting,' not editorializing. That's bad enough. But [The Daily Beast's Lloyd] Grove began with the Fakest of News -- Acosta claiming that his showboating routine is oh-so-uncomfortable for him to uncork. ... People have gotten weary of Acosta, who also acts like a reality-TV star, the diva who everyone roots against." -- Tim Graham, March 12
  • CNN’s Jim Acosta threw a hissy fit following yet another White House press briefing where he wasn’t called on to ask a question. ... [Sean Spicer said on 'Hannity' that Jim Acosta is a carnival barker in the pressroom that is both clueless and classless." -- Nicholas Fondacaro, March 6
  • "As we’ve learned since the beginning of the 2016 election, CNN’s Jim Acosta has emerged as perhaps the most melodramatic and self-centered liberal journalists to ever grace the airwaves. ... As this writer reminded Acosta on Twitter, he’s once again shown that he’s not able to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around him." -- Curtis Houck, March 5 (under the headline "What A Bitter, Sad Man")
  • "Then came the Acosta Lecture, which really should have had some pompous-sounding music underneath it." -- Tim Graham, Feb. 7
  • "CNN’s Jim Acosta took a break to whinge about the President’s brief jab at the press during the event. ... After that whine fest, Acosta went on to give Obama credit for Trump’s economic growth." -- Kristine Marsh, Jan. 26
  • "CNN's Jim Acosta has had a rough four days. It's hard not to take some pleasure in that situation, given the Chief White House Correspondent's habitual rudeness and petulance with President Trump, and with his representatives during White House press briefings. ... If there was a Guinness World Record for most self-important, self-absorbed, unaccomplished reporter in Washington, Jim Acosta would be its holder, hands-down." --  Tom Blumer, Jan. 22
  • "Acosta debased his already self-centered act by playing the role of sycophant on Friday morning for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) by tangling with Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney over basic facts about Senate procedure. ... CNN hack." -- Curtis Houck, Jan. 19
  • "As if their biased outbursts on CNN weren’t enough, chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta and political analyst April Ryan got the chance to unleash more of their rage at President Trump ... Acosta answered first, automatically going to the most extreme ... We’ve seen this behavior before from Acosta." -- Kristine Marsh, Jan. 18
  • "In the third White House press briefing since his promotion to CNN Chief White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta was promptly burned on Thursday by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in regards to CNN’s ratings in response to Acosta’s question about what appeared to be contradictory Trump tweets about the FISA program. ... A smirk went across Acosta’s face before gathering himself up to reply ... Acosta was apoplectic afterward on CNN Newsroom." -- Curtis Houck, Jan. 11

Houck -- apparently the MRC's designated Acosta-hater -- also ended 2017 with a post compiling what he claimed were "the Top Ten Jaw-Dropping Jim Acosta Meltdowns from 2017," adding: "In 2017, CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta gave viewers free doctorates in how to become showboaters and throw hissy fits.

This is all on top of Houck mocking Acosta for demanding that people like Houck quote him in context -- which Houck did in the most derisive way only after being shamed into it.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:35 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, July 2, 2018 2:53 PM EDT
WND Paints Corrupt Ex-Congressman As A Victim of the 'Deep State,' Lobbies Trump for Pardon
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily loves Steve Stockman so much that it effectively served as the PR shop flr the right-wing congressman while in office and running for re-election. Stockman repaid the favor by sending money WND's way in the form of buying copies of an anti-Obama book by then-reporter Aaron Klein to give away to his congressional colleagues. When Stockman was convicted earlier this year on 23 counts related to financial crimes, WND editor Joseph Farah rushed to his defense, insisting that "There’s not a corrupt bone in his body. Don’t believe anything else you read about this case anywhere – including Fox News, which hung him out to dry."

Now, WND is cranking up the conspiracy machine, as a June 24 article by Bob Unruh paints Stockman as the victim of the "Deep State" and lobbies President Trump to pardon him:

Former Texas Congressman Steve Stockman, having been accused of using money from mega-donors for personal and campaign expenses, was convicted in April by a Houston jury on 23 counts of financial crimes and sent to prison. Case closed, right?

