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Friday, June 14, 2013
WND Hides Content of Ex-Marine's Anti-Government Postings
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily is running to the defense of a former Marine by obscuring the offensive content of the Facebook postings that got him into trouble.

An unbylined May 25 WND article starts ominously:

It happens in China routinely. It frequently happened in the old Soviet Union. Undoubtedly in North Korea, although generally there’s no one around to witness it. But in the United States? It happens here, too, apparently.

A lawsuit has been filed by officials with the Rutherford Institute on behalf of a Marine who was jailed and held for the comments he made on Facebook – comments that expressed a dissatisfaction with the present direction of the U.S. government.

According to officials at Rutherford, the civil rights action names as defendants members of law enforcement and the government who were involved in last year’s episode where Marine veteran Brandon Raub, 27, was arrested by a swarm of FBI and Secret Service and forcibly detained in a psychiatric ward for a week.

His crime was posting controversial song lyrics and political views on Facebook, the institute reported.

But the article fails to mention, as the Associated Press did, that one of those "controversial song lyrics" was the line "Sharpen my axe; I'm here to sever heads." That's a line from the obscure Canadian hip-hop group Swollen Members. The rest of the song, "Bring Me Down," also contains lyrics that could be construed as disturbing:

They'll say I'm a killer
I feel I'm as high as I can be
And now they gon' die as high as me
I can't be no realer
Y'all ain't gon' bring me down [3X]
I can't be no realer; y'all ain't gon' bring me down

WND also fails to mention that Raub has expressed truther beliefs on his website -- that the U.S. government was complicit in the 9/11 attacks. According to the AP, one of Raub's Facebook posts pictured the gaping hole in the Pentagon and asked "where's the plane?"

WND selectively quoted from a Raub posting in which he wrote that “The United States was meant to lead the charge against injustice, but through our example not our force. People do not respond to having liberty and freedom forced on them," but made no mention that it's part of a larger rant in which he rails against the Federal Reserve and the income tax and states:

You elected an aristocracy. They are beholden to special interests. They were brainwashed through the Council on Foreign Relations. Your leaders are planning to merge the United States into a one world banking system. They want to put computer chips in you.

These men have evil hearts. They have tricked you into supporting corporate fascism. We gave them the keys to our country. We were not vigilant with our republic.


Jerome Corsi performs a similar whitewashing job in a June 11 WND article, claiming that Raub merely made Facebook comments "expressing dissatisfaction with the present direction of the U.S. government." Corsi makes no effort to tell readers what Raub actually said.

Instead, Corsi tries to extrapolate into a larger, unproven claim by Raub's attorney that "The NSA is systematically monitoring the Internet posts and telephone conversations of U.S. military returning from Afghanistan."

Given Raub's disturbing postings, it's easy to see why they raised red flags. Instead, WND would rather protect someone who says such things. But then, they have promoted child abusers and stalkers, so why wouldn't they?

Posted by Terry K. at 1:35 PM EDT
MRC Thinks Transgenders Are Just 'Pretending'
Topic: Media Research Center

In the midst of a rant about whether a transgender high school student should use the bathroom that's the opposite of their biological sex, Lauren Enk writes in a June 12 NewsBusters post:

Let’s get this straight (no pun intended). The person in question is not a girl. He is a boy. Despite [New Republic writer Adam] Winkler’s insistence on using “she” and “her” to refer to Nicole Maines, the fact is that “Nicole” is a boy who “identifies as” – read, pretends to be – a girl. No matter how you slice it, the truth remains that he is a boy.

But Winkler wants him to be able to legally indulge his delusion and use the girls’ bathroom.

As the American Psychological Association notes, "Gender identity refers to a person’s internal sense of being male, female, or something else." They are not "pretending" to be the opposite sex; it is who they think they are, regardless of their biological orientation.

