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Thursday, October 1, 2009
At NewsBusters, Celebrities Allowed to Speak Only If They Bash Obama
Topic: NewsBusters

An August 2008 NewsBusters post by Warner Todd Huston endorses Kid Rock's statement that entertainers "should keep their mouth shut on politics," calling it "quite an intelligent point of view. ... these Hollyweird types should avoid talking about things they obviously have no idea about." Huston went on to sneer:

Naturally, these "beautiful people" spend their days being fawned over and they must grow to imagine that they are the height of human achievement, believing that they can do no wrong and that their every pronouncement should be looked upon as words from Mount Olympus.

Of course, the boys at NewsBusters don't believe all celebrites should be forbidden from speaking out on politics -- only the liberals. If you're a conservative celebrity, opine away.

We've already noted that, a month ago, NewsBusters gave space to Pat Boone to misleadingly quote President Obama out of context. And a Sept. 29 post by Brent Baker highlights singer Andy Williams' attack on Obama, highlighting how he 'flipp[ed] Rush Limbaugh's hope that Obama 'fails'"by claiming that Obama "wants the country to fail." Baker added: "Let's hope interviewers prompt him to elaborate on his evaluation of Obama."

A Sept. 30 NewsBusters post by Noel Sheppard carries the headline "Why We Shouldn't Listen to Overpaid Celebrities About Healthcare." But Sheppard and the rest of his NewsBusters buddies most assuredly want you to listen to overpaid celebrities bash Obama.

UPDATE: An Oct. 1 post by Rusty Weiss continues the hypocrisy, bashing Roger Ebert for writing a column critical of the Republican "lunatic fringe," dismissing it as "a scathing critique which detests the overt melodrama, the wretched dialogue, and the lack of a plot line" and claiming that it "proved that he is very skilled at one thing and one thing only - movie reviews."

Posted by Terry K. at 12:06 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, October 2, 2009 9:33 AM EDT
Then And Now: CNS and Troop Levels

A Sept. 30 article by Susan Jones carries the headline "43 U.S. Troops Have Died in Afghanistan Since Gen. McChrystal Called for Reinforcements." The article lists the names and hometowns of American servicemen killed in Afghanistan since August 30, when Gen. Stanley McChrystal, U.S. commander in Afghanistan, in Jones' words, "sent a confidential war assessment to the Obama administration, warning that more forces are needed--soon."

Another Sept. 30 article, by Christopher Neefus, details how "As a presidental candidate, Barack Obama repeatedly said he would reinforce the U.S. troops in Afghanistan" but "as commander-in-chief, however, Obama has thus far failed to heed" McChrystal.

This article prompted us to wonder: Did CNS -- apparently following the lead of Fox News in making a big deal out of President Obama's purported dithering over Afghanistan -- similarly obsess in 2003, shortly before the Iraq war, when then-Army chief of staff Gen. Eric Shinseki testified that "several hundred thousand soldiers" would be needed to successfully occupy Iraq?

A search of the CNS archive turned up no reference to it, but it's possible that most stories older than mid-2007, when CNS redesigned its website, may not be in the archive at all. But as an observer of CNS at the time, we don't recall that CNS highlighted Shinseki's testimony.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:34 AM EDT
Corsi: End of Federal Subsidies = Tax
Topic: WorldNetDaily

A Sept. 28 WorldNetDaily article promoting the latest Jerome Corsi Red Alert newsletter asserts that "President Obama declared war on oil and natural gas." How so? by allegedly wanting to end tax subsidies for fossil fuel production:

The Environmental Law Institute estimated that in the U.S., the biggest fuel subsidies are tax breaks, the foreign tax credit and the credit for production of nonconventional fuels that added up to $72 billion over the seven year period studied, 2002 to 2008.

"Should Obama succeed, the end result will be tantamount to imposing a new tax on oil and natural gas production, with the outcome being that U.S. energy consumers will see energy price increases," Corsi warned.


Corsi said he believes Obama may be desperate for tax revenue to cover the projected trillion-dollar federal budget deficits the administration is planning to incur in the foreseeable future.

"Yet, eliminating fossil fuel subsidies as part of a global-warming ideological agenda seems a particularly strange way to stimulate the economy out of a recession," he wrote. "Eliminating tax provisions that encourage U.S. investment in oil and gas technology, exploration and production will certainly increase U.S. dependence on foreign oil, with the resultant negative impact on our already negative balance of international trade."

That's right -- according to Corsi, ending a federal giveaway to oil and natural gas producers is the same thing as a tax increase for them.

