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ConWebWatch Articles, 2018

(articles are in reverse order of their original appearance, with the most recent articles at top left)

More Catholic Than The Pope
WorldNetDaily's Favorite Criminal Ex-Congressman
MRC vs. Acosta: The Battle Rages On
Rep. Jim Jordan, R-MRC
Making A Film -- And A Narrative
The MRC's War On Journalists, Part 3: Craven Callousness
The Kavanaugh Playbook At CNS
Hating Anita Hill Through Brett Kavanaugh
The MRC's Playbook On Kavanaugh
Beyond Paul Nehlen: WND's White Nationalism Problem
Another Month, Another WND Funding Crisis
CNS' Decade of Lying About Planned Parenthood
Jesse Lee Peterson Still Has Issues With Women
Scientifically Unsound, Totally Political
Letting Fake News Stand Uncorrected
The MRC's Favorite (Dishonest) Catholic
WND's Paul Nehlen Problem
Does WND Deserve to Live?
Another Fox News-Shaped Blind Spot
WND, Your Pro-Trump State Media Outlet
The Stenography Factory
WND's Fake-News Failure
Slanties 2018: The Shape of Slant
WND vs. Yogurt
Susan Jones' Year of Trump Stenography
The Slow Death Of A WND Conspiracy Theory
Tom Blumer Gets NewsBusted
CNS Still Flips for Trump on Employment Data
The Obama Derangement Never Ends At WND
WND's New Favorite Bible Hero
WND's Book Bargain
The Great Black Kool-Aid Drinker
CNS' Managing Editor of Gay-Bashing, Part 2
WND's Bitcoin Bubble
Another Member of CNS' Trump Stenography Brigade


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