And it seems that trained professionals are in a much better position to determine whether a given person's identifying as the opposite sex is a "delusion" than a writer for a right-wing organization with an anti-gay agenda.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:37 PM EDT
WND Doesn't Know What Amnesty Means
Topic: WorldNetDaily

A June 9 WorldNetDaily article by John Bennett begins:

“Each person’s God-given dignity” requires amnesty for illegal aliens.

So says a new radio advertisement by an organization called Evangelical Immigration Table.

The pro-amnesty radio ad can be heard online, and will be airing in 13 key states.

In fact, the ad calls for "immigration solutions that respect each person's God-given dignity, respect the rule of law, protect family unity, guarantee secure borders, ensure fairness to taxpayers, and establish a path toward citizenship." None of this is "amnesty" by the traditional definition of the word, which implies no preconditions. Bennett offers no evidence that the EIT's approach to immigration reform lacks preconditions.

Still, Bennett went on to huff:

If current illegal aliens must be granted citizenship because of their “God-given dignity,” then later illegal aliens must also be granted citizenship for the same reason. The EIT ads did not state or imply that there was any limitation on the role of “God-given dignity” in creating an entitlement to citizenship.

But the ad does not cite "God-given dignity" as the only criteria for an "entitlement to citizenship" -- it advocates a comprehensive approach, which, again, is not "amnesty."

Bennett makes no effort to explain how any of this could be defined as "amnesty" --  he's simply baselessly declaring that any immigration reform is "amnesty."

Posted by Terry K. at 1:30 AM EDT
Thursday, June 13, 2013
NewsBusters' Matt Vespa Lies About Samantha Power
Topic: NewsBusters

In addition to writing for NewsBusters, Matt Vespa also has a blog at PJ Media. In a June 6 PJ Media post, Vespa falsely claimed that Samantha Power, President Obama's nominee for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, "endorsed an invasion of Israel to prevent future genocide."

In fact, as the transcript of the Power conversation Vespa includes in his item makes clear, Power was talking about the need for a "mammoth protection force" to keep the peace if "at least if one party or another" starts "moving toward genocide" in a Middle East with a Palestinian state in order to prevent a "Rwanda scenario." At no point does Power even mention invading Israel, let alone endorse it.

Despite being proven wrong by his own blog, Vespa concluded by sneering, "For the 70% of American Jews that voted for Obama in 2012, I hope you’re happy."

Posted by Terry K. at 6:00 PM EDT
No, Jerome Corsi, People Are Not Being Punished For Criticizing Obama
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Jerome Corsi uses a June 10 WorldNetDaily article to tell a one-sided story:

The U.S. attorney who warned last week that “inflammatory speech” against Islam could violate civil-rights laws was the prosecutor who brought firearms charges against a Navy veteran who challenged the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate.


The Navy veteran, Darren Huff, came on the federal government’s radar in 2010 when another Navy veteran living in Tennessee, Walt Fitzpatrick, attempted to file criminal actions in court charging President Obama with treason. The veterans claimed Obama assumed the presidency while refusing to prove he was born in Hawaii by presenting to the American public a 1961 original long-form Hawaii birth certificate that could be independently authenticated by court-recognized document experts.

According to the Department of Justice website, Huff, on April 20, 2010, traveled from his home in Dallas, Ga., to Madisonville, Tenn., upset at the refusal of the grand jury in Monroe County, Tenn., to indict Obama for treason. He allegedly carried with him a .45 caliber handgun and an AK-47 with ammunition for both weapons and subsequently was arrested.

“Huff told people that day that he had 300-400 rounds of ammunition with the AK-47,” the DOJ website said. “During a traffic stop by a Tennessee State Trooper on his way to Madisonville, Huff stated, ‘I’ve got my .45 because ain’t no government official gonna go peacefully.’”

Huff was sentenced in U.S. District court to serve four years in prison following a criminal conviction for transporting firearms across state lines with the intent to cause a civil disorder. He currently has currently some 22 months of his prison sentence.