Maybe not. While his lawyers and family have promised multiple appeals of the verdicts delivered after a trial during which multiple defense witnesses simply were disallowed, the case is also attracting a wider kind of attention.

For one thing, a recent WND online poll, conducted after President Trump announced the pardon of conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, gave more than a dozen options as to who should be the next person Trump would pardon – names ranging from Hillary Clinton to Harvey Weinstein to Jonathan Pollard to Jack Abramoff to Martha Stewart.

Stewart got 5 percent of the votes, “Everyone being probed by Mueller” got about 25 percent.

But Stockman got the most votes: 53 percent.


Stockman himself has blamed the case against him on the “Deep State,” referring to established bureaucrats who largely run government.

Patti Stockman told WND she cannot comment on what his lawyers plan next, regarding an appeal or further action, but she just observed that the “Deep State” – whose attempts to take down President Trump Americans are witnessing daily – goes very, very deep indeed.

It’s not just the Loretta Lynches, James Comeys and others, she said, but the entire ranks of federal bureaucrats working with a political agenda, she said.

Needless to say, Unruh doesn't spend very much time examining the offenses for which Stockman was found guilty; instead, he goes for more conspiracy mongering, "The family website says the attack on the former congressman was orchestrated by the very IRS (as well as the public integrity division of the DOJ) that earlier had tried to throttle tea party organizations in opposition to Obama.

Unruh also dutifully parrots his boss, quoting Farah's statement that "I hope President Trump pardons Steve Stockman like he pardoned Scooter Libby."

Missing, however, is any objective poirtrayal of the prosecution's side of the case, which tells us WND is still not into the factual-journalism thing after its years of conspiracy-mongering nearly killed it earlier this year.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:13 PM EDT
Sunday, July 1, 2018
MRC Defends the Indefensible: Melania Trump's Jacket
Topic: Media Research Center

Melania Trump wearing a jacket emblazoned with the words "I really don't care, do U?" on her way to visit immigrant children in Texas was such a disaster that reporter and normally loyal Trump sycophant Susan Jones called her out on it. In a June 22 "news" article, Jones lamented the jacket was a "major distraction" from the trip and, perhaps more importantly, "The media did indeed focus on her jacket and the odd message it sent." Being a Trump sycophant, she quickly got back on message, declaring in the fifth paragraph of her article that she was "turning from her wardrobe to her actual words."

Jones' lament, however, didn't make it down the hall to the rest of her Media Research Center colleagues,  which did their usual thing in attacking anyone who criticized Melania's fashion choice.

Nicholas Fondacaro complained that "the gossip-prone media spen[t] a considerable about of time trying to divine the secret meaning of the wardrobe choice and there were those who suggested she was saying that to the kids." He went on to huff: "This kind of wild speculation about the meaning of Melania’s outfits is a common narrative when the media trying to attack this administration. ... They must pick whichever explanation they think is more damaging." Of course, the words across the back of Melania's jacket are pretty unambiguous, so divining a meaning isn't terribly difficult.

Fondacaro said nothing about the inappropriateness of the message on the jacket.

Randy Hall similarly whined about the media coverage of Melania's jacket, this time by Stephen Colbert. Like Fondacaro, he found nothing to complain about regarding the words on the jacket and, like Fondacaro, portrayed it as yet another example of anti-Trump bias instead of something deserving of criticism even if her husband wasn't a Republican: "This incident reinforces the notion that as long as the Trumps are in the White House, any member of the administration -- or the family -- is fair game for left-wing commentators, including Colbert and the liberal “analysts” at CNN.

Ryan Foley surprisingly averred that Melania's jacket choice was "controversial" -- then slipped into the usual MRC mode of complaining that people in the media talked about said controversy, blaming the media instead of Melania: "While Mrs. Trump probably could have chosen to wear a different jacket, or no jacket all because of the warm weather, the media once again proved that they could not resist blowing the situation out of proportion; making a mountain out of a molehill. The media will continue to portray the Trump Administration as heartless and cruel as they continue fanning the flames that divide the country regarding immigration all the way to the midterm elections."

