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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
WND Tried To Scare Its Readers One More Time Before Midterms
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Scaring its dwindling right-wing audience into voting for Repubicans and against Democrats is one thing WorldNetDaily just loves to do, so it's not surprising that the fearmongering form WND columnists crested the evening before the midterms, the final pre-election columns readers would see. Let's review how that went.

We've waited a long time for this.

I suggest there are two things to do today without fail – VOTE AND PRAY!

Voting has never been more important. It's a matter of saving our country – nothing short of that. This could be a pivotal election. It must be. It's deadly serious. There is no excuse for not voting this time. It has never before been more important.

I cannot promise you a fair election. I cannot promise you some of it will not be rigged. I cannot promise you that the Democrats will not try to fix it. I cannot promise you that we will win all of the races we deserve to win. I CAN promise you there will be shenanigans. One side has demonstrated its willingness to cheat in election after election.

But there is no question we must try. We must succeed. We must bring about the expected RED WAVE to save this nation as best we can – peacefully, under the law.


Today is the day to vote like we never have needed to do before in the United States of America. Our lives, our posterity, our fortunes depend on it. It's a somber day – full of anxious moments.

Pray to God like you have never done before. May God help us!

-- Joseph Farah, Nov. 7

Once upon a time in the fabled Land of Georgia, a diabolical Wicked Witch and a demonic Evil Warlock joined forced to overthrow the powers of truth and justice in order to subjugate The People of the Kingdom.

Through their cunning, lies, deceit, debauchery and treachery, the Wicked Witch and the Evil Warlock succeeded in deceiving the people, ousting the true rulers and assuming control of the throne.

The result was to bring a frozen eternal winter to the Land of Georgia and the surrounding Land of Freedom subjugated by their evil relatives – and there was no Christmas.

Because of the Witch and the Warlock's diabolical and malignant schemes, the people of Georgia were left impoverished as inflation soared, making prices for energy, goods and services so astronomical they could barely afford to feed and care for their families.

After taking power, the Wicked Witch and the Evil Warlock even began to torture, dismember and murder babies through their campaign of terror. Human sacrifices for their demonic and perverse pagan religious rituals were both performed and encouraged.


Joining with the Lion, the people of Georgia fought in a mighty war against the Witch and the Warlock culminating in The Battle of the Eighth of November and even beyond as the Witch and Warlock sought to defeat the Lion in one last gasp through fraud, stealth and deceit – but to no avail.

As the Lion restored power back to the people of the Land of Georgia, the Witch and the Warlock were banished in disgrace never to be heard from again.

Soon the winter ice began to melt, and springtime once again returned to Georgia – and the people cheered and thanked God for sending the Lion to deliver them from the evil that had come upon them.

-- "George Bailey" (a fake name), Nov. 7

So does the D or the R matter at the end of a politician's name? You had better believe that it does. So how do I decide for whom to vote? Well, I think a good idea is to spend a few minutes and look at the two very different platforms. Again, this platform is a covenant the parties have put together that represents their beliefs and ideals. This platform, this covenant, is like a table each party is laying out before us loaded with all their beliefs, ideals, aims and standards. Our vote chooses of which table we have decided to partake. As for my family and myself, we compare these distinctly different tables to the Word of God. The Bible says:

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over." (Psalm 23:5)

So God has prepared a table, a covenant – a platform – before us through His Word, the Bible. We have to take God's table with His beliefs, ideals, aims and standards and compare it to the table the Democrats have prepared and the table the Republicans have prepared. We then choose to sit at the covenant table with the political party that most aligns itself with the table of the LORD. That is how we vote. That is how we choose. That is how we judge and discern the righteous from wickedness. We use the authoritative Word of God. The Bible clearly says: "Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils." (I Corinthians 10:21)

As you vote, remember you are choosing at which table you are going to sit and with which governing group you are choosing to covenant. I hope you choose one most aligned with God, so that He can "Bless Us, Every One!"

-- Richard Blakley, Nov. 7

Stacey Abrams is trying win the highest elected position in her state – the state and people, mind you, she disparages and viciously vilifies at every opportunity.

That's the mentality and the reality of the worldview they must espouse if they want a seat at the Democratic table. Democrats do not permit nor suffer individuality. Why else would those who claim they're being victimized, hunted down and murdered by police and treated with monumental contempt, support abortion?

These emotionally indentured people are willing to promote paying to have their children brutally murdered by Planned Parenthood, the most evil agency in American history, one that celebrates its so-called whiteness.

They're willing to be mistreated, disrespected, insulted, treated like chattel and allowed to speak only as directed. But, these people know who butters their bread, as the saying goes.

To be treated as I've just shown and be expected to show gratitude is the height of servitude. No wonder those such as myself are hated and feared by them.

-- Mychal Massie, Nov. 7

The problem with inflation is spending. An increase in spending will not repair that. The problem with immigration is a porous border. Further opening the border will not fix it. Fake news will not be solved by more lies. Drug abuse will not be solved by more legalization of dangerous drugs. Crime will not be solved by letting criminals off the hook. And, if anyone is crazy enough to want World War III, I can tell you the best way to achieve that goal – appease those who threaten World War III. Weakness draws aggression like sugar draws flies.

A moral freefall underlies all these problems. Breaking down even more of our moral foundation will only make matters worse. Yet, that's what our society continues to do.

As always, we find our hope in the grace of Jesus Christ. The United States can have another Great Awakening. Millions can still turn to Jesus. I believe that would hold off America's fall until after the rapture. Better yet, all those millions get to go to heaven! So, don't give up on the United States. Don't stop hoping, and don't stop praying. Work to make things better. Have faith that as you do His will, God is always on your side.

-- Hal Lindsey, Nov. 7

Posted by Terry K. at 3:23 PM EST

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