Funny, we thought right-wingers like Corsi opposed federal subsidies. Shouldn't he be demanding that the fossil-fuel industry pay its own way instead of relying on government handouts?

Posted by Terry K. at 9:08 AM EDT
John L. Perry's Greatest Obama-Hating Hits
Topic: Newsmax

John L. Perry's Newsmax column advocating a military coup against Obama was merely the latest and most extreme example of Perry's hatred of the president.

Perry has long bashed Obama, beginning after Obama's 2004 speech to the Democratic National Convention. Perry wrote:

Think, also, what license the dyslexic rent-a-crowd poster-scribblers will have with Barack Obama's moniker. Seemingly endless permutations off the letters spelling Obama are good for many a quality-time family-values game of "Anagrams."

Top of the Charts

Already you can hear rappers ranting out best-seller CDs without once repeating themselves:

"Obama, Boama, Amabo, Maboa.

"Oamba, Bamoa, Abamo, Maoba.

"Oabam, Baoma, Amoba, Moaba.

"Obaam, Bamao, Aobma, Mboaa.

"Obmaa, Bomaa, Aobam, Maaob."

Captures the very heart and soul of America, doesn't it?.

Everybody Sing Now

"We're Barack Obama bound!

"There'll be no heebie-jeebies hanging 'round.

"All aboard Barack's Express!"

When the 2008 election rolled around, Perry was ready to attack again:

Will an Obama victory be the dawning of the socialist revolution in America the far left has been panting for and working so hard all these years to bring about?

How soon will the masscomm egomaniacs fall out of love with this new administration? (And they will. They always do. The only thing they are truly in love with is themselves.) How will blacks respond to that?

It’s not a very pretty prospect any way you look at it. The world is about to see whether Americans are ready yet for self-government.

-- Oct. 13, 2008, column

If elected president of the United States, Obama would bring his extensive management inexperience directly into the White House with him on his very first day in the Oval Office, the command post of the world’s most-powerful executive.

Talk about on-the-job training!

And speaking of talk, what has Barack Obama ever run — except his mouth?

-- Oct. 20, 2008, column

The time for liberals to save their own political skins is now, before Nov. 4. They have an honorable, patriotic duty to stand up and say to America, “Stop right here! We want off this bus before it goes over the cliff. We were wrong about this Obama fellow. The evidence is now pouring in that he is not what he led us to believe. He is no liberal. He is a far-left radical and a mortal danger to this republic. Don’t give him your vote. He’s not getting mine.”

Will any of the leadership liberals do that? Do pigs fly? Do bears go in the middle of Times Square?

They’ve never tried.

If liberal Democrats fail to put country above party on Nov. 4 and if Obama wins, they can kiss their Democratic Party goodbye. They will deserve the political hell-fires they have stoked for themselves.

-- Oct. 30, 2008, column

Like the Yorkshireman, Barack Obama burst upon the scene from obscure lineage — his emanating in disparate continents, Africa and North America.

Arms extended, Obama still circles the arena. Cheers continue, but slacken. His ill-timed effort to spread his wings across Europe, so congenial in leftist venues he courted, turned into a trans-substantial continental flop.

High-flying oratory proved utterly inefficacious in winning any major foreign-policy result he set himself to bring home in triumph. Obama’s personal diplomacy never took off.

-- April 13 column

Insightful, delightful humorist James Thurber once wrote, “You can fool too many of the people too much of the time.” Are you listening, Barack Obama?

The new president purports to be in affinity with Abraham Lincoln, who made a lot of sense a lot of the time, including one time when he said, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.”

Using Lincoln’s maxim as his caliper, Obama has built a career slipping through a lot of the time with as much … well, call it foolery … as he could get away with at any given time.

Thurber’s humor was delicious, none of it built around narcissistic self-aggrandizement. What he had to say, what he wrote, what he drew in his near-blindness with a lump of charcoal was of lasting enrichment and enchantment.

On the other hand, Obama’s teleprompted words, before which his leftist adulators in the media fawn and grovel so, are blowing in the wind.

Absolutely, you can fool too many of the people too much of the time.

Time is not with Barack Obama. Even for him, there’s a limit of available fools.

-- May 18 column

Now that he’s president, Barack Obama has new clothes, even if they don’t always fit. What he still lacks is class. Tailors can’t fix that.

Before, during, and since the president’s elevation to his stratospheric altitude in the vault of the heavens, he has been adorned in an unprecedented array of resplendent raiments of praise befitting his One-ness.


Under those conditions, how, if the president has no class, is his populace to know what he’s doing that is classless? It’s a bit like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s celebrated dictum non-defining hard-core pornography: “I know it when I see it.”