Sharon Rondeau, editor of The Post and Email, who has reported on the case since 2010, contends Huff was framed.

“Huff was stopped by the Tennessee state police trooper for allegedly running a stop sign on his way to Madisonville on April 20, 2010, and was allowed to continue on his way after locking his legally-owned firearms in his truck toolbox,” Rondeau argued in an email to WND.

“Huff arrived in Madisonville unarmed and had lunch at a restaurant, then returned home uneventfully. No one was arrested or named as having carried a gun into town that day. Surprisingly, he was arrested ten days later on two federal firearms charges. There has been no police footage showing that Huff was doing anything wrong. There were no plots or accomplices. It was all fabricated by the government.”

The Post and Email is a very birther-friendly website, so it makes sense that Corsi would trust it without question. Because Corsi has chosen to trust such a clearly biased source, he leaves out certain pertinent details.

As we detailed the last time WND came to Huff's defense, Talking Points Memo reported that Huff had intended to take over a county courthouse in Tennessee and conduct citizens arrests on local judges and politicians. Since he clearly declared his violent intent, whether or not he actually carried it out is irrelevant, because declared intent to carry out a violent act is itself a crime. Huff was convicted of transporting firearms across state lines with the intent to cause a civil disorder, which is clearly what he did.

Corsi also writes:

Rondeau said Huff “was framed by an FBI agent’s affidavit which was based only on hearsay evidence emanating from unnamed Monroe County officials; by members of The Fogbow, who called in false threats to the Madisonville mayor that Huff had planned to ‘take over the courthouse’ on April 20, 2010; and a massive deployment of FBI, local police, sheriffs’ departments, TBI, a SWAT team and snipers present on April 20.”

That is a demonstrable lie. Huff was not "framed" on "hearsay evidence," but due largely to a video of the traffic stop in whcih he stated his intent:

Jurors also heard at length from Huff thanks to a dashboard camera video taken after he was stopped and given a warning for driving too closely. In the tape, Huff chatted for an hour about religion and guns with officers, volunteering many details about what he was planning to do in Tennessee.

"I like y'all," Huff told the officers in the recording.

He said he was motivated to go to Madisonville by Walter Fitzpatrick, a Navy retiree who has had a beef against the federal government since he faced a court martial decades ago.

Fitzpatrick was facing charges in the eastern Tennessee town about halfway between Knoxville and Chattanooga because he tried to use a citizen's arrest warrant to take into custody local officials who wouldn't pursue a legal case to oust Obama. Fitzpatrick's warrant called the local officials "domestic enemies" and Obama an "illegal alien, infiltrator and impostor."

Huff said in the video that he and others were ready to help carry out the citizen's arrests Fitzpatrick wanted.

"I've got my .45 because ain't no government official gonna go peacefully," Huff told the police.

Corsi describes Huff only as a "Navy veteran," but he fails to mention that Huff is also a member of a militia-style called Oath Keepers (which WND has insisted is not a militia).

(Corsi also fails to mention, as Wonkette did, that according to the FBI’s “Returned Property” document, the items that were given back to Huff after his arrest included a "one (1) pink dildo with remote," "one (1) DVD containing pornographic material 'Tranny Hunter'," "four (4) condoms," and "one (1) bottle of KY Gel.")


Following up on Rondeau's mention of the Fogbow -- an anti-birther message board --  Corsi writes:

Radical Obama supporters known by their critics as “Obots,” or “Obama Robots,” bragged that some of their colleagues had worked behind the scene to inflame the Huff case. The operatives fed to law enforcement authorities concerns that Fitzgerald and Huff were not patriotic veterans concerned about the Constitution, but right-wing radicals who aimed to incite armed rebellion or acts of violence against the government.

In June 2011, WND reported that William L. Bryan, posting under the username “PJ Foggy,” had created the pro-Obama website On the site, various Obots bragged that they promoted Obama birth certificate documents known to be fraudulent.

