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Thursday, December 23, 2010
MRC: Obama-Bashing, Yes; Media Research, Not So Much
Topic: Media Research Center

For an organization that has the words "media research" in its name, the Media Research Center sure spends a lot of time doing things that aren't media research. Like attacking its political enemies and pushing a political agenda.

This mission creep comes straight from the top. Here's Brent Bozell ranting in a press release:

Congratulations, liberal media! The blustering failures of Obama have sent our country into an economic nose dive, while destroying his party politically and still you love him and his radical policies. In equal measure you despise the conservative Sleeping Giant and its Tea Party and will say anything, even lie through your teeth, to discredit them. No wonder your own numbers are collapsing. Best of luck in 2011.  I’m sure the Republican Congress will offer plenty of excuses to return to gnashing your teeth.

What evidence does Bozell offer that Obama is a "blustering failure"? None.

Bozell's lieutenant Dan Gainor, meanwhile, devotes an entire column belittling Obama as immature, as well as rehashing decade-old smears of President Clinton and pumping the perceived maturity of a Republican president:

We all know more than we want to about the maturity of the hormonally challenged Bill Clinton. Given the dog-like ways of the Big Dog, figure he's in his teens emotionally. Not exactly the guy you want running a country, but more than capable of handling an under-age kegger.

Then there's Obama - wildly confident, but like that awkward, gawky teen no one ever gets close to. Yes he can play basketball (injuries happen), so he's not a total nerd. But he's so lacking in bowling skill he should almost be rolling the ball between his legs.

Despite some of the stupid things he's done, he's obviously intelligent. But his bookishness makes him act like the smartest kid in the room -- even when there's little evidence of that. Combine that with a hefty dose of narcissism and you get a typical adolescent personality.

In short, he acts even less mature than Bill Clinton.

There's no doubt the American public is clamoring for adult leadership. In August, House Republican leader John Boehner said Obama needed a new economic team and that 'it's time to put grown-ups in charge.' He may or may not be right.. Look at how we turn for political commentary to some of the sharpest minds of the day, like Joy Behar, Kanye West and Bill Maher.

Maybe we just want a slightly older child to lead us. That might be all we have to choose from anyway.

And what of George W. Bush, so often bashed by the media for a frat-boy past and for sophomoric gaffes. A recent viral video summed some of those missteps that had Bush saying silly things and unable to open a door to escape after a speech.

When Bush knew he had flubbed or stood stuck a door that wouldn't budget, he showed self-deprecating humor and a good-natured willingness to laugh - even at himself. Not the only measure of maturity, but not a bad start either.

Media research? What media research?

Posted by Terry K. at 2:51 AM EST

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