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Thursday, June 14, 2018
The MRC's Clinton Derangement Syndrome, Book Review Division
Topic: Media Research Center

There really is no end to the depths fo the Clinton derangement at the Media Research Center. Even a review of a book written by a Clinton sets them off.

The MRC is determined to hate -- regardless of its actual merits -- the novel Bill Clinton wrote with James Patterson, "The President Is Missing." So Corinne Weaver took offense when conservative-leaning MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace wrote a positive review of it for the New York Times -- taking particular offense to Wallace calling the book "wildly readable" -- and used the review to launch a personal attack on Clinton:

For the record, deeming something “wildly readable” makes about as much sense as categorizing water as “wildly drinkable.” There are many books out there that could be termed “wildly readable,” including Twilight and The Princess Diaries. Was the book really that bland that the best thing about it was its sheer readability?

No, apparently it also resembles a well-constructed ball of yarn. “I can report that the novel unspools smoothly,” writes Wallace. She also called it "satisfying," (good grief, is this a whiskey ad?) and hyped certain sections of the book that blatantly addressed politics (or even could have been tongue in cheek references to Clinton’s own past.) She quoted a passage from the end, “We’d learn to listen to one another more and defame one another less.” This from the guy that had a “bimbo eruption” squad ready to smear any woman that accused him of sexual harassment.

Weaver concluded by sneering of Wallace: "I bet she thinks Twilight was a good book too." Weaver did not indicated that she read the book so she could offer an informed opinion that went beyond juvenile mocking.

Speaking of juvenile, P.J. Gladnick was positively giddy that the New Yorker wrote a bad review of the book:

Fortunately a devastatingly funny review of the book was written by Anthony Lane of The New Yorker, “Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s Concussive Collaboration.” No matter what you think of the novel itself, you are sure to be entertained by the review whose subtitle reveals what else is also missing:The President Is Missing contains most of what you’d expect from this duo: politico-historical ramblings, mixed metaphors, saving the world. But why is there no sex:


Even if your opinion of the Clinton-Patterson novel is not very high, the fringe benefit is that at least it has inspired one of the funniest book reviews in a long time.

This is what's being presented as "media research" at the MRC.

Posted by Terry K. at 2:37 PM EDT

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