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The MRC Hating Transgender People, 2023 Edition: Part 2

The transphobic meltdowns continued among Media Research Center writers as the year progressed, which included complaints that right-wing transphobic hate was being called out for what it is.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 11/15/2023

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg

The Media Research Center kicked off 2023 with a torrent of transgender hate, and its transphobic war has continued apace. Chief transphobe Tierin-Rose Mandelburg found another child to attack in a March 31 post:
“I’ve known I was a girl so long that I don’t remember life as a boy.”

Well kid, you have your whole life ahead of you to blame your parents for that.

9-year-old Sunny Bryant gave a speech at the Texas State Capitol building this week protesting a TX bill that would prohibit kids from permanently damaging their bodies.

Senate Bill 14 would ban physicians from providing puberty blockers, hormone therapy or surgeries for children. These acts of, what the left calls “gender-affirming care,” are extremely dangerous for anyone, especially children who haven’t fully developed yet. The ban would save many children from life-altering damage. Yet activists and even some kids like Sunny disagree.

At the start, the moderator asked “you are against the bill?” The child had to look to his mother to verify his answer before turning back to the mic. Clearly this child was confused.


Hearts should break for this kid. As his mother stood next to him, coaching him on the speech she wrote, he stood and presented lie after lie. He’s not to blame though. His parents and whoever else helped feed a delusion are at fault. Let the child be a child and worry about Christmas presents or who’s going to be “it” first in tag or who can hold their breath longest in the pool. A child shouldn’t be worrying about things like this because they shouldn’t be involved in things like this.

Any child, especially a nine-year-old, that thinks he or she is “transgender” is a victim of child abuse. Period.

We don't recall Mandelburg asserting that a child spouting programmed right-wing narratives at a legislative hearing to be a victim of "child abuse."

Jay Maxson called on America's greatest transgender-hating transgender person for an April 6 post (but not before misgendering her and attacking her for being transgender, of course):

Can you imagine if Bruce Jenner had gone the transgender route before he won the Olympic decathlon in 1976? He would have thoroughly demolished all female competition, it would have made a mockery of women’s competition ... and I think he knows it. Now known as Caitlyn, Jenner has launched the Fairness First PAC to fight against males wreaking havoc in female athletics.

The man who fathered six children with three wives vaulted out of the closet as a “transgender woman” in 2015. But, like Martina Navratilova, he’s a famous ex-athlete who wants to prevent males from destroying the integrity of female sports. Jenner announced his new political action committee Tuesday, and tweeted his belief that equality should take precedence over inclusion:


The former Olympic champion has heard all the vitriol before and continues to stand courageously against the radical alphabet mob. He won’t back down in his fight for present and future generations at risk from the insidious trans movement.

The next day, Maxson called on a Republican presidential candidate whose campaign the MRC helped launch:

To all woke advocates of transgender madness: try justifying this. Fallon Fox, a male transgender who fights over-matched women, broke the skull of one of his victims. Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who posted a video of the male mauling that woman, was rightly outraged in calling transgenderism a “cult” and a “mental health crisis.”

The horrible beat-down happened in 2014, but Ramaswamy is citing this as Exhibit A for why men do not belong in women’s athletic competitions. He also criticized Bud Light and Nike for entering into partnerships with a trans activist, citing it as an example of large corporations' consistent push to engage in "the worst kind of woke capitalism.”

To make this travesty of justice worse, male trannie Fallon Fox tweeted in 2020, “I enjoyed it. See, I love smacking up TEFS (sic) in the cage who talk transphobic nonsense. It’s bliss!”

Maxson didn't mention until much later in the article that the sport involved here is mixed martial arts, where broken bones are not uncommon. Also, Fallon's 2014 opponent, Tamikka Brents, didn't suffer a skull fracture in the fight (though she did have an orbital bone fracture and a concussion).

In an April 8 post, Clay Waters huffed: "On National Public Radio’s Morning Edition Wednesday, new show host Michel Martin invited a Kansas-based reporter to join her in a rhetorical frenzy against an 'extreme' transgender bill recently passed by the Kansas legislature that 'basically erases' transgenders by refusing to indulge the fantasy that one's biological sex is based on personal belief." He later whined, "No one at NPR -- host or guest -- feels the need to explain common-sense opposition to spreading gender dysphoria. It's just a useful tool for Republicans."

