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Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Newsmax Fearmongers About Flu Vaccine
Topic: Newsmax

Newsmax has joined WorldNetDaily in spreading fearmongering about flu vaccines.

In an Oct. 16 email sent to the Newsmax mailing list, Dr. Russell Blaylock -- whose "Blaylock Wellness Report" is published by Newsmax -- sought to scare his readers:

Take government's aggressive promotion of the swine flu vaccination . . .

Flu vaccinations contain a full dose of mercury, the most toxic substance known to man.

No amount of mercury is safe. Even very small amounts can weaken your immune system.

Vaccinations also cause brain inflammation. And severe brain inflammation will lead to . . .

  • Behavioral problems and language difficulties in children!
  • Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases in adults!

Like someone trying to deflect blame, Blaylock is accusing others of fearmongering:

When the swine flu story first broke, experts warned that it could be the worst flu since the 1918 pandemic that killed more than 50 million people worldwide, including 700,000 Americans.

But who were these experts?

People on the pharmaceutical and government payroll, that's who. They said it was the most unusual virus they had ever seen . . . that it could kill in large numbers . . .

Overnight, a compliant media spread this alarming news was spread far and wide.


he Chicken Little doomsayers (read "drug company executives") were disappointed in these statistics. But now they're back scaring the public again, saying the "big event" is coming this winter!

And surprise of all surprises, drugmaker Novartis has a swine flu vaccine all ready to go. And the company says it won't give the vaccine away to the poor. Everybody must pay!

Imagine if it could sell 2 billion doses worldwide and get $5 a piece for them. That's $10 billion.

Neat trick. But to succeed, it will need governments around the world insisting that their citizens get vaccinated while using taxpayer money to buy the vaccine for the poor.

Washington is on board. Can you guess why?

Big Pharma is the biggest contributor to Washington politicians -- both Democrats and Republicans. President Obama himself collected $1.2 million during his presidential campaign.

Blaylock goes on to advise people to "avoid flu shots, and if you've had them in the past, to take nutrients that will strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammatory cytokine activity."

In fact, the H1N1 flu brings on "lung inflammation and respiratory failure" in its victims, who tend to be relatively young compared to the elderly who typically succumb to typical seasonal flu. Does that sound like something that can be warded off with a handful of nutrients?

Of course, Blaylock is not doing this merely out of the goodness of his heart. He has subscriptions to his newsletter to sell: "just 13 cents a day. That's not a misprint -- I really mean just 13 cents a day!" But even after his sales pitch, he's not done scaremongering:

Also in your FREE report, Vaccinations and Brain Injuries -- Are You at Risk? you'll find out . . .

  • Why many doctors refuse to take the same vaccines they recommend to their patients!
  • How better nutrition and sanitation, not vaccines, wiped out childhood diseases in this country!
  • Why studies showing that vaccines weaken the immune system have been suppressed!
  • Why parents are told their children need 36 to 40 shots before attending school, even though frequent vaccination can cause brain damage!
  • Why seniors are told to get flu shots every year, even though repeated vaccination can lead to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's!

It seems that Blaylock's fearmongering may very well end up be responsible for flu deaths in people he scared into not getting a vaccine.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:22 AM EDT

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