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The MRC vs. Dylan Mulvaney

The Media Research Center had already hated Mulvaney for the sin of being a transgender person popular on TikTok. But when Bud Light did a promotion with her, the MRC petulantly decided that the company must be destroyed too.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 7/28/2023

Dylan Mulvaney

The Media Research Center hates transgender people as a whole, enjoys spreading misinformation about them, and it also targets specific transgender people it doesn't like. But if there's one transgender person the MRC has hated the most over the past year -- and, thus, targeted the most -- it's Dylan Mulvaney, who gained a large following on TikTok documenting her transgender journey.

When Mulvaney proved popular enough to earn an invitation to the White House to discuss LGBT issues, the MRC's chief transphobe, Tierin-Rose Mandelburg, flew into a rage in an Oct. 24 post that smeared Mulvaney with the "trannie" slur:

Would Joe Biden invite a pro-gun, pro-life, heterosexual, Christian to the White House? As if. But a trannie? Put out the welcome mat! Biden sat down with six “change-makers” on issues that young people supposedly care about for a "NowThis" interview. One of his special guests was a biological male pretending to be a woman, there to talk about how young people need to vote in favor of transgender rights.

Dylan Mulvaney became famous this past year after documenting his transgender journey on the popular app for young people, TikTok. Mulvaney was at day 221 of “girlhood” when he met with Biden about struggles as a transgender person and the backlash he faced in the political climate of America today.

In the interview, Mulvaney asked Biden about his plans and beliefs regarding transgender people in America.

“Mr. President, this is my 221st day of publicly transitioning,” Mulvaney began.

“God love it,” Biden replied.

Yeah, not sure God is that down with it, Joe.

She slipped in her usual anti-abortion rage:

Biden just said that we need to speak out about the basic fundamental rights of all human beings. That’s really ironic coming from the man who is in active support of denying the MOST basic human right to the most vulnerable population in our society, LIFE! Biden has pushed for countless laws, talking points, and ideas regarding unlimited access to prohibiting innocent babies from receiving the most basic human right but is a huge advocate of trans people getting whatever they want.

Mandelburg, of course, cares nothing about the lives of people who are not heterosexual right-wingers like herself. She finished with one last tirade demanding that people be afraid of transgender people:

Biden suggested that parents not “be afraid” of their kids becoming transgender. “Just because it’s different, there’s nothing to be fearful about,” he said.

Nothing to be fearful about, huh? Go ahead folks and get your little girl's boobs chopped off, put your six-year-old on puberty blockers, and feel free to help your son tuck his balls up so there's no bulge in his dresses.

Nothing to be fearful of whatsoever.

The NowThis interview panel also asked Biden about gun legislation, abortion access, the climate crisis, criminal legal reform, and economic instability.

The sad reality is that these are the kind of people Biden loves -- his base. The people who will encourage more and more young people to vote for him and his social justice warrior gang and Mulvaney was just a sick prop in helping accomplish that.

Mandelburg doesn't see transgender people as having humanity -- all she sees are "sick props." Which raises the question of who the real prop is here.

Jason Cohen -- the since-departed MRC blogger who infamously tried to justify Kayne West's anti-Semitism -- had a freakout over Mulvaney in an Oct. 26 post:

Caitlyn Jenner, Senator Marsha Blackburn, and Donald Trump Jr. all criticized trans Tik Tok star Dylan Mulvaney for an insane video from the 74th day of his famous series called "Days of Girlhood," which documents his determination to pretend he’s a woman.

In the video, Mulvaney showed and talked about how he wore extremely tight leather shorts to go shopping. On his outing, people stared directly at his crotch. He realized, “Oh, I forgot my crotch doesn’t look like other women’s crotches sometimes because mine doesn’t look like a little barbie pocket.”


Mulvaney's solution was to declare it was time to "normalize the bulge," which caused Cohen to huff, "Jenner, Blackburn, and Jr. are correct that society should not normalize this":

Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeted, “Dylan Mulvaney, Joe Biden, and radical left-wing lunatics want to make this absurdity normal.”

So true. After all, like Jr. said, Mulvaney was invited to the Oval Office to talk to Biden. It cannot get much more normalized than that.

Powerfully, coming from a trans woman, Caitlyn Jenner thanked Senator Blackburn for speaking out and agreed with her, tweeting, “Let’s not ‘normalize’ any of what this person is doing. This is absurdity!”

It all seems so obvious, but in our upside-down world, it is not acceptable to take these stands. Hopefully, with even Caitlyn Jenner speaking against it, society will collectively conclude they should not normalize this.

Jenner gets a pass from the MRC for being transgender because she's a right-winger, which caused it all sorts of confusion when she contemplated a run for California governor as a Republican.

