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Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Obama has been anything but truthful about his real intentions, but for those who are willing to factually assess what he has done thus far, his intentions are crystal clear.

Those leftists who believe themselves to be wise and all-knowing have spread the Neo-Leninist “America is evil” lie as they espouse views critical of our capitalist free-market economy and foment class warfare.

All of this being said, I believe Obama aspires to accomplish three primary objectives: fundamentally change America, collapse America’s economic system to the point that we fall under a world rule, and redistribute America’s wealth in the way and manner that pleases him, consistent with his Neo-Leninist philosophy.

What I’ve said may be difficult for some to believe, but that makes my assertions no less true.

-- Mychal Massie, Aug. 27 WorldNetDaily column

Obama didn’t start America’s love for free stuff. But, Brother, what a follow-up artist! Obama has made us comfortable with Marxism. At least the real Communist countries never seemed to worry about any national debt.

It was Communism that made Richard Nixon president, first as vice president because of the good job he did exposing Alger Hiss as a traitor. I remember when the Communist scare was so acute, if you got called down to the “security office” of a government bureau over a lost glove, your co-workers wouldn’t sit with you at lunch any more.

And now we’ve got a Communist Party in America and their preferred candidate: Barack Obama!

Is Obama really a Marxist? Yes. He’s 100 percent Marx – 50 percent Karl and 50 percent Groucho.

-- Barry Farber, Aug. 28 WND column

There is no room in this column to point out all of the obvious defects in Mr. Obama’s transparently forged “birth certificate.” I have summarized them in a briefing for my Peers. Get it from Forgery has been committed. The fraudsters should be locked up forever.

But the real criminals are those in high office who know Mr. Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery but willfully, sullenly do absolutely nothing about it.

-- Christopher Monckton, Aug. 28 WND column

Now, back to reality, including the possibility that what we could be facing after Nov. 6 is not Romney-Ryan tinkering around the edges, but, rather, a permanent Der Fuhrbama dictatorship. So voters have to decide whether they prefer quick death or slow, agonizing death. What a great choice.

-- Robert Ringer, Aug. 29 WND column

I indicated earlier that I am decidedly skeptical when it comes to polls that show President Obama in this supposed dead heat with Romney. I predicted that biased polling and duplicitous respondent data would substantially affect poll results, and that the press was going to report Obama as ahead up until Election Day, even if Romney winds up winning by a landslide. Some of these factors have been challenging to members of the conservative base and newly galvanized independents, who understand how vitally important it is that Obama is defeated in November. Considering the decades of plotting and subterfuge in which the far-left machine has engaged, they tend to perceive it as a juggernaut that could run roughshod over the electorate, ensuring another term for this dangerous and criminal administration.

-- Erik Rush, Aug. 29 WND column

“There is one experience which most sincere ex-Communists share,” wrote Whittaker Chambers in his classic conversion narrative “Witness,” and that is the epiphany, the road-to-Damascus moment, the instant they realize the life they have been living is a lie.

Chambers memorably quotes one young woman about her father’s Damascus moment: “He was immensely pro-Soviet … and then – you will laugh at me – but you must not laugh at my father – and then – one night – in Moscow – he heard screams. That’s all. Simply one night he heard screams.”

Barack Obama has never heard those screams. He has written two books – or at least put his name on two books – and not hinted that he ever had anything like a Damascus moment.

-- Jack Cashill, Aug. 29 WND column

Barack Obama is going to war with Mitt Romney. He isn’t fighting this war alone. He is fighting it with some women. Not just any women, he has a brigade of women who cannot or will not think for themselves.

They pick their president the way a 7-year-old picks her Barbie Doll. They think Obama is cute and swoon over meaningless phrases like “hope and change.” They have bought into his class-warfare rhetoric, the old zero-sum game. I am poor (or not as comfortable as I’d like to be) because someone else is rich. Obama has promised to punish the rich, and these women believe the rich deserve it.

-- Jane Chastain, Aug. 29 WND column

I had another analogy, a parable, for the choice we made four years ago:

You’re seated comfortably in a brand new Boeing 777 Stratoliner for its maiden flight. As it begins to taxi out to the runway, a friendly voice announces, “This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard the first flight in this magnificent aircraft. Sit back and relax, you’re in good hands. I’m Captain Barack Hussein Obama, and I promise you I’m going to fundamentally transform the whole experience of flight for you! I’ve never flown this particular craft before. To be honest, I’ve never actually flown any plane before … but I can figure out how all these buttons and switches and gauges work as we go. Don’t worry about a thing, I’m the captain, and I’m in charge.

“Now, let’s see … how do you start this thing?”

In this parable, I see virtually every passenger clawing at the windows and rushing the exit doors, screaming to be let off! And that pictures just one aircraft – the reality it represents is the largest economy, the strongest nation and military, the most complex and successful government on the planet, handed over to a charming man who had absolutely no experience managing any of those things, or anything like them!

-- Pat Boone, Aug. 31 WND column

Posted by Terry K. at 7:23 PM EDT

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