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Thursday, July 7, 2011
Corsi's Latest 'Expert' So Good He Won't Tell You Who He Is
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Jerome Corsi's latest so-called "expert" to claim to have proof that President Obama's long-form birth certificate is afraid to go public. Corsi, though, is more than happy to explain that away.

In a July 5 WorldNetDaily article, Corsi claims that his source is "a high-level programmer for a state government" who "spoke on condition his name not be used, fearing he might lose his job." Corsi added: "He asserted that revealing his name is not necessary, because the analysis is self-evident."

Well, not exactly. The so-called "expert's" analysis is based on an examination of the PDF of the long-form certificate as it appears in Adobe Illustrator. But as we've noted, the PDF was not created in Illustrator -- it was created in a program called Mac OS X Quartz PDFContext -- so examining it in Illustrator is of very limited value, if not completely worthless.

If we had made such a fundmental error, we wouldn't want our name publicly known either.

Posted by Terry K. at 5:16 PM EDT
Gay Derangement Syndrome Watch
Topic: WorldNetDaily

If gays, lesbians and transsexuals are really "our brothers and sisters," why aren't polygamists and polyandrists also our brothers and sisters?

And if so, why did Obama fail to mention "our brothers and sisters" who are dedicated to multiple marriages?

Is there any medical evidence in existence that indicates polygamists and polyandrists have anything at all resembling the HIV/AIDS and syphilis rates of our nation's promiscuous homosexuals – so many of whom have died of AIDS and syphilis?

Moreover, if the president believes that gays, lesbians and transsexuals are "our brothers and sisters," why does he not also believe that "our brothers and sisters" include not only polygamists, but exhibitionists, the incestuous, coprophiliacs, necrophiliacs, urophiliacs and zoophiliacs (those who have sex with animals who are unable – or unwilling – to run away)?

None of these additional sexual orientations has the huge rate of HIV/AIDS and syphilis, which deadly diseases are distributed so widely by the nation's large number of sexually profligate homosexuals.

Their continued deadly-disease spreading was surely aided and abetted by Mr. Obama's announcement that they (with no distinction between the sexually profligate and other homosexuals) are "our brothers, our sisters, our children, our cousins, our friends, our co-workers."

Such presidential pandering to deadly-disease spreaders is surely a despicable means of trying to attract votes by an incumbent who will apparently do anything to try to win re-election.

-- Les Kinsolving, July 5 WorldNetDaily column

I don't happen to think that homosexuals are bad people, although I do wish they hadn't managed to confiscate a perfectly fine word, gay, which strikes me as an inappropriate moniker for a group that includes so many drama queens. I've never suggested they're evil. Feeling as I do about having an appointment with a proctologist – trepidation bordering on stupefaction – I confess that I find their sex lives extremely bizarre. But, I hasten to add, I know that some people, including my wife, regard my love of baseball as a sure sign of derangement.

What I do find annoying about a great many homosexuals is their insistence on identifying themselves solely on the basis of their sexual activities. To be fair, I have an equal intolerance with heterosexual men whose identity seems to be totally wrapped up in their sexual activities and whose conversation consists of bragging about their conquests. It just strikes me as adolescent.

As you may have noticed, I have made several references to sexual activity – which is something that all the propagandists gloss over. Although gays populate movies and TV shows to such a degree that you would think that they represent 25 percent of the population, rather than their actual 2.5 percent, they are nearly always depicted as asexual human beings. They are cute, they are cuddly, they're amusing neighbors and loyal chums, but they're not sexual human beings. Their mascot is Nathan Lane. What Hollywood and the media would have us believe is that they are nothing more or less than teddy bears who have somehow mastered speech.

As for gay-pride parades, I can hardly imagine anything goofier. What is it exactly that they're so proud of? That their sexual activity will never lead to the birth of a baby, but only, tragically on occasion, to a dreadful disease?

-- Burt Prelutsky, July 6 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 9:29 AM EDT
NewsBusters Touts Purported 'Bullying' By White House, Can't Identify Any Actual Bullying
Topic: NewsBusters

A July 6 NewsBusters post by Aubrey Vaughan regurgitates a Dally Caller article claiming that White House director of progressive media and online response Jesse Lee is "bullying" conservatives by responding to them on Twitter. Unlike the Daily Caller, Vaughan did disclose that a target of the so-called bullying, Kevin Eder, is a former MRC employee, which would seem to run counter to Eder's claim that he's "quite literally...a nobody." (The Daily Caller article was written by the Heritage Foundation's Rob Bluey, who himself is as former MRC employee.)

