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Thursday, October 7, 2010
WND Cranks Up the Gay-Bashing
Topic: WorldNetDaily

With the recent rash of suicides among gay youths -- and even "ex-gay" grouup Exodus International has into abandoned its support for a right-wing counterprotest to the "day of silence" as too divisive and confrontational -- notoriously anti-gay WorldNetDaily is torn between avoiding responsibility and throwing more fuel on the fire.

Taking the former route is anti-gay activist Linda Harvey, who makes no effort to countenance that gay-haters like herself could possibly be responsible, instead blaming gays for it:

The already troubled youngster is often the one drawn to homosexuality or gender compromise and is extremely vulnerable. For many reasons, the grand experiment is crashing before our eyes. But it's our precious young people, the targets of the double barrels of cruel words as well as cruel sexual manipulation, who are paying the ultimate price.

One wonders if any of these kids ever heard a clearly articulated warning against homosexuality. Or were they faced with a continuous onslaught of pro-homosexual diversity lessons, novels and events like the "Day of Silence"? Were they surrounded with liberal teachers as role models and the bad example of a homosexual school club? What part did any of this play in the sad belief that homosexuality was an inevitable destiny, instead of a wayward yet changeable sexual inclination? Under almost continuous pressure to accept a lie – confusion and then despair may be the predictable result.

On top of all this, then, in some young lives come the bullies. They are a part of life, especially for boys. But for the young person with same-sex attractions, this is the final straw where they feel totally trapped, with internal feelings they have been carefully taught "cannot be changed" on the one hand, and harsh peer rejection on the other. Yes, it looks hopeless indeed.


Could the stifling political correctness in certain schools be one of the reasons some kids feel utterly hopeless? Think about it. Even in the face of relentless taunts about homosexuality, many if not most kids would be able to survive intact if they saw the perpetrators punished and also knew they had a choice.

Harvey doesn't ask whether activists like herself are the ones inspiring those bullies.

Doing the latter is Molotov Mitchell -- remember, he's the man's man who has no problem with a proposed law in Uganda that would kill people for engaging in homosexual behavior. In his latest video, Mitchell feels the need, apropos of nothing except perhaps inspiration from gay suicides, to blame anorexic models on gay fashion designers -- and, of course, insult gays in the process:

Frankly, I think the anti-homosexual agenda should be raging in the fashion world more than it is in politics. The problem with the fashion industry isn't the women, it's the gay men who direct and cast them. Sure, gay men have contributed to fashion and art, but nobody talks about the numerous negatives that they have foisted upon us consumers, and models are the perfect example.

Straight men don't want a skeleton with lipstick, they want curves, man! Womanly, buxom figures. But gay men dominate fashion, and they do everything in their power to make beautiful women look like little boys. You heard me right. Gay designers wouldn't know beauty if it walked on the the set of "Mad Men" and kissed them. They've got one thing on their mind, and it sure ain't beautiful women.

Ol' Molotov  even offers a little lifestyle advice for de-gayifying yourself:

So the next time you women see an ad featuring an emaciated, skeletal chick, remember gay men find that attractive, not real men. Men, do not do this, but women, you could borrow a copy of Maxim. Those are the figures men prefer, not the gay Ralph Lauren fantasy that we've all been sold. So be healthy, exercise and ignore the Madison barrage because you are a woman. Be a woman. Don't be anything else.

And for you men who bought into the waif campaign: wake up! You're living a gay man's fantasy, man! You're the ones who are supposed to be hard and tough and straight. So start jogging, start a martial art, and tell your ladyfriends that they are beautiful. Because I don't let pedarasts dictate my definition, and neither should you.

But if men aren't supposed to read Maxim, won't it go out of business? It seems like he's defeat his own purposes.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:31 AM EDT

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