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Jesse Lee Peterson Has Issues With Women

The WorldNetDaily columnist and right-wing-endorsed commentator is quick to defend those accused of domestic violence and sexual assault -- and to blame their problems on "radical feminists."

By Terry Krepel
Posted 11/24/2014

Jesse Lee Peterson

Let's be frank: Jesse Lee Peterson has some issues with women.

The WorldNetDaily columnist also leads a group called BOND (Brotherhood Organization Of A New Destiny), which counts among as its advisers prominent right-wingers such as Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager and Walter Williams. He's also written a WND-published book, "Scam," in which he claims that liberal black leaders are "nothing more than scam artists profiting off the hatred and disorder they foster in the black community."

In August, the WorldNetDaily columnist defended ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith, who reacted to the domestic abuse allegations against NFL star Ray Rice for claiming that women provoke men into abusing them. Peterson lamented that "feminists tend to view all men as potential abusers and men are vilified for making any truthful statement about women," insisting that "There is cause and effect to everything."

Peterson went on to declare that "The children of truth must fight back," apparently excluding those who tell the truth about domestic abusers as "children of truth."

Peterson followed up in his Sept. 21 WND column by attacking the panel of women the NFL hired to look at domestic violence issues in the league in the wake of the incidents involving Rice and Adrian Peterson:

Under pressure by feminist groups, [NFL Commissioner Roger] Goodell appointed four liberal activist women to head up a “social responsibility” panel that will oversee the NFL’s “policy and procedures” on domestic violence, including Anna Isaacson, Lisa Friel, Janet Randel and Rita Smith. This is like the fox guarding the hen house!

Why is Roger Goodell getting advice from a radical feminist? Why are four liberal women given power over an all-male sport, and which is watched and supported mostly by men? And why are the men going along with this?


Liberals are trying to tie the discipline of spanking to domestic violence.

Charles Barkley rightly noted, “Every black parent in the South is going to be in jail under those circumstances.”

I’m not defending what Adrian Peterson did, but notice how liberals distort situations. If a child is spanked with a thin switch, liberals claim that the parent used a “branch.”

Peterson doesn't mention that the "thin switch" Adrian Peterson used on his son left numerous cuts on the boy's body. Apparently that's OK with Jesse Lee Peterson because it wasn't a "branch." But Jesse Lee wasn't done ranting:

The real problem in our society is violence – man versus woman and woman versus man – born of unresolved anger, which must be rejected. But instead, anger is being used as a blunt instrument by feminists to beat down the NFL.

We on the side of truth must not be seduced by the emotional side of the lie because that’s how the left wins. If we go along with their definitions, it will make criminals out of decent men and women.

Men comprise the major block of NFL fans, but they don’t realize their God-given power. It’s time for men to use their power, and put an end to the feminists’ charade.

It's difficult for Peterson to suggest he's opposed to domestic violence when he's suggesting that Rice and Adrian Peterson are "decent men" and telling men to "realize their God-given power" to save football from "feminists."

Defending Bill Cosby

The accusations of of sexual assault against Bill Cosby demonstrates that the entertainer is the victim of a conspiracy by "radical feminists" and "liberal elite power brokers" who oppose Cosby's criticism of blacks, Peterson wrote in his Nov. 16 WND column:

First, Cosby has made national news for publicly airing black America’s “dirty laundry.” And black people hate for other blacks to criticize them in front of whites.

In 2008, he told a black audience, “We’re killing ourselves. We’re making fools of ourselves.” He took black parents to task who spend more money on sneakers than they do on their kids’ education, and allow them to bring “street-corner” language into their homes.

And Cosby ripped black “leaders” who took issue with the blunt manner in which he delivered his message.

The liberal elite power brokers in the Democratic Party can’t allow Cosby’s call for responsibility to get a foothold in the black community because it threatens the powerful grip they have on black voters.

Since the professional blame merchants want to keep the focus off black failure and blame white America, Cosby has been scapegoated as a “sell-out.” But now they’ve found another issue they can use to try and discredit and destroy the man – and, therefore, the message – of black responsibility.

Radical feminists are notorious for accusing American men of supporting a “rape culture.” They automatically accuse anyone who questions or challenges a woman’s allegations as “blaming” or “shaming” the victim. Therefore, it’s almost impossible for men to discuss or effectively defend themselves against accusations of rape.

Peterson declares that "Cosby has never been charged with rape in a court of law," and slams one accuser:

Then, Barbara Bowman, a woman who claims that while she was under the tutelage of Cosby, he drugged and “raped” her, aired her unproven allegations by penning an op-ed in the Washington Post headlined: “Bill Cosby raped me. Why did it take 30 years for people to believe my story?”

Maybe it’s because you never filed a police report. Or could it be because you waited 30 years to make your allegations known?


I don’t know if the allegations against Cosby are true, but the man has never stood trial or been convicted in a court of law; therefore, he deserves the benefit of the doubt. His accuser should have brought charges against him or sued him years ago. Now she needs to move on. Instead, she’s seeking publicity and pushing for legislation that would make sure that statutes against rape allegations never expire.

Peterson might want to talk with his fellow right-wingers who believed Juanita Broaddrick's allegation of rape against Bill Clinton despite the fact that she not only didn't file a police report but also publicly denied for 15 years that such an incident occurred. Would Peterson tell Broaddrick she "needs to move on"?

Blaming single moms
On top of that, Peterson is quick to blame single moms for raising violent children. He wrote in his June 1 column:
When I heard about the tragic killing of six people in Isla Vista near a student enclave at U.C. Santa Barbara, I knew that the killer was more than likely raised by a single mother and driven by hatred for women.

My 24 years of experience counseling families and individuals, backed by other studies, indicates that most violent male offenders come from single female-headed households.

Elliot Rodger, 22, stabbed three of his roommates to death; he shot two women to death outside a sorority house, and shot and killed another man before killing himself.

There are a few glaring similarities between Elliot Rodger and other violent male offenders: 1) Single mothers raised them, 2) They are withdrawn and angry and 3) They are medicated.

Peterson's engaging in biased speculation. In fact, according to the New York Times, both parents were concerned about Rodger's longtime emotional issues and tried to get him the help he needed over many years. Nevertheless, Peterson ranted that "single female households are producing millions of violent male offenders."

It seems that Peterson would rather blame violence on the women and children who are victims rather than the men who perpetrate such violence. That's the very definition of having a problem with women.

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