Disclosure aside, Vaughan is in regurgitation mode, so no actual "bullying" is identified. As Huffington Post's Jason Linkins points out, Lee is simply responding to comments Eder directed to him, and Eder himself is quoted as saying he enjoys the "back and forth" with Lee. Linkins adds: "No need to cut any 'It Gets Better' videos over this, I suppose."

Nevertheless, Vaughan portrayed this as an example of Lee "pick[ing] fights" with conservative bloggers. Go figure.

Posted by Terry K. at 12:09 AM EDT
Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Nobody Wants to Sell Advertising For WND
Topic: WorldNetDaily

On April 14, WorldNetDaily posted a "news" article that was actually a help-wanted ad:

The James R. Whelan Agency, a fast-growing ad sales agency headquartered in West Palm Beach, Fla., is seeking an inside account executive to sell online and print advertising.

The agency sells advertising for, the Internet's largest independent news website, as well as its monthly magazine, Whistleblower.

"Our strong subscription and advertising sales growth allows us to continue to develop our West Palm sales team," explains JWA founder James Whelan. "The successful hire will call on national advertisers and their agencies to secure multi-buy advertising schedules. Strong phone skills are a must, and established advertising contacts are a plus."

The story concluded with a phone number to which one could fax a resume.

Nearly three months later, this article-slash-ad is still hanging out at the bottom of the WND front page. Apparently, nobody is so desperate for a job that they will sell advertising for WND.

Then again, it could be the guy they would be working for. On his website, next to a picture of himself shaking hands with Donald Trump, James R. Whelan explains himself (boldface in original):

Hi. I'm Jim Whelan. I'm "The Guy" you see below.

No, I'm not "The Donald." I'm the guy wearing the rawhide cowboy hat and $14,000.00 tuxedo - not to mention my politically incorrect crocodile leather cowboy boots. My entire outfit might even cost more than the threads Mr. Trump is wearing.

By the way, Donald came over and introduced himself to ME after a number of "Who is that?" glances while signing autographs and talking to the tee-vee cameras. HOW on earth did I make that happen? Wouldn't you like to know?

Let me tell you, I am a MAGNET for FREE Publicity that Paris Hilton would envy (i.e. I don't have to doff my duds to get it) - as well as helping my clients get worldwide exposure via wise and prudently selected media placement.

Yes, it's true: The Cowboys at The James R Whelan Agency specialize in getting YOU the best seat at the rodeo - and believe me, dealing with the media is a lot like rasslin' a steer to the ground.

Uh, yeah.

On the photo page of Whelan's website, amid pictures of Whelan hanging with assorted celebrities and foreigners while wearing gaudy Western-style getups even actual Westerners would be embarrassed to be seen in, there's this awesome photo of Whelan with WND's Joseph Farah and "Mit Romney's assistant":

Gee, who wouldn't want to work for these two?

Posted by Terry K. at 12:54 PM EDT
CNS Admits Existence Of U.S. Casualties In Iraq

We've detailed how has repeatedly emphasized the casualty rate of U.S. troops in Afghanistan without mentioning that the rate was much higher at the peak of the Iraq war. Now, CNS finally admits that U.S. troops are still getting killed in Iraq.

A July 5 CNS article by Patrick Goodenough reports that "Fifteen U.S. troops died in Iraq in June, more than in any single month since June 2009." Of course, CNS is days behind in reporting this revelation. But that didn't appear until the third paragraph of Goodenough's article; a claim that "Iranian security agencies" were to blame for "a fresh increase in violence" comes first. 

Goodenough further tries to spin things by stating that "attacks on U.S. and Iraqi forces and Iraqi civilians have dropped fourfold since 2007, when they averaged some 400 each week." No such spin is permitted Edwin Mora's monthly body counts, where the word "Iraq" is prohibited.

Admission of the existence of casualties in Iraq, this story is reminiscent of CNS' coverage of Iraq war casualties from 2007 to 2009, with heavy emphasis on how they have fallen. Here are some sample headlines from that period, where even monthly casualty increases are accompanied by proclamations of how they are down from the previous year:

By contrast, as we noted, the last two body-count articles by Mora carried the headlines "Under Obama, U.S. Casualty Rate in Afghanistan Increased 5-Fold" and "2011 On Pace to Match Deadliest Year in Afghanistan for U.S. Troops."

Will Mora and CNS be touting the inevitable casualty rate declines in Afghanistan as breathlessly as it did for Iraq casualty declines? Don't count on it -- that's not part of CNS' mission.


Posted by Terry K. at 11:00 AM EDT
WND's Klein Reduced To Complaining About Masturbation
Topic: WorldNetDaily

So it's come to this: Aaron Klein complaining about masturbation.

