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Wednesday, June 15, 2022
MRC Sports Blogger Still (Mostly) Cool With WNBA Player Rotting In Russian Prison
Topic: Media Research Center

We've seen how the Media Research Center cares more about the plight of Russian athletes following Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine than it does about an American athlete imprisoned on dubious charges in Russia. So it's no surprise that the MRC continues to express glee that WNBA star Brittney Griner is rotting away in a Russian prison despite a lack of evidence that the charges against her are valid. Jay maxson used a May 4 post to smear the WNBA as being desperate for attention for carring about Griner, and he (oir she) has assumed she is guilty despite, again, no evidence to back that up and suggests that she deserves everything bad that happens to her because she's not heterosexual and cares about racial justice:

The woke WNBA begins another season Friday, and the league is desperately hyping a Brittney Griner campaign in hopes of attracting some attention. Griner has been detained by Russia since February, when she attempted to enter the country with drugs. 

ESPN reports that Griner was detained in Russia since Feb. 17, when customs officials found hashish oil in her luggage at an airport near Moscow. She was allegedly trying to bring vape cartridges containing oils derived from cannabis through a Moscow airport, Fox Sports noted.


So that’s the story, and here’s the bottom line. The WNBA is glorifying someone accused of breaking another country’s drug laws. Players who have not violated any such laws will have to actually play to earn their salaries, and they won’t be honored with floor decals.  

What’s more is that Griner is a black, married lesbian and a past anthem kneeler – a Black Lives Matter supporter and a social justice warrior extraordinaire. All of which count huge in the WNBA, previously called the most radically woke sports league of all.


The thought of being jailed in a foreign country is scary. However, Griner’s history is one of uncivil behavior and drug use. She is not a model citizen, and for an entire sports league to build a shrine around her is positively ridiculous.  

The WNBA ought to be warning its players not to use drugs, and not to try smuggling them into other countries. WNBA TV ratings are horrible, and this is a new attempt by the league to gain some attention. Building a media campaign around an inactive player sitting in a foreign jail is beyond pathetic.

The MRC frets much more about Russian athletes made inactive because their government committed evil deeds.

But Maxson suddenly did a flip-flop on Griner in a May 19 post -- but only so that he can quote conservative sports guys attacking the WNBA and the Biden administration for not doing enough to help Griner (even though Maxson was bashing the WNBA just a few weeks earlier for doing anything):

The “champions of women’s rights” aren’t all they claim to be, say two conservative writers today. Not when it comes to WNBA super center Britney Griner, who has been locked up in a Russian prison on drug smuggling charges since February. President Joe Biden, the Women’s NBA and the Left aren’t doing enough to help her return to the U.S., the critics charge.

Outkick sports blogger Gary Sheffield, Jr., says, “The WNBA and President Biden have done practically nothing other than slap logos on the court and start hashtags.” All 12 WNBA teams are planning to feature center-court logos of Griner’s initials and her uniform number in the next women’s basketball season.


Sheffield said there would be considerably more action by left-wingers if LeBron James was confined to a Moscow prison cell on charges of possessing hash oil, like Griner is. “The NBA would throw a fit and perhaps cancel games to assure his safety, and that’s probably how leagues should treat their most prized assets,” he claimed.

In 2019, President Donald Trump made sure the black rapper A$AP Rocky got released from prison in Sweden. “Trump took action to release a black rapper from prison, but Joe Biden tweets nice things about minorities — he’ll leave the black WNBA star in Russia, though,” Sheffield wrote. 


Griner is a frequent critic of the United States, and [Breitbart and onetime NewsBusters blogger Warner Todd] Huston said that has made the pursuit for her safety “more complicated and polarizing.” The people she perceived as her allies, the so-called champions of women’s rights, have not rushed to her defense. Their inaction prompted the petition, which is merely giving those who signed it an opportunity to feel good about themselves.  

A May 27 post by Maxson also took a less-harsh line on Griner so he could bash the Biden administration for allegedly not doing enough to free her:

It’s been 100 days since Brittany Greiner, center for the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury, has been locked up in a Russian prison on drug charges. Her wife, Cherelle Griner, says President Joe Biden is the deal maker, the go-to man who can get Brittney released. 

"There is one person that can go get her, and that's our president," Griner told Angela Rye in an ESPN interview this week. "He has that power. You know, I'm just like, 'Why are we not using it? Like, urgently, use it.' We're expecting him to use his power to get it done."

If President Biden is this fabulous miracle worker, he sure is taking his sweet time living up to that hype. Maybe he’s waiting for just the right time to hatch a genius prisoner exchange, but it hasn’t happened yet. 


This administration may impress Cherelle Griner, but the talks are proceeding at a snail’s pace. In fact, Brittney Griner is now beginning her second hundred days in prison. 

Not that Maxson doesn't actually mind Griner rotting in a foreign prison on dubious charges for sin of having opinions on issues and not be heterosexual.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:39 PM EDT
Newsmax Hires Yet Another TV Host With Issues
Topic: Newsmax

Does everyone Newsmax hires these days have issues of some sort? Seems like it. A May 24 press release touted Newsmax's latest hire:

Newsmax announced today that veteran news anchor and broadcaster Greta Van Susteren will join the network as host of “The Record with Greta Van Susteren,” adding her three decades of experience in journalism to the rising cable channel.

Based in Washington, D.C., and set to premiere on Tuesday, June 14, “The Record with Greta Van Susteren” will lead the network’s weeknight lineup with a solid hour of factual, fair, and independent perspective on the news.

“With all that is going on in the world, I am getting back to my roots — a daily live news show with real reporting from the places where things are happening,” Van Susteren said.

“I have been friends with [Newsmax CEO] Chris Ruddy for years, and he is giving me this great opportunity to return, giving me the complete freedom to cover the news that really matters to people,” Van Susteren said. “I have been impressed by Newsmax’s team and their success, and would love to be part of a news network that is really growing.”


“No one in journalism better exemplifies Newsmax’s mission to provide fact-based news and fact-based opinion than Greta Van Susteren,” Newsmax Media CEO Chris Ruddy said. “We are so pleased and honored to have Greta lead our nightly news lineup of programs.”

Van Susteren doesn't have as many issues as most Newsmax hires, but she does have issues. As we documented way back when, Politico reported that Van Susteren's husband, John Coale, was among Sarah Palin's political advisers following her 2008 stint as a Republican vice presidential candidate; the Washington Post further described Coale as among the "protecters of the Palin brand." The Huffington Post noted that, that during her stint on Fox News, "Van Susteren has enjoyed unparalleled access to Palin and her family, conducting several interviews from Alaska — most recently with new mom Bristol Palin," though Van Susteren insisted her husband's link to Palin was not responsible for that.

As Van Susteren's debut neared, Newsmax gushed even more in a June 13 press release promoted as a "news" article:

Veteran broadcaster Greta Van Susteren returns to nightly television Tuesday with her new show debuting to lead Newsmax's evening lineup.