So, the answer is that if the president’s classlessness is observed, it must be without comment about:

  • The way he walks, the way he talks, the way he looks down his nose.
  • The way he hasn’t learned to tie a four-in-hand necktie like the men do.
  • The way he smirks in public gatherings at crude, inappropriate humor.
  • The way he sulks or huffs like a spoiled child when disputed or denied.
  • The haughty way he fakes erudition off his teleprompter screens and proffers profundities on subjects in which he lacks credentials.
  • The way he says, “as I’ve said before,” when he hasn’t.
  • The way he jumps down, spins around, picks a new position when the one he holds drifts downstream toward the unpopular.
  • The way he tries to straddle two horses racing in diverging directions.
  • The way he concocts ever-shifting lexicons for marketing distasteful policies when public perceptions catch up with reality.
  • The way he can’t seem to avoid the first-person singular with almost every breath.
  • The way he behaves not only as if it’s all about him but also as if he’s all about all that is.

The poor fellow is classlessly infatuated with his reflection in the gazing pool of media adulation. Narcissism was never remotely emblematic of a class act.

-- June 29 column

Even to allow Obama’s socialist programs a mere toe in the water could prove to be too late. These programs are like flypaper or unspeakable social disease. The elevator to the hell of a Marxist society goes in only one direction – ever higher into costs taken from appropriations of individuals’ earned incomes.


It won’t be enough for Republicans just to be “the party of no” and stop there. They will also have to propose national alternatives that begin all over again where Barack Obama first seduced America into his leftward-spiraling, all-consuming maelstrom of latter-day Marxism.

If they fail, this nation will be down on its hands and knees for decades, scouring floors in an Augean stable where no one-time sluice will suffice to eradicate the bacilli of socialism from forever attempting a comeback.

-- July 27 column

Perry seems to be turning into the new Norman Liebmann, the former Newsmax columnist known at the time for his hateful smears of the Clintons and others he didn't like (such as Arabs).Liebmann quit Newsmax in 2004 after it allegedly refused to publish a virulent anti-gay rant of his. These days, Liebmann is mostly confined to his own website, where he's being just as hateful toward Obama.

Is that what's in Perry's future?

Posted by Terry K. at 1:35 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, October 1, 2009 11:39 AM EDT
Obama-Nazi Reference of the Day
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The Nazis had a word for what Barack Obama declared in the United Nations General Assembly last week.

When a city or a district or a nation was "clean of Jews," it was pronounced "Judenrein."

The goal of the Nazis was, of course, for all of Europe to be cleansed of Jews – then the whole world.


In other words, Barack Obama is in favor of an ethnic-cleansing operation – one that will eventually require the forcible removal of all Jews, no matter how long they have lived in these areas, no matter what they paid for their properties, no matter what.

That's because the monsters who control the Palestinian Authority, even the so-called "moderates," demand that all Jews leave. Jews will simply be unwelcome in this future Palestinian state. End of story. It's a non-negotiable demand.


I know Americans have their own problems with Obama, but why are we sitting around quietly while he embraces policies that would reduce Israel to Auschwitz borders?

It's this simple: If ethnic cleansing is wrong, so are Obama's policies in the Middle East.

-- Joseph Farah, Sept. 30 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 12:20 AM EDT
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Newsmax Quotes Congressman Saying Something His Spokesman Said
Topic: Newsmax

Newsmax's headline on a Sept. 29 Associated Press article reads, "GOP Rep.: Obama Enemy of 'Unborn Humanity'." But as the article details, that's not what the congressman said -- it's what the congressman's spokesman said he meant to say:

A Republican congressman who called President Barack Obama an "enemy of humanity" says he should have made clear that he was referring to the president's policies related to abortion.

Trent Franks of Arizona said in a speech to conservatives Saturday in St. Louis that Obama's decision to fund international family planning organizations that support legal abortion shows "he has no place in any station of government and we need to realize that he is an enemy of humanity."

Bethany Haley, spokeswoman for Franks, said the congressman was referring to "unborn humanity" and should have clarified his statement.

The AP headline on the same article: "GOP lawmaker clarifies remarks critical of Obama."

Posted by Terry K. at 11:19 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, October 1, 2009 12:29 AM EDT
Newsmax Flees From Coup-Advocating Column
Topic: Newsmax

Newsmax has issued a statement -- released to TPM and Media Matters, not to its readers on its website, where it would be more appropriate -- regarding John L. Perry's column rooting for a military coup to deal with the "Obama problem," which Newsmax has since deleted from its website (though we still have a copy):

In a blog posting to Newsmax John Perry wrote about a coup scenario involving the U.S. military. He clearly stated that he was not advocating such a scenario but simply describing one.

