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Slanties 2015: Everything Is Slantie

It's time to honor the year's wild, wacky and just plain crappy contributions from the ConWeb.

By Terry Krepel
Posted 1/8/2015
Updated 1/10/2015

Because Emmet, the star of "The Lego Movie," lived much of his life in a world where everything is awesome, he didn't have to worry about being Heathered by the Media Research Center.

In 2014, it seems that the ConWeb listened to the film's insanely catchy theme song and picked up only on the "insane" part. It was another year full of lies and craziness, and it's time to honor their work with ConWebWatch's 12th annual Slantie Awards.

Let's get to work, shall we?

* * *

The first award is for the most egregious example of bias in "news" coverage. The nominees are:

  • WND's Akin failure -- WorldNetDaily felt the need to promote new a WND-published book by right-wing ex-congressman Todd Akin by trying to re-litigate Akin's controversial "legitimate rape" gaffe, but did it so dishonestly that it couldn't possibly be taken seriously.
  • CNS' biased unemployment reporting -- The employment picture in the U.S. is improving, but you wouldn't know it by reading, which cherry-picks the not-so-good numbers while burying or completely ignoring the good news.
  • WND's military coup -- WorldNetDaily assembled a gathering of former military leaders who agitated for an overthrow of President Obama.
  • WND's fearmongering medical advice -- Employing writers linked to the far-right-fringe Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, WND promoted politicized attacks on Obamacare and blaming Ebola on illegal immigrants and President Obama.
  • WND and Cliven Bundy -- The fact that Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy turned out to be a bit of a racist didn't keep WND from joining right-wing militia groups in supporting his fight against federal grazing fees.
  • Aaron Klein's bad year -- On top of still being a proud birther, having his radio show moved from a New York powerhouse station to one that doesn't even register in the ratings, and writing a WND article that had to be retracted, WND reporter Aaron Klein wrote a book purporting to tell "The Real Benghazi Story," whose main claims were debunked by the Republican-led committee looking into the 2012 attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya. WND even lied about the contents of Klein's book to falsely accuse Media Matters of misleading about what it contained.

And the Slantie goes to ... CNS' biased unemployment reporting. It's the most blatant example of CNS' right-wing media bias. If it's good news for President Obama and the country, it won't see the light of day at CNS.

* * *

Our next award is the Power Behind the Throne Award, which we give to ... Tim Graham of the Media Research Center.

It was revealed last year that Graham for years has been ghostwriting the syndicated columns of his boss, Brent Bozell, as well as pretty much everything else that appears under Bozell's name. ConWebWatch had previously noted that the copyright for the 2013 book "Collusion," which listed both Bozell and Graham as authors, was only in Bozell's name despite promotions claiming that proceeds from the book went to the MRC.

Bozell and Graham didn't deny the situation -- actually, they rather cowardly refused to speak on the record about the situation at all (though MRC officials spoke anonymously to Romenesko by trying to laughably spin the situation as being just like President Obama having speechwriters). Their syndicator added Graham's byline to Bozell's for the syndicated column, but the MRC has so far refused to officially give Graham retroactive credit for his ghostwriting work.

The exposure of this ruse shows that Graham provides the intellectual heft (such as it is) for the MRC, while Bozell is little more than a temperamental figurehead who's apparently good for little more than fundraising, pop-veined TV appearances on Fox News and trading off being the nephew of renowned conservative William F. Buckley.

* * *

The next award is the LoBaido Award for the silliest statement made by a writer for a conservative news Web site (named after Anthony LoBaido, who wrote a post-9/11 column for WorldNetDaily that was so unhinged -- he blamed the attacks on America's immorality since "all that is evil in the world can be found in New York" and, for good measure, called Hillary Clinton "openly Marxist, treasonous and abortion-mongering, occultic" -- that WND eventually pulled it from its site). Here are this year's finalists:

Before writing that $20 million check for a new Obama memoir, a publisher might want to do a serious review as to who wrote the previous two. There may be a James Frey-style smackdown awaiting.

-- Jack Cashill, Jan. 22 WND column

Somebody please drag Harry Reid behind a truck.

