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Tuesday, June 14, 2022
Newsmax Columnists' Smears of Biden's Mental Health Get 'Non-Clinician' Tags
Topic: Newsmax

The attacks from Newsmax columnists on President Biden's purported mental health issues are so nasty that Newsmax has felt the need to felt the need to add one of its heavily used tags: "The following column has been authored by a non-clinician." Bill Robinson began his March 8 column this way:

The president was infirm. He was sickly. He had no business being president.

Everybody knew it. Especially those whose job it was to protect him, to help him represent the country and to make sure he was at his peak performance for the American people.

His wife had taken on the role of nursemaid more than a wife or first lady.

His children were substantially less than presidential.

He strived at things — when he had any energy at all — to give away taxpayer money “to help others.” He built some of the biggest, most unwieldy government programs in history and spent other hard-working Americans' money like a drunken sailor.

He took money away from crucial federal programs like the military, education and law enforcement to “invest” in massive long-term societal projects which seemed to benefit only his party and his cronies.

He generated crime like Americans had never seen before and told us all that his jobs plan was working — when it provably was not. He did virtually everything possible to keep Americans on the dole.

Robinson went on and on like this before finally pulling a switcheroo: "Sounds like Joe Biden, no? No. I’m writing about FDR." Never mind that none of those things were true about either president. Nevertheless, he ended his column by playing the Biden informity card again:

And so as Ukraine fights for its life, Dems talk a lot about helping our friends in Ukraine but at the last moment, rely on the fact that Ukraine “is not part of NATO” … an inane technicality.

Ukraine deserves the quick, strong, Christian assistance in protecting their government, their people and the only freedom for thousands of miles to their east. If we let them down now, we will never again be trusted or respected the world over.

As Biden stumbles and bumbles his way through the first year plus two months of his term. One can almost hear him mumbling his unhinged mantra, “What would FDR do?”

In fact, it's right-wingers like those at who are demanding that the U.S. not help Ukraine or get further involved in NATO, and it's right-wingers like Rand Paul who are obstructing U.S. aid to Ukraine.

Larry Bell kept the slurs continuing in his April 22 column:

Democrat handlers pulled off the greatest confidence heist in American history when they lifted cognitively impaired and achievement-vacuous Joe Biden out of a basement campaign bunker to the catbird seat of power in the Oval Office.

President Biden, just like Candidate Biden, is extensively hidden from the public, teleprompter- and crib note-scripted for media press conferences, and prevented, to the extent possible, from answering shout-out questions that inconveniently challenge his handlers’ agenda narratives.

Bell saw the "non-clinician" tag slapped on another column, this one on May 16:

There sadly comes a time when it’s no longer safe for old Uncle Charlie, Auntie Agnes, or for the rest of us, to have them drive anymore.

Seriously, would you really trust Joe Biden to operate any heavy equipment — a car, or much less, a school bus?

Now imagine the terrifying reality of his continued operation of our nation’s massive military and economic machinery.


A harsh reality is that we can’t trust Joe Biden’s cognitive capacity and far-left-steering ideology to drive our nation’s future.

Our best hope to prevent his out-of-control vehicle from careening our country over cliffs of irreversible disaster is for midterm congressional elections to sweep away the keys.

Bell is clearly  too driven by personal hatred of Biden to care about medical accuracy -- or that he can't possibly know the full truth about Biden's health and, thus, is simply ranting in an ignorant manner.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:54 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, June 14, 2022 1:58 PM EDT

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