An April 10 post by Mandelburg hyped how "A worried mother from Maine is suing her local school board for keeping her child’s “transgender” identity a secret from her," adding: "Schools and so-called “trusted adults” have been on the prowl for vulnerable young kids and teens so that they may imprint their indoctrination methods and facilitate and army of LGBTQ people. The amount of groomers in schools these days are too many to count and the school where [the mother's] innocent daughter attended is no exception." Mandelburg didn't mention that the school district has called the stories circulating about the case "a grossly inaccurate and one-sided story" and that is prohibited by confidentiality requirements from publicly responding. She also failed to explain how any of this qualifies as "grooming." Mandelburg had another transphobic meltdown the following day:

Gone are the days where only little girls dream of being ballerinas. Now, grown men can pursue dreams of being “female” ballet dancers too.

Sophie Rebecca, a former IT technician and biological man, was accepted to the prestigious Royal Ballet Academy back in 2017 as the company’s first transgender artist. Recently, amid the transgender firestorm in the world, Rebecca’s story has sparked more controversery.

According to Reduxx Magazine, the 6ft, 3in Rebecca biological man passed his Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate Foundation ballet exams in 2017 with a Merit and reportedly has performed in the United States professionally ever since.

Supposedly he once said, “I knew from a young age that I was trapped in the wrong body.”

Guess what? He still is, according to his standards.

A number of users called out Rebecca for his unfair advantage and the fact that he really sucks as a ballerina.


It’s not only unsafe for this man to be parading as a woman as his body is the shape of a man and isn’t designed for female ballet moves, but its also unfair for the actual women who’ve worked their whole lives to get to even the most minimal of roles or positions. Rebecca did none of that.

Not to mention the fact that he’s getting all this special attention and treatment simply because he’s pretending to be a woman.

This is disturbing and, frankly, insulting.

Most normal people, meanwhile, find Mandelburg's rabid transphobia highly disturbing and insulting. But the MRC apparently pays her by the insult, so insulting is what she does.

Another MRC transphobe, Matt Philbin, complained in an April 14 post that transgender people point out how they're victimized by people like him:

The Washington Post’s Anne Branigin wants you to know that “The surge of anti-trans attacks has made the stakes higher than ever for trans storytellers and performers.” The attacks are almost too heinous to recount: the nine-year-olds shooting up drag bars; the NCAA swimmer who, with malice aforethought, tried to say hurtful things about brave transgender athletes who just want to compete as the women they weren’t born to be.

As for the stakes – well, that sounds dramatic, but it really isn’t. This installment of the The Post’s “Trans in America” is just a reminder that, no matter what your eyes and ears tell you, trans people are still victims. “Trans rights are being rolled back around the country,” Branigin writes, “and some trans creators are facing fervent backlash against their work.”

We’ll have to take her word for it on those “rights,” and it really stinks that people don’t like your solipsistic books or movies or whatever. (At some point, even the most skilled self-portraitist slams into the laws of supply and demand.) But being misunderstood is an important part of the victim ethos.


But here’s the thing: when you go from a dockside bar to Nike spokes-whatever, you’re gonna get pushback from people who respect biology, theology and 5,000 years of civilization. You can accuse those people all you want of being the aggressors in the culture wars, but it doesn’t make it so. And it doesn’t make trans people victims.

Philbin also thinks the new "Peter Pan" film isn't white enough, so maybe nobody should take his opinions seriously. (ConWebWatch pointing out that opinion could very well be the reason he was out of his MRC job a week later.)

Tim Graham found a way to have a transphobic a meltdown over a cooking show in an April 15 post:

Even food shows have to be woke. On the April 9 episode of CNN's the Desperate Housewives star promoted "two-spirited" trans women in the province of Oaxaca.

You could consider this the P.C. antithesis of the Great British Baking Show doing a brief cheesy comedy routine in sombreros to kick off "Mexican Week," which was greeted on the Left like a hate crime.


After some prep cooking, Longoria, speaking in Spanish with subtitles, asked "And what's your love life like? Can you go out with someone?"

One of the muxes replied "Yes, our custom, our culture is different. We have partners, but in secret. We go out with heterosexuals because they're more manly."

They're "heterosexuals"? Another man in a dress added "If he doesn't want to, then he's a coward and I don't want him." Longoria laughed heartily. What a silly heterosexual!

