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Monday, May 11, 2009
WND Still Lying About Hate-Crimes Bill, Snaps at Those Who Tell the Truth
Topic: WorldNetDaily

A May 9 WorldNetDaily article by Bob Unruh repeats the lie that a hate-crimes bill currently in Congress "actually was written so that it protects pedophiles and others with alternative sexual orientations such as voyeurism and exhibitionism." Unruh also repeats Matt Barber's lie that Matthew Shepard "was killed during a robbery for drug money gone awry."

An unbylined May 10 WND article walks it back a bit, claiming that "critics say" the bill "provides special protections for pedophiles and others with alternative 'gender identities' such as voyeurism and exhibitionism." But that's a lie by omission -- it fails to explain that the "critics" -- all right-wing activists like Janet Porter, as well as Barber's employer, Liberty Counsel -- are wrong.

Meanwhile, an opt-in WND poll also perpetuates the lie with the question, "Do you believe the Pedophile Protection Act will stand as the law of the land?" Here are some of the comments by WND readers on the poll's thread, many of whom have been indoctrinated with WND's lie:

Congress should be our elected leaders of the highest moral values in the land. Instead we are saddled with men hating feminists, women hating homosexuals, tax cheats, marital cheaters and those who hate the U S Constitution. This bill will eventually pass, because the more perverts in Congress help other perverts...the less they themselves attract attention. As a nation we need to defeat this bill...and then put a bounty on the head of every sitting member of our so-called U S Congress.

The government creates more categories of victims every year. Here is just a few of our class of victims: Illegal Immigrants, Homosexuals, Muslims, and now pedophiles if the liberals get their way. These are now the protected heroes of our society. 

Americans are in for a major shock. The NAMBLA and, LGBT militants fully intend to force their very sick version of immorality upon this nation. All opposition will be SHOUTED down. Dissent is forbidden. All those not supporting these sex fiends are demonstrably imbecilic and will be silenced. They may be less than 10% of the populace but the ruling dems are most definitely on their side. They're queer, they're here and at children they leer.

I resent the fact that homosexuals want to be special. Anyone who commits a crime against another is full of hate at that moment. Why should a homosexual or anyone with a perverted behavior be more important than a little child, a wife, a husband, etc? 

Matthew Shepherd was not killed because he was gay. He was killed because two thugs were trying to rob him. This is the truth that many prefer not to believe...but it is the truth.

Satan understands that this current generation still has a connection to Biblical truth, but the youth in this country is almost devoid of moral absolutes, as is most of the left. Do not be fooled by the chatter of psychiatrists and so-called experts, they suffer from more demonic influence than they can ever imagine. Ephesians 6:12

This one bill advances the pervert agenda and eliminates most free speech at the same time. Of particular interest is the roll of Black congressmen in all of these recent measures, including the despicable Alcee Hastings, the vile John Conyers, and all the traitors of the Black Caucus. Add to this the Black mayors who have virtually destroyed many American cities, the illegal alien in the Black House, and his attorney general who is eager to imprison and murder all patriots and Christians. Many Whites, already victimized by high taxes to pay welfare benefits, victimized by Black criminals, and victimized by affirmative action, will likely begin to feel just a tad resentful. The elites always follow the divide and conquer strategy. 

I would pray that it doesn't but from what I have seen so far with the kenyan born islamic loser's agenda I think they will try to get it as such. When the law starts protecting child rapists over our children then parents will start taking the matter into their own hands and I think we will see a lot of vigilantes correcting the situation. 

Rather hilariously, the people who are trying to tell the truth in the thread are getting flagged by the forum monitor. One person, writing under the name KevinVT2, pointed out: "No one buys the argument that pedophilia is a sexual orientation, that's why nobody bought [Rep. Steve] King's amendment. It was pure propaganda to associate pedophilia with sexual orientation." Appended to the end of his post is a message from the montior, Mikaia: "Kevin, I will allow your to debate as long as you stay civil, don't make false accusations or name calling. Keep it on topic please. Thank you. -Mikaia."

Another person, "Squidbiscuit," wrote, "Once again WND wants to scare the pants off of every one by calling this something it is not. It has nothing to do with protecting pedophiles." That got a quick rejoinder from Mikaia as well: "The topic and the question is: 'Do you believe the Pedophile Protection Act will stand as the law of the land?' If you are going to post please post on topic and not about the other posters. The posters have a right to discuss the poll question."

If people are not allowed to use WND forums to correct lies being told by WND, doesn't that mean WND is engaging in censorship?

Posted by Terry K. at 12:34 AM EDT

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