They also boasted they were responsible for having some 100 armed law enforcement officers, including FBI and DHS agents along with state and local police, present in Madisonville, Tenn., on April 20, 2010, prepared to imagine Fitzgerald and Huff were arriving to implement an armed insurrection.

P.J. Foggy posted on the website a self-introduction in which he claimed, “We’re the ones who got more than 100 cops ready for Cdr. Walt Fitzpatrick, when he showed up on April 20 with a group of armed men who thought they’d take over the Monroe County courthouse.

Fogbow members have spent a lot of time pointing out Corsi's lies and shoddy reporting. Perhaps that's why Corsi considers them "radical."

What does all of this have to do with criticizing Obama supposedly being punishable? Nothing, really, aside from that silly grand jury that wouldn't indict Obama for treason. As we've previously noted, Fitzpatrick was mostly upset that the same guy has been heading the county's grand jury for 27 years (and wouldn't indict Obama for treason, as if such a claim by a county-level court would be legally binding).

No, Mr. Corsi, Huff and Fitzpatrick weren't punished for criticizing Obama. They were punished for expressing threats of violence and interfering with the government.

Posted by Terry K. at 4:28 PM EDT
MRC's Double Standard on Obituaries
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center has a double standard on what should appear in a person's obituary (just has it has as double standard on everything else).

In a June 8 NewsBusters post, Tim Graham complains that "The loving eulogies for Sen. Frank Lautenberg, heavy on the praise for curbing teenage drinking and in-flight smoking, have obscured just how sleazily he regained office in 2002." But that's followed by an admission that New Jersey Supreme Court  unanimously ruled that the Democratic Party could replace scandal-tarred Robert Toricelli on the general election ballot with Lautenberg.

However irregular and unorthodox it may be, the replacement of Torricelli with Lautenberg was done legally and approved by New Jersey's highest court, ruling that state law did not prohibit such a switch.

Somehow, we don't think that Graham would call the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Bush v. Gore to be "sleazy" since it produced his desired outcome.

The MRC previously complained that the obituary of the founder of Cracker Barrel restaurants included too much sleazy behavior by mention the chain's historyof anti-gay discrimination, and it thought that the media reporting on the death of Christopher shouldn't have mentioned his scathing criticism of Mother Teresa -- arguably the most notorious thing he ever did -- and instead highlighted how he flipped off the audience at Bill Maher's TV show.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:58 AM EDT
WND's Cashill Ignores Zimmerman Brother's Racist Tweets
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily's Jack Cashill has given up for now on trying to prove that Barack Obama's books were ghostwritten by Bill Ayers (and it's not because it's not true). He's now glommed onto the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Cashill's bias is pretty obvious so far -- he thinks George Zimmerman is innocent in Martin's death. He's also writing a book on the case that will "be released after the trial."

Meanwhile, Cashill's also promoting the anti-media narrative of Zimmerman's brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr. From a June 11 WND article:

Among the first questions Robert received was whether he would continue to send tweets that the media consider provocative or worse. He defended the practice vigorously.

“It’s important to a lot of people who support the family that they have a front row seat,” said Zimmerman. “They don’t trust the media and, I think, rightfully so.”

Zimmerman has a point.

In the first month after the shooting, ABC was caught doctoring a police surveillance video. NBC was caught doctoring the audio of George Zimmerman’s initial call to the police.

But Cashill is strangely silent about those "tweets that the media consider provocative or worse" that Zimmerman has previously sent.Which is strange because WND promoted them at the time they were made.

In a March 27 WND article, Michael Thompson touted how Zimmerman's tweet featuring an image likening Martin to the alleged killer of a baby was "his attempt to correct the establishment media’s false portrayal of the Florida teen in the racially charged case."