Klein devotes an entire July 4 WorldNetDaily article to an attempted hit job on AOL for publishing "an item on its main page about how men fake orgasms, recommending any male engaged in the practice should masturbate to help 'discover what stimulates you.'" At no point did Klein explain why masturbation is a bad thing; of course, he really couldn't since the AOL article (to which he failed to offer a link) he attacked was "medically reviewed" by a physician.

The ostensible goal of Klein's article was to paint the article as a consequence of AOL's merger with Huffington Post, where, he claims, "some have noticed a shift in AOL's content toward the Huffington Post's notorious liberal bent." Of course, this is a extremely poor example of it; the previous article in the "sexual health" section of the AOL EverydayHealth site that Klein is attacking, as listed at the end of it, carries the headline "The Anatomy of an Erection," and it was published in October 2009, well before the AOL-HuffPo merger. Klein does not explain what a "sexual health" website should be talking about in place of these subjects.

And while Klein is eager to identify Huffington Post as "liberal" -- which he does no less than five times in his article -- at no point does he cite the critics he describes as attacking HuffPo, such as American Thinker and the Media Research Center, as conservative. Klein even references the MRC's 2007 attack on HuffPo, which we've pointed out is utterly useless as "media research" because it cherry-picks 19 posts out of the tens of thousands on the website in order to attack HuffPo as "loaded with profanity and crude sexual and excretory metaphors." Of course, the point of such shoddy work is precisely so that right-wing hacks like Klein will mindlessly repeat it without examining the MRC's crappy methodology.

But let's look at the larger issue here: Why is someone stationed in Jerusalem writing about an American website publishing an article about masturbation? Isn't he supposed to be covering, you know, the Middle East?

Of the 23 articles Klein has written since June 1 only six carry a Jerusalem or Tel Aviv dateline and are devoted to Middle East issues. Nearly all of the rest are attacks on the Obama administration or other Democrats and liberals, which could have been written anywhere. Also, most of his Middle East-themed articles of late are anonymously sourced, so those are of marginal journalistic value as well.

Paying to keep Klein ensconced in Jerusalem seems like a needlessly expensive way for WND to pursue such right-wing hack work, since he's obviously doing little these days to justify being located there.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:38 AM EDT
AIM Joins The 'Dick' Conspiracy
Topic: Accuracy in Media

A July 1 Accuracy in Media blog post by Roger Aronoff follows the Media Research Center in failing to condemn Mark Halperin for calling President Obama "kind of a dick" while simultaneously acknowledging that it was so offensive that he can't use the word uncensored, instead using "d***" and "the 'd' word."

Aronoff even goes on to literally repeat an MRC conspiracy, claiming that it Halperin "had instead called George W. Bush a fascist or a war criminal, no problem there at MSNBC, as Media Research Center has pointed out." But if Aronoff is so unbothered by Halperin's use of the word "dick," why won't he spell it out?

Posted by Terry K. at 12:22 AM EDT
Tuesday, July 5, 2011
WND Posts Video Of Its Dog-And-Pony Show
Topic: WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily has posted video (in five parts) of its dog-and-pony show from last week in which it presented its lawsuit against Esquire magazine and pushed birther conspiracy theories.

We haven't watched the whole thing to see if WND deleted anything embarrassing, like the long gaps of Mara Zebest fumbling around at the computer -- we're in no hurry to lose another hour and a half of our lives reliving this experience again -- but we do know that the end of part 5 does keep intact Joseph Farah refusing to answer our question about whether WND-affiliated attorneys supplied Tim Adams with the affidavit he signed (and WND later reported on) and shutting down the press conference instead.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:33 PM EDT
Public School Derangement Syndrome Watch
Topic: WorldNetDaily

have a confession to make. Until I was an adult – as in, until a few years ago – I never completely read the Declaration of Independence.

Oh sure, I was familiar with the basics. I knew what it said … sort of. But somehow I just never got around to reading it.

This isn't surprising. I am, after all, a public skool gradjuate. And public schools, as everyone knows, hardly go around emphasizing such things.

But now that I'm a homeschooling mom, I was darned if my kids were going to be as ignorant as I was.


When one nation takes over another, that second nation is considered "occupied." That's currently the situation of We the People. We are occupied by the Government of America. An efficient parasite weakens and sucks blood from its host, but doesn't quite kill it. The Government of America has become a parasite on the body of the People of America.

And so this is why a thoughtful study of our founding documents is actively discouraged in government schools. Studying these documents puts students in opposition with the occupying force. The Declaration is considered inflammatory because students might recognize that the whole purpose of it was to put limitations on the Government, not to feed the beast.

