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Monday, September 10, 2012
WND's Ellis Washington Goes Gaga Over Obama-Hater's Speculative Fantasy
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Ellis Washington spends two entire columns regurgitating the speculative anti-Obama film "Dreams From My Real Father" and treats every single claim it makes as fact.

How gullible is Washington? Take this passage from his Aug. 31 column, for instance:

When you compare Davis’ doctrinaire Marxist resume with the son-of-a-goat-herder story Obama and his propagandists have fed America for 50 years, it becomes self-evident that the Kenyan story was a cover to hide the fact that Obama’s young promiscuous mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was a regular guest at Frank’s house. (Stanley Sr. and Frank were drinking buddies.) Obama’s mom was hell-bent on getting revenge on her father for making her leave all her friends her senior year in Washington for Hawaii, where she knew no one. Ann sought refuge in dad’s new cool friend, Frank Marshall Davis. Soon we would have the pornographic pictures showing Obama’s mother in several sexually suggestive positions. We now know that Davis sold these photos to men’s mail-order stag magazines.

Ironically, the naked pictures we see of young Ann were taken by Davis in December 1960 when she was five weeks pregnant with Barack Obama.

It is a small step from young Ann Dunham sneaking out of high school to Frank’s house to listen to jazz, to take pornographic pictures, have forbidden conversations and to engage in orgies where the fruit of one of those sordid affairs was to be a future president of the United States. But who would elect a “red diaper baby” (i.e., the child of a communist)? That’s why Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham Sr., and Obama’s mother conspired together to formulate the Kenyan student plot – to get Barack Obama Sr., a recent Kenyan national on a temporary student visa recruited by Stanley Dunham Sr., a CIA spy, to become a future CIA operative when he returned back to Africa – one of many Cold War programs fighting world Soviet hegemony.

But as we've previously pointed out, Gilbert never proves that the nude photos in question are of Obama's mother. And where is Washington getting his claim that Ann Dunham "engaged in orgies"? It appears that Washington is trying to slut-shame a dead woman in order to smear her son as an illegitimate bastard. Socrates -- the real one, not Washington's imaginary philosopher -- would not approve.

Washington also claims that Obama made "two well-publicized trips to Kenya in 1987 and 2006." Obama was a senator in 2006, but was an unknown student in 1987, making it highly unlikely that trip was "well-publicized."

Wsahington takes his love-fest for the speculative film to an absurd extent in his Sept. 7 column, devoting paragraphs to what the film's Obama impersonator says as if it was actually coming from Obama's lips or somehow based in reality instead of an Obama-hater's speculative fantasy.

But then, Washington is an Obama-hater who engages in speculative fantasy too, so it was apparently predestined that he's the ideal, uncritical audience for this film.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:05 AM EDT

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