Graham concluded by sneering, "LGBT advocacy is obviously a crucial part of CNN." And vicious hatred of LGBT people is obviously a crucial part of the MRC.

Two days later, Graham played comedy cop over a non-binary "Saturday Night Live" cast member:

When NBC's Saturday Night Live made the dramatic announcement that they'd hired their first "non-binary" cast member, you could guess that the lectures would follow. Molly Kearney unloaded a sermon for "trans kids" on the fake-news "Weekend Update" segment on Saturday.

Over giggles, "Weekend Update" co-host Michael Che tried to be earnest: "Since the start of this year, over 400 anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced across the country, many of which target trans youth. Here to talk about it is someone with their own introduction."

Then over rock music, an announcer yelled "Introducing SNL's first nonbinary cast member. It's Molly Kearney!" Kearney was lowered down from above in a harness.


"That's an awesome transition," said Che, smirking at the double entendre. "As of this week, there are now over 14 states that have passed bills restricting health care for trans kids."

Kearney responded: "Listen to that, Michael, restricting health care for kids. For some reason, there's something about the word trans that makes people forget the word kids. If you don't care about trans kids' lives, it means you don't care about fricking kids' lives!" The audience cheered wildly.

Amputating a teenager's breasts or penis is "health care for kids." If you don't want the amputations, then you don't care about kids!

Then Kearney made a joke about how she was left in the harness too long, but said "we have a code word for emergencies," "trans rights." Then confetti fell from the ceiling. "That was the code for confetti! My bad!" Har har har.

In another April 17 post, Clay Waters engaged in attempted gaslighting by blaming transgender people for being hated by his fellow right-wingers:

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? When it comes to the transgender agenda, only the opposition is "mobilizing." On the front page of Sunday's paper, The New York Times falsely cast conservatives as the culture-war instigators over the controversy of transgender children on Sunday’s front page: “How a Campaign Against Transgender Rights Mobilized Conservatives.”

The subheadline oozed anti-GOP cynicism:
Defeated on same-sex marriage, the religious right went searching for an issue that would re-energize supporters and donors. The campaign that followed has stunned political leaders across the spectrum.
In the Trump years, the Times thrilled its liberal readership with the motto "Truth: It's more important now than ever." But obviously, when it comes to transgender issues, the feelings of people are Truth, and the biological realities are somehow just a sad excuse for a conservative crusade.

Reporters Adam Nagourney and Jeremy Peters (both of whom are gay activists in their work) wrote as if defeated social conservatives cynically went out to pick a fight against an imaginary foe, as if the left didn’t start the transgender fight through demands for “gender-affirming care,” howls about unsubstantiated epidemics of trans suicides, and invading women's spaces, especially sports for women and girls.


The Times never considers the idea conservatives are fighting for children not to be subject to irrevocable surgical operations at a vulnerable age, or trying to protect women’s spaces like locker rooms and restrooms from male intrusion and possible violence.

Waters didn't explain why the conservative war against transgender people should be assumed to have only pure motives and not the result of a search for a new target designed to generate hate, clicks and donations.

Similarly, an April 20 post by Alex Christy didn't want people to think the right-wing anti-transgender war has any ill effects on the transgender people they're targeting:

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell teamed up with Politico White House correspondent Eugene Daniels to reduce the integrity of women’s sports to GOP “red meat” with Daniels taking it a step further, accusing Republicans of villainizing people and implying such bills lead to suicides.

Mitchell’s “red meat” remarks about Republicans playing to their base came as she simultaneously condemned them for not doing what the Democratic base and the media—but we repeat ourselves— want, “And Eugene, Republicans today also passed a transgender sports ban for schools. Now, this is red meat for the base, but it’s going to be vetoed, you know, if it got through the Senate. Meanwhile, they are not doing anything about guns or a lot of other issues.”


Daniels then played the suicide card, “And when you talk to these advocates, this is what they were worried about and most importantly, I think they are worried about the numbers, the vast numbers, disproportionate numbers of young trans people who either kill themselves or feel scared living in this country as folks try to pass bills like this and so it’s red meat for the base, it’s not going to go anywhere and also it’s—it’ll will be interesting how the politics of this plays out in general elections, right?”

Ignoring that public opinion is on the GOP side, Daniels concluded, “People don't typically--have not gone to the ballots in strong waves against transgender people, that is something Republicans have been trying to do but it doesn't seem like it will try to work. So how they do that as it moves forward in a presidential when you have Democrats painting this Republican Party as extremists and pretty extreme on this issue in particular.”