-- Erik Rush, Feb. 4 tweet

I will believe Barack Obama’s heart is in the right place when he vows that he is a follower of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and will take no actions and make no pronouncements that he cannot square with His Holy Word. I will believe Barack Obama’s heart is in the right place when he repents of all the evil he has wrought since assuming office five years ago. I will believe Barack Obama’s heart is in the right place when he turns from his wicked ways, scrupulously follows the law of the land and listens not only for the voice of God but for the voice of the people he is sworn to serve.

-- Joseph Farah, Feb. 3 WND column

Say what you will about Putin, but he has a vision for his country that is enticing to the Russians and draws a contrast with the West, which is suffering through a period of decline and decay under Obama. The year 2014 has been declared the “Year of Culture in Russia,” and Putin says “It is intended to be a year of enlightenment, emphasis on our cultural roots, patriotism, values and ethics.”

-- Cliff Kincaid, Feb. 11 Accuracy in Media column

So intertwined is the socialist progressivism and evolution atheism of Obama with the neo-Leninism and Machiavellianism of Alinsky that it is impossible to separate the two either in theory and practice or in public policy and law, so much so that when Obama looks into a mirror the only reflection he sees is that of the nihilist radical Saul Alinsky.

-- Ellis Washington, Feb. 14 WND column

You don’t hear anybody making jokes about Hillary Clinton’s weight. Hillary, though not quite as bulky as Christy, is – to put it delicately – heavy. But you don’t hear anybody jesting that she’s going to stand in as a breakwater on the Jersey shore, or that she caused a traffic jam by crossing the George Washington Bridge or is having a new pantsuit tailored at the awning factory.

This is because it would be ungallant to make fat jokes about a woman. A woman can assume the proportions of the Graf Zeppelin, and nobody will suggest openly that she take her place in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. The unchivalrous gent who made such crack could find the object of his “humor” smacking him in the mouth, or worse, dissolving in tears.

-- Michael Ackley, March 9 WND column

It’s time to pull the curtain on this wizard, folks. Homosexuality itself is wrong.

The constructed identity of being “gay” is harmful and should not be considered a worthy defense in light of reality. The evidence clearly points to the truth that everyone is intrinsically a heterosexual.

We need to have the guts to stand up and say so. Our defense should not be because we Christians just hope to somehow preserve narrow rights over here in our holy huddle.

It’s because homosexuality is unnatural and unnecessary, and the harm its advocacy is doing to our culture is apparent to anyone with half a brain, even atheists. Confusion abounds only because we won’t state the obvious.

And this doesn’t even begin to cover the lunacy of “transgendered” behavior.

-- Linda Harvey, March 7 WND column

Why do Barack Obama and the liberal media hate Russia so much but have such love for nations that are anti-Christian and repressive such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia? Morally and spiritually, Russia today is the nation America was in the 1950s.

-- William Murray, March 12 WND column

Folks, it’s hard to take this man seriously as a “world leader,” and his approval rating has now fallen below 40 percent. Coming on top of the domestic policy disaster called Obamacare, this foreign-policy tailspin is undoubtedly contributing to the collapse of those poll numbers. Would you hire this man to run your pizza franchise?

-- Tom Tancredo, March 21 WND column

Hillary has passion – albeit passion for political power that doesn’t serve to lift America to higher heights, but rather, tear her down.

Hillary supports late-term abortions; supports amnesty; supports higher taxes and large budget deficits. Hillary lies and attempts to cover her messy tracks. Her dark past reeks of mayhem, murder and mystery even while serving as first lady.

-- Selena Owens, April 1 WorldNetDaily column

In this context, and as I have written before, the irony is that under the Obama presidency there has been a role reversal; whites, and particularly rich ones, are now at the back of the bus. While it is not politically correct in today’s world for whites to raise this feeling in public, there has developed regrettably and tragically an undercurrent of deep resentment among whites, which is now starting to manifest itself in major ways.

-- Larry Klayman, May 2 WND column

No U.S. president since Israel was reborn in 1948 has been less of a friend to Israel or the Jewish people than Barack Obama. He seeks to redraw the nation’s borders in a way that would leave Israel unable to defend itself. He has sought to freeze building by Jews in and around Israel’s capital. He seeks a so-called peace agreement that would involve ethnic cleansing of Jews in a future Palestinian state. Obama is not operating in the spirit of Oscar Schindler. On the contrary, he is operating in the spirit of those who appeased Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. He is operating in the spirit of those who looked the other way as 6 million Jews were exterminated. He is operating in the spirit of those who had an opportunity to save Jews from death in the Holocaust but did nothing.

