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Monday, April 12, 2021
CNS Goes To The WND Well Again To Add Ilana Mercer As A Columnist

After publishing such folks like the Benham brothers and Jesse Lee Peterson, is trying out another WorldNetDaily coumnist a spin. This time it's Ilana Mercer, the paleolibertarian with an odd nostalgia for apartheid.

Mercer's first column to be published at CNS was a March 5 piece in which she attacked emotional appeals made by Democrats during Donald Trump's second impeachment trial. She sneered of impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin: "His (privileged) daughter expressed fear of visiting the Capitol again, presumably because of the Jan. 6 fracas. That made Jamie cry. And when Jamie Raskin cries, normies outside Rome-on-the-Potomac laugh. Uproariously." (No mention, of course, of the fact that Raskin might be also be a tad emotional because his son committed suicide a month or so earlier; of course, Mercer would probably just smear him as a soy boy because he was a vegan who cared about animal rights.) By the way, Mercer had previously cheered the "Jan. 6 fracas" because it was property run by the supposedly oppressive government that was destroyed.

She quoted herself in huffing that "the Left’s 'empaneled witches and their housebroken boys are guided more by the spirit of Madame Defarge than by lady justice.'" She also nastily mocked right-wing punching bag Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezfor talking about her experience during the Jan. 6 riot: "Almost charming in her childish, exclusively lower-order thinking—what makes AOC’s beguiling, baby-like behavior dangerous is that she uses the idiom of emotional anguish to derive legislative leverage."

In her March 12 column, Mercer defended Dr. Seuss by insisting that "actual racism in the targeted literature should be a peripheral issue, or no issue at all" and that her favorite Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, failed in defending Dr. Seuss because he made a case for banning books when true libertarianism does not censor.

In her March 26 column, Mercer cheered right-wing authoritarians like Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orban because they hate gays and George Soros as much as she does:

The Russian president patiently tolerates America’s demented, anti-Russia monomania. And, as America sinks into the quicksands of Cultural Marxism, Putin’s inclinations are decidedly reactionary and traditionalist. 

He prohibited sexual evangelizing by LGBTQ activists. He comes down squarely on the side of the Russian Orthodox church, such as when vandals, the Pussy Riot feral females, obscenely desecrated the cathedral of Christ the Savior. The Russian leader has also welcomed as refugees persecuted white South Africans, where America’s successive governments won’t even officially acknowledge that they’re under threat of extermination. Policies to stimulate Russian birthrates have been put in place by the conservative leader. 

Hungary is oh-so happy in its homogeneity and wants to keep it. But not if Washington can help it. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s motto is, “Procreation, not immigration.” Orban plumps for closed borders, and pro-Western, Christian, Hungarian-families-first policies. Yet his ongoing campaign against George Soros, an agitator for global government, was met by Donald Trump’s State Department with a stern rebuke to Hungary that its anti-Soros law will cost the country dearly.

Americans on the Right could only dream that, like Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic—the U.S. would “shut its border to Islamic migrants to keep potential terrorists out.”

On April 2, Mercer insisted that the death of George Floyd was not racism, and even if it was, that in itself is not a crime because "racism amounts to a thought “crime.” Thought crimes are the prerogative of a free people."

Mercer spent her April 9 column ranting about the idea of "vaccine passports," complaining that "not one TV ego in an anchor’s chair has inquired about longitudinal safety studies of the quickly-issued COVID vaccines and the relatively new mRNA technology" and concluding by asking, "Do vaccine resisters risk being WACOed?"

Um, weren't the folks at Waco so in thrall to a cult leader that the didn't have the sense to flee a burining building?

Posted by Terry K. at 5:54 PM EDT

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