Van Susteren, one of the most respected names in television news, will host "The Record with Greta Van Susteren" airing at 6 p.m. every weeknight.

The signature show will be what Van Susteren describes as "a solid hour of factual, fair, and independent perspective on the news."

Needless to say, neither press release mentioned her dubious ethics regarding Palin.

Posted by Terry K. at 4:14 PM EDT
Farah Less Honest, More Desperate In Latest WND Money Beg
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Times are tighter than usual at WorldNetDaily, so Joseph Farah is on hand in his June 3 column to be selectively honest and, of course, to beg for money:

I'm generally an optimistic person, a faithful person, and I don't fully know what God has, in the short term, in mind.

This is my quandary.

So, as usual, I'm going to be very honest with you.

Because I'm human, and I believe in being honest … and frail … and weak.

Given that we've caught Farah in numerous falsehoods, we know he does not actually believe in being honest, so look for this to be yet another factually dubious money beg. Continue, please

This is a very tough message to write. I sincerely pray you will consider it.

We're in trouble. We need to raise at least $100,000 above what we anticipate receiving in revenue by the end of this month to survive. That's hard to say anytime. I feel stupid saying it. Many people reading this are in bad shape, too.

These are tough times. But I am looking confidently for a miracle because I don't think God is finished with us – everybody at WND, this company of believers of Jesus, the Messiah, that have performed good works in His name for so long.

Just to quickly cover the basics, in recent months – in addition to myriad other challenges, predatory lawsuits and other direct attacks on us – we were demonetized by Google and YouTube, completely and permanently. We're one of a handful of news sites to actually experience this because of the hateful, spiteful, anti-God, anti-decency and truly demonic Big Tech companies that you know support a different master. It means we get no revenue from them for anything we do – no advertising from the only companies that can deliver it in a substantial way.

We're not accustomed to that. We were once a company that brought in more than $15 million a year for the privilege of exposing evil in our world and for the blessing of revealing God's majesty.

Farah is lying again. WND was not demonetized because of "hateful, spiteful, anti-God, anti-decency and truly demonic Big Tech companies" -- it was demonetized as the direct consequences of its own action in publishing misinformation, falsehoods and conspiracy theories that no credible company wants to be associated with. Farah is once again blaming others for the consequences of his own behavior, which again demonstrates his (and WND's) fundamental dishonesty.

Farah lied again when he praised "our loyal staff's super-dedication, professionalism and bold, courageous Christian journalism." It's not bold, courageous or Christian to lie to and misinform its readers, yet that's what WND cxontinues to insist on doing on a seemingly daily basis.

Farah served up his usual money beg, adding, "We think our model for a new kind of Christian journalism is something exciting. But we do need your urgent support. Unfortunately, we won't make it without you."

Farah used his June 10 column to rant yet again at his perceived enemies -- once more blaming everyone but himself for WND's woes -- before getting to the more desperate money beg:

WND now is almost entirely reader-sponsored. And although we can't do everything we once did, like publishing books and movies and such, we can still bring you the most important and rarest of commodities in today's corrupt news world – we can bring you the TRUTH! Every day – as we have for the last quarter century. We can bring you the news that really and truly matters to the future of our beloved country. And that's something!

But we're dependent on YOU!

Bottom line: In order for us to keep going and not sink into a major crisis, we need to raise a minimum of $100,000 by the end of June – over-and-above our normal expenses. If you can, please support us in providing a real voice for God and country.

But WND does not "bring you the TRUTH!" We've proven that time and time again.

If Farah cannot repent for his years of journalistic misdeeds or prove that his failed business model will change in the future, WND has not earned the right to continued existence. Simple -- yet Farah refuses to acknowledge that inconvenient truth.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:35 PM EDT
NEW ARTICLE: CNS' Russia-Friendly Columnists
When columnists weren't defending Russia's invasion of Ukraine, they were bashing NATO and criticizing the U.S. for bothering to defend Ukraine. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 1:42 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, June 15, 2022 1:44 AM EDT
Tuesday, June 14, 2022
MRC Cheered DeSantis' Political Retaliation Against Disney For Engaging In Free Speech
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center loves to squeal about purported "censorship" of right-wing political speech, but it's more than happy when right-wing politicians punish political speech they don't agree with. So when Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis punished Disney for taking a political stance against legislation he favored, the MRC led the cheering section. Kevin Tober shouted down complaints of political retaliation in an April 20 post:

After the Florida state Senate passed legislation revoking Disney’s special self-governing privileges over their support for sexually indoctrinating little children in schools, ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News went into meltdown mode.

Muir introduced the segment on the Florida legislature revoking Disney’s self-governing privileges as a “political move” that was done “at the urging of Governor Ron DeSantis.”

Reporting on the ground in Florida, correspondent Victor Oquendo whined that “the move is an effort to punish Disney for publically opposing Florida's so-called ‘Don't Say Gay’ law” and bemoaned how “Governor DeSantis has lashed out at corporate America for attacking the law.”


It’s ironic that the leftist media is going after DeSantis for standing up to big corporations when the left are the ones who claim to hate the wealthy. 

Tober didn't explain when, exactly, Disney lost its constitutional rights of free speech without fear of government retaliation, thoudh he did complain that one reporter "added the left’s fake name for the law" Disney criticized, the "Don't Say Gay Bill." He didn't mention that the MRC used its own fake name for it, the "anti-grooming bill."

The next day, John Simmons cheered DeSantis' political punishment of Disney as "smart":

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Disney have been in a long standing battle ever since the governor signed the "Parental Rights in Education Bill," which prevents teaching K-3 public school children sexual material.

This was a smart move by DeSantis, since teachers were using this as a way to indoctrinate children with the LGTBQIA+ ideology. Not having opposed the bill from the outset, Disney came under pressure from LGBT activists among its employees. It belatedly lobbied against the legislation and launched a craven effort to appease the gay community, even going so far as promising to donate roughly $5 million to organizations that fight to support LGTBQ+ rights and removing all gendered language in their theme parks.

But DeSantis now has the potential to forever change the future of Disney thanks to a bill that the Florida lawmakers passed on Thursday.

The House of Representatives approved a bill that the state Senate passed on Wednesday that will dissolve Disney's ability to be a self-governing entity. The entertainment giant has its own special district that was founded in 1967, is 25,000 acres, and allows Disney to collect taxes and provide emergency services to the surrounding counties.

Kyle Drennen spent an April 22 post that DeSantis' bullying behavior was called out and pretended there was nothing wrong with it:

On MSNBC’s MTP Daily Thursday afternoon, host Chuck Todd and Florida-based NBC political reporter Marc Caputo wailed that Governor Ron DeSantis preparing to sign legislation revoking Disney World’s special economic status in the state had a “mafia feel.” The pair ranted that Florida was “only a good place to do business if you’re a private corporation that shares the ideology of the Republican governor.”   