But a few hours later after the interview appeared, Zimmerman backed away from his racially charged tweets, admtting they weren't the "right thing to do." CNN added that George Zimmerman's lawyer was furiously trying to distance his client from his brother.

The fact that Cashill is covering up for Robert Zimmerman Jr.'s inflammatory racial attacks is another sure sign of Cashill's bias -- and another reason not to trust anything Cashill writes about the case.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:36 AM EDT
Wednesday, June 12, 2013
NewsBusters Disingenously Defends FBI Wiretapping of Martin Luther King
Topic: NewsBusters

In a June 11 NewsBusters post, Mike Bates takes on a columnist's claim that Martin Luther King Jr. was wiretapped by the FBI "because he was campaigning for civil rights":

That was not the reason for King’s wiretap, which was carried out by the FBI after Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy authorized it on October 10, 1963.  Kennedy believed that two of King’s associates had ties to the Communist party.  

The AG passed that information to his brother the president.  In a May 20, 1963 White House meeting on civil rights, President Kennedy said that "King is so hot that it's like Marx coming to the White House" (approximately at 40:55 of the tape.)

The following month, the president met privately with King at the White House.  As detailed in Richard Reeves’s book “President Kennedy,” assistant attorney general of the civil rights division Burke Marshall first told King he would have to get rid of the two advisers.  “A paid agent of the Soviet Communist apparatus,” he called one.  Then Robert Kennedy spoke with King.  According to Reeves, “When it was clear that King did not believe either Marshall or Robert Kennedy, the President took over.”  Walking in the Rose Garden alone with the civil rights leader, he put a hand on King’s shoulder and said: “They’re Communists, you’ve got to get rid of them.”  King didn't, and wiretapping was then authorized by the administration. 

So, no, King wasn’t wiretapped “because he was campaigning for civil rights.”  At least not according to the Kennedy brothers. 

That's a disingenuous defense. Does Bates really think the FBI would be so interested in King's alleged links to communists if he wasn't campaigning for civil rights? Unlikely.

Addtionally, according to the Atlantic article to which Bates links to support his claim,  FBI surveillance of King continued for years after it realized he was no communist (yet leaked misleading reports insisting that he was), and the agency's focus turned from communism to King's "sexual endeavors."

Again, would any of this have happened if King was not a civil rights leader? Unlikely. But Bates apparently thinks otherwise.

Posted by Terry K. at 5:07 PM EDT
WND Removes Column Calling For 'War' And 'Martyrdom' To Restore 'Judeo-Christian Heritage'
Topic: WorldNetDaily

It's not often that WorldNetDaily deletes a column after publication apparently because it's too crazy, but it has happened in the past. WND deleted Anthony LoBaido's post-9/11 god-damn-America column after its unhinged rhetoric -- he blamed the attacks on America's immorality since "all that is evil in the world can be found in New York" and, for good measure, called Hillary Clinton "openly Marxist, treasonous and abortion-mongering, occultic" -- caused so much negative attention that WND felt it had to make the column quietly disappear (though it lives on in the Wayback Machine).

It appears that WND has pulled another disappearing act on another whacked-out column.

On June 5, WND published a column by David Lane, who runs evangelical outreach for Sen. Rand Paul. Under the headline "Wage war to restore a Christian America," Lane went on a massive anti-gay tirade, declaring that "Those who embrace homosexual marriage and homosexual Scouting – or homosexuality in general – know little and practice nothing of Christianity."

And it just gets more insane from there, with lots of talk of war and martyrdom:

The last paragraph of Peter J. Leithart’s “Between Babel and the Beast” frames properly the battle facing America:

“Throughout Scripture, the only power that can overcome the seemingly invincible omnipotence of a Babel or a Beast is the power of martyrdom, the power of the witness to King Jesus to the point of loss and death. American Christianity has not done a good job of producing martyrs, and that is because we have done such an outstanding job of nurturing Americanists who regret that they have only one life to give for their country. Americanists cannot break Babelic or bestial power because they cannot distinguish heretical Americanism from Christian orthodoxy. Until we do, America will lurch along the path that leads from Babel to Beast. If America is to be put in its place – put right – Christians must risk martyrdom and force Babel to the crux where it has to decide either to acknowledge Jesus an imperator and the church as God’s imperium or to begin drinking holy blood.”