This is the same MRC, by the way, that regularly went off on the media every time someone said something nice about Michelle Obama's wardrobe -- and she never wore anything as "controversial" as Melania's jacket.

Posted by Terry K. at 3:59 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, July 1, 2018 9:07 PM EDT
WND Columnist Frets Abortion Killing Too Many 'Western' (Read: White, Christian) People
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Racially motiviated right-wing writers like to work up outrage of the idea of "demographic winter," in which white Christian Westerners allegedly decimated by low birth rates and abortion are replaced by swarthy Third World Muslim immigrants -- all while speaking in code words and euphemisms in order to hide the explicit racial aspect. Hanne Nabintu Herland is the latest to tackle this -- still speaking in code words, of course -- in her June 20 WorldNetDaily column:

Since legalizing the woman’s right to remove her own offspring, the fertility rate has dropped dramatically in the West, with perplexing consequences. This is the irony: Many countries in Europe now import approximately the same number of immigrant workers as the number of abortions. The generation that was supposed to do the job simply is not there. They are replaced by large-scale import of Muslim and other immigrant groups who love children and regard these as a gift from God. Since atheist feminists have worked so hard to implement disdain for their own offspring, other and stronger groups naturally take over and form new dynasties in the West. Why complain about immigration? It is the direct consequence of the desired childlessness.

The West has, with the help of the suicidal progressive movement, caused its own decline. Italy has the lowest birth rates in 150 years, with a 1.4 percent fertility rate, Denmark 1.7 percent, Switzerland 1.5 percent, Portugal 1.2 percent and Germany 1.4 perent, according to 2016 numbers from World Bank. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other surveys, abortion rates in Scandinavia, U.K. and France rate as high as 20-30 percent, Germany, Finland and Benelux 11-14 percent. Since abortion was first legalized in the 1970s, Germany has removed 120,000 annually, France around 200,000, Netherlands 30,000, Norway 15,000 yearly and Sweden 35,000. Tally the numbers; they are massive.

In the U.S., over 50 million have been lost to abortion since 1960, according to former Newsweek editor Jon Meacham in what he calls “The end of Christian America.” If you add the pictures of the screaming women, fuming with anger and rage in pro-abortion parades, you know you are watching the end of a culture. No childless society can survive.


When looking at demographics, it is only a question of time before the traditional European becomes a minority in Europe. We may guess that this is what the progressive feminists wanted: The end of their bloodline.

Nicely code-worded, don't you think?

Posted by Terry K. at 11:11 AM EDT
Saturday, June 30, 2018
CNS Lets Documented Liar Aryeh Spero Pretend He Cares About The Truth

For some reason, really, really loves loopy right-wing, Obama conspiracy-obsessed rabbi Aryeh Spero. Now, it's given Spero another platform in the form a June 21 article by intern Jonathan Mizrahi, in which he is allowed to complain that the likening of immigrant detention enters to Nazi concentration camps is "abhorrent" -- but is really acting as a (as far as we know) unpaid shill defending President Trump's zero-tolerance border policy:

“The Nazis separated families as part of a first phase of forced labor and murder of Jews, an entire race,” said Rabbi Spero.  “We, in contrast, are taking care of these children ---perhaps better than they're normally taken care of --- during the limited days of necessary investigation.”

“No animus is intended on our part or on the part of President Trump, Attorney General Sessions, or the Department of Homeland Security,” said Spero.  “Mr. Hayden's offense was not simply against Holocaust survivors and those murdered but America itself.”

“It is unethical to make accusations that are lies and purposely degrading,” said the rabbi.  “One wonders how a man with such lack of judgment, clarity and common sense was head of the NSA and CIA? Just another Deep Stater (a ‘Deeper’) who places politics above truth.”

Funny how Spero is suddently concerned about ethics and the truth when he himself is an unethical liar. We've caught him lying about President Obama and his relationship with Israel, as well as spreading the malicious falsehood that George Soros was in "collaboration with the Nazis in Hungary during WW II."