After several reader complaints, Newsmax wanted to insure that this article was not misinterpreted. It was removed after a short period after being posted.

Newsmax strongly believes in the principles of Constitutional government and would never advocate or insinuate any suggestion of an activity that would undermine our democracy or democratic institutions.

Mr. Perry served as a political appointee in the Carter administration in HUD and FEMA. He has no official relationship with Newsmax other than as an unpaid blogger.

Interesting that Newsmax makes a point of highlighting that Perry worked in the Carter administration, as if it somehow proves he's not really a right-wing nut. And its dismissal of Perry as nothing more than an "unpaid blogger" is a tad disingenous since Perry has been writing for Newsmax since 1999 and Perry's Newsmax bio touts how he "contributes a regular column to"

Posted by Terry K. at 1:51 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, October 4, 2009 1:23 PM EDT
WND Still Obfuscating on Andersen's Claims
Topic: WorldNetDaily

A Sept. 28 WorldNetDaily article touts how "Christopher Andersen said on a radio program today he had two sources of information for his new book confirming former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers played a large part in the writing of Barack Obama's 'Dreams from My Father.'" But the article obfuscates more than it illuminates.

The article states that "radio host Mancow Muller arranged for" WND columnist Jack Cashill -- the chief promulgator of the conspiracy theory that Ayers wrote the Obama book -- "to question Andersen about the book":

Andersen described how Obama was "hopelessly blocked" in writing his book then turned to Ayers for help.

When Cashill inquired about the sources for the book, Andersen said he had two separate sources "within Hyde Park" but would not elaborate. Andersen insisted he made no claim Ayers wrote "Dreams," but he did not deny Ayers' deep involvement.

He said "Dreams" is significantly different – and better – than Obama's other book, "Audacity of Hope," from 2006.

Notice anything strange about that section? There are no direct quotes of significance -- only the words "hopelessly blocked" and "within Hyde Park." Everything else is a paraphrase. There's no evidence that Andersen supports Cashill's claim of "Ayers' deep involvement" in Obama's book -- indeed, as we've detailed, Andersen has specifically distanced himself from claims that Ayers ghost-wrote Obama's book, as Cashill has claimed.

The article does not provide or otherwise link to audio or a transcript of the Cashill-Andersen conversation. The audio archive on Mancow's website is behind a subscription wall.

One has to wonder, given the absence of any meaningful direct quoting of the Mancow interview, if WND and Cashill are overstating what Andersen said. Unless they can provide an audio link and a verifiable transcript, it has to be assumed that they did.

The Washington Independent's Dave Weigel also highlights Cashill's overstatement of what Andersen is claiming: "But Cashill’s argument has not been the “informal editing service” argument. It’s been that Ayers wrote “the better part” of “Dreams From My Father,” something not even Andersen suggests."

Posted by Terry K. at 12:19 PM EDT
Newsmax Deletes Column Advocating Military Coup Against Obama
Topic: Newsmax

Newsmax has quietly removed without explanation John L. Perry's column advocating a military coup against President Obama. Newsmax has offered no explanation or apology.

Fortunately, we made a copy.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:20 AM EDT
New Article -- Out There, Exhibit 50: The Secret Hirsen-Gibson Connection
Topic: Newsmax
Newsmax writer James Hirsen runs a foundation that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Mel Gibson's father found an ultraconservative Catholic church -- but readers of Hirsen's fawning coverage of Gibson don't know that. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 1:57 AM EDT
WND Buys Into Bogus Breitbart Claim
Topic: WorldNetDaily

A Sept. 29 WorldNetDaily article hypes a video, promoted by Andrew Breitbart's video site, that claims to "shows leaders of a Chicago-based community organizing group called the Gamaliel Foundation held a rally shortly after President Obama's election and 'prayed' to him, seeking his intervention in their difficulties."

The problem? It's clear that nobody's "praying" to Obama.

Breitbart himself has walked the claim back, appending an editor's note that acknowledges the likelihood that the group is praying to God rather than Obama -- though not before numerous members of the right-wing media joined WND in hyping it. 

WND has yet to acknowledge Breitbart's walkback.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:46 AM EDT
Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Obama-Nazi Reference of the Day
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Many people, including some conservatives, have been very impressed with how brainy the president and his advisers are. But that is not quite as reassuring as it might seem.


Make no mistake about it, Adolf Hitler was brilliant. His underlying beliefs may have been half-baked and his hatreds overwhelming, but he was a genius when it came to carrying out his plans politically, based on those beliefs and hatreds.

