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ConWebWatch Articles, 2017

(articles are in reverse order of their original appearance, with the most recent articles at top left)

Fake News At WND, Zombies and Trolls Edition
Another Year of Hating Anita Hill
Protecting The Perv -- And The Revenue
Letting A Pervy Politician Slide
Fake News At WND, Margaret Sanger Division
Mercer Money Motivates the MRC
The MRC's Selective Outrage on Sexual Harassment
The MRC Wants Jimmy Kimmel to Shut Up
Bogus MRC Media 'Studies,' Continued
Joseph Farah, The Right-Wing Zelig
The Life and Death of A Right-Wing Talking Point
WND's Bashful Birthers, Part 2: Bashful No More
WND's Bashful Birthers, Part 1
The Dangerously Uninformed Ben Kinchlow
Russia's New ConWeb Comrades, Part 2
Russia's New ConWeb Comrades, Part 1
NewsBusted: The Blumer File, Part 2
Another Year of Joseph Farah's Lies
The MRC's Film Promotion Division
Slanties 2017: Time to Make the Slantie Chimichangas
WND's Chief Islamophobe
Once More Into The Heart of Whiteness
CNS' Managing Editor of Gay-Bashing
The Trump Flip on Unemployment Reporting
A Bevy of Bogus MRC Media 'Studies'
Leo Hohmann's Muslim Freakouts
WND's Fake News About Measles
The MRC Plots Revenge
WND's Cynical Exploitation of Seth Rich
Faking It At WND, Part 2
Religious Freedom For Me, But Not For Thee
25 Years of Hating Anita Hill
WND: Don't Do (To Trump) As We Did (To Obama)


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