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Thursday, July 18, 2013
Trayvon Martin (And Obama) Derangement Syndrome, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Sure, all thinking people are very relieved that George Zimmerman was found not guilty by the intelligent, justice-driven women of the jury, in spite of the façade presented by the prosecution and forced by the threat of racism by everyone from President Obama, to Eric Holder, the New Black Panther gangstas, NAACP, excuse makers of every stripe and even the governor of Florida, but still this innocent man who simply defended his life from a violent, life-threatening, bloodying, head-and-face slamming attack by an enraged black man-child has so wrongly paid an inexplicable price financially and emotionally.

The parents of Trayvon Martin get a huge million-dollar-plus payoff from the gated community just to shut them up, and so obviously to fend off the ambulance chaser racist lawyers for the simple fact that their son was guilty of a vicious, violent attack on a man for no good reason whatsoever.

What did the gated community have to do with any of it? Where is a judge capable of making a justice call in this travesty? Does anyone care at all anymore?

The entire system is screwed up.

But George Zimmerman and his entire family, innocent of any wrongdoing, have lost everything and will be in debt for a long, long time for having to fight the trumped-up charges that he “profiled” and/or set out to murder the poor, helpless, dope-smoking, dope-peddling, gangsta wannabe, Skittles hoodie boy.

-- Ted Nugent, July 15 WorldNetDaily column

Like it or not, agree or not, Martin made a decision to behave like a common street thug and gangsta when he attacked George Zimmerman. That decision speaks volumes about his character (or lack thereof). There is an attempt to portray Martin as worthy of deification, but I submit that he chose to attack another person for what amounts to no reason at all, and that speaks volumes pursuant to his real character.

How many reading this have children who would physically attack someone for the reasons Martin did? I know, without hesitation, that my son wouldn’t. The ugly truth is that Martin was given to the violent mentality of thinking he could bully a white person, and it cost him his life.

-- Mychal Massie, July 15 WND column

Let’s put this in perspective. Ben Jealous of the NAACP, Al Sharpton of MSNBC, Jesse Jackson, and the left-wing media compete to incite hatred of America generally and white America specifically. Over what? A tragic incident in which a Hispanic man (regularly labeled “white”) said, with all physical evidence to support him, that fearing for his life, he killed a black 17-year-old (regularly labeled “a child”).

The very fact that George Zimmerman – who is as white as Barack Obama – is labeled “white” bears testimony to the left-wing agenda of blaming white America and to the desire of many blacks to vent anger at whites.

And that is why the election of a black president has meant nothing. Indeed, to those whose lives and/or ideologies are predicated on labeling America and its white population as racist, it wouldn’t matter if half the Senate, half the House and half the governors were black.

-- Dennis Prager, July 15 WND column

What happened on the night of Feb. 26, 2012 in Sanford, Fla., between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. What has happened since that fateful night is nothing short of an American farce, exacerbated by racial demagogues, the Obama administration and a media that poured 10-gallons of anti-white gasoline onto a small fire that really had nothing to do with white people at all.

-- John Rocker, July 15 WND column

“That child had every right to do what he was doing, walking home,” said John Guy, one of the prosecuting attorneys in the case in which George Zimmerman has been acquitted of charges of second degree murder and manslaughter of Trayvon Martin.

“That child,” prosecutor Guy said – three times – in referring to 17-year-old Trayvon, a high-school football player.

Think about that.

How many high-school teams, or high-school players, in this nation have ever been identified as “those children” or “that child”?

And if that has ever been done – perhaps by bitter athletic rivals – how in the name of common sense and any kind of respect for jurisprudence could such insufferable verbal subterfuge have been injected into the court record of a trial being watched by so many millions of people worldwide?

-- Les Kinsolving, July 15 WND column

The demonstrations and unrest following the just acquittal of George Zimmerman are more of the poison fruit from Obama’s war on America. Now Trayvon protesters have burned flags and smashed a cop car after the verdict, and news photographers were roughed up during a protest against the acquittal of Zimmerman. Oh yes, this is Obama’s doing.

And the Baltimore Sun reported this on Monday: “Baltimore police say they are investigating a witness account that a group of black youths beat a Hispanic man near Patterson Park Sunday while saying, ‘This is for Trayvon.’”

Is Attorney General Eric Holder investigating if this man’s civil rights were violated? Is anyone even looking for these racist thugs?

This is outrageous. A lynch mob sanctioned by the president of the United States. A lynch mob stoked by the Department of Justice. Remember, Obama said if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon. Indeed.

-- Pamela Geller, July 16 WND column

I don’t know how to say this more delicately.

Now that we know Barack Obama’s Justice Department, under the direction of Eric Holder, paid for trips to Florida by race-baiting hater Al Sharpton, with the express purpose of influencing the trial of George Zimmerman by striking fear into the jury pool about race riots in the event of his acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin, there’s simply no other way to put it.

Holder and Obama are Sharpton-style race-baiting criminals.

-- Joseph Farah, July 16 WND column

Blowback from the recent verdict acquitting George Zimmerman of second-degree murder in the Feb. 26, 2012, death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin defies all logic and common sense but is an object lesson in the duplicity and opportunism of the radical left. This would include the Obama administration, which is attempting to use contrived activism to attenuate the scrutiny under which it finds itself, as well as advancing its gun control agenda and dividing Americans.

-- Erik Rush, July 17 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 1:27 AM EDT

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