Caputo then seized on “critics” comparing DeSantis to a mob boss: “This, you know, to a degree, especially when you talk to critics, has a bit of a mafia feel, which is, ‘Nice theme park you have there, shame if something happened to it.’”Todd similarly pretended that DeSantis – not the far left – was the culture war aggressor: “Is Florida a good place to do business if you’re a private corporation or is it only a good place to do business if you’re a private corporation that shares the ideology of the Republican governor?”

“Or if you’re a corporation that keeps its mouth shut when the Republican governor wants you to,” Caputo interjected.


That kind of hand-wringing was not applied a month ago when Disney put out a partisan, political statement lying about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law: “Florida’s HB 1557, also known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill,’ should never have passed and should never have been signed into law.” The powerful, bullying corporation vowed to do the bidding of Democrats and lobby to get the bill “repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts.”

Do Todd and Caputo think that kind of rhetoric has a “mafia feel”?

Drennen didn't explain why a corporation using the established political process to engage in activism against a law it didn't like has a "mafia feel" but DeSantis using the power of government to punish said corporation for doing so does not.

Kathleen Krumhansl similarly complained the same day:

DeSantis Derangement Syndrome took hold of anchor Juan Carlos Lopez, from CNN En Español Directo USA, as he called out the Florida governor for his 'authoritarian style of government' – and for being an alleged Donald Trump copycat – for ending Disney's special governance and tax status privileges.

The authoritarian label came during a report by Jose Manuel Rodriguez on DeSantis's 'war' against Disney that, as the report clearly mentioned further on, threatened DeSantis with fighting against the Parental Rights in Education Act, in defense of the LGBTQ community. Oddly, the four minute-plus report did not once mention the well-being of children or the true nature of the Parental Rights in Education Act.

Krumhansl did not explain why DeSantis' Disney retaliation wasn't an "authoritarian" move.

Alex Christy got mad that Republican hypocrisy was called out in an April 23 post:

The only thing CNN Newsroom host Jim Acosta and former nominal Republican strategist Ana Navara [sic] know about cancel culture is that Republicans claim to be against it. Their ignorance of the issue was illustrated on Acosta’s Saturday show as the duo accused Florida Republicans of hypocritically “cancelling” Disney by revoking its special tax status.

Using the left’s false framing of Florida’s new parental rights law, Acosta was sure he has seen Republican hypocrisy, “Ana, I have to talk to you about what’s going on in your state of Florida. The governor there, Ron DeSantis, is punishing Disney for opposing this so-called Don't Say Gay law. Aren't Republicans supposed to be against cancel culture?”

Christy then justified DeSantis' political retaliation because Disney "wander[ed] out of its lane":

For ill-informed at CNN, Disney isn’t cancelled. It still very much exists in Florida and isn’t going anywhere, they still have freedom of speech, but now that it has decided to wander out of its lane and advocate for unrelated left-wing causes using false talking points, it can play by the same set of rules as other corporations.

Christy didn't explain why holding views in oppposition to an American politician justifies government-backed retaliation by that politician.

Tober returned for an April 24 post gushing over a conservative endorsing DeSantis' revenge because Disney deserved it for not supporting Republicans:

During CNN's State of the Union on Sunday, CNN analyst Scott Jennings was the only guest on the panel segment that dared to push back on his co-panelists who were trashing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for punishing Disney over their support for grooming children. 

“Republicans are really unhappy with some of these corporations in Georgia, in Florida, and elsewhere who weighed into these issues with aggressive stupidity. And that CEOs of these companies, who call up like Ron DeSantis, like the CEO of Disney did, they haven't read the law,” Jennings shrewdly pointed out. Noting that Disney simply parroted talking points provided to it by the left. 

Jennings expressed some reservations about the government punishing a corporation but quickly noted that, “somebody needs to be taught a lesson here because what they portrayed the Florida law as was not at all what it really does.”


Jennings made the point that DeSantis “has all the right enemies” and wondered aloud “if it’s by luck or smarts. But it doesn’t matter because he has picked all the right enemies. And this is the right enemy for him.”

Nicholas Fondacaro injected his trademark misogyny into an April 26 post complaining that Disney was being defended by the hosts of "The View," who "went to the mat for their parent company Disney. Together the cackling coven accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) of behaving like a communist dictator and bigot who’s “anti-black”; all because he decided to sign a law to strip Disney of its “special status” over its position to oppose the Parental Rights in Education law and support leftist groomers in the classroom."

Clay Waters used an April 29 article to grumble that a New York Times cited DeSantis' political retaliation to portray Florida "as a hot-headed state throwing a conservative temper tantrum led by a attention-seeking, Trump-adjacent governor." Waters defended DeSantis on other fronts as well; when the article noted that "More than 73,000 Floridians have died of Covid-19, yet public opinion polls have shown that Mr. DeSantis and many of his policies remain quite popular," he huffed in response: "More than 90,000 Californians have died of COVID-19 despite lockdowns and restrictions, and Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom had to face a recall election. So where’s Newsom’s hit piece?" In fact, the COVID death rate per capita is much higher in Florida than it is in California, so it appears those lockdowns and restrictions helped save lives.

None of these MRC posts mentioned the financial catastrophe DeSantis' revenge campaign would leave on his state, since the dissolution of the Disney improvement district means that the district's financial obligations would then be forced upon local governments -- and, thus, local taxpayers -- to the tune of $1 billion.

We'll remember all of this the next time the MRC complains that conservatives are being retaliated against.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:15 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, June 14, 2022 10:55 PM EDT
WND Just Can't Stop Misinforming Readers About Anita Dunn
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily has been misinforming readers about Anita Dunn for years. The latest attempt came from Bob Unruh in a May 6 article:

The Mao-admiring adviser to Barack Obama, Anita Dunn, is returning to power in the West Wing, just as a looming election is expected to return the GOP to the majority in the U.S. House and unleash investigations into Joe Biden.

The Gateway Pundit labeled her a "Mao Tsa Tung lover" after the White House this week confirmed Dunn "will return as a senior adviser."

It was CNN that suggested she might be returning to help Biden "with the onslaught of investigations the GOP has promised to launch if they win back the House."

The report explained Dunn "is a radical leftist who previously praised mass murderer Mao Tse Tung as one of her 'favorite political philosophers.'"

Accounts blame him for the murders of anywhere from 45 million to 70 million Chinese during last century, which would make him the worst mass murderer in world history.

She previously had advised Biden and served for a time as the Obama White House communications chief until a video of her praising Mao surfaced.


She explained her feelings during a speech to graduating high schoolers in 2009.

"In 1947, when Mao Zedong was being challenged within his own party on his plan to basically take China over … the nationalist Chinese held the cities, they had the army, they had the air force, they had everything on their side," Dunn told the audience. "And people said how could you win? How could you do this?

"And Mao Zedong said, 'You fight your war and I'll fight mine,'" Dunn said. "Think about that for a second. You don’t have to accept the definition of how to do things, and you don’t have to follow other people’s choices and paths. You fight your own war, you lay out your own path."

She was the White House communications chief for Obama when she was recorded praising the communist dictator and killer.