In short, Obama’s list of humanitarian priorities is not like Schindler’s.

-- Joseph Farah, May 5 WND column

If an NFL team ends up taking Michael Sam in a late draft round – or not at all – don’t blame the media. The Missouri defensive end came out of the closet to near universal media adulation (coincidentally timed with the NFL Combine in February). Now, with the draft looming on May 8, ESPN and ABC are doing their parts to make sure Sam is picked.

ESPN announced May 7 that it’s bestowing Sam with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. The ceremony doesn’t take place until July, but it’s never too early to remind NFL coaching staffs that Sam had the courage to join society’s most trendy and celebrated grievance group.

But the sports and news media alike have a habit of obnoxiously intruding on sports with their political preoccupations. (Here’s looking at you, “Pinky” Costas.)

The Ashe Award was ostensibly the excuse for having Sam on “Good Morning America” May 7. But, covering mostly the same ground as the February media love fest, it was really about confirming that Michael Sam is still a homosexual.

-- Matt Philbin, May 7 Media Research Center column

When you read Obama Jr.’s account of his father in the context of decolonized Africa and its tradition of Big Men, you realize what his dream is: to be an African Big Man himself.

The current president of the United States is not an American, not in his soul. He is an African. Not an “African-American,” for that term only appropriately applies to descendants of Africans brought to America as slaves.

Obama Jr. is completely lacking in that ancestry and cultural heritage. His ancestry and heritage is half black African, which he embraces, and half white American, which he despises. He has no interest in being an American president. He wants to use the presidency to be a Big Man, to be worshiped and obeyed, to rule by executive decree, to live like a king and play more golf than conduct the business of state.

-- Jack Wheeler, May 10 WND column

On Memorial Day, Barack Obama unashamedly did his best to attempt to save face by showing up at Arlington National Cemetery with the hopes that you would believe that he supports American ideals, along with our boys and girls in uniform. All the while, he spends his allotted time (to America’s own demise) destroying and desecrating their memories by trampling the Constitution they sacrificed themselves to magnify.

-- Bradlee Dean, May 29 WND column

For Barack Obama speeches are not just motivational instruments or representations of a desired state of affairs, but feats of political transubstantiation, where, if he utters them, words become reality.

It is a behavior not dissimilar to Adolf Hitler maneuvering imaginary German divisions from his Berlin bunker while Russian troops rampage throughout the city above him.

-- Lawrence Sellin, May 29 Accuracy in Media column

Let's face it, Hillary. You've never excelled at anything except being an activist in college and standing by your man Bill.

You were a lousy senator from New York. You were a lousy secretary of state — and not just because of Benghazi.

You have no issue to run on, except that you're a woman. And the only thing you have going for you is that you're still married to Bill and everyone loves and adores him now that he is powerless.

Hillary, you don't even have the demeanor or the personality to be president. Did you see yourself in that Diane Sawyer interview?

Do you think anyone wants an in-your-face person like you to be president? Someone who acts arrogantly — "I'm Hillary Clinton and I want to do what I want to do and so I'm going to do it."

-- Michael Reagan, June 12 Newsmax column

I am prepared to argue same because, if we have a white Christian conservative as president, we can criticize his (or her) policies without concern of being called racists. It would be expected of that person to adhere to the highest standards of integrity, truthfulness, transparency and protocol. A white Christian conservative’s wife would be expected to exhibit social grace and decorum consistent with the office her husband held and not comport herself as a demimonde or slattern in expensive designer clothes.

-- Mychal Massie, June 16 WND column

Because unlike rank-and-file American news watchers and our comatose Congress, Israel and other world leaders know that the seemingly inexplicable rise of ISIS is anything but inexplicable. The shiny new armaments and off-the-rack fatigues they possess did not fall into their hands out of the sky, and they did not steal all of them along the way.

They know that for all intents and purposes, Barack Obama is ISIS.