The same day, Mandelburg raged at Mulvaney during a "Woke of the Weak" video for stating that she wants to become a mom someday: "What in the ever-loving heck? Did he -- sorry, let me say Dylan so I don't get censored -- did Dylan just say, 'I want to be a mom one day'? If he can be a mom one day, then my 5-foot-2 self can be a power forward for the Knicks. It seems like people have forgotten men cannot get pregnant." Mandelburg conveniently ignored the fact that Mulvaney said nothing about being a biological mother, nor did she note that plenty of women who cannot have children (or decide not to have biological ones) adopt them and serve as fine mothers.

The MRC also published an Oct. 27 column by Ben Shapiro declaring that Mulvaney, "cosplaying as a woman," is leading "the collapse of the West" by having taken part in that panel led by "geriatric dotard" Biden.

Mandelburg lashed out at Mulvaney again in a Jan. 4 post for having plastic surgery for make her face more feminine:

An ode to contradiction.

Transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney recently underwent a facial reconstruction surgery to make his male features less prominent, and his effort showed how brutal said surgery looks - and why it’s extremely unnecessary.

Mulvaney posted a video with bandages covering his face, where the swelling and bruises were very apparent.

In general, “facial feminization surgeries,” often called "ffts," aim to provide patients with a more feminine facial structure. Procedures often involved include moving the hairline down for a smaller forehead, having one's lips and cheekbones expanded, and/or having the jaw and chin reshaped and resized.

It seems brutal if you ask me. But Mulvaney elected to have the procedure done, and is supposedly thrilled at the results so far.

Nobody asked Mandelburg, of course, but she continued to rant anyway:

I get that if Mulvaney wants to dismember and harm his own body, that's technically his prerogative. But the message that he’s sending to his millions of viewers and followers is that they really can’t be happy in their own skin unless they change it.


This is the same "transgender" star who was invited by President Joe Biden to the White House, where he encouraged the president to support painful gender-affirmation surgeries - like this one - for both adults and children.

This is what Mulvaney and Biden are in support of.

I really wish that people would stay true to their word. It’s either “embrace who you really are” or “get procedures that change your appearance and harm your body,” but it can't be both.

This is yikes on a whole other level.

Is it on the same level as getting paid to spew hate against people because they are different from you? (Actually, Mulvaney looked just fine after a few weeks of recovery.)

Bud Light backlash

Mulvaney became popular enough that she worked on a promotion for Bud Light -- which prompted right-wingers to wage war against both her and Bud Light. Matt Philbin cheered this war in an April 6 post:

You know things are really messed up when a singer changing the kind of beer served backstage looks like a brave act of civil disobedience. But here we are.

Country star Travis Tritt is nixing anything related to Budweiser or Bud Light from his concert green rooms. The move is a reaction to a newly-announced Bud Light partnership with transgender “influencer” (God help us) and activist Dylan Mulvaney, who recently had surgery to help him pretend he’s a woman.

"I will be deleting all Anheuser-Busch products from my tour hospitality rider. I know many other artists who are doing the same," Tritt tweeted on Wednesday.

Sure, it’s not "Letter from Birmingham Jail," nor is it nearly as dramatic as Kid Rock’s protest, but it’s something, and it’s well-deserved.

Yeah, it is something -- but it's definitely not the "brave act of civil disobedience" Philbin wants you to think it is. More like the reactionary tantrum of an ideologue who's so filled with hatred for transgender people that the mere thought of someone he doesn't like drinking the same brand of beer as he fills him with bizarre revulsion. Nope, no bravery there. Still, Philbin tried to link Mulvaney being allowed to drink beer to a massacre:

It was only last week that a transgender lunatic murdered six people in a Christian school in Nashville. The media and the LGBT mob has spent the days since arguing that the real victims were transgender people, not the three nine year-olds and three adults she purposely targeted. Against that background, Bud Light’s announcement is a middle finger to grieving families, Christians, and anybody else unwilling to genuflect to the fashionably mentally ill.

Philbin didn't explain why he believes all transgender people are potential spree killers, nor why he believes that all transgender people must be punished for the actions of one.

The MRC's chief transphobe, Tierin-Rose Mandelburg, raged at Bud Light's maker for the Mulvaney promotion in an April 10 post -- and at Mulvaney herself, maliciously likening her to a drug addict :

We say this time and time again. Get woke, go broke.

Bud Light’s Marketing Vice President Alissa Heinerscheid sparked nationwide controversy when she explained her strategy to implement more "inclusive" marketing the Bud Light brand, including spotlighting a man who pretends to be a woman.

As you’re probably aware by now, Dylan Mulvaney, a biological man who gets paid to act like a little girl, became the new face of Bud Light beer. Earlier this month, Mulvaney posted a video saying Bud Light sent him a commemorative can with his face on it to celebrate his “365th day of girlhood. Mulvaney also filmed himself bathing in a bubble bath while drinking the beer - but, as MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes put it, “there’s not enough bleach in the world.”

