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Saturday, July 15, 2023
WND's Lewis Pushes Famine Conspiracy By 'Elites'
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Patrice Lewis has decided that the world's "elites" deliberately want the world to starve. She declared in her May 19 column:

We live in an age of manufactured crises. It's not enough to complain about racism, or sexism, or inflation, or immigration, or food shortages. No, the elites manufacture these crises where none existed before. They teach children to hate each other based on skin color, they destroy any strides women have made in the last few decades, they create shortages and increase the money supply, they throw open borders willy-nilly, and they close farms or start wars or declare certain foods to be evil so as to create food shortages. Oh, and then they stifle and punish anyone's attempts to point out the obvious by attacking free speech as "misinformation." I think Cloward and Piven had something to say about these tactics.

In other words, manufacture a crisis, then implement draconian responses to that crisis. Now the entire global food supply is being put at risk from the disastrous responses to the so-called "nitrogen crisis." Don't believe me? Ask the people of Sri Lanka how things are going.

"Nitrogen is a vital component of plant metabolism which is obtained from the soil," notes this article. "Alas, there is not enough nitrogen in the soil to grow plants at the scale needed to feed global populations. Before the arrival of commercial nitrogen fertilizers, famine was a frequent feature of the unreliable food supply across parts of the world. Without the fertilizer, famine will resume its gruesome role, something mainstream Net Zero politicians have to address in the near future. Virtue-signaling green delusions about 'rewilding,' bug diets and organic farming will not feed the world, probably not even a quarter of it."

In other words, the elites are poised to orchestrate famines in the near future by forcibly reducing the food supply through this nitrogen "crisis."

Modern farming has bred food security, which in turn has bred food complacency among the elites. Only those who have never known hunger can so cavalierly condemn others to die by starvation. Read that again: Only those who have never known hunger can so cavalierly condemn others to die by starvation.

Lewis offered no evidence that "elites" want people to starve or that they are intentionally limiting thte global supply of nitrogen. But the nitrogen shortage is real and is being discussed, despite Lewis claiming that there is "a curious and inexplicable silence among mainstream media and government officials." Instead, she went on another anti-"elite" rant:

And here's what "puzzles" me (/sarc/): The elites themselves need to eat. Why would they jeopardize even their own food supply by implementing these policies? I don't see them offering to eat crickets or live in caves; or better yet, kill themselves so as to remove their offensive carbon footprints for the good of the planet.

The answer, of course, is it's not about nutrition or climate change. It is, as always, about control.

We are on a madhouse collision course. Author Ayn Rand put it best: "We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality."

Lewis repeated a lot of this in her July 7 column:

There are few things more heartless than condemning people to die by starvation. Famines are cruel, capricious things. In ancient times, crop failures could happen for endless reasons: locusts, plant diseases, floods, droughts, etc. But in modern times, the vast majority of famines have been man-made. It is impossible to understate the horror of such events.

So here we are, looking into the yawning chasm of an unknown future, and being warned that famine once again is on the horizon. If this should come to pass, once again it will be a man-made event – and not because of climate change, but because of meddling governments fighting for power.

"It's curious to me that, at the very time the globalists are warning about food shortages and famine, their mouthpieces at the World Bank, the U.N., and within the administrations of the U.S. and its allies (notice China and Russia are nowhere to be found in these preposterous anti-food policies), are talking about converting over to a new and unproven form of 'sustainable' farming that's based more on reducing methane than it is on producing the highest yields of food," observes journalist Leo Hohmann.

You might remember Hohmann as the wildly Islamophobic onetime WND reporter who was so bad at his job that his anti-Muslim reporting had to be stealth-edited sometimes months after the fact, presumably to avoid lawsuits. He has discreditted himself quite thoroughly, so it's puzzling that Lewis would treat him as credible. But Lewis had more fearmongering to do:

Government takeover of farms is not uncommon, nor are the resulting famines. The Soviets' collectivization of farms ultimately led to the Ukrainian Holodomor. The Great Chinese Famine (which occurred as a result of the "Great Leap Forward" and "people's communes") is regarded as one of the greatest man-made disasters in human history. Is it any wonder Dutch farmers are fighting the same takeover agenda by their government? It's not hard to see the end result.

At the risk of repeating a cliché, whoever controls the food controls the people. The weaponization of food is nothing new in the annals of history, except this time it's being done on a far more international scale. Globalists and their useful idiots (the climate activists) have been desperate to reduce the human population for generations. If they can't do it indirectly, then by golly they'll do it directly by creating food shortages.

You've been warned.

Lewis' sources cannot be trusted, so one would be urged to work elsewhere for something more credible and less alarmist.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:23 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, July 15, 2023 2:24 AM EDT

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