The fact that Unruh is citing Gateway Pundit -- which is even less credible than WND and is currently being sued by two Georgia election workers for spreading lies about them -- does not bode for his own credibility right off the bat. It gets worse because Unruh's simply regurgitating an old, discredited attack. As we repeatedly pointed out whenever WND peddled this story, Dunn's words are being taken out of context; Dunn also referenced Mother Teresa in that speech as one of her "favorite philosophers" to make a point, telling a story akin to the Mao example about she told a young person who wanted to work at her orphanage to “go find your own Calcutta.” Dunn then reiterated: “Go find your own Calcutta. Fight your own path. Go find the thing that is unique to you, the challenge that is actually yours, not somebody else's challenge.”

Even worse: Unruh linked to a 2020 Daily Caller article WND published that mention some of this (while still pulling the Mao comment), and even noted that Dunn said she borrowed the Mao example from prominent Republican strategist  Lee Atwater. But Unruh put none of that in his article.

This is lazy, dishonest reporting from Unruh. He's not building credibility for his employer, which it desperately needs.

Posted by Terry K. at 7:42 PM EDT
Newsmax Columnists' Smears of Biden's Mental Health Get 'Non-Clinician' Tags
Topic: Newsmax

The attacks from Newsmax columnists on President Biden's purported mental health issues are so nasty that Newsmax has felt the need to felt the need to add one of its heavily used tags: "The following column has been authored by a non-clinician." Bill Robinson began his March 8 column this way:

The president was infirm. He was sickly. He had no business being president.

Everybody knew it. Especially those whose job it was to protect him, to help him represent the country and to make sure he was at his peak performance for the American people.

His wife had taken on the role of nursemaid more than a wife or first lady.

His children were substantially less than presidential.

He strived at things — when he had any energy at all — to give away taxpayer money “to help others.” He built some of the biggest, most unwieldy government programs in history and spent other hard-working Americans' money like a drunken sailor.

He took money away from crucial federal programs like the military, education and law enforcement to “invest” in massive long-term societal projects which seemed to benefit only his party and his cronies.

He generated crime like Americans had never seen before and told us all that his jobs plan was working — when it provably was not. He did virtually everything possible to keep Americans on the dole.

Robinson went on and on like this before finally pulling a switcheroo: "Sounds like Joe Biden, no? No. I’m writing about FDR." Never mind that none of those things were true about either president. Nevertheless, he ended his column by playing the Biden informity card again:

And so as Ukraine fights for its life, Dems talk a lot about helping our friends in Ukraine but at the last moment, rely on the fact that Ukraine “is not part of NATO” … an inane technicality.

Ukraine deserves the quick, strong, Christian assistance in protecting their government, their people and the only freedom for thousands of miles to their east. If we let them down now, we will never again be trusted or respected the world over.

As Biden stumbles and bumbles his way through the first year plus two months of his term. One can almost hear him mumbling his unhinged mantra, “What would FDR do?”

In fact, it's right-wingers like those at who are demanding that the U.S. not help Ukraine or get further involved in NATO, and it's right-wingers like Rand Paul who are obstructing U.S. aid to Ukraine.

Larry Bell kept the slurs continuing in his April 22 column:

Democrat handlers pulled off the greatest confidence heist in American history when they lifted cognitively impaired and achievement-vacuous Joe Biden out of a basement campaign bunker to the catbird seat of power in the Oval Office.

President Biden, just like Candidate Biden, is extensively hidden from the public, teleprompter- and crib note-scripted for media press conferences, and prevented, to the extent possible, from answering shout-out questions that inconveniently challenge his handlers’ agenda narratives.

Bell saw the "non-clinician" tag slapped on another column, this one on May 16:

There sadly comes a time when it’s no longer safe for old Uncle Charlie, Auntie Agnes, or for the rest of us, to have them drive anymore.

Seriously, would you really trust Joe Biden to operate any heavy equipment — a car, or much less, a school bus?

Now imagine the terrifying reality of his continued operation of our nation’s massive military and economic machinery.


A harsh reality is that we can’t trust Joe Biden’s cognitive capacity and far-left-steering ideology to drive our nation’s future.

Our best hope to prevent his out-of-control vehicle from careening our country over cliffs of irreversible disaster is for midterm congressional elections to sweep away the keys.

Bell is clearly  too driven by personal hatred of Biden to care about medical accuracy -- or that he can't possibly know the full truth about Biden's health and, thus, is simply ranting in an ignorant manner.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:54 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, June 14, 2022 1:58 PM EDT
CNS Attacks Pelosi Again On Abortion

As with Joe Biden, one of's favorite pastimes is to lash out at Nancy Pelosi for refusing to impose her Catholic faith on the entire country on the issue of abortion. And as with Biden, the leak of a draft opinion by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito that would overturn Roe v. Wade gave CNS an excuse to bash Pelosi anew. And editor Terry Jeffrey did jsut that in his May 4 column:

Pelosi immediately released a statement condemning the court's apparent intention to overturn Roe — and suggesting that aborting a child is part of "the fundamental human right to reproductive care."

"Democrats believe that every woman everywhere has the fundamental human right to reproductive care, one that is not limited by background, income or zip code," said Pelosi. "Her health decisions, including whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, belong to her."

Overturning past decisions that declared the killing of unborn babies a right, Pelosi argued, would "erode the legitimacy" of the court.

"In brazenly ignoring 50 years of its own precedent, the United States Constitution and the will of the American people, this draft ruling would seriously erode the legitimacy of the Supreme Court in the eyes of the American people," she said. "Upholding the rule of law and maintaining the faith of the people require that the Court allow Roe to remain the law of the land."

Who is correct about abortion? The Catholic Church, which calls it murder? Or Nancy Pelosi, who calls it a right?

The church is right. Pelosi is wrong.

Susan Jones complained in a May 9 article:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) devoted part of her Mother's Day to an interview with Margaret Brennan, host of CBS's "Face the Nation." The topic was abortion -- the leak of a draft Supreme Court ruling that would overturn Roe v. Wade and send the issue back to the states to decide.

"This is about something so serious and so personal and so disrespectful of women," Pelosi said:


Pelosi said the leaked Supreme Court majority draft opinion "puts an urgency on what's happening in the election. Two more -- one or two more senators could sweep back the filibuster rule for this purpose, and then women would have a right to choose."

Pelosi also claimed that "most people always thought that this debate in the Congress was about the termination of a pregnancy, but it wasn't."

Pelosi said the debate is about "family planning."

Jones further complained in a May 16 article that Pelosi said "the possible reversal of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade ruling must be put 'in perspective.'" An anonymously written article later that same day rewrote Jones' piece to emphasize sonmething else Pelosi said:

“And I say this as a practicing, devout Catholic: five children in six years and one week,” Pelosi went on to say. “I don't disrespect people's views and how they want to live their lives. But I don't think that it's up to the Donald Trump appointees on the Court or any politicians to make that decision for women.

“I will just say what I have been saying for decades,” she said. “Understand this. This is not just about terminating a pregnancy. This is about contraception, family planning. They have been against it.”