Needless to say, Mizrahi didn't mention Spero's history of politically motivated fabrication amid his hypocritical attacks on those who place "politics above truth."

Posted by Terry K. at 10:03 AM EDT
WND Revives Never-Proven Conspiracy About Bill Clinton's Purported Illegitimate Son
Topic: WorldNetDaily

During the 2016 election, WorldNetDaily got a bit of mileage by partnering with discredited charalatan filmmaker Joel Gilbert to resurrect the tale of Danney Williams, the purported illegitimate son of Bill Clinton. Williams was so obviously being exploited by Gilbert as part of his politically motivated vendetta against the Clintons that nobody took the claim seriously, just as they did when the claim first surfaced in the 1990s among anti-Clinton activists.

Well, you can't keep a ridiculous, never-proven conspiracy down, so WND is continuing to prove it learned nothing from its recent near-death experience and giving the Williams story another go. An anonymous WND writer claimed in a June 19 article:

On the occasion of Father’s Day, Danney Williams, 32, is still hoping Bill Clinton will take a paternity test that will prove he is the Dad who never acknowledged him.

On Sunday he retweeted several Father’s Day suggestions to Clinton to resolve the paternity issue that has been Williams’ lifelong quest.

Williams made an emotional plea to Clinton intern Monica Lewinsky to turn over her famous blue dress that reportedly contained a sample of the former president’s genetic material. He also pleaded with then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to intercede on his behalf.

Needless to say, WND couldn't be bothered to find out if Williams is still mouthing the words Gilbert put in front of him. The article also ignored one inconvenient fact: A DNA test has already been conducted, by a tabloid in 1999 and promoted by the Drudge Report, which found no genetic link.

Instead of feeding its 20-year obsession with destroying the Clintons, WND would be better served -- and prove it's a news operation that deserves to live -- by exposing the expoitation of Williams by right-wing charlatans.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:05 AM EDT
Friday, June 29, 2018
MRC Complains Media Credits Krauthammer For Something Conservatives Used To Be Proud Of
Topic: Media Research Center

The death of conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer set off all the feels at his ideological buddies at the Media Research Center. So, needless to say, they took things in a weird direction by bashing the media for highlighting something that conservatives used to be proud of.

Nicholas Fondacaro complained in a June 21 post about Washington Post's obituary on Krauthammer:

[T]he paper’s obituary editor, Adam Bernstein found that Krauthammer’s life could be boiled down to his position on the Iraq War. “Charles Krauthammer, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist and intellectual provocateur who championed the muscular foreign policy of neoconservatism that helped lay the ideological groundwork for the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq,b died June 21 at 68,” he BEGAN the paper’s remembrance, setting the tone.

"He was festooned with honors by right-leaning groups and sought after by Republican policymakers,” Bernstein continued. “ To the left, Dr. Krauthammer was a bogeyman, most notably on the matter of President George W. Bush’s ‘war on terror’ and the ultimately catastrophic efforts to democratize the Middle East.”

Bernstein tried to place the war dead at Krauthammer’s feet, saying:

The U.S.-led invasion, which Dr. Krauthammer billed at the outset as a “Three Week War,” has dragged on ever since, caused more than 4,000 U.S. deaths and more than 100,000 Iraqi casualties amid a grinding insurgency, and left the United States mired in a failed state with hostile neighbors.

Fondacaro never explained why linking Krauthammer to the Iraq War was a bad thing, let alone inaccurate. Instead, he huffed: "Dr. Charles Krauthammer was a prolific intellectual and he will be missed by many."

The next day, Richard Howell similarly complained that an MSNBC's Brian Williams "was unable to resist laying blame for the Iraq War at the feet of the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer." He further complained:

More accurately, Krauthammer postulated that history might remember the invasion as the “Three Week War” and wrote those words the day after troops had occupied Baghdad after three weeks of invasion. Strangely, Williams felt necessary to point this out, and seemed to lay blame for the conflict on Krauthammer. It's particularly ironic since Williams was removed as NBC Nightly News anchor for falsely reporting on his own experiences in Iraq. 

