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An Exhibition of Conservative Paranoia

Exhibit 4: Speaking of Unbelievably Filthy...

By Terry Krepel
Posted: 5/19/2000

It was not ConWebWatch's original intention to focus much of its attention on NewsMax. However, the more one delves into the site, the more one is compelled to expose some of NewsMax's seamier aspects.

A textbook example of this is a May 14 article by Lawrence Auster, "Liberal Fascism and Donato Dalrymple." In it, Auster argues that a new "age of tyranny in America" -- launched, of course, by Bill Clinton -- is conspiring against Donato Dalrymple, rescuer of Elian Gonzalez in the form of an article in the April 27 Washington Post. He describes the way those who practice tyranny operate, by "discrediting and dehumanizing of anyone who opposes the executive's will."

Auster then launches into his own act of tyranny by calling the article an "unbelievably filthy piece of 'journalism.'" He accuses writer Michael Leahy of "a combination of gossip-column salaciousness and a Stalinoid impulse to dehumanize an enemy of the people" and of exploiting Dalrymple's "naive and ingenuous comments to portray him as a shameless publicity hound and a pervert." (Discredited? Dehumanized? Done and done, Mr. Leahy.) He doesn't bother giving us any details of the article, saying they have been "adequately discussed elsewhere." This means you have to go back into NewsMax's own attack on the article for details, the most "perverted" of which involved Elian licking Donato's face. And Auster somehow misses the Miami New Times article that details how little Donato cared for his 4-year-old nephew before the boy was beaten to death by his father (Donato's brother).

Auster also criticizes liberals in general and anyone who supported the idea that Elian belonged with his father in particular: "This country, which gobbles up one Hollywood thriller after another in which people who fight against authority for a cause they believe in are regarded as heroes, regards the good Marisleysis as a joke and the heroic Lazaro as a lowlife. How dead are the souls of the millions of Americans who, far from sympathizing with these good people, agree with those who callously mock them." He says that Dalrymple is a "dissident" who in the eyes of this new tyranny "must be made to appear like a creep." (Oh, and by the way, these same people "framed" Linda Tripp.) And he draws the expected Biblical reference to the taking of Elian occurring over Easter weekend: "If the feds had done their deed just 24 hours earlier, in the early morning hours of Good Friday, the parallel with the arrest of Jesus would have been complete."

None of this is new, of course. This sort of tale has been related before -- the attack on perceived tyranny by using the tactics of tyranny. Two things are worth noting about this article, however:

-- NewsMax promoted this article for several days in the "feature" box in the upper right of its home page. So they weren't exactly ashamed of running an article containing such hate and vitriol.

-- NewsMax doesn't want to tell you about the background of the author. NewsMax notes at the bottom of the article only that Auster "lives in New York City." A search of NewsMax found only one other article by Auster, an attack on John McCain best summed up in the article's title: "A Dangerous Man Reflecting the Triumph of Clintonism." Here Auster is listed as "a free-lance writer living in New York City."

Such a generic description usually means somebody has something to hide. An Internet search turned up the truth: Lawrence Auster is a writer and speaker who opposes multiculturalism and most immigration. Auster's general philosophy can be summed up in a quote from his book, "The Path to National Suicide - An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism" (quoted in an American Renaissance article):

"Modern liberalism told us that racial differences don't matter, and on the basis of that belief, liberals then set about turning America into a multiracial, integrated, race-blind society. But now that very effort has created so much race consciousness, race conflict and race inequality, that the same liberals have concluded that the only way to overcome those problems is to merge all the races into one. The same people who have always denounced as an extremist lunatic anyone who warned about `the racial dilution of white America,' are now proposing, not just the dilution of white America, but its complete elimination. Race-blind ideology has led directly to the most race-conscious---and indeed genocidal---proposal in the history of the world."

Auster's solution is to curb most immigration into the United States, European as well as non-European: "The only alternative, as immigration and multiculturalism proceed apace, is a deepening descent into the hell of ethnic tribalism."

As the Auster links indicate, he is a favorite of American Renaissance, a group that basically argues that white Europeans made America great and dilution of that culture by excessive immigration and racial integration will destroy all the things white Europeans did. As Jared Taylor, leader of the group is quoted as saying: "What we have lost is a firm sense of legitimate people-hood. We have lost the ability to say 'us' or 'we.' . . . Most whites simply cannot bring themselves to say this is our culture, this is our people, this is our nation; it belongs to us and no one else's."

This seems like a policy the folks at NewsMax could endorse. The mystery is why NewsMax felt the need to hide this from its readers.

My prescription: A bottle of truth serum for NewsMax, and a plate of chitlins for Lawrence Auster.

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