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Saturday, November 5, 2022
WND Columnists Fearmonger About Biden, Dems To Scare Right-Wingers Into Voting
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Wayne Allyn Root isn't the only WorldNetDaily columnist to engage in extreme rhetoric about Democrats in general and President Biden in pjarticular in order to scare right-wingers into voting. Here are some of the others.

Since January 2022, rapacious politicians, led by the most compromised and destructive president in our lifetimes, have failed us, our Western allies and our nation's future. The hopes and dreams of our progeny have been put at grave risk by the Biden regime's embrace of a far-left, domestic and foreign, globalist agenda.

On his first day in office, Sleepy Joe destroyed our nation's energy independence. Now, with the sabotage of the only undersea pipeline capable of supplying Germany and much of Europe with natural gas to heat homes and businesses in winter, the Biden regime is hoping to consummate a deal with the despotic ayatollahs in Tehran to get fossil fuel for European consumers.

Domestically, the Biden regime's plan to recruit, train and deploy 87,000-plus IRS officials will make biblical tax collectors look like benefactors. His White House has opened our southern border to millions of undocumented immigrants while ignoring an unprecedented nationwide crime wave and horrific overdose deaths from Communist Chinese-concocted fentanyl.


A far-left troika – Biden, Pelosi and Schumer – has declared war on Christians, conservatives, hardworking Americans, members of our Armed Forces and anyone unwilling to bow to their unfettered authority. Left unchecked, this terrible trio will convert America into a Third World country governed by unelected globalists thousands of miles from our shores. They are a threat to our Constitution and the Judeo-Christian principles upon which the United States of America was founded. Undeterred, their actions will prevent the USA from remaining the freest, most productive, prosperous and generous nation on Earth.

In just 35 days we can stop the Biden, Pelosi, Schumer Troika from destroying our constitutional republic. We the People have the power to end their reign of tyranny. Our founders gave us the weapon we need to avoid a catastrophe. It's called an election.

-- Oliver North and David Goetsch, Oct. 4 column

Biden has already stuffed the federal judiciary with 84 new leftist judges, more than any recent president at this stage, and another 57 Biden nominees are pending before the equally divided Senate. Only a GOP-controlled U.S. Senate can stop Biden's mad dash to change our laws through activist judges, as the GOP did in 2016 when Obama tried to replace Justice Scalia with Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court.

Roe v. Wade could even be reinstated if Biden and Democrats get their way in this election, and Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg just gave the ACLU $3 million toward that goal.

-- Anmdy Schlafly, Oct. 4 column

Unfortunately, the Constitution does not envision a situation wherein a president, a speaker of the House of Representatives and a Senate majority leader would form a far-left, treasonous cabal to govern the United States of America. Yet that is precisely what we have today in the Biden, Pelosi, Schumer Troika.

This terrible trio is why we forfeited energy independence and why we are in economic free fall with horrendous debt and runaway inflation. It's why we no longer have a southern border and millions of "migrants" have invaded our country. It's why an unprecedented violent crime wave is sweeping our nation. It's why tens of thousands of our countrymen are dying from Communist Chinese fentanyl. And it's why every law enforcement entity in our land is short-handed, reeling from the troika's "defund the police" movement. 


Finally, the questions about how ethically, physically and mentally compromised the head of the troika may be. Have Hunter Biden's dealings with the Communist Chinese made our president vulnerable to blackmail by Xi? Does Joe Biden have the stamina to deal with a collapsing economy here at home, Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine and the possibility of a nuclear exchange in Europe? Is his cognitive disarray so severe he cannot grasp why describing Putin's threats as a potential "Armageddon" is seen as "weakness"?

Strike back! On Nov. 8, take at least five voters with you to the polls.

-- Oliver North and David Goetsch, Oct. 11 column

On Joe Biden's first day in office, he signed an executive order that has become emblematic of his presidency, stopping the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, a conduit that would have transported more than 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Canada into the U.S. He has since canceled or halted leases for the production of oil in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. These decisions, along with other Biden policies and regulations, have contributed to spiraling energy prices. This past summer, the average price of gasoline hit $5 a gallon. In some parts of California, a gallon of gas has cost $8 a gallon this year.


This, in turn, has dramatically increased the prices of everything else, including production and transportation of goods.

Wages were rising under the Trump administration, while unemployment continued to decrease. Inflation was low.

In stark contrast, inflation has increased every month since Biden took office, and is now the highest it has been in 40 years, creating what some economists have calculated is an 8.5% reduction in Americans' "real wages."

