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Sunday, August 6, 2017
Fake News: WND Profiles Twitter Bot As Actual Trump Supporter
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Bob Unruh fawningly wrote in a May 14 WorldNetDaily article:

Nicole Mincey is black, comes from a liberal Democrat background and watched closely what Barack Obama did for blacks during his presidency.

So why is she now running the online ProTrump45 store featuring “Adorable Deplorable” shirts, “Make America Great Again” caps, “Deplorable Lives Matter” slogans and more?

Because she’s black, comes from a liberal Democrat background and watched closely what Barack Obama did for blacks during his presidency.

“Honestly, the reason I switched to being a Republican was I realized Obama didn’t necessarily help black people during his presidency like he promised,” she told WND.


She told WND her background made her ideally suited to be a Democrat.

“I am from Newark, New Jersey. I was raised in a bad neighborhood,” she said.

But she became an ex-Democrat because of the party’s refusal to adopt “self-responsibility.”

“Everyone is a victim in their eyes and you can’t succeed unless the government helps you on someone else’s expense. I went to a charter high school where we constantly received threats to [be] shut down by Democratic politicians. We had to always do fundraisers to stay afloat.”

She said she was motivated by a desire to break liberal stereotypes.

“The media has painted Republican conservatives as old, white people that are racist. I’m a young black … college student that is female. Liberals see me and don’t know what to say because they can’t throw the racist card at me.”

While she used to be a regular college student with a job, now she’s “a college student with a small business and a job.”

It appears none of that stuff about Mincey's background is true, because "Nicole Mincey" as profiled by Unruh apparently doesn't exist.

Writer Bob Schooley looked into Mincey after Trump retweeted a post from the ProTrump45 Twitter account, and he found that "Mincey" appears to be nothing more than a Twitter bot designed to promote the retail store, and the pictures on the account claiming to be of her are nothing more than repurposed stock photos. It's unclear from where the picture WND is representing as Mincey that WND used in Unruh's article came.

Further, while there is an actual Nicole Mincey who is a college student from New Jersey, it appears that, according to Heavy, she's the victim of identity theft -- her name and Facebook account were used without her permission to create pro-Trump websites.

After the fake Mincey was exposed, the content of the @ProTrump45 Twitter account was moved to an account named @AlexandriaM0ra (with the same stock photo), and the @ProTrump45 account now claims to be "available for purchase" (a violation of Twitter terms of service).

It's obvious that Unruh never actually talked to the Minsey of ProTrump45 in person -- probably just exchanged emails -- and certainly never made no attempt to verify the person's identity. He and his WND editors simply decided that the story of "liberal black Democrat becomes Trump supporter" was too good to fact-check.

Which makes this yet another instance of fake news published by WND. And, no, don't expect WND to correct the record and admit its error -- the story was in line with WND's pro-Trump editorial agenda, and it makes no apologies for being so biased that it publishes fake news.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:02 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, August 6, 2017 8:05 PM EDT

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