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Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Newsmax, Jon Voight Suck Up To Trump With 'Abraham Accords' Special
Topic: Newsmax

Newsmax wouldn't take part in a TV show for its channel if it wasn't completely sucking up to Donald Trump, and a special on the so-called "Abraham Accords," hosted by actor Jon Voight, was certainly that. Voight teased the show in a Sept. 12 Newsmax TV appearance:

The Newsmax exclusive "The Abraham Accords" with former President Donald Trump debuts Sunday, hosted by actor Jon Voight, detailing the historic move toward peace in the Middle East and the "grace" and "humility" of the former president.

"It's an unbelievable thing, a movement towards peace of this kind; it was unprecedented," Voight told Monday's "Eric Bolling The Balance" previewing the special presentation "The Abraham Accords" that will air Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern time exclusively on Newsmax.

"It's really been quite a remarkable thing what happened — peace for the first time in that area was brought forth."

The special brings an in-depth interview with Trump and the Abraham Accords, which Voight said the mainstream media has tried to downplay to avoid praising him.

A Sept. 14 article by Eric Mack was effectively a press release for the show:

Peace in the Middle East has been considered unachievable for decades, if not centuries, but the Trump administration's Abraham Accords changed the paradigm, actor Jon Voight told Newsmax on Wednesday.

"Peace has never been there it seems from the beginning," Voight said on "Rob Schmitt Tonight," previewing the special "The Abraham Accords" that will air Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern time exclusively on Newsmax.

"There's always been trouble and violence and difficulty for the Jewish people. And now with Donald Trump and the Abraham Accords, there's a possibility of peace in that region — real peace for the first time."

Voight's special, in cooperation with JLTV's (Jewish Life Television's) Stephen Paul and Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy, sits down with the former president to dig into the peace deals that President Joe Biden is effectively damaging but will not be able to suppress or make go away, Voight told host Rob Schmitt.

In reality, as we noted when was promoting them as a reason to re-elect Trump, the "Abraham Accords" were peace deals Israel made with three minor Muslim countries that had no active violent hostilities against Israel, and they had no impact whatsoever on the central conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Sandy Fitzgerald wrote her own promo piece for a Sept. 15 article:

The premiere of actor Jon Voight's new documentary with former President Donald Trump celebrating the historic Abraham Accords will air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Newsmax.

The program — "Israel & The Abraham Accords" — details the role Trump and his administration played in the groundbreaking peace agreement between Israel and its Arab neighbors, including the UAE and Bahrain.

Reaching peace in the Middle East has been a goal considered unachievable for many years, but the Abraham Accords have changed that, the Oscar-winning Voight says.

You can see the narrative being peddled here -- nobody could get peace in the Middle East done before Trump, even though, again, these have basically no direct impact on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Voight hyped his show yet again in a Sept. 17 article:

Famed actor Jon Voight joined Newsmax Saturday to discuss his new documentary, "The Abraham Accords."

Voight told "The Count" that the Newsmax exclusive is "a monumental event that is very little reported in the media. Of course, the mainstream media doesn't want to give any attention to Donald Trump at all. But it's a monumental event that happened that has brought peace and the possibility of peace — real peace to the Middle East — for the first time."

The special, which will air Sunday at 8 p.m., brings an in-depth interview with President Donald Trump about the Abraham Accords.

Voight added that despite Trump's public image, for the special, "You're going to see me sitting down with a very different kind of man."

Well, yes and no. Voight was clearly not going to ask anything challenging of Trump -- like, say, his insistence on continuing to lie about election fraud -- but that didn't keep Trump from spouting word salad during the interview.Voight managed to embarass himself as well through his obsequiousness, as Mediaite documented:

At one point in the interview, Voight got choked up recalling a story to Trump he had once heard about the former president.

“I can’t go through this story without crying,” Voight says as he retells Trump about a time the former president was said to have offered to pay for the cancer treatments of one of his employees.

The fawning interview ended with Trump decrying the issues currently facing the U.S.

“And let’s appreciate those who are capable of turning the tide and bringing us back to the greatness that we were given by our founding fathers,” Voight says.


“And we say, God bless you and good luck. John, thank you very much. I appreciate it,” Trump concluded.

“Thank you very much for this time, Mr. President. I hope it’s I hope it’s worthy of you,” Voight responded, concluding the interview.

Then again, there is entertainment value in watching Voight be such a Trump suck-up.

Posted by Terry K. at 1:51 PM EDT

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