-- Laura Hollis, Oct. 13 column

In the last major election, some sat out. Radicals won out. Now we must vote out those harming our nation before more damage is done.

Remember the words of warning from Thomas Jefferson: "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

I beseech you with all the urgency and fervency I have to join millions of patriotic and principled Americans in what can be the most significant turnaround election in our history.


Today we face the brutal reality of recession, a tottering stock market, worst inflation in 40 years and the highest gas prices in history; sky-high mortgage interest rates; explosive violent crime in cities; unprecedented border chaos and the accompanying fentanyl deadly epidemic; CRT and radical LGBTQ indoctrination in schools, businesses and military; corruption in the media, Department of Justice and FBI; "woke" and "climate crisis" ideology undermining freedoms and justifying out-of-control spending fueling inflation; transgender mutilation, abortion (until birth), marijuana legalization and student loan absolution; massive government giveaways and underwriting of "illegals'" medical care, transportation, cellphones, food stamps and education; finally, an inept, increasingly incapacitated almost 80-year-old "accidental president" who called out a dead congresswoman in the audience as he regularly bumbles through prepared propaganda on the teleprompter.

-- Larry Tomczak, Oct. 18 column

Who wants a cuddly, fluffy Biden hand puppet? Impress your friends and neighbors with this official three-letter-agency-crafted, heirloom-quality Biden look alike! Listen to entertaining, official words of folksy Biden family wisdom like, "Oh, come on, man! You know … the thing!"

Get one puppet FREE with each $70 billion taxpayer-sponsored donation to the NATO-Ukraine war effort, which when fully funded will obliterate both Mad Vlad Putin and his evil Russian military!

Craige McMillan, Oct. 21 column

But what about Russia? Biden is president. It is his duty to guide the nation away from nuclear war, not promote it. Why thrust himself out in front of his own failure? Everyone in America, left or right, knows the Democratic Party has been lashing out at Russia for six years. For Democrats, there is no threat greater than Russia, Russia, Russia.

So why threaten Americans with nuclear annihilation? Biden and his handlers must be convinced they can say and do anything and still sweep to victory on Nov. 8.


How will Americans react if the secret federal campaign to register people and get out the vote results in an overwhelming win for the people who blew up the economy, destroyed the border, abandoned Afghanistan and then rushed into Ukraine, focused the attention of kindergarteners on their sex organs and declared the United States of America racist to the core?

A Democratic victory would mean those obscenities are a winning strategy, and it also means it is only a matter of time before the nation goes kaput.

-- Mike Pottage, Oct. 27 column

Should we reform the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI leadership to ensure our law enforcement agencies provide "equal justice" for all Americans? Shouldn't the shutdown of America's energy independence and use of our Strategic Petroleum Reserves for partisan political purposes be unlawful? Should elitist demands for government to eliminate transportation powered by internal combustion engines be acceptable?

Do polls reflecting parental anger at government and teachers unions' collusion on indoctrinating children with phony, anti-white racism, gender transitions (with proper pronouns!) and revisionist history mean nothing? "Green Weenies" and anti-parent candidates do not represent us.


Will those we elect next week help make us – and our Asian allies – less vulnerable to perils posed by North Korea's nuclear weapons? Must we face a future where women are gunned down by Tehran's ayatollahs while they acquire nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them?

God-fearing, conservative Americans who want to preserve our constitutional republic know the answers to the questions above. Vote with them next week.

Strike back! On Nov. 8, take at least five voters with you to the polls.

-- Oliver North and David Goetsch, Oct. 31 column

One of our political parties has evolved into a left-leaning entity, excusing mob violence and anarchist conduct, and is unbelievably seducing a less-informed generation. That party has two goals:

1. Retain political power by any means necessary in concert with a corrupt media and politicians lacking any moral code.

2. Remove our Judeo-Christian foundations representing a bulwark to their plans to reconstruct America through a secular vision, embracing a globalist "Green New Deal" and Marxist/socialist way of life.

As we raise our children in today's confused culture, we're faced with politicians and positions that are unbiblical and dangerous. Conservatives are increasingly ostracized because of biblical standards we unapologetically embrace. Explain this to your children.

Voting for wrong candidates will affect ours and our children's future! We're directed by Jesus to be "salt" – not isolated but influential in preserving society from decay.

-- Larry Tomczak, Nov. 1 column

Posted by Terry K. at 3:18 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, November 5, 2022 3:19 AM EDT

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