CNS didn't explain why a single TV appearance by Pelosi warranted two articles when both said basically the same thing.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:36 AM EDT
Monday, June 13, 2022
The MRC's Squeeing Over Musk's Purchase Of Twitter Continues
Topic: Media Research Center

As part of the Media Research Center's orgasming over the prospect of Elon Musk buying Twitter, Alexander Hall played the inevitable George Soros boogeyman card in a May 4 post:

Twenty-six organizations signed a letter warning that the Twitter takeover by Tesla founder and free speech advocate Elon Musk will ruin the platform.

How the tables have turned! Twenty-six organizations ranging from gay advocacy to pro-abortion demanded corporations boycott Twitter, warning that Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s “takeover of Twitter will further toxify our information ecosystem and be a direct threat to public safety, especially among those already most vulnerable and marginalized.” Many organizations that signed the letter, such as the Free Press, MediaJustice (formerly Center for Media Justice) and the pro-abortion NARAL Pro-Choice America, National Hispanic Media Coalition, were heavily funded by liberal megadonor George Soros. Identity politics-based organizations such as the Marxist Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC), National Hispanic Media Coalition, Women’s March and GLAAD also signed the bill.


Musk responded to a CNN Business report on the letter, asking in a tweet: “Who funds these organizations that want to control your access to information? Let’s investigate.” He later added : “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” A Daily Mail report published May 4 answered Musk’s inquiry: “[A]n assortment of 'dark money groups' like George Soros's Open Society Foundation; NGOs founded by former Clinton and Obama administration staffers; wealthy Democrat donors and their family foundations; labor unions; and the governments of European nations.”

In a May 5 post, Joseph Vazquez declared that a fact-check of Musk was "stupid" and "idiotic" because it followed Musk's words to their logical conclusion:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk correctly slammed NBC News for trying to bury the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Phony fact-checker PolitiFact tapped into all levels of Pravda to pretend that wasn’t true.

The Facebook fact-checker ran an idiotic May 4 “fact check” headlined: “Elon Musk’s false claim that NBC News covered up Hunter Biden laptop story.” Musk went after NBC for having a conniption over his recently successful multibillion-dollar bid to purchase Twitter.

Musk stated on Twitter May 2 that NBC was the “[s]ame org that covered up Hunter Biden laptop story, had Harvey Weinstein story early & killed it & built Matt Lauer his rape office. Lovely people.”

Here was PolitiFact contributing writer Monique Curet’s pathetic reasoning for why Musk was awarded a “False” rating: “NBC News said its lack of in-depth reporting in 2020 on the laptop was due to people in Trump's circle trying to limit access to the information. That’s not the same as covering up the story.” So NBC did pathetic journalism and PolitiFact blames … Trump. In fact, Curet is not even located in the U.S. Her PolitiFact biography says she resides in Tokyo, which means the fact-checker had to outsource its shoddy business to someone located all the way across the Pacific Ocean. 

Curet continued: “Musk’s tweet gives the impression that NBC News had all the relevant information and chose not to disclose it, and that’s not accurate.”


First: Musk never said NBC had “all the relevant information.” Curet inserted her own spin into Musk’s tweet and fact-checked a straw man. In addition, Musk’s insinuation that NBC covered up the story was broad and not limited to the initial 2020 bombshell.

NewsBusters has the receipts proving that NBC not only covered up the story for well over a year, but tried to spin it as a Russian disinformation op.

As we've noted, the New York Post and its partisan pro-Trump sources provided no independent verification of the laptop or the information on it, making it journalistically reasonable to ignore that story since there was no reason to take these partisans at face value.

Meanwhile, the MRC kept cranking out other pro-Musk and Musk-critic-bashing content:

But the orgasms returned when Musk suggested he would allow Donald Trump to return to Twitter. Hall squeed in a May 10 post under the headline "Return of the King?":

Is he back? Maybe. Billionaire and free speech advocate Elon Musk declared he will reinstate former President Donald Trump when he buys Twitter. But will Trump return if the ban is reversed?

Musk said he would reverse Twitter’s Trump ban at a recent automobile event. “Musk, the Tesla CEO who is soon to own Twitter, said it was a mistake for the website to ban the former president,” The Washington Post wrote on Tuesday.

The article reported that Musk warned while speaking at a Future of the Car event sponsored by the Financial Times: “I think it was a morally bad decision to be clear and foolish in the extreme.” He continued: “I do think it was not correct to ban Donald Trump. I think that was a mistake … It alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in Donald Trump not having a voice.”

Catherine Salgado followed up with a post headlined "Anti-Free Speech Twitter MELTDOWN After Musk Proposes Un-Banning Trump." She did not explain why supporting Twitter's decision to suspend someone who incited a riot and repeatedly violated Twitter's terms of service makes one "anti-free speech." Hall added a post quoting Twitter founder Jack Dorsey saying that Trump should not have been banned, though he did agree that Trtump deserved a "temporary suspension" for what Hall euphemistically and delicately described as his "behavior in the final days of his presidency."

None of these writers noted that, as other observers have noted, Musk's statement came on the same day that Tesla recalled 130,000 vehicles for issues with the cars' touch screens, making the timing of his announcement look a lot like a distraction from bad news.

The MRC has yet to tell its readers that Trump is contractually obligated to make Truth Social his primary social-media outlet, and he can't repost his musings elsewhere for a minimum of six hours. So even if Musk restores Trump's Twitter account, it can't be his primary one.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:02 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, June 14, 2022 11:19 PM EDT
CNS' Double Standard On Book Sales

CNSNews.comn managing editor Michael W. Chapman sneered in a May 2 article:

Jill: A Biography of the First Lady, written by two top journalists at the Associated Press, only sold 250 copies in its first week of release, reported the liberal news outlet Politico.

"A newly released biography about Jill Biden, by two well-respected Associated Press journalists, sold just 250 units in its first week, according to the company," said Politico on April 29. 

The news outlet further reported, "NPD BookScan, which tracks book sales in the U.S., said that prominent books about [Donald] Trump released in his first two years of office outsold [Joe] Biden books during his first year and a half by, what an official there said was, 'essentially 10:1.'"

Apparently, for readers and book publishers, Trump is a far more profitable prospect than Biden. 

Chapman provided no evidence that Politico is "liberal" -- to the contrary, he proved it isn't because a "liberal" outlet wouldn't have reported this story. 

Meanwhile, CNS is indisputably a right-wing outlet because it hid stories about abysmal book sales among conservatives. For instance, you will find nothing at CNS about the abysmal sales for a book by right-wing Rep. Matt Gaetz -- selling as few as 2,200 copies over its entire run.

Chapman also dipped CNS' toe back into promoting Donald Trump's Big Lie about election fraud -- which it eagerly did after the 2020 presidential election -- snottily claiming that Joe Biden "won a historic election with reportedly 80 million votes." Chapman is suggesting there is legitimate dispute about the number of votes Biden received -- which there isn't.

