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Saturday, July 23, 2011
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, Supersize WorldNetDaily Edition
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Congress and Obama are lining up to stick it to us. I was particularly insulted when Obama referenced all of us ignoramuses apparently unable to understand the debt ceiling. And that is exactly what he did when he said only professional politicians can understand it, and that we should just pay attention to going to work and watching television – that we should let the pros handle the economy, because it was beyond our ability to understand.

We once again see Obama's pompous arrogance, as he effectively told us to just shut up and let them handle things under his dictates. He called our voices high-minded pronouncements – that's some way for the president to treat the people footing the bills.

Well, I tell you what, "Mr. Best-selling Author," as you referenced yourself during the press conference – I agree that we should let the professionals handle the debt. But keep in mind that rules you out, because you are obviously lacking and absent of even the most basic financial principles. How dare you speak of saving jobs when millions and millions of people have lost their jobs directly because of your mishandling and interference in the economy.

Honest economists all agree that the Depression of 1929 lasted three to four years longer than it should have, specifically because of Roosevelt's governmental interference and attempts to micro-manage us out of the Depression. My question is: How long will the economic malaise we are now in be extended because of your mismanagement and failed economic policies?

-- Mychal Massie, July 12 WorldNetDaily column

Obama is a hard-core leftist Chicago politician for whom winning elections and expanding power and amassing wealth and rewarding friends and punishing enemies is everything. He is exploiting the current crisis – one of his own making – by cynically leveraging the power of the presidency and the Democrat Senate and his obedient propaganda ministry (media) to further expand government, even if it ends up destroying America.

-- David Kupelian, July 13 WorldNetDaily column

The fact that Obama became president and brought openly Marxist people into his administration doesn't say so much about him as it says about the effects of decades of brainwashing of the American people by the education establishment, media and the intellectual elite.

-- Walter Williams, July 13 syndicated column at WorldNetDaily

Obama seized the office of president through fraud. As a usurper, he's never held office. That's what the word usurp means: to seize and hold (a position, office, power, etc.) by force or without legal right. Since he legally has never occupied the White House as president, he cannot be impeached.

Now, when I have pointed this out countless times to groups demanding impeachment, I get this response: I don't care - we just have to get him out.

Those are people who proudly proclaim they only want to see the U.S. Constitution upheld. Those are people who state unequivocally that the usurper was never eligible to run because he's not a natural born citizen under the U.S. Constitution.

You can't have it both ways. In essence, what those folks are saying is we can do the same thing as Obama and his coconspirators: circumvent the Constitution.

But, the usurper has committed crimes while in office! Indeed, he has and continues to do so. Knowing he was not eligible to run, the putative president solicited campaign donations to the tune of about $700 million dollars. He can still be indicted for wire fraud.

-- Devvy Kidd, July 14 WorldNetDaily column

It's true that Obama could choose to destroy the economy no matter what Republicans do. In fact, he's already doing it – albeit a little bit slower lately because the borrowed money is running out. If he is staked with more borrowed money, his destructive economic policies will speed up. And if he's denied more borrowed money, he threatens to pull the pin on a hand grenade he's holding and order his sorry excuse for a treasury secretary to default on loan obligations and hold up Social Security checks.

For heaven's sake, why does anyone take this maniac seriously?

-- Joseph Farah, July 18 WorldNetDaily column

The president, who has at times been known as Barack Obama, is clearly in trouble.

No president except FDR has ever been re-elected with an unemployment rate higher than 9 percent. The erstwhile Barry Soetoro was an anti-war candidate who currently presides over no less than six foreign wars (three of them of his making), he has betrayed practically every campaign promise he made while running for president and he has apparently never met a Goldman Sachs executive he didn't want to nominate to his Cabinet. The only surprise about his low approval ratings, 42 percent according to Gallup and -15 as per Rasmussen's Presidential Approval Index, is that they aren't even worse.

-- Vox Day, July 18 WorldNetDaily column

Barack Hussein Obama is a radical in at least three political dimensions. By now, millions recognize that in economic policy, Obama is a European-style socialist. As such, he is impatient of gradual change and tends to push American progressivism to its logical extremes. In foreign policy he is an "anti-imperialist" of the Howard Zinn variety who thinks American military power has been used mainly to protect dictators and oppress the world's downtrodden masses.

But it is the third dimension of Obama's radicalism that actually powers his agenda: his cultural radicalism. He rejects "American exceptionalism" in every sense of the word. In his view, as in the view of any Saul Alinsky radical, America's self-image is flawed. America is a corrupt nation, tainted by the manifold sins, which Jeremiah Wright catalogued so eloquently in his Chicago sermons at Obama's chosen church. Our Constitution is flawed at the core – because it accepted and perpetuated slavery, second-class citizenship for women and other 18th-century imperfections – so we are a nation of sinners morally as well as politically.


Obama's radicalism lies not in a blindness to the danger of driving over the cliff of economic catastrophe. His radicalism lies in welcoming that catastrophe.

-- Tom Tancredo, July 19 WorldNetDaily column

The biggest applause went to the Japanese general who said, "Nobody can do a better job of beating America than the Americans themselves are doing right now." Then things zoomed out of control. Germans and Japanese commenting in rapid succession, "Senator John McCain himself said the other day that whenever anybody important mentions 'Social Security' and 'change' in the same sentence, the phones light up and nobody can get through." "American seniors are terrified!" "ALL Americans are terrified! Americans aren't afraid of Germans and Japanese and Russians. They're afraid of unemployment and gasoline prices and recession."

"Look what Americans are teaching us! When Obama threatened that Social Security checks might not be able to go out if the debt ceiling weren't raised, the same Americans who fearlessly stormed our beaches at Normandy and elsewhere seemed too frightened to stretch out on a beach towel in Denmark." "Right! And Senator McConnell immediately proposed the Republicans give Obama the borrowing powers he wants with a warning that he'd be blamed if anything went wrong. At least, that's what it looked like in the German translation."

-- Barry Farber, July 20 WorldNetDaily column

Then, there is the specter of civil unrest, which should not be underestimated, given the influence of prominent career black activists, black militants and the latitude they have enjoyed since Obama took office. If the president were to drop dead of a heart attack, or be caught red-handed committing a violent felony, the stresses of "having to endure the institutional racism so prevalent in America" would likely be blamed. As with Michael Jackson's self-destruction, there would be Al Sharpton before a bank of television cameras, bellowing about how white racism was the culprit, rather than an Obama's own misadventurous proclivities.

Add to this the historic predilection for this administration having fomented as much instability as it could across the board, and one can well imagine what might transpire if Obama were forced from office in disgrace, and then perhaps criminally prosecuted. Between the press and those of the caliber of Sharpton and the New Black Panther Party, our major cities could erupt in rioting and violence, radiating from inner city neighborhoods into adjacent areas and proliferating to a degree about which we can only speculate.

Thus, despite the fact that millions of rank-and-file conservatives, independents and even some Democrats might like to see Obama find a new job before his current term expires, I would not hold out much hope for this, no matter what he does. Such a fate he richly deserves, and the tyrannical direction to which he increasingly leans is indeed profoundly alarming. To a preponderance of our nation's power brokers, however, I believe that the potential short and long-term social and historical political impact of such a course preclude it being seriously considered.

-- Erik Rush, July 21 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 11:50 AM EDT

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