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Thursday, March 4, 2021
CNS Gushes Over Hungary's Anti-LGBT 'Family Values,' Cesnor Its Right-Wing Authoritarianism
Topic: has long been a fan of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban, a right-wing authoritarian currently bent on exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to make a power grab that would let him rule by decree -- but that doesn't matter to CNS because Orban hates gay people and swrthy immigrants as much as CNS does.

In a Dec. 15 article, managing editor and noted homophobe Michael W. Chapman cheered:

The pro-family, pro-Christian government of Hungary, headed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, passed a law on Tuesday that says a child's sex is determined at birth; that children have a right to grow up in a culture with Christian values; and that homosexual couples are prohibited from adopting children.

Only married couples -- one man and one woman -- are allowed to adopt children in Hungary because every child has a natural right to a real mother and father under the new law. Single people who want to adopt must have their requests approved by Hungary's office of family affairs, which supports the traditional family model, reported NBC News.

"Hungary protects children’s right to identify as the sex they were born with, and ensures their upbringing based on our national self-identification and Christian culture,” states the law.

Chapman mentioned nothing about the authoritarian nature of Orban's goverment that permits him to make such sweeping pronouncements.

Then, in a Feb. 4 article, the mysterious A. Kim -- whose author archive lacks a bio so nobody knows who or what sex this person is -- shilled for the Hungarian government's purportedly pro-family policeis:

Katalin Novak, Hungary’s Minister for Family and Youth Affairs, said societies pursuing low fertility and arbitrary “families,” not the traditional nuclear family -- dad, mom, and kids – are “condemned to death.” She added that, “rejecting family values and promoting immigration go hand in hand.”

“The left does not believe in the role of nation and nation states or identity,” Minister Novak said in an interview with the Portuguese website Dies Irae, and translated into English by journalist Marco Tosatti. “They wish to replace traditional values and identity with a new identity, stripped of heritage. We have seen several attempts at this in history.”

“Rejecting family values and promoting immigration go hand in hand,” she said. “If family, childbearing, and common heritage have no value, then illegal immigrants do not pose any risk and mass immigration is just a matter of numbers required on the labor market.”


Novak continued, “In Hungary, we believe our culture and heritage are worth protecting and transmitting to future generations, so we focus on building a society where marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman, where families are defined by marriage or parent-child relation, and society values children and rewards childbearing.”

“That is why we have been building a family-friendly country since 2010,” she said.  “The goal is to enable young couples to realize their family goals on one hand, and on the other, to strengthen families already raising children. We have built up the most extensive family benefit system in the Western world. [Our] central budget allocated to support families is two-and-a-half times higher than it was in 2010 and it amounts to 5% of the total GDP.”

It wasn't until the 19th paragrah that Kim mentioned criticism of Hungary's anti-LGBTQ policies, which Kim let Novak handwave by blithely claiming, "if we are attacked by the left, it must mean that we are not pursuing leftist ideologies but conservative values. This is what we were elected to do." Kim also mentioned nothing about Hungary's repressive, anti-democratic authoritarianism, instead parroting Novak by touting Orban's party, Fidesz (of which Novak also happens to be a top official), as "a conservative political party that supports strong borders, a strong national defense, and Christian morals."

Posted by Terry K. at 12:34 AM EST

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