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Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

President Barack Obama rose to make the point that Christians should be very careful up there on their high horses criticizing Islamic groups like ISIS for crucifying children, burying their captives alive for “not being Muslin enough,” beheading them and, most recently, drenching a Jordanian pilot in flammable liquid and burning him to death in a cage. I was just about to solidify feelings of moral superiority for our different ways. Obama stopped me just in time.


But here? But now? While that metal cage was still smoking from the Jordanian pilot’s incineration? Is this the president’s idea of proper timing for that particular history lesson?

Why did it give me the impression that this president is not quite mad-as-hell at ISIS?

There’s something highly biblical going on. The forces of evil have risen. Will the forces of good rise up to overwhelm them? For that, stay tuned.

-- Barry Farber, Feb. 10 WorldNetDaily column

In those two words, “sacred union,” is the rub. Obama not only lied, but he used “God” to sell the lie, a stunning bit of blasphemy in whatever faith Obama professes.

For Obama, lying about his faith was apparently no big deal. As he told Axelrod after stumbling through a question on same-sex marriage, “I’m just not very good at bulls––ing.”

One has to ask, if Obama was willing to bulls–- about his relationship with God, what was he not willing to bulls–- about? Why should anyone, for instance, believe his “for me as a Christian” line?

The Axelrod revelation casts further doubt upon Obama’s professed Christianity and fuels the speculation that he might well be a crypto-Muslim.

-- Jack Cashill, Feb. 11 WND column

While Mr. Brokaw is calling for Mr. Williams’ head, we should remember the discussion Brokaw and Charlie Rose had just a week or so before Barack Obama was elected in 2008. In that conversation, which can be seen on Youtube, Brokaw and Rose discussed what little they, the media, or anybody knew about this Barack Obama community organizer.

Had Tom Brokaw been completely honest during his discussion with Mr. Rose, he would have stated how the media was in the tank for Barack Obama, which is why they didn’t live up to Journalism 101 by performing due diligence on Mr. Obama. Brokaw failed, many believe intentionally, to do his journalism job and encourage other reporters to do their jobs. For that, no one should ever listen to what this semi-retired windbag has to say.

-- Ted Nugent, Feb. 11 WND column

As circumstances in America deteriorate more rapidly (with the advancement of the Obama administration’s unimpeded agenda), I have noted an increasing instance of certain grave issues coming to light months after my having reported them (usually here on WND).

-- Erik Rush, Feb. 11 WND column

President Obama has, in so many words, explicitly expressed his desire for total control over you. As he sibilantly slurs his way through various attacks on Christianity, individual liberty, economic freedom, American exceptionalism and every other foundational tenet of this free nation’s founding documents and underlying philosophy, he is making clear not just that he hates you and your politics, hates you and your liberty, hates you and your family. He is establishing quite clearly through word and deed that he has absolutely no problem with the myriad ways in which your government (and every other entity, private and public) invades your privacy.

To Democrats, you are not an individual. To progressives, you are not a human being. To Obama, you are not a free citizen.

-- Phil Elmore, Feb. 11 WND column

Here we are again this week complaining about the same administration that has transgressed the law and the rights of the American people. Barry blurted out the truth in his confusion this week, claiming that the media overstates the terror threat (Deuteronomy 28:36).

However, the American people are now coming to the realization that he hates Christians (Leviticus 26:17).


Yet, in America we see that the president of the United States rules by his will concerning the decisions that are made from the people’s White House and does so arbitrarily. It is not for any representative, regardless of branch or capacity in which they serve the people, to rule outside of their scope of authority. That is unlawful and, therefore, illegal, which makes it a criminal act.

-- Bradlee Dean, Feb. 12 WND column

When Obama continued missing shot after shot, it was because he believes he is God, and that eventually the planets would re-align themselves and his shots would all start swishing through the net without his having to make even the slightest adjustment.

-- Burt Prelutsky, Feb. 12 WND column

It’s time for the media to start calling Obama out for what he is. The president simply is not detached from reality or incompetent, as the media apologetically often depict his numerous foreign-policy failures and scandals. Even Fox News, which I congratulate and appreciate for its hard-hitting fair and balanced reporting generally, skirts this central issue: Obama’s biases and prejudices and how they destructively affect his governance. Even if the media will not brand him as the anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic bigot he is, it is at least high time that reporters, columnist, and television and radio commentators say it straight up: Obama sees nearly everything and acts from the lens of his Muslim, African heritage, frequently to the detriment of the rest of us.

Last year I was criticized by the left-wing media for giving a speech satirically challenging the president to get up off his knees, to put the Quran down and to come out with his hands up. Given his prejudices and his myriad scandals, along with his refusal to call Islamic terrorism what it is – but instead casting blame on Jews and Israelis, Christians, whites and, by implication, Jesus himself – my words now ring truer than ever.

-- Larry Klayman, Feb. 13 WND column

In some ways, I actually have a degree of sympathy for Barack Obama, or whoever the man in the White House actually is. While you are gathering up the stones, I will explain those sympathies.

  • The man is in so far over his head he has given up. All that matters to him now is his eventual escape from the fishbowl of the presidency and the perks and distractions of which he can avail himself between now and then.
  • The man doesn’t have the education he claims to have. If he did, he would have written to the colleges and requested the public release of his educational activities. Why would you not be proud of those accomplishments?

-- Craige McMillan, Feb. 13 WND column

Does anyone believe anything Obama says about anything? If he promised the sun will rise next Monday morning, tens of millions of Americans will start planning for life in darkness, and for good reason.

-- Tom Tancredo, Feb. 13 WND column

Barack Obama and others like him have a direct connection to evil; whereas too often people serving God are not directly connected to truth. This is why Obama can lie and push his destructive agenda and mercilessly attack our freedoms and sacred institutions.

-- Jesse Lee Peterson, Feb. 13 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 8:14 PM EST

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