Where are the champions of Christ to save the nation from the pagan onslaught imposing homosexual marriage, homosexual scouts, 60 million babies done to death by abortion and red ink as far as the eye can see on America? Who will wage war for the Soul of America and trust the living God to deliver the pagan gods into our hands and restore America to her Judeo-Christian heritage and re-establish a Christian culture?


As demonstrated by the give-and-take with the pagan media elite and pagan National Education Association, it is impossible to hold a conversation with someone bent on delivering a monologue. Christian America must war to make our nation a better place for our kids and grandkids.

If the American experiment with freedom is to end after 237 years, let each of us commit to brawl all the way to the end because, “Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization.” [Winston Churchill]


You ask, “What is our goal?” To wage war to restore America to our Judeo-Christian heritage with all of our might and strength that God will give us. You ask, “What is our aim?” One word only: victory, in spite of all intimidation and terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, America will ultimately collapse.

“But I take up my task with buoyancy and hope. I feel sure that our cause will not be suffered to fail among men. At this time I feel entitled to claim the aid of all, and I say, come then let us go forward together with our united strength.” [Winston Churchill]

Will a Gideon or Rahab the Harlot please stand.

But sometime in the past few days, WND has made this column disappear -- the link to it now states, "This story or column has been removed." WND has offered no public explanation for why it removed the column; we've contacted WND for an explanation, but had not heard back at this posting.

WND has few journalistic standards, so it's unclear why it would suddenly and quietly pull Lane's column when it doesn't seem any crazier than other things it has posted on its website. Telling lies is hunky-dory with the WND powers that be, as is calling President Obama "our American 'führer,'" and claiming that dogs can form "black mobs."

(h/t Wonkette, Good As You)

UPDATE: Right Wing Watch reminds us that Lane was on the tour of Israel Rand Paul took earlier this year with WND editor Joseph Farah.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:00 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 5:29 PM EDT
AIM's Sex-Obsessed Kincaid Upset At Being Called 'Sex-Obsessed'
Topic: Accuracy in Media

In a June 10 Accuracy in Media column, Cliff Kincaid takes some potshots at Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story about the NSA's surveillance program, dismissing him as a "far-left columnist" and irrelevantly attacking his personal life:

An American by birth, he currently works for a foreign publication, the Guardian, and has a “lover” in Brazil he calls his “husband.” He apparently doesn’t live in the U.S. because of its alleged oppressive treatment of homosexuals.

Then, after writing that, Kincaid takes hilarious exception to Greenwald once calling him "sex-obsessed":

In fact, Greenwald called this writer “the truly deranged, sex-obsessed, conspiracy-monger Cliff Kincaid,” and said my criticism would prompt him to place his “Izzy” award “on an even more prominent shelf” in his office.

The term “sex-obsessed,” when used against this columnist, was apparently a reference to opposition to giving special rights to practitioners of the homosexual lifestyle, such as Glenn Greenwald and Bradley Manning.

Kincaid provides no evidence that Greenwald's sexual orientation has anything to do with his reporting, which makes his insistence on making sure we know that Greenwald is gay the very definition of "sex-obsessed." Besides, Kincaid has long obsessed over homosexuality-- huffing that Rachel Maddow is "a lesbian with hair so short that she looks like a man," portraying the homosexual "lifestyle" as more dangerous than smoking, and endorsing a proposed law in Uganda that would allow execution of people for mere homosexuality.

Strangely (or maybe not), Kincaid doesn't take exception to be called "deranged" or a "conspiracy-monger."