When I picture Bud Light’s demographic, I think of men (actual men) outside, maybe shooting, likely listening to country music, maybe even on a boat with an American flag in the background. I don’t picture Dylan Mulvaney, with his bulge tucked into a mini skirt, dancing around like a child on crack cocaine.

Yet, that’s apparently exactly who Bud Light’s VP of marketing was trying to reach.

Mandelburg referenced Tritt's tantrum and also noted that "Kid Rock shot up a few cases of Bud Light in a video and then proclaimed 'f**k Bud Light and f**k Anheuser-Busch' with his middle finger raised." Why does she think these hate-filled people is a desirable target audience for any product? (She didn't mention that Kid Rock presumably had to buy all that Bud Light he shot up, so the company still profited.)

To quote Mandelburg herself, it's almost laughable.

Mandelburg went on a tirade about a different promotion involving Mulvaney in an April 13 post:

If you haven’t heard of Dylan Mulvaney, you’re better off for it, but, if you have, you’re probably well aware by now how he’s one of the most popular he/she’s on the market.

Mulvaney is a biological man who transitioned to a girl a little over a year ago. He recently celebrated his 365th day of “girlhood” and even endured a facial feminization surgery. Word on the street (and according to photos where he’s in tight fitting pants) he’s still got his dinglehopper intact but that hasn’t stopped him from fully embracing girlhood and companies and the media are helping him.

Mulvaney was recently sponsored by Olay makeup, Bud Light, Kate Spade, Tampax and none other than Nike which I personally think should be renamed as Wokie. As a form of protest, a Ban Bra Challenge began trending on social media where women would burn their Nike sports bras to show their disapproval of using Mulvaney for their ads.

She happily reposted someone spewing hate at Mulvaney, engaging in similar rage that Nike selected "a little boy with no breasts and some junk in his pants to represent real women." No evidence was offered that Nike fired any female spokespeople to make room for Mulvaney, which tells us that Nike hasn't stopped working with "real women."

When Axios pointed out the utter transphobia behind right-wingers lashing about at Bud Light over the Mulvaney promotion, Curtis Houck objected in an April 18 post:

Axios used its lead story Tuesday morning to shack up with trans provocateur and leftist god Dylan Mulvaney, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and trans people against conservatives for the crime of tanking Bud Light sales after its endorsement deal with Mulvaney.

Worse yet, they suggested conservatives need to be held to account for holding deadly political views that contain a “lack of perspective or grace,” “toxicity,” and “viral vitriol” toward trans individuals.

Co-founder Mike Allen and writer Eleanor Hawkins bemoaned the lack of universal adulation and saintly endorsement of Mulvaney as proof of “How Bud Light became a microcosm of America in 2023” with still too many Americans possessing “cultural, political and social toxicity.”

As Erick Erickson has preached (and despite any attempts to claim otherwise), you will be made to care. And not only care, but celebrate certain behaviors and views.

The trans gyrating was turned up a few notches in a section entitled “what this captures.” In point one, Allen and Hawkins huffed this incident illustrated “[t]he inflamed politics around transgender rights,” which was an artful way of bellyaching that people weren’t bending over backwards to celebrate someone playing god with their anatomy.

Point two was the worst as they said this showed “[t]he lack of perspective or grace from vocal transgender opponents.”

“Lack of perspective” about lopping off your genitals? That’s rather hard to pull off.

And a “lack of...grace?" Since when does one have to warp their religion to support funding someone’s selfish ambition? Then again, this is the same side that believes Christians should be forced to fund abortions and bake cakes for trans celebrations.

Houck got even more enraged when Axios called transgender people "marginalized":

How was it that a group can be “marginalized” when their “issues are talked about a lot now,” especially in the press? And was there a group that’s more celebrated, defended, and glorified in the corporate liberal press today than trans people?


Rewind to the beginning and they led off a recap of what happened with Mulvaney receiving “an influencer package — a glorified swag bag — to celebrate the one-year mark...coming out as trans,” and, in response, conservative disgust “radically changed beer sales and stock prices — literally overnight.”

“That set conservative, anti-trans pockets of social media on fire,” they whined, citing a count from NewsWhip of “5,600 news two weeks” with the company losing $6 billion.

Houck didn't explain why all transgender people must be hated and destroyed, and why any company that does business with them must receive the same vicious fate.

An April 19 post by Matt Philbin -- his last before he mysteriously parted ways with the MRC, a departure neither he nor the MRC has discussed publicly -- was a total insult-fest complete with misgendering:

Dylan Mulvaney is “trying really hard to maintain a relationship with God.” Admirable. Of course, it might be easier if Mulvaney didn’t reject His handiwork.