Starting from a position of Germany's military weakness in the early 1930s, Hitler not only built up Germany's war-making potential, he did so in ways that minimized the danger that his potential victims would match his military build-up with their own. He said whatever soothing words they wanted to hear that would spare them the cost of military deterrence and the pain of contemplating another war.

-- Thomas Sowell, Sept. 29 syndicated column

Posted by Terry K. at 9:03 PM EDT
Newsmax's Perry Roots for Military Coup to Overthrow Obama
Topic: Newsmax

From John L. Perry's Sept. 29 Newsmax column:

There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America’s military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem.” Don’t dismiss it as unrealistic.

America isn’t the Third World. If a military coup does occur here it will be civilized. That it has never happened doesn’t mean it wont. Describing what may be afoot is not to advocate it.

But Perry certainly seems to be advocating just that farther down in his column:

Will the day come when patriotic general and flag officers sit down with the president, or with those who control him, and work out the national equivalent of a “family intervention,” with some form of limited, shared responsibility?

Imagine a bloodless coup to restore and defend the Constitution through an interim administration that would do the serious business of governing and defending the nation. Skilled, military-trained, nation-builders would replace accountability-challenged, radical-left commissars. Having bonded with his twin teleprompters, the president would be detailed for ceremonial speech-making.

Military intervention is what Obama’s exponentially accelerating agenda for “fundamental change” toward a Marxist state is inviting upon America. A coup is not an ideal option, but Obama’s radical ideal is not acceptable or reversible.

Unthinkable? Then think up an alternative, non-violent solution to the Obama problem. Just don’t shrug and say, “We can always worry about that later.”

In the 2008 election, that was the wistful, self-indulgent, indifferent reliance on abnegation of personal responsibility that has sunk the nation into this morass.

Posted by Terry K. at 5:41 PM EDT
Newsmax's Walsh Still Bashing Immigrants
Topic: Newsmax

James Walsh keeps up his attacks on immigrants with his Sept. 28 Newsmax column.

Walsh again asserts dubious numbers as fact, claiming that "30 million illegal aliens ... are balkanizing the United States." In fact, most experts say there are only 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. He then quickly descends into paranoid ranting:

They are aided and abetted by liberal Democrats, radical Hispanic groups such as La Raza (The Race), leftist academicians, the liberal media, and groups financed by the likes of George Soros –– elitist billionaires who would buy their way into an oligarchy.

Add to this list the America haters, those individuals who choose to see only evil in their homeland. The strategy of these latter-day one-worlders is to foist an image of a morally bankrupt nation, something that America has never been, from its Paleo-Indians to its patriotic legislators struggling against agents of change in Congress –– agents that would destroy the nation to achieve globalist goals.

The Obama administration is intent on reshaping the demographics of the United States by way of open-borders immigration. Poorly educated, easily led, illegal aliens will be naturalized by a looming Obama amnesty. Thus it is not a lie when the president says that no illegal aliens will be covered by Obamacare. His intent is to naturalize them all.

Walsh alludes to the alleged utopia of pre-1965 immigration laws, stating that "For the past 44 years, Congress has jumbled the nation’s immigration laws by catering to immigrant special interest groups rather than to the citizens they allegedly represent." But as we've detailed, those highly restrictive immigration laws were driven by racism and eugenics.

Walsh also goes on a mini-rant against public education, claiming it is "busy instilling in U.S. youth a self-loathing that ridicules the nation’s ethos and its record of bloody sacrifice for the nation and the world." He adds, "In lock-step, the liberal news media demonizes the United States and spins the news to meet its goals." As if his employer, Newsmax, doesn't spin the news to meet its own goals.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:18 AM EDT
WND Follows the Herd, Selectively Edits Quote
Topic: WorldNetDaily

A Sept. 28 WorldNetDaily article by Bob Unruh follows the lead of Fox News and the Washington Times by uncritically repeating their claims that "radical homosexual activist" Kevin Jennings, President Obama's safe school czar, "violated a state law" by failing to report that when he was a high school counselor, he "was told by a 15-year-old high school sophomore that he was having homosexual sex with an 'older man.' At the very least, statutory rape occurred."

In fact, the evidence cited by the Times and Fox News, which Unruh uncritically repeats -- an audiotape of Jennings relating the story of the student in question during a 2000 speech -- was edited by both organizations to omit the fact that Jennings expressed concern to the student over sexually transmitted diseases because, he said, "my best friend had just died of AIDS the week before." Further, the audio cited by Fox and the Times does not specifically indicate, as they suggest, that the teen was involved with an "older man" or that sex between them actually occurred (though that can be plausibly inferred).

Posted by Terry K. at 1:54 AM EDT

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