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What If Mychal Massie Were White?

The WorldNetDaily columnist invokes his black-conservative privilege to say things he could not get away with if he was not a black conservative -- like calling a black woman a "Negress" or telling blacks to go back to Africa.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 2/12/2014

Mychal Massie -- WorldNetDaily columnist and former chairman of Project 21, a group of black conservatives promoted by the right-wing National Center for Public Policy Research -- has long been a race-baiter. He has, after all, smeared Democrats who dared question Condoleezza Rice upon her nomination as secretary of state as "fully representative of Bull Connor and Orval Faubus."

Mychal Massie

Barack Obama's election as president, however, unleashed a new strain of viciousness in Massie, leading him to spew lies and insults about the president and his wife. For instance, he loves to call Michelle Obama "Buttzilla."

Would a white conservative be able to get away with calling any woman, let alone the first lady, "Buttzilla"? Highly unlikely. Yet Massie does get away with it because he is a black conservative.

Massie once wrote a column headlined "What if Obama were white?" claiming that Obama gets away with things because of his race. But Massie does too, by playing the black-conservative card.

Jehmu Greene, 'Negress'

In May 2012, Massie bizarrely referred to liberal commentator Jehmu Greene -- who had gotten into trouble for calling Tucker Carlson a "bow-tying white boy" -- as a "liberal Negress social-justice organizer." The word "Negress"is an archaic term dating from the era of segregation. In other words, the kind of word a Bull Connor or a Orval Faubus would use.

Massie used the slur again two weeks later and again the following week. In that column, Massie asked: "If a white male Fox News Channel contributor, in the course of a rather animated debate with a Muslim, called the Muslim a 'towel-headed camel jockey' how long do you think that Fox contributor would remain with Fox?"

Massie didn't mention what would happen if a white male referred to a black woman as a "Negress." He also didn't mention that a white female has, in fact, used that term "towel-headed camel jockey" -- Ann Coulter, in her 2007 book" If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans." And she defended her insult on, yes, Fox News. So insulting Muslims is clearly not a problem there.

In an Oct. 28 column, Massie returned to the smear, calling Greene an "avowed racist Negress" and the "favorite Negress" of Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Massie has never explained at WND why he thinks he can get away with using a racial slur he could not use if he were a white man.

Go back to Africa, blacks!

Mychal Massie ranted in his Dec. 16 WND column:

Many blacks felt they were owed special dispensation because of slavery and Jim Crow, and whites on both sides of the aisle agreed with them. Even though Democrats fought against it, Lyndon Johnson, owing to the indefatigable efforts of Republican Everett Dirksen and his fellow Senate Republicans, signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And it was President Nixon who ushered in race-based affirmative action. Blacks were given special entrance to universities and colleges based on skin color and quotas. This was later concealed under the cloak of diversity, but, in reality, it was still skin color and quotas. Employers were forced under penalty of law to have the correct color-coded balance in the workplace. And that extended to management positions. Standards were lowered to ensure those blacks who were not qualified would be employed and promoted.

Penitence has been made for slavery and Jim Crow. But, not unlike the retail customer who refuses to be satisfied, I believe there comes a time when we must give those who refuse to be satisfied the option of going elsewhere. Yes, I’m saying what you think I am saying. If, despite, America’s best efforts, blacks argue they are not treated fairly, that they are not given the same opportunity to succeed that whites are, if bad decisions that result in bad outcomes are the fault of white society, why stay here?

If blacks are so mistreated, if the realities of life that beset people of every description are more onerous because of white people here in America, why stay?


It’s a conundrum to me as to why a group of people – who supposedly are as mistreated and persecuted as blacks are in America – would want to stay here. Let them leave, and let them take liberals, socialists and the Obamas with them. Because it’s obvious that America cannot satisfy any of them.

Let them go to Liberia. Maybe they can do more with it than Marcus Garvey was able to. But by all means, let them leave here, so that We the People who love America and what she represents can live in harmony enjoying the traditions that made her the envy of the world.

But alas, they won’t do that. They’ll stay here and spread immiseration and complaint because, in truth, they understand there is no other nation that will work as hard as America has to accommodate their malcontent.

If Massie finds America so intolerable populated by people with whom he disagrees -- and his Obama derangement shows he's at least as much of a malcontent as he accuses others of being -- why doesn't he move to Africa? He doesn't say. Instead, he invokes his black conservative privilege and gets away with saying things that would be considered utterly racist if said by a white person.

Praising Lott for praising Thurmond's Dixiecrat agenda

For all of Massie's race-baiting, he ironically had no problem whatsoever with a white politician effectively praising white-supremacist policies -- in this case, when Trent Lott said that "When Strom Thurmond ran for president [in 1948 as a Dixiecrat], we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over these years, either."