If you didn’t know (and if you didn’t you’re one of a happy few), Mulvaney is a 26 year-old actor and TikTok pest who publicly “transitioned” to being a “woman” and now runs around as a campy Audrey Hepburn look-alike.

For this, he’s been celebrated by leftist elites and received lucrative endorsement partnerships with Bud Light and Nike. Apparently, actual women are hard to come by in giant corporations. You can buy swag from his website. Mocking God’s Creation seems to be a good way to earn your daily bread.

According to Neil Munro at Breitbart, back in March somebody interviewed Mulvaney about faith and Relevant Magazine posted it because of the Bud Light brewhaha. “I don’t think He made a mistake with me, and that maybe one day, I will actually be grateful for being trans, that this isn’t some curse, but it’s just a different path to the same destination,” Mulvaney said.

Maybe, Aquinas. But self-obsession and acute narcissism are a tough place to start.

Philbin's apparent obsession with Mulvaney sure didn't keep him from losing his MRC job.

The next day, Mandelburg cheered the right-wing hysteria over Bud Light while mixing in a little vicious transphobia:

No matter how many times we say “get woke, go broke,” it seems like it never really clicks for the left.

Amid the weeks-long controversy surrounding Bud Light’s marketing choice to use a transgender person, essentially a biological man parading as a little girl, for a partnership, the company seems to face more and more backlash daily. As a matter of fact, a Rasmussen poll indicated that 50 percent of middle-income earners are less likely to buy Bud Light over it’s new transgender face.

When Bud Light’s Marketing VP suggested the use of Dylan Mulvaney, a man who makes his living from sponsorships with tampon brands, makeup companies and social media, its aim supposedly was to generate more “inclusivity.” Well, if you know anything about Bud Light, its main demographic is men, typically middle-aged men who like cracking open a cold one with their buddies out fishing, by a fire, grilling hamburgers, etc. Men who like doing manly stuff, not men who like pretending they’re Eloise at the Plaza.

Obviously the marketing move was a flop. Bud Light has lost more than six billion dollars since its partnership with Ms. Man and after “5,600 news articles were published about the controversy in two weeks,” things aren’t looking great for the future of the company.

Mandelburg didn't mention the right-wing bias of Rasmussen polls. And contrary to her assertion, the dip in valuation of Bud Light's parent company AB InBev, is making the stock a recommended buy. Still, she insisted that "it's kind of funny to watch the left squirm when their plans yet again fail." Finally, she forgot to mention that the company's facilities have been the target of violent threats, presumably from people who hate transgender people as much as she does.

Alex Christy devoted an April 25 post to complaining that "The Daily Show" defended both Mulvaney and Bud Light:

Each of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show temp hosts have used their time to talk about issues they care about and Desi Lydic was no exception, using Monday’s show to talk about the status of women in the workplace, but before she did that she undermined any point she would make when she defended Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney marketing campaign, “I am so sick of this ‘trans women are not real women.’ Having a vagina does not make you a woman.”

Lydic began the show by referencing the Bud Light-Mulvaney partnership, “and I just have to talk about it.”

She then proceeded to declare, “Okay, so last month, Bud Light did a social media campaign with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney and conservatives absolutely lost their shit over it. They were filming themselves shooting cans, running over cans, hitting cans with a baseball bat. It was like a Saw movie but starring Bud Light, but now their meltdown has even its own merch.”

Lydic then played a video from Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders that parodied Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius ads by focusing on “real women of politics” and fellow female GOP Govs. Kristi Noem, Kay Ivey, and Kim Reynolds.

Curtis Houck spent a May 5 post whining, as the MRC usually does, that the non-right-wing media didn't rush to parrot right-wing narratives, this time regarding Mulvaney and Bud Light:

After over a month of silence as corporate liberalism suffered a massive blow as ordinary Americans rose up against Anheuser-Busch InBev and dumped Bud Light (and the company’s sales) for worshiping at the alter of transgenderism and Dylan Mulvaney, NBC’s Today cracked one open Friday with the first story from a broadcast network morning or evening news show about the fallout.

Despite the controversy having started back on April 1 with Mulvaney’s infamous video announcing Bud Light had sent a can with their face on it to commemorate “my day 365 of womanhood,” NBC’s Today acted like this had happened only recently.

Right-wing transphobes shouldn't be confused with "ordinary Americans." But Houck pushed that narrative anyway, claiming that "As the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles and others have explained, conservatives successfully had their morals make an imprint on business (as opposed to the church of wokeism)." Irrational hate is not "morals," and Houck forgot to mention that Knowles is the guy who demanded that "transgenderism must be eradicated," a form of extremism that, if history serves as a guide, will result in the eradication of actual transgender people.

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