This sort of snotty behavior by a member of management is not the way CNS builds journalistic credibiity.

Posted by Terry K. at 7:34 PM EDT
The MRC's Issues With Women Continue
Topic: Media Research Center

Media Resarch Center writer Nicholas Fondacaro has issues with women, particularly the co-hosts of "The View." Since the last time we checked, Fondacaro has continued to smear the hosts as a "coven":

One has to wonder that if Fondacaro really believes the "View" hosts are  really a "pro-baby killing coven," that he also believes they use aborted babies in secret satanic rituals. He would be the kind of person who would believe it.

Fondacaro's issues with women also surfaced when his boss, Tim Graham, tagged him in a tweet in which he retweeted an image from a now-suspended account maliciously depicting "View" co-host Joy Behar as an ogre with the message "Can't unsee this." Fondacaro's response? "That's about right."

Those co-hosts are not the only women with whom the MRC has serious issues. Kevin Tober exposed his own issues with Hillary Clinton in a May 5 post under the headline "CBS's Norah O'Donnell Lets Hillary Clinton Shriek Over Abortion Rights." In it, Tober asserted that "Clinton returned to her infamous shrill angry screaming that makes her so unlikable," going to to complain that "There was no pushback from O’Donnell, who just sat there and nodded her head while listening to Clinton rant incoherently like a homeless person."

In reality, a fair view of the clip by a normal person indisputably shows that Clinton did not engage in "shrill angry screaming," nor did she "rant incoherently like a homeless person." She spoke like a normal person, which was apparently too much for Tober to handle. And he proved he's the real ranter with this closing tirade:

This interview surely reminded voters why she lost to former President Trump in one of the most stunning upsets in American presidential history and almost lost the Democratic nomination to a seventy-four-year-old socialist from Vermont. Her own party can’t even stand her. Norah O’Donnell isn’t much better for enabling Hillary’s insane ramblings. 

Show us on the doll where Hillary touched you, Kevin. Or just get some professional help to address your vile misogyny.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:20 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, June 13, 2022 5:24 PM EDT
NEW ARTICLE: The Root of Trump Idolatry
Topic: WorldNetDaily
WorldNetDaily columnist Wayne Allyn Root can't stop gushing over Donald Trump and fervently wants him to run again in 2024, although he thinks Trump isn't as anti-vaccine as he should be. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 1:15 AM EDT
Sunday, June 12, 2022
MRC's Graham Also Joined In Trying To Distract From Conservative Support For Replacement Theory
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center has been laboring to protect Fox News' Tucker Carlson from the fact that his replacement theory conspiracy found an echo in the Buffalo shooter. Leave it to Tim Graham go to on a campaign of misdirection by using a promotion for his May 16 podcast to try and mislead about what replacement theory is:

Bill Maher attacked the notion that the federal government would run an effort against "disinformation" broadly defined. When a racist teen shot up a Buffalo supermarket, disinformation broke out as liberal outlets raced to connect it somehow to Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

The New York Times and The Washington Post admitted they couldn't prove the Buffalo shooter had even watched or enjoyed Tucker's show, but they aggressively smeared the ten deaths on him anyway. "Measuring the extent of Mr. Carlson’s influence in spreading replacement theory may be impossible," admitted the Times. "But controversies around the host’s use of 'replacement' rhetoric appear to have at least helped drive public curiosity about the idea.

On the reliably liberal Reliable Sources, CNN host Brian Stelter brought on black journalist Wesley Lowery -- whose book on race was titled They Can't Kill Us All -- to insist that Tucker and Laura Ingraham often sounded like white supremacists, and tossed in Ben Shapiro and Andrew Sullivan for spice. Stelter suggested other conservatives were also responsible, but they can't help but suggest Fox is well, an Enemy of the People, at least the non-white people.

This anger at "replacement theory" energetically ignored that liberals have been delighting in the notion of a more multi-racial America for decades. The cover story in the April 9, 1990 edition of Time magazine happily projected that "in the 21st century -- and that's not far off -- racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. will outnumber whites for the first time. The 'browning of America' will alter everything in society."

Actually, Tim, pointing out demographic changes and claiming they're part of an evil conspiracy are two completely different things.

In the podcast itself, Graham managed to find humor in the Buffalo shooting, chortling that "they never to the gun range for a mass shooting," then asserted that the media "saw opportunity" in the shooting by blaming Carlson. Citing reporting that the shooter said he was radicalized online, "There's no indication that [the shooter] watched Carlson's program. Yeah, who needs proof?" going on to launch a whataboutism rant:

This is the game that they play, and that is that if you merely suggest that Democrats are interested in importing their voters, you're for killing black people in a supermarket. You don't have to prove Tucker Carlson is a mass murderer whisperer, you just find echoes and emanations and numbers of associations. Buffalo McCarthyism? I mean, you couldn't call people a communist if they praised Fidel Castro to the skies, hmmm, Barbara Walters? All these people who said the kindest possible things about communist autocrats -- you know, but you can't call them a communist, probably you couldn't really say there's no proof that the liberals wanted us all in the United State of Fidel Castro BUT dot dot dot.


If there is a clumsy Crayola conspiracy theory, this is it.  "Supermarket shooter equals Tucker! I don't even have to spell Tucker correctly!"

Graham then rushed to defend Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik for spouting similar ideas:

And it's not just the Fox News hosts. The Washington Post also had a story coming in to the new week ripping Elise Stefanik -- yeah, they tweeted this out this notion: "Stefanik echoed racist theory allegedly espoused by Buffalo suspect." Smeary smeary guilty guilty! What do we actually find? Well, Elise Stefanik ran Facebook ads that claimed this about the Democrats: “Their plan to grant amnesty to 11 MILLION illegal immigrants will overthrow our current electorate and create a permanent liberal majority in Washington.” All right, that's a conspiracy theory, right? They're importing voters. But somehow this leads to "Stefanik echoes racist mass shooter." This isn't journalism, this is midslinging, this is a negative campaign commercial disguised as a news story.

Graham then exhibited a surprising lack of self-unawareness by accusing others of doing what the MRC has been doing for 30-plus years:

I just don'e like the energy that's out there right now. And it's the whole energy of we have to make Republicans quit, we have to shut Fox News down. Right? There's this whole lame-o thing -- if you go to the lame-o liberal sites, what are they out there saying? You know, "white supremacist shooting means you need to re-evaluate advertising on the  Fox News Channel." We all know -- and this was all over conservative Twitter -- they cannot prove that this thug shooter has ever paid attenton to Tucker Carlson anywhere at any time, whereas theguy who shot at the Republicans on the softball field in Alexandria, Virginia, had professed his love for Rachel Maddow's show. Does that mean Rachel Maddow encouraged the shooting of Republicans? That was generally not the conservative spin.

So why is that Graham's spin now? Even the conservatives pushing that spin never found anything beyond a Facebook like, whereas the replacement theory promoted by Carlson -- who serves as the largest megaphone for it -- closely echoes the shooter's replacement theory.

