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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Coronavirus Bad Takes At WND, Trump-Caught-It Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

For our Republican president and first lady, COVID-19 has ironically always been perhaps the biggest elephant in the White House situation room! Of course, the leftist looting, maiming and killing in our riotous streets are also at critical mass, but now, with President Donald J. Trump and first lady Melania Trump having contracted the virus, throwing the nation and the world into more chaos, I again have to raise the compelling question, as I have been doing in my daily podcasts and weekly radio show, why our government – and I use the term very loosely – has done nothing – repeat, nothing – to hold the Communist Chinese leadership in Beijing accountable for the huge damage they have caused to our health, economic and emotional well-being of our once-mighty country.


In so doing, Freedom Watch and our Israeli counterparts have amassed a team of medical and other experts who have and will testify under oath to what now is the obvious. The COVID-19 pandemic had its roots in our own military viral laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland. The virus was sent to the Wuhan lab in Communist China for testing and study, which legally could not be performed in the United States, and there the ChiComs engineered it into a bioweapon. As the French would sarcastically say, "Quel surprise!" Of course, the "geniuses" who hatched this scenario were none other than the now self-styled leftist guru of virology Anthony Fauci and his accomplice, former President Barack Obama, who sent millions of dollars to the Communist Chinese to pay for so-called research, which has now put our president and first lady in jeopardy of potential serious illness or even losing their lives.

The experts – and one in particular, Dr. Judy Mikovits, who closely worked with Fauci at Fort Detrick and elsewhere – know what happened, but predictably have been banned from social and other media, ridiculed and made "lepers" by the leftist media and even many on the conservative side. 


Now that the president and first lady have themselves become the victims of COVID-19, one can only hope that The Donald will instruct his heretofore worthless attorney general, "Blowhard Bill" Barr, to have our so-called Justice Department intervene in and support Freedom Watch's class action lawsuit in federal court in Dallas, Texas, seeking redress for American citizens for the huge damage China has caused to our health, financial well-being and emotional lives. 

-- Larry Klayman, Oct. 2 WorldNetDaily column

The Deep State is allied with Democrats and has failed to protect our president against this Chinese viral invasion. Apparently tanks and planes are easier to repel than a virus, particularly if genetically designed to cause harm.

All of Fauci's horses and all of Fauci's men have been useless in protecting Trump and our country. The reliance on testing obviously failed to keep the virus out of the White House.


Participants in the White House nomination ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett were tested as urged by Fauci acolytes, but that test could not screen out those in recent contact with the virus on an airplane or in a car. Roughly a dozen attendees at that event have since contracted COVID-19, including the president himself.

But the president did not test positive until six days later, so perhaps he and others did not contract the virus at the mostly outdoor event after all. The CDC sought to perform contact tracing on all the attendees in order to conduct surveillance of all their activities, but President Trump wisely blocked that Big Brother monitoring.

Many who attended that event are political activists or conservative senators whose daily movements should not be subjected to the prying eyes of the Deep State. Endless mischief would result from intrusive inquiries into whom certain conservatives met with in celebrating the nomination of Judge Barrett or helping on her confirmation.

-- Andy Schlafly, Oc t. 6 WND column

A lack of wearing masks is not why President Donald Trump has caught the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. As Andrea Widburg explained, Trump is always surrounded by a protective screen in which everyone is checked for temperature and symptoms.

But the lie that Trump does not take any virus seriously is simply insupportable. From 2019:

"The president's admitted germaphobia [sic] has been a fixture throughout his career – from real-estate deal rooms to casino floors – and it's now popping up in more public ways. It could create another round of tactile challenges as Trump launches his 2020 campaign, during which he might try to steer visitors toward his signature thumbs-up selfies and away from handshakes for the next 16 months." [Daniel Lippman, "The Purell presidency: Trump aides learn the president's real red line," Politico, July 7, 2019.]

"And the first thing he often tells his body man upon entering the Beast after shaking countless hands at campaign events: 'Give me the stuff' – an immediate squirt of Purell.


Trump is being falsely smeared, once again, because he is one of the few national leaders giving correct information. Expert guidance has always been, first, don't wear masks at all, and then never mind that now; either social distance or wear a mask – not necessarily both. Just because the president does not wear a mask when speaking from the podium or in social distancing situation does not mean he is "anti-mask."

-- Jonathon Mosley, Oct. 7 WND column

Now that President Trump has returned to the White House after a very brief bout of COVID-19, the left is predictably unhinged. The left's reactions are exactly what we would expect them to be when a lone individual, the most hated man in their universe no less, single-handedly destroyed their narrative that to contract COVID-19 is to be sentenced to death.

The left has worked very, very hard crafting this narrative so that it operates on an emotional level, because they know the facts won't cut it for them. Their allied propaganda outlets have terrorized the American people day after day with body counts reminiscent of the Vietnam War. Leftist politicians have closed everything they could for as long as possible. Several leftist governors actively increased the body counts in big ways by ordering COVID-positive patients to be housed in nursing homes full of vulnerable victims. CDC is clearly using cooked numbers.

So, for a single man to utterly obliterate the left's COVID narrative in just a few short days is simply too much for them to handle.


Many have argued forcefully that the terrorizing of America and the subsequent lockdowns have dwarfed the problems caused by the virus itself. Now that the shroud of terror has been torn away, perhaps our nation will move forward from its leftist-imposed purgatory of emotional terrorism.

-- Michael Schisler, Oct. 7 WND column


Posted by Terry K. at 5:40 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 5:55 PM EDT

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