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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Is Molotov Mitchell Encouraging Violence Against Gays?
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Molotov Mitchell uses his latest WorldNetDaily video to ratchet up his already prodigious hatred of gays by appearing to encourage Christians to commit violence against them, complete with the factual misrepresntations we've come to expect from him.

Mitchell says:

A few years back, a homosexual art exhibit "Ecce Homo" came to Sweden. "Ecce Homo" contained 12 photographic portrayals of Jesus Christ, often in the nude, surrounded by leather fetishists and cross-dressers. It was so vile it even offended many of the homosexuals in Sweden.

In fact, only one of the 12 photos in the exhibit depicts Jesus in a state of graphic nudity; the others include depictions that would not be out of place in religious imagery, which the photos by artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin were trying to emulate.

Of course, the point of Wallin's exhibit was to depict Jesus in the company of societal outcasts as a commentary on how some religious people and institutions have treated homosexuals. But since Mitchell thinks gays are icky, that point was presumably lost on him.

Molotov continues:

But the bridge-building gay artist didn't just set up in Swedish art houses or museums. That would be too considerate, that would be too normal. No, "Ecce Homo" was displayed in churches. Yes, big churches, churches like the Uppsala National Cathedral, the leading cathedral in Sweden, with the permission of the Protestant Bishop Hammar of Uppsala. May God grant that guy everything he deserves.

Well, the "Ecce Homo" tour across Sweden was going gaily until it reached a Christian center in the evangelical stronghold of Jonkoping. There, zealous Christian youth said enough and started setting things on fire outside the gallery. When the museum staff showed up to stop it and put their hands on the kids, they bit off more than they could chew. A riot erupted. Roughly 30 Christians were in there throwing punches and kicks. The police had to be called. It was a Swedish free-for-all.

Molotov declares this to be violent behavior worthy of emulation:

Of course, we gentle American Christians would never behave in such a hateful, un-Christ-like manner. I mean, would Jesus do that? Actually, he did. Look it up. What's the one time in Scripture that Jesus got so angry, so furious, that he actually went and made a whip, went into a building and started a one-man riot? When the temple, the church was being defiled. Ah, yes, you may be thinking, I do seem to recall some business with a whip.

Yes, Jesus, the most loving person to ever walk the face of the earth, even he didn't hesitate to run up in there and wreck the place. So for all of you politically correct American Christians, I ask: What's your problem?

Nothing like a little violent censorship -- the logical extension of which is violence against people he hates -- to liven up ol' Molotov's day.

Posted by Terry K. at 4:16 PM EST

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