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Monday, December 17, 2018
WND Cheers Efforts To Build Third Temple, Start the End Times
Topic: WorldNetDaily

We've caught WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah blowing off the idea that President Trump wanting to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem plays a role in fulfilling evangelical end-times prophecy -- even as WND has promoted the next step in end-times prophecy, the building of a third temple on the Temple Mount that is currently occupied by a mosque (where Farah and Jonathan Cahn staged a publicity stunt a couple years back).

Well, WND hasn't stopped promoting efforts to build the Third Temple, though it's downplaying the end-times angle.

An anonymously written Dec. 1 article touted how "The newly re-created Sanhedrin in Israel is planning a ceremony to consecrate a stone altar prepared for use in the Third Temple, and it has released a declaration intended to be an invitation for other nations to participate in the Temple 'and to receive its blessings.'"

As we documented when the Sanhedrin issued a Trump medallion for the purpose of funding Third Temple activities, they are a group of far-right rabbis with no political influence but eager to establish religious influence whom WND has promoted in the past.

An article the next day enthusiastically declared in its headline that it was just "7 days until dedication of Third Temple altar." The article gushed further:

The re-established Jewish Sanhedrin is pushing the envelope on the rebuilding of the Temple next Monday, the last evening of Hanukkah, by consecrating a stone altar and reading of a declaration to all nations intended as an invitation to participate in receiving its blessings – leading to an effort to replace the United Nations with a new, God-centered organization.

A full-dress re-enactment of the Korban Olah Tamid (the daily offering) will also take place, with Kohanim (Jewish men of the priestly caste descended from Aaron) wearing biblically mandated garb leading the ceremony.

WND also much mnore benignly describes the Sanhedrin:

The Sanhedrin is the name given to the council of 71 Jewish sages who constituted the supreme court and legislative body in Judea during the Roman period. It continued to function for more than 400 years after the destruction of the Temple. There have been several orthodox attempts to re-establish it since that time. The current attempt to re-establish the Sanhedrin is generally referred to as the “nascent Sanhedrin,” the “developing Sanhedrin,” or the re-established Sanhedrin.

WND even noted the Sanhedrin's political intent by referencing the group's goal "to replace the United Nations" with "a universal organization that will return to the Bible, re-educate the world." A Sanhedrin rabbi is then quoted laughably adding, "This is not a religious initiative," given that the Sanhedrin in the past has advocated placing religious law above secular law in Israel.

WND not only didn't mention the whole end-times aspect of establishing the Third Temple, it weirdly left abandoned the story after that. Instead, a Dec. 8 article touted "a plan to create a golden crown for the Messiah’s arrival in Jerusalem," promoted by "Rabbi Yosef Berger, of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion."Berger is quoting claiming that creating the crown "will hasten the arrival of the King."

As it so happens, Berger has declared that he thinks Trump will build the Third Temple, thus making the way for the Messiah for who he's making that crown.

Somehow it all comes around to Trump at WND. Imagine that.

Posted by Terry K. at 7:47 PM EST

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