Graham then insisted that it's not really racist to point out there there's a conspiracy by Democrats to import foreign voters, no matter how racist that actually sounds:

It's somehow  -- if you suggest that Democrats want to import voters to win elections, this is somehow voila, white supremacy! We all understand that the Democrats really do believe that we're gonna -- yes, we're going to be aggresively pro-immigrant, we're going to be pro-immigration. They believe in what you might call Univision theory, which is the more -- yeah, the more people we import from Central and South America, the more Democratic voters they're sending in. Somehow they're not racist when they're supporting this theory because they're saying it in a positive way. If you say it in a negative way, it's bad. So for example, in 2008 if I suggest Rachel Maddow is a lesbian  -- this is a factual statement, I got my head handed to me anyway at the time because I said it in a disapproving tone. This is the way it works, apparently.

Now, you can find examples of Fox News hosts suggsting that Democrats want to import voters, but how is this white supremacy? I mean, if Wesley Lowrey and his ilk suggest to us that black lives matter more than white lives -- 'cause don't you dare say all lives matter -- does that qualify as black supremacy? I know for a fact Welsey Lowrey does not get to run around claiming, "Oh, the other guys, they're are the racial dividers, they're the ones that are making life difficult in America. The other guys are disturbing the peace." No, Wesley Lowrey is a guy whose whole career is built on systemic racism, systemic racism, systemic racism, riding grievances all the way to the Pulitizer Prize.

As if Graham's entire career is not built on riding grievances to, well, maybe an MRC Bulldog Award and more Mercer money.

Graham went on to huff that liberals are the real racists for accurately noting America's changing racial demographics:

The reality is we can tell you as people who have been around for 35 years the liberal media have been gleefully pushing this idea of Amercia's white minority for decades. They've been delighting in the idea of "the browning of America," and they hever thought that sounded racist or racially hostile or racially inflammatory.

Graham then claimed that immigrants might change "white Western ideas" and declared that a legitimate concern, declaring that "yes, you can make concerned who might wear a hat that says 'Make America Great Again' -- I don't have that hat --  but the idea that you're going to import immigrants to change what America stands for, what America is, yeah, if you're a Republican that might concern you."At no point did Graham provide any evidence that there is a Democratic project, overt or clandestine, to import foreign peopel for the express purpose of replacing white conservatives but insisted this theory is "falling apart" because immigrants are becoming Republicans.

Graham didn't really help his case here. Whataboutism is a distraction, not an argument.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:35 PM EDT
CNS Uses Roe Repeal Leak As An Excuse To Attack Biden On Abortion

The leak of a draft opinion by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito that would overturn Roe v. Wade and, thus, the right to have an abortion, gave yet another excuse to attack President Biden for not imposing his Catholic faith on the entire country.

A May 3 article by Craig Bannister repeated right-wing talking points in noting that "as multiple news outlets have reported, in 1981, as a Democrat [sic] Delaware senator, Biden voted for a constitutional amendment that – like the overturn of Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court is currently considering – would have enabled each state to pass a law regarding the legality, restriction or prohibition of abortion." Another article that day by Melanie Arter complained that Biden said if the Supreme Court does end up overturning Roe v. Wade, "it would mean that every other decision relating to the notion of privacy is thrown into question." 

Susan Jones complained that "President Joe Biden said the apparent leak to Politico of a majority Supreme Court draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade means "we will need more pro-choice Senators and a pro-choice majority in the House to adopt legislation that codifies Roe, which I will work to pass and sign into law." She then groused in a May 4 article when Biden raised the prospect of conservatives desiring to separate LGBTQ children from classrooms:

President Biden is among the Democrats warning that dire consequences will flow from a Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, if such a ruling is issued later this year, as a leaked document suggests.

A number of Democrats have asked what else conservatives will attack -- the right to birth control? Same-sex marriage? Even biracial marriages?


Jones declared that "The draft majority opinion leaked to Politico specifically addresses the concerns raised by politically motivated Democrats," and that "Abortion, unlike birth control, marriage or even segregating LGBTQ children, involves a third party -- the unborn baby."

In fact, legal experts note that Alito's draft opinion also argued that  there is no broad constitutional "right to autonomy," an argument that underpinned other legal decisions such as gay marriage and consensual sexual relations, and there's no reason why right-wing activists wouldn't use Alito's arguments to try to overturn gay marriage and contraception rights as well.

A May 5 article by managing editor Michael W. Chapman returned to an old tactic by quoting a Catholic bishop attacking Biden as a "heretic" and "apostate" for forcing all of America to abide by his Catholic faith, adding: "Although Presiden [sic] Biden is a Catholic, he supports abortion and Roe v. Wade, as well as 'gay marriage' and other practices that violate the teaching of the Catholic Church. By supporting those things and speaking in their defense, Biden is, in the objective order, backing heresy and causing scandal. An apostate is someone who has essentially abandoned their faith."

An anonymous CNS writer grumbled in another May 5 article:

President Joe Biden on Wednesday, answering a question about the possibility the Supreme Court may overturn Roe vs. Wade and recalling his role as Judiciary Committee chairman during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Robert Bork, stated his belief that his rights come from God.  

“‘I believe I have the rights that I have not because the government gave them to me, which you believe, but because I’m just a child of God,’” Biden recalled telling Bork during those hearings.

Biden then seemed to suggest that the “right to privacy,” under which the Supreme Court placed an alleged “right” to abortion, was one of the rights that comes from God.

The writer who refused toput his or her name on this piece did not explain why privacy is not a legitimate right.

Thirty minuites later, there was a follow-up attack:

President Joe Biden on Wednesday morning explained his position in favor of legalized abortion by recalling that he had once told Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork that he possessed the rights he had because he is a “child of God.”

Later that same day, Biden issued a statement declaring Thursday the National Day of Prayer.”

There was no explanation for why these two articles could not have been combined into one, which wold have been more journalistically efficient and convenient for its readers.

Yet another May 5 article by Chapman touted how the right-wing group CatholicVote "is calling on President Joe Biden and other public leaders to denounce the call by pro-abortion activists to protest at Catholic churches this Sunday and to rally outside the homes of Supreme Court justices. " Chapman identified CatholicVote as only a non-profit group" while he made sure to describe Ruth Sent Us, which made the protest call, as a "radical pro-abortion group."

Arter groused in a May 6 article that "When asked whether President Joe Biden supports any limits on abortion, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that 'he supports the right of a woman to make choices about her own body with her doctor.'"

Of course, dishonest Catholic Bill Donohue had to weigh in, using his May 9 column to lash out at various pro-choice protest at Catholic churches -- perpetrated by "vandals" and "fascists," in his telling, though forcing all Americans to adhere to  Catholic theology is its own form of fascism -- huffing that "It is shameful that our 'devout Catholic' president has not said a word about any of these anti-Catholic incidents. ... This is another example of bigotry, yet Biden can't bring himself to call it for what it is — rank anti-Catholicism."

