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Monday, November 26, 2018
WND's Anti-Gay Activists Hate Film Exposing Anti-Gay Conversion Therapy
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The new film "Boy Erased" tells the fact-based story of a teen boy's encounter with a conversion therapy program to which his parents sent him to stop him from being gay. And WorldNetDaily's anti-gay columnists don't like it one bit.

Linda Harvey's Nov. 8 WND column complained that the movie is "a tale of mean Christians forcing a boy to be un-'gay.'," going on to doubt author Garrard Conley's personal experience and insisting that forcing people not to be gay is a good thing:

In the dream worlds of “LGBT” activists and their Tinseltown allies, Christians who help people struggling with same-sex attractions actually use methods of coercion, intimidation and physical torture – or so they apparently imagine.

They hope, hope, hope it’s like this or kind of like this, so the film “Boy Erased” won’t go down in flames as another ridiculous leftist fraud.

“Boy Erased” claims to be a memoir about actual events. I and others doubt that what is portrayed in this film ever happened, in Tennessee or anywhere. We continue to wait for those who might know to confirm or deny these allegations of terrible abuse.

Unfortunately for the producers, this film will make history – as a vehemently Christian-bashing, deceptive, unjust portrayal of what actually does happen when people are quietly and sensitively counseled about unwanted homosexual feelings. Quite often, those feelings are the rotten fruit of sexual molestation.

Not inborn and natural, but imposed and troubling.

It is totally possible to leave homosexual attractions behind because the awesome mercy and healing power of Jesus Christ changes desires, lives and destinies.

At the end of her column, Harvey is still complaining: "I think the American Christian church can see right through this. Even though this propaganda piece is sure to rank undeservedly high at the Academy Awards, it’s not true, and it’s not a reason to endorse homosexual behavior." As if what Harvey is offering isn't also propaganda.

Larry Tomczak similarly complains in his Nov. 12 WND column as he likens homosexuality to alcoholism:

The movie is convincing and communicates a compelling story. It will influence millions to accept homosexuality as normal while Christian attempts to encourage people (as Alcoholics Anonymous does) to yield totally to God and admit their inability to overcome their struggles in their own strength are obviously evil, manipulative and totally ineffective. The credits roll reminding us that there are still over 30 states that still allow this type of degrading conversion therapy.

And, like Harvey, Tomczak denies the reality depicted in the film and insists forcing people to stop being gay is a good thing:

Throughout America there are compassionate and skilled counselors who are committed to helping those struggling with same-sex attraction. They convey God’s unconditional love and His design for men and women so they can live in freedom and enjoy the “abundant life” (John10:10) Jesus promised all who follow His way.

They work tirelessly assisting people identify root causes; how to deal with ongoing temptation; plus, guide them graciously to walk victoriously in the power of God’s grace amidst supportive, authentic Christian community.

When a person genuinely repents and perseveres in the process, he or she experiences the incontrovertible truth of the glorious freedom and a new life in union with Christ. “Therefore, if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things have passed away. Look, all things have become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17).


This movie unfairly and blatantly portrays a treatment center as a sterile boot camp with a cult-like leader and heartless, abusive figures engaged in behavior modification and manipulative techniques. Forcing young people to publicly confess intimate sexual sins in a mixed setting of guys and girls will repel average moviegoers who lack discernment. The shameful bullying and beating of unrepentant teens by bashing them with Bibles in exorcisms not only strains credulity but makes one wonder how much of this young person’s journey was embellished to disgust impressionable and uninformed people.

Here’s the deal: “Boy Erased” is a superbly produced and acted presentation of propaganda. It will unfortunately mislead multitudes to reject attempts at helping those struggling with same-sex attraction plus reinforce the notion that change isn’t really possible.

Tomczak then rants: "Do you know that Scotland just became the first country in the world to mandate full LGBTQ curriculum be taught all children in all public schools? As salt we must counter the deception with truth!" Tomczak doesn't seem to recognize the truth that LGBT people are people too. Oh, and all is happening here is that Scotland will include lessons about LGBT history and equality and addressing anti-LGBT bias.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:23 AM EST

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