-- Patrice Lewis, July 2 WorldNetDaily column

Posted by Terry K. at 6:56 PM EDT
CNS Belatedly Decides Obama Videos Can Be Used As A Cudgel After All
Topic: is having a tryout for another attack on President Obama -- but this time it gave itself the added degree of difficulty of having declared it wasn't an issue first.

A June 29 article by Matt Cover breathlessly declared that "White House visitor logs reveal that President Obama’s political organization, Obama for America, filmed two campaign videos featuring the president--inside the White House." Cover waited until the second-to-last paragraph of the 12-paragraph article to undo all the hinting at illegalities he had been doing in the rest of the article, conceding that "the videos are not illegal" and that "presidents have often used the White House as a setting for political material."

Then, two days later, Cover apparently decided he didn't trust his legal analysis -- or, more likely, he or his bosses decided that this could be turned into a politically motivated wedge issue against the president. So he scared up a pair of right-wing activists who he presents as "election law experts" to declare that the videos are illegal after all.

Cover identifies Cleta Mitchell only as "a member of the American Bar Association’s election law committee"; in fact, she's a right-wing activist who we last saw serving as a contact for Dick Morris' Super PAC for America. Cover does offer some hint of the political slant his other "expert," Hans von Spakovsky, by noting that he's a "Heritage Foundation legal analyst," but he's much better known for obsessing over the largely nonexistent scourge of voter fraud.

But while Cover, in his June 29 article, noted that "President George W. Bush also filmed part of a campaign ad in the residential portion of the White House. President Bush also used a picture of himself in the Oval Office in a fundraising email from the RNC," he apparently did not ask Mitchell or von Spakovsky about the legality of those incidents, for he does not reference them in the new article. Nor does Cover mention that he had declared the videos to be legal just two days before.

Then again, it's not in Cover's interest to find out if Bush broke any election laws -- that's not what the Media Research Center is paying him to do. It doesn't matter to them that the flip-flop and the double standard is so blatant.

Posted by Terry K. at 11:49 AM EDT
Geller Isn't Bringing Her A-Game Crazy To WND Columnist Gig
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Pamela Geller never made sense as a Newsmax columnist. Her rabid anti-Muslim tirades and birther leanings conflicted with Newsmax's attempts to present itself as a moderate conservative voice -- and they demonsrated a more natural fit at WorldNetDaily. And lo and behold, a few weeks back that came to pass: Geller is a WND columnist.

Thus far, Geller has let her WND readers see only bits of her weapons-grade crazy. Her most high-profile controversies have yet to see the light of day at WND.

For instance, Geller has been defending accused Serbian war criminal Ratko Mladic by downplaying the number of Muslims killed in a massacre in Srebenica and by claiming that Mladic is actually being accused of "daring to fight back when Muslims attacked."

Most recently, Geller has been trying to figure out what to do about her steadfast support for the English Defence League, a far-right British anti-Muslim group long associated with violent attacks and long accused of having racist elements. After the head of the EDL's Jewish Division, Roberta Moore, resigned from the group complaining of "Nazis" in the EDL ranks, Geller first declared that she was withdrawing her support from the EDL, then flip-flopped the next day, insisting that "There is a struggle for the soul of the EDL" and that she still believes the EDL is "noble and true."

C'mon, Pam. If Ilana Mercer can use her WND perch to defend apartheid, certainly you should be able to hold forth at length on the virtuousness of Mladic and the EDL.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:09 AM EDT
NEW ARTICLE: All-Starr Bias
Topic: reporter Penny Starr's propensity for slanting stories covers many subjects beyond art and abortion. Read more >>

Posted by Terry K. at 12:16 AM EDT
Monday, July 4, 2011
Tim Graham Has Another Anti-Gay Freakout
Topic: Media Research Center

The Media Research Center has spoken: The Washington Post is not allowed to write about gays on Sunday.

In the tradition of the MRC's history of dictating what can be covered and when, the increasingly homophobic Tim Graham complains in a July 3 NewsBusters post that the Post used "Sunday, the Lord’s Day," to publish an article about gay-themed art. Graham wrote in his headline that Post art critic Philip Kennicott is claiming that "'Overt Bigotry' in the Overwhelmingly Gay Art World Must Be Banned," but it's clear that what Graham wants banned is gay art itself.

Graham smears an exhibit of gay-themed art at the Smithsonian last fall as "tawdry" because it was "often pornographic, or at least nude." Graham repeated the MRC's contention that a video removed from that exhibit was "mocking Jesus," ignoring the fact that the artist himself said it wasn't. Graham also failed to discloses that it was his employer that manufactured the controversy that led to censoring that piece of art.

