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Sunday, October 19, 2008
Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch, WorldNetDaily Division
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Would all schools in the U.S., under the muscle of an Obama administration, be forced to drill youth in the talking points of "gay" sex and gender–switching, calling it "justice"? Would Ayers' idea that America is an oppressive regime with way too much heterosexuality become a core tenet of your child's value system?

-- Linda Harvey, Oct. 13 WorldNetDaily column

Use Obama-Glo and you'll get a high paying job that demands virtually no hours per week, free health care, free abortions, free hurricane protection, free higher education, a cameo in a Tom Hanks movie, free tire inflation service so we can stop drilling for oil and free delicious and nutritious meals with zero trans fats delivered by an ex Fannie Mae executive in a hybrid car to your mortgage-free home three times per day!


And don't forget, if you order now, your name will be placed in the Obama-Glo sweepstakes. That's right, your kids and/or grandkids could win a chance to sing alongside the world famous Obama Youth in an upcoming production of "If They Could See Me Mao: The Musical" – coming soon to a public school classroom near you. (on-screen graphic: odds of winning = 99.9 out of 100)

What are you waiting for? Quantities aren't limited, so you should order like you should vote: early and often!

-- Doug Powers, Oct. 13 WorldNetDaily column

There's bamboozle and there's bamboozled – and then there is Barry Sotero, aka Barack Hussein Obama, the quintessential bam-boo-zuh-ler. But that notwithstanding, all indications are that on Jan. 20 of 2009, America's first Kenyan-American will be sworn in as president. To which I say, "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche," i.e., "let them eat cake" – because there sure won't be anything else of substantive fulfillment for Americans to enjoy. Voters are buying into his repeatedly vacuous mantra of "change" – and change they are going to get – but, excluding socialists, communists and Marxists, not a change they are going to be happy with.

-- Mychal Massie, Oct. 14 WorldNetDaily column

Beyond appointing a junior leftist like Ruth Bader Ginsburg or a younger version of abortion zealot Stephen Breyer to the bench, Obama promised to sign the so-called "Freedom of Choice Act" as the first thing he will do if elected. With one stroke of the pen, Obama's first act would strike down every state and federal law restricting abortion in all 50 states. That means no more parental notice, no more ban on partial-birth abortions, no more protection for any child – anywhere. Even infants who are born alive won't get protection from an Obama administration, as he led the charge in the Illinois Senate and voted four times against protecting infants who escape an abortion alive! 

-- Janet (Folger) Porter, Oct. 14 WorldNetDaily column

Obama was unquestioningly accepted as packaged – someone who was sincere, forthright and amiable in every way. The fact that he doesn't have the ghetto-jabbering syntax of a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton most assuredly did not hurt him. It simply hasn't occurred to whites (or blacks for that matter) that Obama could even approach being the monster a white man has the potential of being. 

-- Erik Rush, Oct. 16 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 12:19 AM EDT

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