Posted by Terry K. at 12:23 PM EDT
NEW ARTICLE: Joseph Farah, Without A Prayer
Topic: WorldNetDaily
How can a liar and deceiver like WorldNetDaily's editor lead a "national Day of prayer and fasting" when he pretends it's not about his anti-Obama agenda and won't repent for his own journalistic misdeeds? Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 2:17 AM EDT
Tuesday, June 11, 2013
MRC Whines That Minor Blip In Economic News Is Being Ignored
Topic: Media Research Center

Mike Ciandella omniously wrote in a June 3 Media Research Center business & Media Institute item:

Manufacturing activity dropped to its lowest pace in four years, according to The Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) manufacturing index for the month of May, released June 3. However, none of three broadcast networks’s evening shows made any mention of it that night.

According to the ISM, this is the first time that U.S. manufacturing has contracted since 2012, reaching 49.0, the lowest level since June 2009.

But Ciandella offers no evidence that the report's one-month drop in manufacturing equals the economy "contracting." Nor does he mention that the number, while "the lowest level since June 2009," is significantly higher than that month's 45.8.

Ciandella goes on to whine, "The networks have repeatedly hyped economic optimism, but downplayed bad economic news." As long as Obama is president, you can expect Ciandella to hype bad economic news and downplay economic optimism.

Posted by Terry K. at 6:42 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 2:01 PM EDT
WND Uncritically Repeats Woman's Allegations Of Child Abuse Against Her Ex
Topic: WorldNetDaily

In an unbylined June 6 WorldNetDaily article purporting to document "atrocities" committed by California's "powerful Department of Child Protective Services," there's this tidbit:

Such cases are not isolated. Another, making headlines in Orange County, contends that CPS testified in defense of the abuser.

There, Ruby Dillon’s 7 year-old daughter was removed from her family due to a custody battle, and has been held for 15 months.

Dillon accuses the father of sexual abuse that she says she has on tape. Bryan Claypool, her attorney in the case (who is suing CPS for $1 million per month), contends that CPS does not want the custody battle between the estranged spouses to end because it wants to profit off of the case.

According to a local CBS affiliate, Claypool commented that, “Simply put, the more children that are removed from a household (whether lawfully or not) the more money that flows to CPS through state and federal funding.”

Claypool further alleged that CPS is more motivated to protect its $2.2 billion budget than it is focused on child safety and adoption efforts. He calls it a “legal kidnapping.”

Claypool told WND the institutionalized corruption goes much deeper, and farther than the cases he represents. “Every word we have said we can back up,” he said.

CPS declined to comment on the case.

There's lots of stuff missing here. For instance, why wasn't Dillon awarded custody of the child? What did Dillon do to help make the divorce atmosphere so toxic that she was not given custody? Are these attacks merely a further act of vengeance against her estranged husband? Shouldn't Claypool make the divorce and custody records of this case public so we can judge the situation for ourselves, instead of making inflammatory accusations then hide behind sealed documents?Is Dillon -- who is a dentist and can presumably afford to keep legal actions going -- merely paying her lawyer to accuse her ex-husband of child abuse and drag out the custody case as a way to punish her ex?

There are too many unanswered questions here for WND to present her side of the story without question or rebuttal. And what does that say about the rest of the WND article, which similarly presents such attacks uncritically?

Posted by Terry K. at 12:45 PM EDT
NewsBusters' Sheffield Hates Jonathan Alter
Topic: NewsBusters

Matthew Sheffield's June 7 NewsBusters post begins, "It’s hard to pity someone as smarmy and self-righteous as Jonathan Alter." So you know you're in for some primo right-wing ranting.

Indeed, Sheffield's post is a massive anti-Alter tirade, featuring Fox News chief Roger Ailes' response to claims made about him and Fox News in Alter's new book, "The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies." He touts how Ailes claimed that what Alter wrote is "patently, provably false," but it somehow escapes him that Ailes doesn't actually prove Alter false -- it's just a he-said, he-said.