Mitchell would follow up by agreeing, telling USA Today’s “I'm not sure it has the constituency” to win a general election.” Meanwhile, MSNBC’s position polls in the twenties and thirties.

Justifying destroying the lives of people simply because it's politically popular to do so is quite the take. The next day, Christy complained that someone argued the issue of transgender athletes isn't as black-and-white as right-wingers like himself want you to believe:

In theory, Alyssa Farah Griffin is supposed to be one of CNN’s conservative commentators, but in the real world that conservatism is often missing. On Friday’s CNN This Morning, Farah Griffin lamented that Republicans don’t appreciate the “nuance” of “transwomen in sports” and condemned the GOP and the White House for not compromising on a dichotomous issue.

Co-host Poppy Harlow began by telling Farah Griffin that “We were really intrigued by this sort of tweet thread you posted yesterday referring to polling about LGBTQ support. There is a distinction here, as you want to point out, between support for transgender women and girls playing in male sports. But my question to you is what is the bigger picture you're trying to point to here?”


As for the sports question, Farah Griffin claimed “The transwomen in sports issue is a very nuanced issue and Congress is where nuance goes to die. I mean, the breakdown of that vote just shows that there was absolutely no effort to try to meet in the middle and find something that works for both sides.”

It isn’t nuanced. Running, swimming, and other sports are not like the chess club and the fallacious argument to moderation does not change that. Nevertheless, Farah Griffin continued, “I have talked to a lot of parents, mostly, you know, who have female daughters, who have concerns over this issue. But there is certainly something that I think is a step below a federal bar on trans athletes competing in women's sports that could be reached.”

Now Christy is opposed to"moderation" when it comes to transgender people -- they must be hated with all the partisan force he can muster.

An April 22 post by Waters mocked a New York Times article for using respectful terms for transgender people. When the article referenced "In place of the 12-word phrase in bold above, insert 'males.'" He went on to rant about an NPR article that discussed gender-affirming care:

The phrase “gender-affirming care” just assumes the truth of the new “woke” gospel that one can be born in the wrong type of body, and that it is everyone else’s responsibility to agree that a biological man can change into a woman, and vice versa, by believing they can.
An April 24 post by chief transphobe Mandelburg raged about an incident in a Wisconsin high school in which teenage girls were allegedly exposed to a transgender girl in the shower. She quoted only right-wing activists to back up her account of the incident, censoring the fact that the school district called that account "ill-informed, inaccurate and incomplete." Nevertheless, she huffed: "Until public schools shape up, it’s unfortunately time to go private or ship out and homeschool. These aren’t educational institutions anymore. They're indoctrination and grooming facilities that care more about the alphabet mafia than teaching kids about the actual ABC’s."

Christy spent an April 28 post complaining about someone questioned the need for a debate of whether transgender people should be allowed to exist:

As part of a Friday report on CNN This Morning on the “free speech debate” on college campuses, Elle Reeve wondered if debating transgenderism is like debating murder.

On the specific topic of a recent debate put on by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute between The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles and gay libertarian Brad Polumbo on “Should Transgenderism be Regulated by Law” at the University of Pittsburgh, Reeve asked Vice President of College Republicans at Pitt, Josh Minsky, “But would you have a panel where someone spoke about whether or not there should be legal murder?”

Conservatives would call abortion “legal murder,” but shortly before that question, writer and activist Charlotte Clymer told Reeve that debating transgenderism would be like debating whether or not to bring back segregation.

As for Minsky, he replied, “No, because murder is objectively wrong and you're killing someone, but I would not put that on the same spectrum.”

Christy didn't disclose that Knowles is a vicious transphobe. He was also annoyed that law professor Mary Ann Franks argued that conservatives want to shut down debate by censoring others:

And it’s really the coward's way of trying to deal with any argument. Your answer should be “here’s why my ideas are interesting and why they're important” not invoking some kind of quasi-constitutional gloss for what you have to say.

Conservatives have been making arguments, especially scientific ones, so Franks is simply wrong. It’s the left that cowardly seeks to avoid debate by simply appealing to emotions, but back in studio Reeve also ignored all the intellectual problems with transgenderism that conservatives have raised to say “I think it's important to notice that it's not, like, capital gains tax that is sparking protests, it’s some scientist with a theory about black holes. It's trans rights this year.”


