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Thursday, August 22, 2013
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Mr. Rubio apparently believes that the proper response to Obama’s tyranny is to implement his agenda, rather than to oppose and end his abuses in the constitutional way. If Rubio or Paul (or any other GOP leader) had true regard for the constitutional republic established by America’s founders, they would make it clear that the Obama administration’s lawless, anti-constitutional actions on every front demand impeachment and removal of the offenders. They would decry the Obama officials’ high crimes and misdemeanors. They would appeal to the people to vote for a majority in the U.S. House and Senate sufficient to impeach the abusers and remove them from office.

Instead of using the threat of Obama’s unconstitutional abuse of power to intimidate voters, as Rubio is attempting to do, they would mobilize voters to deploy the remedy for such wrongdoing the Constitution provides. They would rally them to vote exclusively for candidates who pledge that, as soon as possible after the new Congress convenes in January 2015, they will propose and vote for the impeachment and removal of all civil officers of the United States government cooperating in the high crimes and misdemeanors of the Obama administration; and that they will support no one for any leadership position in the U.S. House or Senate who has not pledged to do the same.

-- Alan Keyes, Aug. 15 WorldNetDaily column

You promised “transparency,” sir, yet you’ve spent millions of our tax dollars to keep all your early school, travel and passport records hidden from the people who elected you – twice. WHY, SIR, WHY? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

Why did you put a fake supposed “copy of your birth certificate” on the White House website? All experts confirm that it isn’t a copy of anything; it’s a photoshopped fraud. WHY?

So, Mr. President, get down here and answer our questions! Bring Holder with you, and anyone else you can blame for your own directives. If you refuse, the American people, who have already learned to distrust anything you say, will determine if you are fit to continue holding your office. There are already bills of impeachment being drawn up, and if you think you can just ride roughshod over your constitutional equal, the Congress, you’re in for a big, big shock. You are not our boss – we are yours! We represent the American people who put us here.

We await your response, Mr. President.

-- Pat Boone, Aug. 16 WND column

Though I consider Lycurgus’ practices proto-fascism, just as applicable would be proto-Marxism, or progressivism, or liberalism, or socialism, or Darwinism, or environmentalism, etc., because historically all of these failed, evil, socialist worldviews demand an invidious racism, managed outcomes, social engineering, Social Darwinism, class/race eugenics, statism and collectivism designed by leftists to force society into the same, perpetual, globalist dystopia affecting most citizens.

Although he lived over 2,600 years before Karl Marx, the father of communism and socialism, I call Lycurgus a proto-Marxist (fascist) because Marx echoed the same pagan, anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-capitalist insanity of Lycurgus, which causes me to conclude: As in the world of the Democratic Socialist Party that gave America the Progressive Revolution and the Age of Obama, so it is in the world of Darwin, Nietzsche and Marx who wrote, “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.”

-- Ellis Washington, Aug. 16 WND column

Finally, there is good news in the Middle East. The Egyptian military, having removed the Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi after he and his terrorist group hijacked the democratic process, is now in the act of systematically destroying this Islamic cancer on the Arab state’s secular body politic. But the good news for Egypt and by extension Israel, its Jewish neighbor, is bad news for Barack Hussein Obama, our so-called “Muslim president.”

In a statement issued yesterday from the stronghold of the left, Martha’s Vineyard, where the “mullah in chief” is vacationing on our dime, Obama bellowed, “The United States strongly condemns the steps taken by the Egyptian interim government and security forces.” In so doing, Obama also canceled yearly and crucial national security joint defense exercises with the Egyptian military. This is an outrage; for once strong action is taken to snuff out the Muslim Brotherhood, the granddaddy of all Islamic terrorist groups and the parent that houses al-Qaida, and our president condemns it, leaving no doubt where his loyalties lie – not that we needed any further proof after five years of his bowing down to Saudi kings, endorsing the Ground Zero Mosque, disrespecting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, doing all he can to harm Israel and a host of other anti-Semitic and anti-Christian actions by him and his administration. But this condemnation is the pinnacle of his pro-Muslim efforts to aid the Islamic revolution at the expense of Jews and Christians and our national security interests in the Middle East and worldwide.


Perhaps Obama fears what the Egyptian military has done to Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood because he knows that the American people and its military, who have been sacrificed to “win the hearts and minds” of the enemy, may one day rise up and oust him and his comrades. One can only pray – not to Allah, but to our Lord and Savior – that justice will be done and that We the People will soon be liberated from this modern-day pharaoh. While Obama’s political opposition is no Moses, we hold our own future in our hands and must act soon before all is lost.

-- Larry Klayman, Aug. 16 WND column

Remember, Obama’s first coronation would never have occurred had former Clinton propagandist George Step-on-all-of-us not reminded the anointed during an interview that he was a “Christian,” not a Muslim. (Anyone who needs reminding is certainly neither.)

-- Craige McMillan, Aug. 16 WND column

If the American colonists of 1776 had had the same attitude toward King George as the Republican Party leaders show towards would-be King Obama, we would all still be British subjects.

Criticize Obama’s policies? Yes, of course, they do that. But call his actions by the correct term – despotism – when he usurps congressional powers and imposes laws unilaterally by executive edict? No. They can’t use that word.

Draw up articles of impeachment citing his many unconstitutional acts? Unthinkable.

Criticizing Obama’s lawlessness without calling it what it is, unconstitutional and dictatorial, is like criticizing a bank robber as “anti-social” without bringing him to trial. He will probably ignore the criticism and go on robbing banks.

Obama will continue ignoring the constitutional separation of powers and continue expanding the reach of his administrative edicts as long as the Republican Party lets him get away with it. Why would he stop?

-- Tom Tancredo, Aug. 16 WND column

Unable to pull himself away from the pool, golf course or this week’s “body man,” Barack Obama on Thursday released a statement reiterating his support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Obama announced that the United States was cancelling its biannual joint military exercise with Egypt – which the Egyptians had already canceled.

This was Obama’s retaliation for the Egyptian military’s crackdown on the Brotherhood – despite the fact that the Brotherhood has been burning churches and terrorizing Christians all over Egypt. Instead of punishing the new regime, Obama should be thanking it, and the Egyptian protesters, for saving his administration from the disastrous consequences of Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt.


Americans cannot sanction a pro-Shariah president. Obama was elected not only to protect and defend America, but to lead the free world. He has abandoned that task. And the enemedia are an activist arm of the Obama administration. Too many Americans are woefully unaware of the catastrophic consequences of this rogue president. And America is in free-fall.

-- Pamela Geller, Aug. 18 WND column

While the man who is president and his family luxuriate on Martha’s Vineyard for another of their sumptuous vacations, the rest of us Americans deal with the reality of life in 2013 – it isn’t pretty and it isn’t getting better.


Then there’s the supreme court of the state of New Mexico, which has just ruled that jurors there do not have to know how to speak, read or write English.

Spanish, English, Navajo – whatever!

I know justice is supposed to be blind, but it appears Obama and his ilk have managed to blindfold the Statue of Liberty, too.

All this can only end badly.

-- Barbara Simpson, Aug. 18 WND column

In the purview of many blacks, color of skin trumps all else. It doesn’t matter that Obama is unequivocally the worst president in history, nor that empirical analysis supports that fact. It matters not at all to the majority of black Americans that for all the tears of joy shed because a color had been elected to the White House and along with all of the cheers of gleeful expectation that the color in the White House would swing open the gates of providence bestowing upon them the long-awaited gifts of fortune owed them, in actuality these very people are worse off today than at any time since the Carter administration.

-- Mychal Massie, Aug. 19 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 8:07 AM EDT

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