Sheffield goes on to repeat an anonymous claim that "there is some personal bitterness at work on Alter's part" because Fox News allegedly wouldn't hire Alter as a contributor. But Sheffield offers no evidence that this is true -- he's simply privileging its purported truth because it comes from Fox News and makes Alter look bad.

After Alter responded to Ailes by noting that “Roger is a bully. And like a lot of bullies, he can dish it out but he can’t take it," Sheffield retorted that "Alter might consider reacting with a little less knee jerking." That's right -- the guy who cranks out no small amount of right-wing knee-jerk attacks has decreed that others should not be acting the same way.

The vitriol of Sheffield's attack of Alter would seem to indicate how much of a threat the Media Research Center considers him to be to the right-wing agenda.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:52 AM EDT
How Is Larry Klayman Beclowning Himself This Week?
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Larry Klayman began his June 7 WorldNetDaily column by calling President Obama "our American 'führer,'" and it just kinda goes downhill from there. with Klayman ramping up his already heightened sense of paranoia:

Coupled with the government’s stockpiling of guns and ammunition, intimidation with internal security forces, which deploy black helicopters over our cities firing practice rounds, and other coercive tactics, it is no longer beyond imagination that Obama and his comrades may be intending to seize absolute power with the goal of relegating We the People as his slaves – never relinquishing power.

Because calling the president a "führer" and ranting about black helicopters is a surefire way to be taken seriously in the public arena.

Speaking of not being taken seriously, Klayman has been active on the nuisance-lawsuit end of his so-called lawyering. Wonkette details how Klayman has been suing various media outlets (though, surprisingly, not us or Wonkette) for reporting on a judicial finding in his very litigious divorce that he had apparently engaged in "inappropriate behavior" with his children and that "Klayman would not even answer the simple question regarding what he thought inappropriate touching was" and even invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid answering it.

The news organizations in question have filed a motion to dismiss Klayman's lawsuit , arguing that Klayman failed to substantiate how what was written about him was defamation. Klayman's apparent response to that was to sue the judge who made that finding about him.

And here's where the real beclowning begins. Klayman kicks things off by insulting the judge as "Jewish, a Democrat and a leftist" who purportedly "detests" Klayman "because he is a Jew who believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the Son of God and us a cibservatuve activist who has brought many successful lawsuits and taken hard hitting legal actions against Democrats."

Klayman goes on to essentially call his children and ex-wife liars by citing statistics about false child abuse reports, and he complains that he wasn't allowed to enter a polygraph test, "which he easily passed," into evidence as proof of his innocence.

We're not lawyers, but even we can see that the polygraph is utterly meaningless. The questions Klayman was asked in the polygraph involved whether he "sexually abuse[d]" his children or touch his children's "private sexual parts." But he wasn't accused of "sexual abuse." According to the news organization's motion to dismiss, the judge had noted in finding that Klayman had "inappropriately" touched his children:

  • Allegations that Plaintiff inappropriately touched his son's genitals;
  • Allegations that Plaintiff kissed his son and daughter "all over" their bodies;
  • Allegations that Plaintiff had his daughter wash his genitals;
  • The children's pediatrician contacted a child welfare agency to report that Plaintiff had possibly molested his son;
  • A state social worker found that sexual abuse was indicated;
  • One of Plaintiff's female friends took Plaintiff's nine year old daughter to alingerie store and purchased thong underwear for the daughter, which Plaintiff encouraged his daughter to wear;
  • Plaintiff's complete lack of credibility; and
  • State and federal judges across the country having found Plaintiff to have acted with complete disregard for the judicial process.

The polygraph address only one of the allegations, and  asks about a "sexual abuse" allegation that was never specifically made.

WND and its leader, Joseph Farah, have yet to comment on these allegations against its main attorney. Perhaps it's time he does.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:32 AM EDT

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