-- Erik Rush, July 2 WND column

Second, Cleveland is woefully short of top-notch hotels and restaurants and is dangerous. In this regard, downtown Cleveland, where the convention will be held, has at most three decent eateries and no first-rate hotels in safe areas to speak of. Having lived in the Warehouse District, which is the most “fashionable area” of downtown, the number of street people and beggars approximates the number of white or blue collar workers who frequent and live in the area. The district is not only dangerous, it is depressed beyond imagination, so much so that when I considered buying a condominium there, since it was close to the law firm where I had become a partner, the advantage was only that real estate taxes would be abated for 10 years as an incentive. Accordingly, the facilities and venue of Cleveland are not suitable for a national political convention and portray a poor image for a party already in difficulty if not permanent decline.


Yes, I do have one good friend in Cleveland and thus not all is bad or pathetic. But in all honesty, the city is the poster boy for losers.

-- Larry Klayman, July 11 WND column

Some have speculated that Obama’s real father may have been the slain black civil rights leader Malcolm X, who embraced Sunni Islam after his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1964 and being expelled from the Nation of Islam. Apart from the uncanny likeness of the two men, there are those who claim that ample evidence exists to support this theory. One former intelligence operative has come forward, asserting that DNA evidence exists excluding Barack Obama Sr. as the president’s father. None of these parties has been able to produce incontrovertible evidence, however.

All things considered, a Malcolm X paternity certainly would explain the president having also embraced Sunni Islam, which he is dedicatedly working to advance. It might also explain his poorly concealed anti-Christian bias, as well as his administration’s appalling treatment of Israel.

-- Erik Rush, July 30 WND column

Despite the fact that Obama has continuously proven to be either directly or indirectly responsible for years of atrocities, it’s as if the universe sprayed PAM all over Barack Obama. Nothing sticks, and it probably never will.

-- Ann-Marie Murrell, Aug. 15 WND column

Honestly, it boggles the mind why any male employer would hire a feminist. They are walking, talking, breathing lawsuits. They are harassment litigation with hairy armpits. They are, in short, Trouble with a capital T.

-- Patrice Lewis, Aug. 22 WND column

The reality is that Obama could not have done any more to help ISIS if it were his intent.

And that raises the unavoidable and uncomfortable question: Was it his intent?

-- Joseph Farah, Aug. 27 WND column

The ALS [Ice Bucket Challenge] is ritualistic in nature. People are chosen to undergo a form of water baptism with cultic god Oprah leading the charge “in the name of ALS.” The Bible is clear: “You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). Oprah is a god to millions of Americans, and those who follow her doctrine and antics have tossed Jesus off the throne of their hearts – perhaps not intentionally ... or perhaps so. Yet by following her seemingly innocent IBC decree, knowingly or not, they have cast Jesus off symbolically.

-- Selena Owens, Sept. 2 WND column

A bill should be brought before Congress identifying all passages in the Quran which, whether in isolation or taken together, constitute incitement to murder.

The bill should specify that anyone who reads any of these passages out loud is to be charged with that crime and, if convicted, subjected to the usual penalty for it – a long prison term.

-- Christopher Monckton, Sept. 14 WND column

Possibly the surest sign that America is in decline is that the country twice elected Barack Hussein Obama to be its commander in chief. The chump hasn’t the know-how to be a crossing guard, but we gave him the same two terms we once gave George Washington and Ronald Reagan. As I said just prior to the 2012 election, I thought America could probably survive eight years of Obama, but I wasn’t so sure it could survive an electorate that would grant him a second term.

-- Burt Prelutsky, Sept. 25 WND column

Ohio had no early voting of any kind until 2006. The system was simple: Vote on Election Day or vote absentee if you had a valid excuse out of a list about ten possible reasons for doing so. No one complained until a George Soros-backed group attempted to impose an early-voting and redisctricting regime on the state through the initiative process. The "Reform Ohio Now" initiatives went down by 2-1 margins.

Nevertheless, Ohio's current voting regime is about as easy as can be — too easy, in yours truly's opinion[.]

-- Tom Blumer, Sept. 29 NewsBusters post

You can say what you want about Barack Obama. But one thing you can’t take away from him: The guy knows how to spread evil!


Nice work, Obama. Allowing Ebola to infect America – this is a way to allow evil to spread massively.

During his six years in office, Obama has allowed darkness to work through him and others. He’s totally committed to spreading evil and could care less what anyone says or thinks about him.

-- Jesse Lee Peterson, Oct. 12 WorldNetDaily column

Who was it who said in 2012 that foreign policy was Obama’s “strong suit”? Sure, just like synagogue architecture was Adolf Hitler’s strong suit!