Posted by Terry K. at 2:14 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, June 12, 2022 3:57 PM EDT
Saturday, June 11, 2022
Obama Derangement Syndrome Continues At The MRC
Topic: Media Research Center

Even though Barack Obama left the presidency more than five years ago, the Media Research Center continues to have flare-ups of Obama Derangement Syndrome. When Obama paid a visit to the White House in April, Kevin Tober melted down in an April 5 post:

Hours after former President Barack Obama returned to the White House to tout the Biden administration’s efforts to expand Obamacare, the evening newscasts returned to their old habits of gushing over their first true love: Barack Obama. While they were drooling over the former President, they spent their entire broadcasts ignoring the latest layer of the ongoing Hunter Biden scandal.

The evening newscasts spent a combined three minutes and two seconds on the Obama visit to the White House. This compares to zero time spent on Hunter Biden.

Since the MRC is also obsessed with Hunter Biden, Tober devoted a good chunk of his post to highlighting how "Back in reality, Fox News Channel’s Special Report covered the latest news out of the rabidly metastatizing Hunter Biden scandal."

NBC's Al Roker simply teasing an upcoming interview with Obama was enough to set off Kyle Drennen in an April 6 post, whining about how "Roker was already swooning as he confessed that he was “so excited” for the softball chat that would preach climate activism and promote Obama’s upcoming nature documentary series on Netflix." Drennen then complained at length that Roker's "adulation for Obama has been equally strong over the years," going on to huff: "Given that history, viewers can expect similar Obama-gasms from Roker in next week’s interview with the former president."

When the actual interview dropped a week later, Drennen complained about that too:

During an interview with former President Obama conducted on Monday and aired on NBC’s Today show Wednesday morning, weatherman and climate activist Al Roker actually worried that the brutal war in Ukraine was distracting from pushing a left-wing environmental agenda. Obama replied by trying to use the conflict as an excuse “to wean ourselves off fossil fuels.”


During a portion of the friendly chat aired on the 3rd Hour Today show, in the 9:00 a.m. ET hour, Roker was shown wondering: “During your presidency, you protected more public lands, more waterways, than any previous administration. Now that you are a private citizen, is climate change and the environment one of your top priorities?” Obama declared: “I think it has to be one of the top priorities for all of us.”

The purpose of the interview wasn’t just to push the left’s radical climate agenda, it was also promote Obama’s latest project, as Roker explained: “Now, his new Netflix series, Our Great National Parks, showcases some of the world’s most spectacular settings....The former president serving as both executive producer and narrator.”

Tim Graham also complained about the Roker interview in his April 15 column:

Whenever Barack Obama grants an interview to one of his adorers in the media, one who arrives bathed in the glow of servility, everyone should be reminded that this is a major reason why people don’t trust the media.

In every interview, Obama is treated as a global celebrity and as the wisest of wise men. One can understand a journalist offering more tender inquiries to an ex-president, but there is no difference in tenderness between now and during his presidency.

Look no further than NBC’s Obama interview by weatherman Al Roker, which aired on April 12 and 13. “Scrutiny” or “accountability” are not words that apply. NBC and the other liberal media outlets seek to put Republican presidents on trial, and put Democrat presidents at ease.

Thern again, scrutiny and accountability were nowhere to be found when Graham gave a softball interview to former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany -- who infamously abandoned her job after the Capitol riot -- a couple weeks later.

When Obama gave a speech calling for combatting online misinformation, the MRC unsurprisingly took offense. Graham played whataboutism in an April 10 post:

Naturally, CNN didn't find anything funny in David Axelrod and Jeffrey Goldberg honoring their hero Barack Obama with a spot at their conference on "Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy."

This came during a week when Obama was honored for Obamacare, and the liberals all forgot Obama won the "Lie of the Year" from PolitiFact in 2013 for "If you like your health plan, you can keep it.


Usually, the "disinformation" cops and "fact checkers" think all of the dishonesty comes from the right wing. Obama was surprised after PolitiFact gave the "Lie of the Year" to "Death panels" (2009) and "Government takeover of health care" (2010).

Graham then seemed to endorse bogus anti-Obama birtherism because he took some literary liberties in his memoir:

The CNN team thinks Obama is uber-qualified because of the "infamous" birther theory promulgated by Evil Orange Man, and they aren't going anywhere near Obama making up his own fairy tale in his memoir about staying in Hawaii with Daddy until he was two (he left with Mommy for the mainland soon after he was born). He also made up "composite girlfriends," but he's the scourge of disinformation.

Two days later, Catherine Salgado complained about Obama's endorsement of exposing online haters hiding bnehind anonymity:

“I am close to a First Amendment absolutist,” former President Barack Obama said last week, even as he called misinformation potentially “fatal” and suggested “modifications” to online anonymity.

The Atlantic Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg interviewed Obama at his left-wing mag's “ Disinformation and Erosion of Democracy” conference. Obama more than once used seemingly pro-free-speech language during the event hosted by The University of Chicago’s law school.

“I believe in the idea of not just free speech, but also that you deal with bad speech with good speech,” he said. Obama added, however, that disinformation, or the “systematic effort to either [sic] promote false information [or] to suppress true information for the purpose of political gain, financial gain, enhancing power, suppressing others, targeting those you don’t like,” is a threat.

Obama added that “editorial choices…combined with any kind of ethno-nationalism or misogyny or racism can be fatal,” noting further “that is the media ecosystem that we now are occupying.”

Obama’s comment on anonymity was particularly relevant. “In some circumstances, it’s important to preserve anonymity, in terms of–so that there’s space in repressive societies to discuss issues,” he said. ”But as we’ve all learned, it’s a lot harder to be rude, obnoxious, cruel, uh—or lie when somebody knows you’re lying and knows who you are, and I think that there may be modifications there that can be made.”

There have been many recent attacks on online anonymity. The hacked private information of donors to the anti-COVID-19 mandate Freedom Convoy was spread across the internet. The Canadian government then froze some Freedom Convoy-connected cryptocurrency wallets.

Salgado did not explain why online haters must be allowed to hide behind anonymity.

Salgado also grumbled that Obama said that “If people are given different information, they can process differently," adding: "That sounds like what Big Tech and Big Media did before the 2020 election. Both restricted information unfavorable to then-Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden in a way that the Media Research Center found to have changed the election results." As we've documented, the MRC's conspiratorial findings were fueled by right-wing polls it puirchased, one of which came from Trump's own campaign pollster.

Graham rehashed much of his earlier Obama derangement in his April 22 column, going on to rant: "This underlines why the liberal media should not be trusted in a 'disinformation' fight. They have a frustrating tendency to put themselves on the side of 'information' and conservatives on the side of 'disinformation.' Don’t try to argue it’s more complicated than that. They’re not listening."

Graham and the rest of the MRC love to put scare quotes around "disinformation" when a non-conservative is calling it out, but never when a fellow right-winger is making the accusation. Graham also offers no evidence why he and the MRC should be trusted on this issue more than anyone else.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:03 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, June 12, 2022 1:05 AM EDT

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