In an otherwise praising obituary, it was jarring to hear Williams shade Krauthammer's views on Iraq. Perhaps the MSNBC host was simply following The Washington Post's lead, which made sure to include Krauthammer's support for the war in the opening sentence of its obituary of him on Thursday.

Like Fondadcaro, Howell didn't explain why it's such a horrible thing to mention Krauthammer's intellectual foundation for the Iraq War. When did the MRC cease being proud of it?

Posted by Terry K. at 2:06 PM EDT
Speaking Of A Dehumanizing Rhetorical Cesspool...
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Erik Rush writes in his June 20 WorldNetDaily column:

One need not look too far to find an instance of some prominent liberal unleashing a mouthful of profane derision upon someone who has given them offense for one reason or another. These days, this sort of thing has been chiefly reserved for President Donald Trump and members of his family, although practically anyone who runs afoul of leftist orthodoxy is very much considered fair game.

Personally, I don’t have much of a problem with scathing criticism of one’s political opponents, particularly if they are decidedly odious or perennially mouthy individuals. I also find it gratifying that President Trump is the only chief executive in modern times who has the ability and the inclination to dish out in kind what he so often receives from his detractors.

That said, it doesn’t take a dedicated news junkie to make the determination that there has been a rapid deterioration of decorum within our political discourse in recent years. 

Rush, however, doesn't specifically cop to his role in that "rapid deterioration of decorum within our political discourse."

You might recall that Rush infamously likened Barack Obama to a prison rapist, to name nadir of his still-untreated Obama Derangement Syndrome. We mostly stopped paying attention to Rush a long time ago, as his fact-free ranting dragged on -- something pretty much everyone has done, given his media outlets have effectrively dwindled to WND.

Of course, Rush's vile lack of decorum (and factual accuracy) is the reason nobody else but WND will publish him these days.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:03 AM EDT
Thursday, June 28, 2018
CNS Still Publishing False Trump Admin Claims Without Fact-Checking
Topic: loves to uncritically present false or misleading statements from the Trump White House as undisputed fact, refusing to subject them to even the most basic level of fact-checking. This happened again in a June 18 CNS article by Susan Jones.

Jones starts off by highlighting the "flurry of tweets" from President Trump in response to the "Monday-morning media hysteria about children being 'ripped' from their mothers or fathers when that parent crosses the border illegally," one of those claims being that it's the Democrats' fault that the Trump administration is separating families at the border due to some unspecified law, not Trump's.

In fact, as an actual news outlet that did an actual fact-check pointed out: "Immigrant families are being separated at the border not because of Democrats and not because some law forces this result, as Trump insists. They’re being separated because the Trump administration, under its zero-tolerance policy, is choosing to prosecute border-crossing adults for any offenses.

Jones also uncritically repeated Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's assertion that, in Jones' words, "there is no policy of separating families at the border, as long as they are seeking asylum at ports of entry." In fact, as the above fact-check also noted, it is, in fact, a Trump policy because Trump is blaming the Democrats for it and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is defending it. Further, immigrants seeking asylum at ports of entry are routinely turned away because of the volume of people doing so.

Oddly, the same day as Jones' article appeared, an article by Melanie Arter reporting on other Nielsen statements referenced Trump's "zero-tolerance policy" as, you know, an actual policy. Even then, Arter gave Nielsen a pass on misleading rhetoric, uncritically repeating her claim that "the Obama administration, the Bush administration all separated families" at the border.

In fact, while some families were separated, the Bush and Obama administrations had no blanket policy mandating family separation, as the current Trump zero-tolerance policy does.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:21 PM EDT
NEW ARTICLE: WND's Book Bargain
Topic: WorldNetDaily
WorldNetDaily remains alive for the time being, but now it wants you to give it even more money to publish editor Joseph Farah's new book (though you can already buy it in digital form). Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 1:26 PM EDT

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