-- Barry Farber, Oct. 14 WND column

Have you ever considered the fact that there is no reliable history of man before 6,000 years ago?

Why would that be?

I know there are ancient myths that suggest man is older than 6,000 years. But there is no reliable human history.

What could explain that?

The Bible explains it. Man can’t. He can only speculate, imagine, fantasize and proselytize.

-- Joseph Farah, Oct. 22 WorldNetDaily column

Whereas ISIS, the fundamentalist Muslims in Iraq, behead children and, in so doing, consider themselves freedom fighters for Allah, America’s fundamentalist allies behead children and, in so doing, consider themselves freedom fighters for Aphrodite.

While the former don black masks, wave black flags and, even as I write, are driving their caravans to Baghdad, the latter don medical scrubs, wave the banner of “reproductive freedom” and, even as I write, are driving their Mercedes’ to your local Planned Parenthood.

-- Matt Barber, Oct. 24 WND column

In the final analysis, blacks are worse off today, morally and spiritually, than at any other time in their history in America. Over the past 50 years, as other Americans have progressed, blacks as an aggregate have regressed in a horrific way.

-- Mychal Massie, Oct. 27 WND column

There are a few doctors using the word “disappeared” – i.e. the government is hiding suspected Ebola victims to prevent panic.


It sounds outlandish, but given the track record of truth of this administration, it may well be accurate. Obama is the chief liar.

-- Barbara Simpson, Oct. 26 WND column

This column is not sensationalist click-bait. It is a brief tour through a real part of American history. What you read here is historical fact. The root ideologies and slogans of feminism as we know it today were drafted by members of the Women’s Ku Klux Klan (WKKK) beginning in the 1880s.

-- David R. Usher, Oct. 31 WND column

Within seconds after playing the clip the PBS host also asked [Neil] Young about his new memoir in which the singer “covers everything from his love of cars and painting to his crusade for Mother Earth.” However, Rose never once asked the environmental activist if he felt guilty about all the fossil fuels he’s used in his cars or his painting. Rose also never mentioned all the fossil fuels used in the promotion of Young’s over 50 year-long career in the production and transport of his vinyl records, tapes, CDs. Rose also didn’t bring up the fossil fuels that were utilized in sending Young, his band and crew members on all those tours over the years.

-- Geoffrey Dickens, Nov. 3 MRC item

Finally, the world’s most flagrant example of in-your-face dishonesty and corruption in government – the bogus “birth certificate” on the crime scene that is the White House website – must be firmly dealt with.

I know not whether Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii. But it is clear beyond reasonable doubt that the document on the White House website is not a genuine Hawaiian birth certificate. The corruption in Hawaii that created the forgery, and in Washington, D.C., that allows the forgery to continue in circulation, must be ended.

Congress must at once announce an investigation into the forgery.

-- Christopher Monckton, Nov. 9 WorldNetDaily column

The treachery of Obama.

The rout of the Democrats in the recent election has clearly taught Barack Obama nothing. The American people unequivocally declared to President Obama that we are on to him. And he shouted back, “Who cares?”

He has always held the American people in contempt, but now it’s official presidential policy.

-- Pamela Geller, Nov. 9 WND column

So yes, let's take some satisfaction from the fact that Google did depict actual members of the US military on its homepage this morning.

That said, Google couldn't resist inflicting its PC-politics onto the homepage, with wildly unrepresentative demographics. The image shows five military members. Out front is a woman. Of the five, three would appear to be members of minority groups, and two are women. One white guy manages to make it in. Compare and contrast with the military's actual demographics. As of 2012, as per this official report, women comprised only 14% of active-duty military, and minority members 30%. So Google doubled minority representation, and more than doubled the proportion of women. Note: the stats given are for active-duty members. In the Reserve and Guard, the percentage of women is somewhat higher but still less than 20%. And the percentage of minority members is actually lower.

Not to be too bean-counterish about all this, and yes let's be thankful for small favors, but can there be any doubt that Google had its heavy PC-thumb on the scales?

-- Mark Finkelstein, Nov. 11 NewsBusters post

One can’t resist noting that on Oct. 2, 2014, we at Freedom Watch petitioned the Department of Homeland Security to deport Barack Hussein Obama, due to his use of falsified identity documents. Perhaps Obama has a personal soft spot for not wanting the United States to deport people not legally in the country. Freedom Watch calls for all illegal aliens to be returned to their country of birth, including Obama.

