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ConWebWatch Articles, 2014

(articles are in reverse order of their original appearance, with the most recent articles at top left)

Bob Unruh's Parade of Lies and Misinformation
Marisa Martin's Art Attack
Aaron Klein's Benghazi Fiasco
Jesse Lee Peterson Has Issues With Women
With A Little Help From Her Friends (At the MRC)
WorldNetDaily Keeps The Lie Alive
Editorial Reruns For A Political Rerun
The Unbalanced Barbara Hollingsworth
Tim Graham's Transgender Freakout Syndrome
Bob Unruh's Anti-Gay Agenda
The MRC's Sharyl Attkisson Dissonance
Public Relations, Not News, At WorldNetDaily
The Dick Morris Rehabilitation Project
The Ballad of WND and Cliven Bundy
Bob Unruh, Homeschool Propagandist
Good News For American Workers Is Bad News For CNS
Bob Unruh's Favorite Disbarred Lawyer
The Putin-Lovers At WorldNetDaily
WND's Military Coup
Bozell vs. CPAC
WND Becomes Steve Stockman's PR Shop
Brent Bozell's Pattern of Deception and Disrespect
What If Mychal Massie Were White?
The Catholic -- Er, Cybercast News Service
The Birther Charade Is Over
2014 Slanties: 11 Years A Slantie
Immigrant-Bashing Is James Walsh's Business, And Business Is Good
The Medicine of Fear
Fluffing -- And Protecting -- The Great One
There's No Place Like WND (For Discredited Filmmakers And Unethical Reporting)
Misfiring Back: WND And Todd Akin's Book Botch
Jack Cashill's New Favorite Killer
Doctor, Heal Thyself
WorldNetDaily's Literary Hype Man
A Cop-Killer's Best Friends
WorldNetDaily's 'Shack' Attack
Monckton's Mendacious Musings


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