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Saturday, June 13, 2009
Jackie Mason's Latest Anti-Obama Rant
Topic: WorldNetDaily

The latest anti-Obama WorldNetDaily rant from Jackie Mason, in a June 11 video:

Every time a new president comes into office, he tries to tell you how he's going to settle the problem of Israel, and now it's Barack Obama's chance to let you know how he's going to solve this problem. But all of the other presidents who wanted to solve this problem were constantly evenhanded or that everybody thought they were evenhanded or at least they attempted to be evenhanded. Barack Obama, obviously, through all the statesmanship and the flowery phrases and the fancy dialogue, he's not even attempting to be evenhanded. He's giving orders to Israel: "Give up your settlements. I want to make sure that one more person doesn't [unintelligible] into that settlement and they don't extend the living room or kitchen or toilet and you're very closely organized in exactly that spot and you shouldn't move from that spot for a second and a half because somehow that's causing all the trouble all over the world. Iran would never start a war and peace on earth would reign all over the universe if Israel just didn't build another kitchen or toilet or they didn't add another person nobody drank a glass of water and an extra foot of land.

Now, do believe this nonsense? This is the biggest piece of fakery in the world and this man with all the flowery phrases, if you listen carefully, is defrauding America because Israel is in no way any problem in this situation.


Besides, why should the settlements be considered a problem in the first place? Is it even fair to suggest it? Right now, over a million and a half -- almost -- closer to two million Arabs live on Israeli land. Not only do they live there, but they're equal citizens with Israeli in almost every way. Health care benefits, unemployment benefits, they have the same opportunities as Israelis to get ahead in life and to get the same equal democratic principles and problems and they live the same democratic life that every Israeli does, on equal terms in every way. They're equal citizens. How come the Israelis don't complain: "Look at this, There's only a million and a half Arabs here, there better not be one more, they better not build another toilet or another kitchen." A million and a half Arabs who are a threat to Israel every day, commiting suicide bombings every day. And they take their chance with their very lives to keep a million and a half Arabs in their country every day, and it doesn't bother them. But three extra Jews who are mostly religious Jews walking around with a shawl and a prayer book, they are the greatest menace to society when there's only a couple hundred of them or maybe a couple thousand? How did they become such a menace to the Arabs when a million and a half Arabs who are threatening to kill Jews every day are not considered a threat?

There are no such thing as Israeli suicide bombers -- it never existed, it never happened, they're not engangering anybody's life. They're living a peaceful life. Most of them are very religious, humble Jews minding their own business. Why are they such a terrible threat with an extra kitchen? This is the biggest fraud in the world. We are endangering our lives every day, and we keep them there as equal citizens. But let one Jew build a toilet, and it's called an extension of a settlement, and they're the biggest threat in the world to the Arabs.

Suicide bombers is not a threat but an extra toilet is? This is a fraud and chicanery and deception, and your president ought to be ashamed of himself to make an issue out of it.

1) The population of Israeli settlements in the West Back is much more than "maybe a couple thousand"; as of 2006, it was more than 267,000. And they're not all "living a peaceful life"; some are engaged in vigilante violence against Palestinians.

2) Far from being "not considered a threat," right-wing Israeli politicans, including the far-right Kach/Kahane Chai, advocate removal (by various means) of all Arabs rom Israel.

3) Obama is not "giving orders" to Israel; Obama cannot order another sovereign nation to do anything. He has, however, requested that settlement activity stop as part of a peace process with the Palestinians.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:49 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, June 13, 2009 12:51 AM EDT

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