-- Larry Klayman, Nov. 21 WND column

Allain’s Homegrown Pictures producer Tracey Bing gushed with excitement for the “smart and timeless film” on “one of the great love stories of our time” [Barack and Michelle Obama’s romance]. She hyped how screenplay writer Richard Tanne “captures the essence of that romantic connection between Barack and Michelle that is so evident in the way that they look at each other.” Yuck.

-- Katie Yoder, Dec. 5 Media Research Center item

Bottom line: Had Obama’s father come from Kentucky not Kenya and been named O’Hara not Obama, there would been no Harvard Law Review, no Harvard, no Columbia, no Occidental and, Lord knows, no presidency.

-- Jack Cashill, Dec. 10 WND column

And I’m sure it was a coincidence in December 2009, at the very moment when Obamacare’s passing seemed to be in jeopardy in the Senate, that Obama ordered the mission for the U.S. to attack an “alleged” al-Qaida camp in Yemen that “allegedly” caused the death of civilians, women and children.

And I’m sure it was just a coincidence a few years into Obama’s presidency, when he was being hit hard from Main Street to Wall Street about the skyrocketing prices of oil and failure of his economic stimuli and policies, that he unilaterally decided it was a good time to start dropping bombs on Libya.

-- Chuck Norris, Dec. 14 WND column

A Health and Human Services advisory panel has recommended that the current policy on Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men – which bans men as blood donors if they have had sex with a man since 1977 – be changed.

This panel recommends that this be changed to 12 months after the last sexual encounter. That simply raises what is a life-and-death question: Since when has AIDS been found to last only 12 months?

-- Les Kinsolving, Dec. 15 WND column

Since I’m looking back over the past decade and a half, I will state what I think amounts to the most momentous story of our age, a story that begins with, as best I can judge, the near-certainty that Barack Obama’s online birth certificate and Selective Service registration card are forgeries. That this has been a non-issue in most conservative and Republican circles for the past six years is the biggest single and essential enabler of the war Obama and his administration are visiting upon our nation and our Constitution.

-- Diana West, Dec. 18 WND column

Today, after six years as president, it’s become clear that not only is Obama not a messiah, he’s arguably the worst, most dishonest, incompetent, anti-American president in U.S. history. His radical-left administration has caused tremendous harm not just to the nation’s constitutional system of government, its economy, security and culture – but to its national soul. That’s because, to “fundamentally transform” a uniquely great nation like America into just one more pathetic redistributionist welfare state presided over by an all-powerful nanny government, the American people must be seduced into becoming less independent and less moral than they once were, they mustn’t trust in God quite as much as they once did, they must become less rugged and resilient, less logical and competent, less principled and courageous than they once were.

This, alas, is the true legacy of the Obama presidency – the degradation and demoralization of America.

-- David Kupelian, Dec. 23 WND column

Imagine how bad off America would be if Barack Obama had a work ethic.

Do you ever think about that?

-- Joseph Farah, Dec. 26 WND column

And the Slantie goes to ... WND's Mychal Massie for claiming blacks are worse off today than at any other time in American history. Though Klayman's Cleveland rage and Selena Owens claiming the Ice Bucket Challenge is satanic came close, it takes a special kind of blind spot to ignore little things like slavery and Jim Crow, as Massie does.

* * *

Our final award is the Slantie Award for Career Achievement in Conservative Bias. This goes to a reporter or commentator with a consistent record of biased and slanted reports that fly in the face of time-honored journalistic practice, the truth and/or common sense.

This year's honoree is ... WorldNetDaily's Bob Unruh. Unruh came to WND from the Associated Press in 2006, and he immediately forgot everything the AP taught him about journalism in order to do it the WND way -- that is, reporting only one side of the story (the side that aligns with WND's right-wing agenda) and misrepresenting the other side or ignoring it completely. Since then, Unruh has cared even less for time-honored journalistic principles like truth and fairness, preferring to be a stenographer and to tell lies.

There are few right-wing journalists who have so debased and whored out any journalistic integrity they might have had in the service of propaganda than Unruh. Congratulations, or something.

(1/10/15: Corrected Bozell's relationship to William F. Buckley.)

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