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Tuesday, December 20, 2011
NewsBusters, WND Lie About Obama
Topic: NewsBusters

When it comes to President Obama, the ConWeb is so ethically challenged that it will eagerly spread lies in order to further their anti-Obama agenda.

A prime example is  a Dec. 16 NewsBusters post in which P.J. Gladnick asserts that Obama proclaimed himself the "4th Best President."

Gladnick is lying. Obama said no such thing. Here's what Obama actually said in a "60 Minutes" interview with Steve Kroft:

The issue here is not gonna be a list of accomplishments. As you said yourself, Steve, you know, I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president -- with the possible exceptions of Johnson, F.D.R., and Lincoln -- just in terms of what we've gotten done in modern history. But, you know, but when it comes to the economy, we've got a lot more work to do. And we're gonna keep on at it.

Obama is speaking only in terms of legislative accomplishments in the first two years of a modern presidency, not overall. But Gladnick doesn't care about the facts. He devolves into factually challenged snark mode:

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Obama. That's because in his not so humble opinion, he ranks even higher than John F. Kennedy. Don't feel so bad, President Kennedy. Obama also feels that his administration is better than that of Presidents Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan to name a few.

Hey, Woodrow Wilson! You failed to get the U.S. Senate to vote for a treaty to join the League of Nations. That's because you lacked the up close and personal political skills of our Obama who is renown for shmoozing politicians. The administration of Harry Truman brought about NATO and the Marshall Plan that saved Europe? Boring! Obama used his incredible diplomatic skills to bring the Olympics to Chicago. Okay, he came sort of close to doing it but, hey, he bagged a Nobel Peace Prize for basically existing. Beat that, Harry!

Oh. You say the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration gave us the Interstate Highway System? Big deal, Ike! Barack Obama could have Interstate Highwayed this country in his sleep.

So kneel, all you presidential peons, before the greatness that is Obama. His radiance shines so bright that it dazzled Steve Kroft to the extent that he didn't even bother to ask an obvious followup question.

Wilson didn't begin campaigning for the League of Nations until 1919, in the seventh year of his presidency. And the Interstate Highway system was authorized in 1956, the third year of Eisenhower's presidency.

You get the idea. Gladnick cares nothing about the facts -- he only wants to ridicule Obama to advance the MRC's right-wing agenda.

Of course, Gladnick's lie is so bold that  it was inevitable that it would be picked up by WorldNetDaily. And that's exactly what Bob Unruh does in a Dec. 19 article headlined "Obama boasts to CBS: I'm 4th best president":

Better than George Washington. Better than James Madison. Better than Theodore Roosevelt. Better than John F. Kennedy. Better than Ronald Reagan.

That's Barack Obama's opinion of his accomplishments during the first couple years of the eight years he plans to be president.

Of course, WND doesn't care much about the truth, either. Maybe Gladnick can get a job there.

Posted by Terry K. at 8:57 AM EST

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