It says a lot about the lack of confidence transgenderism's advocates have in their own ideas that they refuse to submit them to scrutiny.

Christy didn't explain why the existence of transgender people must constantly face "scrutiny."

The same day, Elise Ehrhard discussed an episode of "Law and Order" in which "an angry dad kills a doctor for giving his gender dysphoric child puberty blockers. The murdered doctor is married to a conservative congresswoman who is fighting the LGBTQUIA+ agenda. She was pleased that the episode showed "left-wing activists who have been threatening or violent, something rarely acknowledged on television," though less so that it also showed a drag queen character who argued that right-wing politicians "want to insert themselves into the private lives of every citizen in the country":

Public readings to children and publicly playing sports on a team of the opposite biological sex are not about "private lives," of course. Still, this episode is the first time I have seen Antifa mentioned in a network cop drama at all. It was a pleasant surprise to see the Antifa member portrayed as a jerk.

Ehrhard then criticized a school counselor character who discussed puberty blockers, citing a right-wing anti-transgender site to claim that the character's "erroneous claims about puberty blockers are never questioned and the harms are downplayed later at the trial.

On the stand, Debra testifies that she consented because she feared her child would commit suicide. The "suicide threat" to coerce parents into accepting Mengele-like "medicine" is a psychologically abusive tactic that the trans movement embraces.

Apparently, Ehrhard thinks that maliciously smearing doctors who help transgender people as akin to Nazis is somehow not a psychologically abusive tactic.

Christy returned for an April 29 post in which he defended allowing teen girls to get breast implants for not allowing gender-affirming care for transgender teens:

For Saturday’s installment of CNN This Morning Weekend, host Victor Blackwell welcomed Elana Redfield of UCLA Law’s Williams Institute to attack the “very ideological” GOP for not giving “gender-affirming care” to minors and President Biden from the left for his proposed sports-related Title IX changes.

Republicans were first up for condemnation as Blackwell was stumped by the fact that Republicans are willing to give female medical care to girls, but not boys, “At the top, I said these are states that are now banning gender-affirming care for trans minors, because many of these laws do not address gender-affirming care for cis-gender teenagers. If a parent wants to allow their 16-year-old to get breast implants, a cis-gender girl or their boy to get growth hormones, cis-gender boy, those things are not dealt with in legislation. Am I right this is focusing exclusively on, or primarily, I should say, on trans teens?”

Blackwell unwittingly stumbled upon a truth: allowing a teenage girl to get breast surgery to fix a birth defect, is gender-affirming care. Giving breast implants to a teenage boy, is gender un-affirming.

Small breasts in teenage girls are a "birth defect"? Really?

Christy huffed in a May 2 post:

Dulce Sloan kicked off her week of temp hosting Comedy Central’s The Daily Show on Monday by welcoming season 15 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Sasha Colby on to the program to claim there is a connection between opposition to drag shows and the murder of transgenders.

Sloan began by asking, “Now as women of color, especially, we always have to worry about representation, right? And I know you want to be an example of a happy trans person in the media. Why is that important to you?”

Colby responded by arguing the “media has been concerned with a lot of the time is telling the transition story, telling the trauma, telling the effect that it did on the family, but not showing why we go through all of that. And how happy-- being so adamant about making yourself feel comfortable in your own skin, that’s the whole reason why we do the transition. It isn't to hurt or harm or traumatize our families or anyone else. It is to be our true, happy selves and we are missing that a lot.”

The idea that the media won’t focus on Colby’s definition of happiness is absurd, but not nearly as absurd as the assertion that “There are so many happy, well-adjusted, loving trans people, but you only see us getting murdered and beaten.”

Before anybody could ask what on earth Colby was talking about, Sloan asked “Now you won Drag Race at a time where drag is being politicized for absolutely no reason. What do you think they are really trying to do?”

Ignoring all the viral videos of sexualized performances with children present, Colby reached for the typical liberal accusation that “It's always about these white men, kind of, trying to control people's bodies.”

It's telling that Christy referenced only random "viral videos" made "viral" by anti-transgender activists; he went on to whine that "The idea that people who don’t like drag shows are going around murdering people is outrageous and false." In fact, last December's massacre at a Colorado LGBTQ club occurred at the end of a drag show.

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