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Monday, January 16, 2023
The MRC's Autumn of Hunter Biden Derangement
Topic: Media Research Center

Elon Musk's selectively released "Twitter files" is not the only Hunter Biden-related narrative the Media Resarch Center pushed in the final few months of 2022 (while whining that it was not inaccurately made into a right-wing obsession with Hunter's genitals). Its Hunter Biden Derangement Syndrome continued to reign at the MRC since the last time we checked in, with lots of complaining that the non-right-wing media was ignoring whatever minor development was blowing up in their right-wing media bubble.

Here's some of what the MRC was obessing over (and whining about) in the last few months of 2022:

And it wouldn't be the MRC if its obsession with George Soros wasn't shoehorned in as well, so we also have "Soros-Funded Group Tied to Twitter’s Efforts to Squash Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal."

We've already noted how the MRC keeps blaming the media for not embracing the right-wing narrative on the then-unverified Hunter laptop story (and not criticizing the New York Post for providing any independent verification at the time that would have kept the story from being treated as anything other than a partisan October surprise), as well as how that the MRC smeared not only Hunter but her daughter on her wedding day, how it lashed out at media outlets who won't push the right-wing anti-Hunter narrative as "liberal rags." and how it complained that interview with Hunter's ex-wife didn't dish enough sleaze for the MRC's prurient satisfaction.

We've also noted how the MRC loves to run up the numbers on purported Hunter Biden scandals, and it tried to add to that list with an Oct. 13 piece by Geoffrey Dickens declaring, "Eight Brand New Hunter Biden Scandals the Nets Are CENSORING." That inflated the number of MRC-declared Hunter "scandals" to 35.

But if there's anything the MRC really doesn't like, it's normal media people pointing out that Hunter Biden is a thing only inside the right-wing media bubble. Kevin Tober complained in an Oct. 9 post:

On Sunday's Meet the Press on NBC former Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed the newsworthiness of the FBI's announcement that they now have collected enough evidence to charge President Biden's crack delinquent crackhead son Hunter with tax and gun-related charges. Psaki claimed that she looked online at the front pages of local newspapers around the country and didn't see the story. Therefore, according to her, it's just an inside-the-Beltway Washington story. 


Psaki is only making NewsBusters point that the media is covering for Joe and Hunter Biden by not covering this story. Just because a handful of leftwing newspapers aren't covering the Hunter Biden scandal doesn't mean it's not a big story. 

Mark Finkelstein whined even more in a Nov. 18 post:


CNN's Don Lemon is a shameless pro-Democrat hack.


Just before the presidential election, theNew York Post broke bombshell stories, derived from Hunter Biden's laptop, indicating that he was trading influence with his father for big paydays from companies in Ukraine and China. And that on at least one of the deals, 10% of the payments had been earmarked for "the big guy," which one of Hunter Biden's partners has said was a reference to Joe Biden.

The liberal media, including CNN, and Big Tech, including Facebook and Twitter, circled the wagons, dismissing the New York Post story as "Russian disinformation."

But—after the election—the Washington Post and the New York Times admitted that the information on Hunter's laptop was authentic—not Russian disinformation.

So . . . you'd think that Don Lemon would have the journalistic integrity to acknowledge that a congressional investigation into the matter is very much justified, and indeed, necessary.

But no. On today's CNN This Morning, CNN's Pamela Brown reported on her interview with Rep. James Comer, the Republican chairman of the House oversight committee, who will be leading the investigation. Comer indicated that although Joe Biden will not be subpoenaed, this will be an investigation of the president.

Lemon, expressing skepticism, asked Brown whether there is any "there, there" to the investigation. Lemon suggested that the investigation is nothing more than "retribution" for the Democrats' investigations of Donald Trump.

And Lemon concluded the segment by scoffing at the importance of the investigation:

"The American people are dealing with a lot of things. I'm not sure this is one of them."

Right. Because who cares if the sitting President of the United States had been profiting from his son's influence-peddling?

Never mind, of course, that the Hunter laptop story looked enough like Russian disinformation for numerous intelligence officials to initially dismiss the story, coupled with the New York Post's failure to provide any initial independent verification. But in Finkelstein's eyes, that's not the Post's fault, apparently.

This is how desperate the MRC wants to take down President Biden, that it feels it must destroy his son in order to make that happen.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:18 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, January 17, 2023 10:24 PM EST

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