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'Out There' archive

(articles are in reverse order of their original appearance, with the most recent articles at top left)

Exhibit 89: The MRC's Super Bowl of Bias
Exhibit 88: The MRC's He-Man Woman-Hater's Club
Exhibit 87: Measuring Manhood At The MRC
Exhibit 86: Standing Athwart Modern Art
Exhibit 85: CNS Obsessed Over Biden's Words Too
Exhibit 84: The MRC's Watergate Complex
Exhibit 83: The MRC's Year Of Freaking Out Over Transgenders
Exhibit 82: The Only Good Superman Is A Straight White One
Exhibit 81: Upbeats And Beatdowns At The MRC
Exhibit 80: Marveling Over Superhero Meltdowns
Exhibit 79: When Narratives Trump The Truth
Exhibit 78: The MRC's Non-Conforming Superhero Meltdown
Exhibit 77: Denial of Reality Attack, Immigrant Crime Division
Exhibit 76: Heathering for Trump
Exhibit 75: Your One-Stop Pro-Trump Talking Points Shop
Exhibit 74: Our Cartoon Media Researchers
Exhibit 73: Body-Slammed At The MRC
Exhibit 72: CNS Obsesses Over Peter Strzok's Sex Life
Exhibit 71: The MRC's Ray Lewis Hypocrisy
Exhibit 70: Denial of Reality Attack, Trump Propaganda Division
Exhibit 69: WND's Arch of Fake News, Part 2
Exhibit 68: Denial of Reality Attack
Exhibit 67: WND's Arch of Fake News
Exhibit 66: Against History
Exhibit 65: WND's Politician-Nazi Double Standard
Exhibit 64: 'Black-ish' And White At The MRC
Exhibit 63: The ConWeb's Favorite Environment-Destroying Chemical
Exhibit 62: WorldNetDaily Wants To Run Bruce Jenner's Life
Exhibit 61: It Ain't Over Until The MRC Demagogues
Exhibit 60: Is Gina Loudon A Psychopath?
Exhibit 59: Mr. Washington, Meet Mr. Godwin
Exhibit 58: When MRC Staffers Tweet
Exhibit 57: The Jefferson Freakouts
Exhibit 56: Ellis Washington's Imaginary Socrates
Exhibit 55: Fighting Bigotry With Bigots
Exhibit 54: A Hypocrisy-Induced Migraine
Exhibit 53: Noel Sheppard's School of Headline Cliches
Exhibit 52: CNS' Obama Word Obsession
Exhibit 51: Avatar Derangement Syndrome
Exhibit 50: The Secret Hirsen-Gibson Connection
Exhibit 49: Hypocritical Outrage, Anal Sex Division
Exhibit 48: The Heathers at NewsBusters
Exhibit 47: Shocked By the Non-Shocking
Exhibit 46: Mychal Massie's Thesaurus
Exhibit 45: Armitage-O-Philia
Exhibit 44: Life on the Double-Standard Plantation
Exhibit 43: Dim Bulbs of Bias
Exhibit 42: A Record-High Obsession
Exhibit 41: The Macaca Never Ends
Exhibit 40: Rude, Prude, and (Definitely Not) Tattooed
Exhibit 39: The 'Forced Homosexualization' of Joseph Farah
Exhibit 38: The Hard Right Bank of the Mainstream
Exhibit 37: Betraying the Lost Cause
Exhibit 36: Joseph Farah, Terrorist Sympathizer
Exhibit 35: Joseph Farah's Current Bitterness
Exhibit 34: Double Secret Hypocrisy
Exhibit 33: WorldNetDaily's Persecution Complex
Exhibit 32: A Conspirator Rails Against Conspiracies


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Exhibit 31: GayBash SlanderPants
Exhibit 30: Rummy and the Reporter: A Double Standard
Exhibit 29: Here, Queer and Utterly Hypocritical
Exhibit 28: The Coming Bozell Meltdown
Exhibit 27: Brent Bozell, Pundit Without A Clue
Exhibit 26: Meanwhile, Back on the 'Crippling Sanctions' Beat ...
Exhibit 25: Christians (but just the evangelical ones) 'R' Us
Exhibit 24: Joseph Farah, Crusher of Dissent
Exhibit 23: Tire Irons Are Funny, Stonings Are Not
Exhibit 22: The First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Adulterers
Exhibit 21: Jack's Back ... On ABC? And CNN?
Exhibit 20: That '70s Insult
Exhibit 19: Brent Bozell, Hypocrisy Exhibit A
Exhibit 18: Reflections In a Jaundiced NewsMax Eye
Exhibit 17: Christopher Ruddy, Out-of-Touch Media Elitist
Exhibit 16: Cancellation = Conspiracy
Exhibit 15: Roughing the Congressman
Exhibit 14: Debbie Does Movies -- Badly
Exhibit 13: Scraping the Mold Off A Story
Exhibit 12: More Accurate, Still Meaningless
Exhibit 11: Brent Bozell, Hypocritical Dimbulb
Exhibit 10: It Depends On What The Meaning of "Clinton-Obsessed TV Commentators" Is
Exhibit 9: Making An Enemies List, Checking It Twice
Exhibit 8: Is This Guy Nuts?
Exhibit 7: Afrogate!
Exhibit 6: I Don't Want To Get Off On A Rant Here, But...
Exhibit 5: You Call This Censorship?
Exhibit 4: Speaking of Unbelievably Filthy....
Exhibit 3: A Double Dose of a Double Standard
Exhibit 2: Rufus Wainwright Is A "Mainstream" Artist?
Exhibit 1: Phyllis Schlafly vs. the Census

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