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Monday, November 16, 2009
Farah Blames WND Readers For Not Giving Him Money to Promote Birther Issue
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Joseph Farah has decided that he is not to blame for waning interest in WorldNetDaily's birther attacks. No, he writes in his Nov. 14 column, it's WND readers who are to blame:

And, in fact, we are erecting new billboards. The latest one went up this week in Pennsylvania.

Why not more?

I'll tell you why.

Because your enthusiasm has evidently waned. I'm afraid I have to pass the buck to you.

  • Petition signups are stagnant. We've been flirting with 500,000 for weeks – even months. Do you not know anyone who should have signed that petition by now? It's imperative that you help us get the word out. It's free. It's just an expression of the fact that you believe this is an important issue. I believe millions – tens of millions – agree with the sentiment. Help me find them. Make this petition go viral.
  • Contributions to the billboard campaign are down. Right now, every new billboard WND erects is costing us money. There are no donations to pay for new billboards or even to maintain the old ones. If you want to see an expansion of this very effective campaign, one that completely put this issue of eligibility on the map, you've got to help me spread the word.
  • Sales of our documentary, "A Question of Eligibility," the primer for understanding this issue, are down significantly. If you want to introduce someone to this topic, there is no better way than to lend them a copy. Again, if this is an important issue to you, help us get the word out.

Do you get the picture?

It's time to step up the pressure, not back off.

I can't carry this burden alone.

Unmentioned, of course, is the fact that Farah and WND have largely undermined their own case through lies and dishonesty:

  • WND has repeatedly made false and misleading claims on the issue.
  • "A Question of Eligibility" is similarly laden with them, and is little more than an overheated conspiratorial joke. Farah seems not to have considered that that's why it's not selling.
  • WND refuses to honestly report on the increasingly questionable legal work of birther lawyer Orly Taitz.
  • Farah himself admits he cares more about kicking Obama out of office than acting like a responsible journalist.

And in the spirit of acting like an activist instead of journalist, Farah tries to shake down his readers:

Get with the program.

I know times are tough.

I know few of us have any extra spending cash.

Many of us are without jobs, thanks to the Obamaconomy.

Yet, everyone can sign an electronic petition. It doesn't cost a thing.

Most people can contribute $5 to a worthwhile campaign, too. That's all I'm asking. Do what you can. Can you help me spread the word by sending this column around to all your friends?

Don't concede the presidency to Obama without making him prove his eligibility. It would be a terrible precedent. And it would be a disaster for the country. One year has been bad enough. Can you imagine four or more?

But isn't WND a profitable business operation? Why should Farah dun his readers for money when he should be putting his (and WND's) money where his mouth is? 

Posted by Terry K. at 1:07 AM EST

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