Graham is really offended, though, at the idea that gay artists have had influence in art history, and that Kennicott had the temerity to point that out and state that it is an "overt sin of omission" not to acknowledge such themes in art. Graham huffed: "See how the notion of 'sin' gets turned upside down?"

Graham then went nuts over Kennicott's claim that as a result of the manufactured controversy over the  Smithsonian exhibit resulted in an "emerging consensus" that "the acceptable level of anti-gay bigotry at an institution such as the Smithsonian is now zero." That prompted Graham to rant:

Translation: The “emerging consensus” is "Shut up, conservatives and Christians! You have no right to tell us what to do with your tax dollars!"

Kennicott, like many arts advocates and critics, believe that the art world is the educated avant-garde which forces progress on society. If the art world can’t yet banish “homophobia” to the ash heap of history, at least it ought to be drummed out of the art world.

Meanwhile, the emerging consensus is that the acceptable level of anti-gay bigotry at the MRC is 100 percent.

Posted by Terry K. at 10:00 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, July 4, 2011 9:34 PM EDT
Another WND Birther Attack Falls Apart On The Slightest Examination
Topic: WorldNetDaily

Bob Unruh dedicates a July 1 WorldNetDaily article to uncritically repeating a claim by Carl Gallups, "the senior pastor at Hickory Hammock Baptist Church for more than 24 years with a long history of community and law enforcement involvement," that since 2003 there has been an "organized strategy" to install Barack Obama in the presidency through attempts by members of Congress to explicitly define, or remove, the constitutional requirement that the president be a "natural born citizen" that was occurring "during the years Barack Obama was developing a power base and running for president."

Since Unruh is regurgitating instead of reporting, it comes as no surprise that any actual look into the claim shows how flimsy and fraudulent it is.

For instance, the first four efforts Unruh and Gallups cite occurred during the 2003-04 session of Congress, before Obama had even run for a U.S. Senate seat. Unruh also does some selective editing of the sponsors of those resolutions. For instance, the only sponsor Unruh lists for H.J. Res. 59 (which Unruh incorrectly identifies as "HJR 59") is Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder, failing to mention that another sponsor was Republican Rep. Darrell Issa -- hardly the kind of congressman who would be interested in paving the way for a Democrat to be president. Similarly, the only sponsor Unruh lists for S. 2128 (which Unruh incorrectly identifies as "S.B. 2128") is Republican Sen. Don Nickles, not mentioning that a co-sponsor was his fellow Oklahoma senator and notoriously right-wing James Inhofe.

Unruh makes no mention of what was going on in 2003 that was the actual motivation for such bills. It has more than a little to do with a certain famous actor who had just been elected California governor as a Republican. Snyder said during a October 2004 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the proposals (retrieved from Nexis):

Finally, with regard to the 20 versus 35 years, I certainly will be supportive of a 20-year amendment if that's what comes to the floor of the House and what comes out of this Congress. There are some issues, does that get into discussions about personality. I personally think both Governor Granholm and Governor Schwarzenegger ought to be eligible to be president. Some people may decide that that would be better having a longer period of time so we eliminate individuals. But I applaud you for your efforts here today and appreciate the opportunity to testify.

Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who sponsored another related resolution, had this to say during the hearing:

And, of course, this hearing would not be complete unless the name of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was not mentioned at least once. But, of course, he is just one famous example, as has been pointed out here today.

And so, another birther conspiracy completely implodes upon the slightest examination. The main goal of those bills was to elect a Republican -- not a Democrat -- who didn't current presidential standards.

And Joseph Farah wonders why WND is being ignored on the birther stuff. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with his repeatedly embarrassing himself by his insistence on publishing laughable tripe like this.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:23 AM EDT
Sunday, July 3, 2011
CNS Body Count Watch

It wasn't the end of the month when's Edwin Mora wrote a body-count article last week to attack President Obama's announcement of withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, so Mora had to churn out another one to adhere to his monthly body-count mandate.

Check out the headlines on Mora's article from last week and this week:

  • Under Obama, U.S. Casualty Rate in Afghanistan Increased 5-Fold
  • 2011 On Pace to Match Deadliest Year in Afghanistan for U.S. Troops

Gotta love the faux-peacenik sentiments CNS is promoting here, eh?

Needless to say, the word "Iraq" is nowhere to be found, which means that Mora has failed yet to explain that the casualty rate in Iraq at the height of that war is more than double that of the current casualty rate in Afghanistan.

Posted by Terry K. at 9:25 PM EDT

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