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Monday, May 16, 2016
Alleged Ex-Clinton Mistress Discredits Herself By Partnering With WND
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily has trotted out the latest step in its anti-Hillary jihad: publishing a book by Dolly Kyle, known as Dolly Kyle Browning during the Clinton presidential years, bashing Hillary Clinton despite the two presumably not having much contact given that Kyle was supposedly Bill Clinton's secret lover for years.

In the promotional article for the book, WND quotes Kyle pushing WND-style right-wing anti-Clinton talking points:

“Billy Clinton is an untreated sex addict and serial rapist, serial sex abuser,” alleged Kyle. “He’s a sexual predator and Hillary is complicit in all of that. I’m over being outraged about it because I’ve been watching this for 40 years and at this point I’m so sick of them I could puke. But the fact of the matter is, it did outrage me when Hillary Clinton sat in front of the television cameras and said women who have been raped and sexually assaulted should be believed. That was actually the last straw that made me want to write this book. She says women who were raped or sexually assaulted should be believed – unless, of course, it’s Billy who did it.”

Kyle says Bill Clinton benefited from a culture in which many rapes and sexual assaults were simply never reported. Now, she says, that culture of silence is changing, even among the feminists who traditionally have defended the Clintons.

“In the book, I talk about the National Organization for Women and how their traditional stance on abortion has overridden everything,” Kyle told WND. “Now that they are celebrating their 50th anniversary, they are finally coming around to embracing more issues. And one of the huge issues is rape and sexual assault. Younger women appear to be catching on to that. Older women, some of whom may have been raped or sexually assaulted and never reported it, are still in some kind of denial.”

Of course, the problem for Kyle is that she has aligned herself with WND, whose utter lack of credibility undermines anything Kyle has to say. And Joseph Farah and WND's 20-year obsession will be seen as further evidence that, as with being the premier Obama birthers, WND is simply pursuing a personal vendetta of destruction, not reporting facts.

Speaking of birthers, Jerome Corsi trots himself out in a May 5 WND article to vouch for Kyle, claiming that "Kyle’s assessment aligns with the conclusions of Roger Stone and Robert Morrow in their 2015 bestselling book 'The Clintons’ War on Women,' which contends Hillary is an 'accomplice after the fact.'"

WND has taken care to hide Stone's swinger lifestyle from its readers, lest a lifestyle that under normal circumstances WND would denounce as deviant and immoral detract from his usefulness as a Clinton smear artist.Morrow, meanwhile, has some bizarre and creepy sexual fantasies about Hillary -- another thing you'll never read about at WND.

Thanks to WND, Kyle is now lumped with the fetid, discredited likes of Stone and Morrow. 

And Corsi, too: In a May 9 WND opinion piece, Kyle parrots Corsi's obsession with Hillary Clinton's alleged health issues, suggesting that she's "cognitively impaired" and medically unfit to be president.

Two days later, WND excerpted a section of Kyle's book opining about foreign policy, of all things. The fact that she repeatedly refers to Obama as "Barack Hussein Obama"  and apparently goes birther by claiming that Obama is "some part 'black' due to an unidentified mix from his mixed-race father," as well as repeating right-wing anti-Hillary talking points about Benghazi, tells you she's on the same wavelength with WND as far as personal destruction is concerned.

WND's latest attempt to promote Kyle's book is a May 14 article repeating an anecdote from it claiming that Hillary used an epithet 30-plus years ago. But it's third-hand hearsay attributed in part to "Arkansas State Police troopers" -- the same '90s Clinton-bashers who, when asked to testify under oath, backed off their most lurid accusations -- and is not verified.

Strangely, though, WND buries to the end of this lengthy article one place where Kyle deviates from WND's anti-clinton dogma:

Kyle said she believes a good portion of the Clinton death list is “unsubstantiated baloney” and includes accidental deaths of people whose names have been added to the list by conspiracy theorists.

As recently as January, WND has promoting the "Clinton body count" -- first created in the '90s by then-WND reporter David Bresnahan -- as real and unquestioned, despite the fact it's totally discredited as Kyle states.

But then, Kyle appears to have drunk deeply enough of WND's Clinton-hating Kool-Aid that she eventually come around on that issue.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:27 AM EDT

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