In 2006, Massie wrote that Lott had merely "made jocund statements about a 100-year-old senator at his birthday party." In 2007, Massie glossed over Lott's remarks, again referring to them as "jocund comments made at a birthday party," while complaining that then-Sen. Robert Byrd "still has blood on his hands from the lynchings and suppression of blacks." In fact, Slate's Timothy Noah noted that unlike Thurmond, Byrd apologized for his segregationist past.

In February 2012, Massie complained: "Trent Lott was forced out of office for making a harmless statement in a moment of jocularity. When have you heard a white comedian make jokes about blacks? But black comics mock whites as a matter of routine."

And in one of the columns in which he smears Jehmu Greene as a "Negress," Massie whined:

Think back not that long ago. Trent Lott, in a moment of jocularity, made what was meant to be an endearing statement of collegial respect for Sen. Strom Thurmond, and he was promptly excoriated. Lott was assailed to the point that he was ultimately forced to resign from his political career.

If Massie wants to remain in the black-conservative club, that's the sort of thing he has to do.

'White liberal illuminati'

Massie has also spent some time becoming weirdly obsessed with what he called the "white liberal illuminati" and their purported racism -- ironic, since he hides his own racism behind that black-conservative privilege. Massie ranted in his April 1 column:

To white liberals, blacks are a means to an end. They want to feel good about themselves. Helping po-po blacks is a form of religion to them. It assuages their “white guilt” and offers a means of repentance for the sins of their fathers and their personal secret feelings of superiority.

But their way of assuaging themselves of said sins is to embrace definitions of racism that are expansive to the point of their viewing verbiage such as “black clouds,” “black or dark moods” and often any other reference that uses the word “black” as a negative as evidence of racism and in some instances hate speech.

You will never hear a white liberal speak well of a black person who believes in meritocracy and who repudiates the idea that whites are guilty of anything more than working for a living like everyone else.

White liberals have with forethought and malice publicly savaged the most erudite and accomplished persons of color in the United States today precisely because they do not ascribe to self-segregation and victimology.

As if Massie has ever been afraid to play the race card, knowing that he could hide behind black-conservative privilege. In reality, Massie's problem is that he is unable to handle criticism.

As if to further demonstrate his pettiness, Massie wrote: "I recall a recent incident in which a white liberal condescendingly told me I had used a word he didn’t know – as if I should feel bad for his ignorance." But Massie makes a habit of using big, obscure words, apparently in his own attempt at condescension. It wouldn't be surprising if the real story is that the guy merely called Massie out on lording his ten-dollar words over people.

And because Massie's sputtering hatred of everything Obama remains solidly in pathology territory, he concludes his column with this:

I am prepared to argue that the only reason white liberals bow before Obama is because he is half-Kenyan with a Muslim name who harbors the deepest of resentment for traditional America. I would further argue that the only reason they embrace his wife is because she behaves in a way that is commensurate with their low opinions of blacks.

And that's the kind of person Massie is.

Bashing Black History Month

Mychal Massie devoted his Feb. 3 column to attacking Black History Month:

Feb. 1 began the 28 day “ceremony to injustice” that is nothing more than an aversion to modernity that encourages people to mire themselves in the past juxtaposed to embracing the present and the future. That is the essence of Black History Month. Black History Month is used by the nefarious and the corrupt to divide, to evoke blame and guilt, and often for personal gain.

Public school children will be immersed in a 28-day vat of a factually flawed and at times fictional history of how bad the blacks had it in America, and they will hear that whites are privileged and their ancestors had slaves, blah-blah-blah.

The one thing you won’t hear during Black History Month is what blacks are able to get away with today, which, if taken in context, shows the tolerance of America that they won’t be talking about in classrooms during Black History Month.

You also won't hear Massie bragging about how he can get away with saying certain things because he is a black conservative -- i.e., denouncing Black History Month. He continues:

They won’t be talking about the fact that blacks aren’t shot on sight in areas where “Knockout” is taking place. For those unfamiliar, the Knockout game is what black thugs play where they suddenly and unexpectedly punch unsuspecting white persons in the face for sport.

And Massie won't be talking about the fact that non-blacks are perpetrators as well (and if you ask Colin Flaherty, dogs and Australian aborigines can be part of "black mobs" too).

And no Massie rant would be complete without a fit of Obama derangement:

And while I’m on that subject, Obama not only was elected and then re-elected, but he was elected and re-elected with people fully aware that he is a pathological liar whose goal is to “fundamentally transform America” into a socialist state. The blatant violations of the Constitution and congressional authority would have led to the impeachment of any other president heretofore. Bill Clinton was impeached for less, and President Nixon was forced to resign his presidency for demonstrably less than what Obama is guilty of thus far in office.

Massie went on to rant, "I’m tired of the lies" -- but somehow he never tires of telling them.

* * *

Would Massie be so valuable to WND if he was a white man spewing the same unhinged hatred toward a black president? No, because he would be considered racist -- something both Massie and WND are presumably well aware of.

Massie, it appears, is hiding behind his race to hurl denigrating attacks he would never be able to get away with if he was white. Not that he'll ever admit that, of course.

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